Duan Hengye was light all over, and when he came back to his senses again he was already hanging in mid-air. Somehow, at this time, he was in an unusually calm mood. Duan Hengye was a bit disgusted to look at the man who was covered in blood, and then realized very clearly that – he was the same.

“Duan Hengye… Hengye, hold on a little longer…” This was the first time that Duan Hengye had seen his childhood friend show such a frightened look, and he droned on as his body trembled. “Hold on a little longer, the doctor and aunt and uncle…they’ll be here soon.”

Auntie and uncle? Duan Hengye, who was hanging in the air, was shaken upon hearing these four words. Then Duan Hengye suddenly felt the pain come again, and in just a moment, he floated back into his body. This man who was covered in blood still had his eyes tightly closed, but his mouth said vaguely, “…no, disgraceful.” His consciousness then plunged completely into darkness.

  –As the youngest son of the Ancient Martial Family, accidentally being stabbed to death by a madman was just too humiliating.


Duan Hengye felt like he had slept for a long time, yet it seemed like he had only blinked.

By the time he opened his eyes again, the pain had completely disappeared from his body. Just… why was his hand raised so high? It seemed to be holding something… Duan Hengye, who hadn’t yet gotten over it, couldn’t help but raise his head to take a look. Huh? It was actually a wine cup?

And it was a full, pouring glass.

Duan Hengye’s line of sight couldn’t help looking down the wine, and the crimson wine merged into a thin stream after leaving the cup, which poured down into a woman’s long chestnut hair, and the wine was fragrant. The woman was wearing a long white fishtail dress. After the wine poured out, her hair stuck to her face, and the dress became dyed, and she looked very embarrassed.

How could this man bully a girl? It was too ungentlemanly.

Wait… Duan Hengye finally reacted – this person who was engaging in bullying seemed to be him!

Duan Hengye’s glass of wine in his hand was not small, and only after the entire glass of red wine was poured on the woman’s head did he finally come to his senses to stop.

It was at this time that Duan Hengye noticed that he was currently in a hall that was so large that it was exaggerated… one could even say that he couldn’t see the edge of it at a glance. The main color of the hall was silver, and it seemed very futuristic. Just now, as he was pouring the wine, no one spoke inside the entire hall, and the atmosphere was quiet to the point of being somewhat bizarre. It wasn’t until Duan Hengye poured the liquor in his hands cleanly that someone in the hall finally slowly applauded.

Accompanying the strange applause, Duan Hengye”s arm also retracted as if in slow motion. He subconsciously looked towards the direction of the applause, and then saw a woman in a dark purple dress with a plump figure standing not far away. There was also the huge crown on her head that shone with a dazzling silver light.

“Hey… Professor Duan really scared me to death just now. The little girl still wants to save face, just talk to her, there’s no need for that.” Although the woman’s face was filled with excitement, her mouth was still saying this hypocritically. When she finished speaking the woman laughed as if she had just noticed the weird atmosphere of the scene, she waved her hand and continued, “Alright, alright, let’s continue with the banquet. This little interlude needn’t bother anyone.”

The scene was very obediently lively once again, and just as Duan Hengye instinctively wanted to apologize to the woman in front of him, a young male suddenly walked over quickly. He quickly took off his jacket and draped it over the girl, then without a moment’s hesitation he pulled away the girl who had been doused in red wine.

But as he was leaving, the man suddenly turned around and coldly said to Duan Hengye, “Professor Duan, you really disappointed me.”

Professor Duan… this man knew me?

Having experienced a drastic life and death change just now, Duan Hengye’s brain was running much slower than usual. However, after noticing the gazes of the people around him who were openly and secretly throwing looks at him, he still decided to go to a less crowded place first. However, in the next moment, Duan Hengye finally noticed the strange scene outside the floor-to-ceiling window not far away.

The starry river outside the window was like a silver tapering ribbon, so beautiful in its flickering that it could even be said that it was somewhat unlike the scenes that could be seen on Earth.

Wait, beautiful unlike the scenes you could see on Earth?

Duan Hengye quickly looked around the entire hall, and then realized: there wasn’t even a single pillar in this huge banquet hall, it was as if it was directly levitated. In addition, if he looked up a bit, he could see that the ceiling of the hall also had the same infinite starry sky scene. Even overhead this side of the “starry sky” was not only the flowing stars, from time to time there would be shooting stars across, or straight down. Although the meteor disappeared near the overhead position, the visual shock was still great. Miraculously, none of the surrounding people felt panic or surprise after seeing this scene, as if they were used to seeing it.

Duan Hengye didn’t think that the current Earth could reach such a level of technology, and his head slowly ached.

Not far away, a meteor suddenly sliced towards the location where Duan Hengye was standing. At the moment when it was about to fall and disappear, the silver light was in full bloom and Duan Hengye suddenly felt a severe pain coming towards him that was no less than the pain he felt when he was stabbed to death.

In just a split second, the memory of a person with the same name and surname as him flooded into his mind.

Although the memory was still somewhat confusing at this time, Duan Hengye still broke out in a cold sweat in an instant – at this time, he was incomparably clear that he had been reborn, or had transmigrated into a book.

