C2—- Qin Shen

After meowing at the three wild dogs for a while, and enjoying the others’ frustrated but powerless appearances, Xu Jian no longer cared about them, he shuffled a few steps to the front to reach a brighter position.

The wall was 2.5 meters high visually, but he didn’t pay attention to it under the urgency. Now after getting out of trouble, Xu Jian raised his right front page and looked at it. His heart-

Worthy of being a cat, its jumping ability was really strong.

Even if there was support for such a high wall, he could never jump up so cleanly when he was a man.

He praised himself in his heart, and Xu Jian stood on the wall and looked underground, thinking whether he would hurt his ankle if he jumped from here.

Xu Jian was originally 181 meters tall. In the past, he didn’t care about it at all, so he would jump casually!

Unfortunately, now he was just a hungry poor kitten.

 So this height in his eyes now was no less than jumping from the second floor before as a human.

Although knowing that cats were different from other animals in body structure and this height was not a problem at all, but his heartbeats were like drums.

He was a cat, he hadn’t adapted to his present health. What if he jumped down and fell to his death?

Hesitantly, Xu Jian heard a noise from his feet. He turned around and looked down. He saw the three wild dogs crawling out of the sundries and staring at him.

Looking at the wild dog who kept scratching the wall and trying to jump, Xu Jian’s heart leaped-

Now he had four legs. Even if one of them was injured, there were three left. He was still walking fast! Thinking like this, Xu Jian took a look at the tattered cardboard box in the distance, and then jumped down from the wall with one eye closed. A second before he landed, Xu Jian thought that his jump was very similar to the man who jumped off the cliff with the female host on TV. He must look very handsome.

  When Xu Jian came into contact with the ground, there was a dull pain in his forefoot, then his legs became soft, and his body rolled on the ground twice before it stopped.

Xu Jian collapsed on the ground, and his ice blue eyes were full of doubts about cat life-

Wasn’t his landing posture wrong?

Xu Jian, who was in pain, took a while to stand up from the ground, half hurt and half hungry.

After standing firm, Xu Jian moved his lower limbs and found that everything was normal except the pain, and there was no sprain or trauma.

Looking around, Xu Jian found himself in an old residential area, and the wall behind him separated the community from the street.

Xu Jian was thinking about his broken cardboard box, and when his feet didn’t hurt so much, he walked along the fence and prepared to go out of the community to get his nest.

There were many stray cats hiding in the corner of the old community. Xu Jian saw no less than five cats along the way, including the enthusiastic raccoon dog he often saw.

The civet cat also saw Xu Jian, and looked at him half squinting. Finally, it gave a lazy meow, and turned aside. It’s tail patted the half position beside it. After glancing at him again, it squinted and continued sleeping.

Xu Jian: “…”

He was pitied by the civet cat again.

  Xu Jian wasn’t sure if those wild dogs had left the alley. He used up almost all his strength for a while. He really needed a rest.

So Xu Jian hesitated for only two seconds, then walked towards the civet cat.

What could he do at dawn? He didn’t stay up late when he was a man, and he didn’t want to stay up late as a cat.

Xu Jian didn’t sleep next to civet cat, because he was not sure about the sex of civet cat now. He couldn’t tell from its looks, and he didn’t want to become a crotch sniffing cat.

Xu Jian found a dry place beside the raccoon dog, huddled himself up and then laid down with his tail and closed his eyes wearily.


Early the next morning, Xu Jian was woken up by the sound of soya-bean milk machine working in the household next to him. He opened his eyes weakly, moved his nose and smelled a strong fragrance.

Xu Jian unwillingly swallowed saliva, and his stomach made loud gurgling sound.

He also wanted to drink soy milk.

  Shaking his head and standing up, Xu Jian turned to see that the civet cat was gone, so it should have gone out for food.

Maybe he was too hungry, Xu Jian felt much better than last night at the moment, he shook out a few drops of dew on his fur and slowly walked out of the corner.

“Wow, there’s a beautiful white cat here!”

