When Ye Tianyi changed his clothes and came down, his gaze fell on the two men sitting on the dining table in a dignified manner, one was a handsome middle-aged man who looked somewhat similar to him, and it was his father, Su Ming.

  Su Ming was already almost fifty years old, but he still looked like he was in the prime of his life at less than forty years old, and he had the charm of a mature man that many women were fascinated by.

  The twenty-something year old youth by Su Ming’s side was his youngest son, Su Tianyun. Su Tianyun didn’t look very much like Su Ming, more like his pure and beautiful-looking mother, whose pretty looks were somewhat feminine.

  Seeing these two people, Ye Tianyi’s right hand that was faintly holding on the staircase handrail tightened slightly, then he looked unchanged as if he hadn’t seen these two people and walked to the head of the dining table to sit down.

  Soon, the old butler brought his breakfast up.

  Seeing that the old steward personally delivered the breakfast, and it was obviously from the old steward’s hands as well, Ye Tianyi frowned slightly, “Where are the others?”

  Where are the other servants in the Ye family mansion?

  The old housekeeper was slightly worried, “Young Master, they have all gone to the hospital with a cold and fever.”

  Ye Tianyi also remembered the recent epidemic outbreak, many people had colds and fevers, and many employees in the company had taken sick leave, but he didn’t expect it to be so severe that the servants in the house were so sick that only an old housekeeper and an aunt Li who did the cleaning were left.

  After turning his eyes around on Su Ming and Su Tianyun, Ye Tianyi faintly said, “Later on, let Aunt Li disinfect the house all over again.”

  Su Ming was already angry when he saw that Ye Tianyi was only chatting with the old housekeeper and completely ignoring him and Su Tianyun, but now he heard Ye Tianyi’s words again, like he thought that he and Su Tianyun were the source of the virus, and was so angry that he was about to smash the cup, but fortunately Su Tianyun, who was sitting beside him, stopped him in time.

  Su Tianyun shouted in a low voice, “Dad, don’t forget what I told you.”

  Su Ming looked dazed for a moment, then quickly changed color and smiled amiably at Ye Tianyi, “Tianyi, Dad came to find you today because he has something he wants to ask you for.”

  Ye Tianyi turned a deaf ear to this and continued to eat his breakfast calmly.

  However, he had been paying attention to Su Ming and Su Tianyun’s demeanor, and he could sense the anxiety and even some excitement beneath the calm surface of these two.

  Was there something happening in the Su family that he didn’t know about?

  To have Su Ming, who he had forced to turtle to C City, pull down his face and come back to A City to seek his help, this matter should be very unusual.

  Moreover… Ye Tianyi sized up Su Tianyun without a trace, he always felt that this cheap brother of his seemed very wrong.

  This confident and vaguely arrogant look, looking down on people with a kind of ‘I know everything about you like the back of my hand’ look, how was he like the old, cowering and mediocre Su Tianyun?

  It was impossible for a person’s essence to change so much, was Su Tianyun all disguised before?

  Ye Tianyi thought as he took a sip of milk, if Su Tianyun was really in disguise, then disguising himself for so many years was truly terrifying.

  He suddenly keenly felt that there was a gaze looking at him indiscriminately, he looked back with cold and stern eyes, just in time to see Su Tianyun who was panicking and withdrawing his gaze.

  Ye Tianyi’s heart frowned, what was the matter with this Su Tianyun? If he hadn’t been wrong earlier, the expression that appeared on Su Tianyun’s face was one of fear, hatred, and excitement?

  Also really complex emotions…getting interesting.


 After Ye Tianyi finished his breakfast, he gently wiped the corners of his lips, then looked at Su Ming and the strangely angry Su Tianyun and asked, “Speak, what did you guys come to find me for?”

  Su Ming looked at Su Tianyun with some embarrassment.

  Su Tianyun didn’t have as many concerns as Su Ming, he said directly, “Second brother, I…”

  Ye Tianyi interrupted him, “I don’t have a brother or a younger brother, Young Master Su please pay attention to the title.”

  Su Tianyun’s face showed some embarrassment, but he quickly returned to his original smiling appearance, “Young Master Ye, my father and I came here to ask you to borrow money, don’t worry, we’ll pay you back double this money in three days.”

  He looked at Ye Tianyi who looked calm and smiled proudly in his heart, paying back the money in three days? By tomorrow money will be as much as it takes to get scrap paper. Only food supplies and weapons were the most important and useful.

  Ye Tianyi refused without hesitation, “Impossible! You guys go.”

  There was no such thing as a pie falling from the sky, and Ye Tianyi understood this very well. Doubling back the money after three days, such a big pie was a naked – trap in his opinion.

  And don’t say that it was fake, even if it was real, Ye Tianyi would never lend a single penny to the Su family.

  Money was already just a number to him, and any more or less was simply irrelevant, so the conditions Su Tianyun gave were simply unable to impress him.

  When Su Tianyun and Su Ming heard Ye Tianyi’s reply, their faces looked ugly for a moment, it was good that they had anticipated that with Ye Tianyi’s resentment towards the Su family, it was highly unlikely that he would lend them money. But they had a second purpose for coming here.

  Su Tianyun looked towards Su Ming, and this time it was Su Ming’s turn to step in.

  Su Ming said to Ye Tianyi, “If you’re not willing to lend money, you want to break the father-son relationship with me?”

  Ye Tianyi didn’t care in the slightest, “It’s already been broken, from the moment you divorced my mother.”

  Ye Tianyi mentioned Su Ming’s former ‘feat’ and looked at him with a sarcastic look, but Su Ming’s face wasn’t thick enough to do so many superb things, so he calmly said, “Since you’re going to break it off with me, then give me back that jade guanyin you’re wearing around your neck, it’s an heirloom of our Su family.”

  The jade guanyin’s finish wasn’t that good, it could only be considered ordinary, it was given by Su Ming when Ye Tianyi was a week old.

  At that time, Su Ming wasn’t happy with Ye Tianyi’s son, Ye Tianyi, and didn’t deliberately prepare any anniversary gift, he just bought a cheap jade Guanyin from a jade shop and gave it to Ye Tianyi as a family heirloom.

  The first time he saw it, he thought it would be a good idea to have it on my neck, but it was not for Su Ming’s insistence that it was an heirloom of the Su family, a treasure passed down from his ancestors and opened by a master, and that it was not qualified to be worn by Young Master Ye.

  The Jade Goddess of Mercy was a treasure that has been handed down from ancestors to the Su family.

  So this Jade Guanyin Ye Tianyi wore it for more than 20 years and rarely took it off.

  When Su Ming asked him for the Jade Guanyin, Ye Tianyi was stunned for a moment.


NOOOOOOOOO, don’t do it, my senses are tingling, ahhhhhh.

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