Duan Hengye’s colleagues and family didn’t know that Professor Duan, who usually looked so serious, would often read incomparably dog-blood novels to decompress because of the excessive research pressure.

He didn’t know if it was fortunate or unfortunate, but Duan Hengye now actually transmigrated into a dog-blood novel he had just read last night, becoming one of the most deadly cannon fodders in the book. Thinking of this, Duan Hengye only wanted to say – it was certainly good to be reborn, but why couldn’t he come a little earlier!

His impression of this scene from the book was too deep. In Chapter 45 of Dumping Interstellar, the Mary Sue female lead was brought into a banquet for the upper echelons of the empire by the son of a rich interstellar businessman who was secretly in love with her. She still had illusions about the upper echelons of the empire, but she didn’t expect that she would accidentally offend the cautious Empress right after her first appearance at the royal banquet due to her poor manners. Immediately afterwards, the Empress’s dog suddenly appeared and gave her a lesson, making the female lead lose face.

That was right, the dog was Duan Hengye.

This blessing was not only a blessing, but also a curse. It was just a matter of time before they got to the end of the book. So, at the same time this banquet was being held, the Lord Marshal on a planet on the edge of the Empire was experiencing the most critical catastrophe in the book. And the one who started it all was him.

That’s right, the marshal was also ‘his’ spouse.

Hee…hee hee.

No matter what, it was hard to be reborn, so he definitely couldn’t die so quickly. After all, he was someone who had experienced life and death, and Duan Hengye’s psychological quality was still very passable. Although his breathing became a little short, but his face was as usual, and as he walked quickly to a less crowded place, he thought carefully in his mind – the original owner tampered with the armor system by using the super-light brain of the research institute, not to mention that he was separated from the research institute by two whole galaxies. Even if he were to bring the super-light brain here, he wouldn’t be able to fix the program right away.

Last night Duan Hengye saw more than a hundred chapters and went to bed, but before going to sleep he clicked on the recent updates in passing. Coincidentally, just in the two hundred and tenth chapter of the recent update, the marshal executed his spouse in public… Although he wasn’t sure about the plot of the hundred chapters in the middle, but Duan Hengye who read it was at least clear that he didn’t have to wait for death directly yet.

Right now, he couldn’t care about the marshal. He had to find the female lead. Like the marshal, the female lead with admirers all over the stars couldn’t be offended.

According to the novel, after being bullied by the dog, the male lead took the female lead to a small garden outside the hall for comfort. According to the memory of the owner, Duan Hengye soon walked out of the hall and found the garden described in the novel.

Compared with the banquet hall, the garden was obviously deserted. As soon as Duan Hengye went out, he saw the woman who was crying not far away, as well as the man who turned his back on him. This small garden was too cold and cheerless. When Duan Hengye appeared, the two people not far away noticed him. The man quickly pulled the woman behind her, and looked at Duan Hengye with alert eyes, “Professor Duan what are you doing here? Do you think revenge in the banquet hall is not enough? ” He said in a cold voice.

In addition to the name and occupation, the original owner and Duan Hengye were similar in one thing-they both had an attribute called “facial paralysis”.

Duan Hengye steadied his mind and walked expressionlessly to the two of them, he didn’t pay any attention to the male lead’s question, but stood straight in front of the female lead and said, “Come with me.”

“Professor Duan!” After hearing Duan Hengye’s words, the male lead became even more anxious and said with increasing nervousness, “Like the citizens of the entire Empire, I respect you and regard you as my idol, but I really didn’t expect you to be…” once again, Duan Hengye interrupted the male lead’s words and he pulled out a white handkerchief from his pocket and gently wiped away the remnants of wine on the woman’s cheeks.

The woman who had just been severely hurt but was completely stunned after seeing his actions and the face that was directly in front of her.

Duan Hengye’s temperament and looks could be described as diametrically opposed. If you didn’t look at his face, then this starry-eyed Director was probably the best spokesman for the words “Flower of Gaoling”. However, if you just looked at his face, then he was a man who could be described as “beautiful”.

Duan Hengye’s eyes were narrow and slightly upturned, and his thick eyelashes looked like a natural eyeliner. The color of his pupils were on the light side, and it was usually fine when he was expressionless, but when his eyes fluctuated a little bit, it was really just a flowing and thrilling look. And his thin, straight nose and light, plump lips made his face even more refined and… sexy.

 ”Take you to change your clothes.” Duan Hengye’s eyes were as deep as the original owner had never seen them before, and then he didn’t wait for the other party’s reaction before turning around and walking in the other direction, without any intention of explaining at all.

Duan Hengye, who had read over a hundred chapters of the female lead in a reader’s perspective, knew that she was extremely smart, keeping his words short and mysterious was the best way. And as an actress, the female lead who loved her face perhaps more than her life also really wanted to change her look.

Of course, the most important thing was that when the dinner was about to end, the royal family would set aside a period of time for the press to come in and shoot, and this exposure would determine whether or not the female lead would be able to improve her career. In the novel, the female lead’s hatred towards Duan Hengye came from the wine and also from the opportunity that was lost.

Duan Hengye said and walked away from the frozen female and male lead, and after a few seconds, the woman behind him gently bit her lip, and then lifted her skirt to keep up with Duan Hengye’s footsteps.

Plan in motion.

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