Just as Xu Jian slipped toward the gate of the community with the flower beds, a surprised female voice rang out.

Xu Jian startled, he turned and looked at the source, when his eyes looked at a certain point, he moved away.

“It seems to be hungry, it’s staring at the steamed bread in your hand.” Another female voice.

“Really? Come Mimi, come and i’ll give you delicious steamed bun.”

The girl squatted down with a bag of small steamed bread and waved the steamed bread at Xu Jian, expecting him to be lured by food successfully.

Xu Jian stared at the two girls in high school uniforms, he thought:

You may not believe it, but this cat in front of you is several years older than you.

And …

Not all cats you don’t know are called Mimi!

Although he thought so in his heart, the steamed bread with no ash was too tempting to Xu Jian, so while the girl was crouching, his four legs were walking towards her uncontrollably.

He was afraid that if he was slow, the girl would put the steamed bread on the floor.

There was some surprise in the voice of the lady standing, and she whispered, “He really came.”

Fortunately, the girl didn’t plan to put the steamed bread on the ground to feed the cat, but picked one in the bag and carefully reached out to Xu Jian.

Xu Jian had never found a steamed bread with a little red bean paste so delicious. He opened his mouth to avoid the girl’s fingers and ate the small steamed bread.

He was really hungry.

  After eating one, Xu Jian meowed his thanks to the two girls, and then looked at the bag eagerly.

Still hungry, he still wanted to eat.

One person accurately understood Xu Jian’s meaning and said, “It just meowed twice, but at first glance it’s not full.”

“Then eat two more …”

The girl talked to her companion while feeding Xu Jian. They agreed that the beautiful cat couldn’t be a stray cat, but a pet cat who was lost.

Xu Jian listened and replied in his thoughts, “I didn’t expect to become a cat. I was still a stray cat who slept in the wind and didn’t even have a meal, let alone think about the next one.”.

“But it doesn’t have bells or famous brands on its neck, and it can’t be helped to contact its owner …”

As the two kind girls talked about whether they should raise Xu Jian first and then help him find his master, he had already finished eating five small steamed buns in the bag.

 Five small steamed buns were not enough for adult people to plug their teeth. But for Xu Jian now, he was seven times full, a cat’s stomach was really small.

After eating, Xu Jian subconsciously raised his hand to wipe his mouth, and then rubbed his abdomen.

After eating something, he felt that he was finally alive, and his tail subconsciously shook.

And Xu Jian’s actions was seen by the two girls- the beautiful white cat first lifted its meat pad and rubbed it on its face, and then went to scratch its belly.

The girls who fed Xu Jian the steamed buns held their faces as they witnessed the cute scene.

Want to raise!

 Xu Jian turned two times around the women, and thanked them, but what came out was a soft and coquetry ‘meow’.

Xu Jian assessed his present situation, and he could only change the sentence after “saving his life” to “selling cute”.

Meowing at the two women for a while, and when one of them was thrilled by Xu Jian and made up her mind to raise him, he quickly avoided her outstretched hand, turned around quickly, and disappeared into the flower bed in the blink of an eye.

The white cat’s attitude changed suddenly, and before both girls could react, it disappeared.

Don’t talk about a cat. There wasn’t even a cat hair left.

After a long time, the girl who fed Xu Jian steamed buns stood up and just asked her companion:

“Eat and run, have we met a scum cat?”

Companion: “…”

Companion: “According to the current situation, it should be …”

Finally, the girl looked at the empty bag, in distress:

“The world is getting worse, won’t its conscience hurt?”


  At the alley, Xu Jian, the scum cat, was probing the alley, but he was relieved when he didn’t find the three wild dogs last night.

Holding his breath, he walked through the garbage dump, but Xu Jian didn’t see his carton in the original place.

His broken carton was missing.

After searching the whole alley, Xu Jian’s cat’s face wrinkled as he thought: Was it taken away as recyclable garbage?

Xu Jian didn’t panic when the carton was gone, because he studied the carton over and over again in the past two days. He had somewhat concluded that it was an ordinary carton, which was also printed with a half-torn poster.

Xu Jian turned twice around the place where the carton was originally put, and finally made up his mind to walk towards the corner.

The carton was gone, and he had no need to stay in the dark alley.

What happened last night happened once, and there would be a second time in the future. It wasn’t safe here. There were only two ends for him to stay here-

To starve to death, or to become an animal stronger than them.

And a dog’s sense of smell has always been very sensitive, and he felt that the three wild dogs that were defeated by him last night wouldn’t let him go.

Xu Jian didn’t want to be a cat all his life, and he didn’t want to just wait and die.

He wanted to find out where he was now. He had become a cat. How was original body?

Was his body completely destroyed or occupied by a white cat?

Or, was this still not his original world?

On the first day when he woke up and found himself a cat, Xu Jian came out to explore the road, but he didn’t go too far, only wandered around the alley.

He was a stranger in the streets around the alley, and he had never been here.

Now, with five small steamed buns in his stomach, Xu Jian carefully stuck to the side of the road and went to the most prosperous area he thought.

The place with the most people was where he could get information.

Xu Jian’s white fur was so white in the sun that many people wanted to pet him when they saw him, but they were all dodged by him.

He didn’t know how long it had been since he left. Xu Jian felt tired, so he found a shadow of a flower bed and prepared to go through the information he had gathered.

However, as soon as Xu Jian jumped into the flower bed, he felt that he had stepped on something and slipped. After hurriedly stabilizing his body with four legs, he looked down and saw that he had just stepped on a banana peel.

The banana peel had oxidized black spots on its surface.

Xu Jian liked being clean, after he stepped on the soft banana skin, he became uncomfortable. He jumped off the ceramic tile next to him and rubbed his fur crazily. At the same time, he thought to himself:

He was still in the original world, and he was in Nanfeng City. He was in a car accident when he went home from the company and passed Nanfeng City.

But it was August 11th, and it had been two months since his car accident.

Xu Jian didn’t hear any news about his original body along the way. He felt that as an actor, he was really too unpopular, he couldn’t even be talked about after such a big accident.

Thinking of it, Xu Jian turned to comfort himself- it had been two months and it was normal for no one to talk about it.

He wanted to know where he was, whether he was dead or alive. In fact, the fastest way was to check online.

He was a cat now, and he couldn’t go to the Internet cafe without a cell phone or a computer.

Thinking, Xu Jian sighed: It was really hard to be a cat.

After resting for a few minutes to recover his strength, Xu Jian got up and walked on. He had to find food and a safe place for him to rest at night.


Near evening, Xu Jian ran into the neighborhood with half of a sausage in his mouth.

The sausage was just given to him by a passer-by, but before the good-hearted passer-by left, a black shadow appeared in the oblique thorn, and its lifted paw swiped towards his face.

There were also sharp claws hidden in the meat pad.

A stray cat twice his size came to rob him of the sausage in his mouth.

Xu Jian got a fright and hurriedly tried to hide.

Xu Jian refused to give the cat the clean food he fought hard to get. He had to run away, as he escaped he thought-

Some wild dogs wanted to eat his meat, and some wild cats wanted to rob him of his rations.

There was nobody more miserable than him.

In order to hide from the wild cat, Xu Jian hid in the present community.

Seeing that the wild cat was stopped by the security guard at the door and couldn’t get into the place, Xu Jian was glad that he was not found by the security guard because of his small size.

Xu Jian was concerned about the claws of the wild cat just now, so he walked deep into the community with the ham sausage in his mouth, as far away from it as possible.

After walking for two minutes, Xu Jian found that there was a bench hidden in the green plant in front of him, and he felt happy and walked quickly towards the chair with ham sausage in his mouth.

Half of the ham sausage was too long, so it was difficult for Xu Jian to swallow it at one time. He didn’t want to put it on the ground, and he disliked that his claws were dirty, so the bench could just be his dining table.

Before jumping on the bench, Xu Jian thought that although the bench was not necessarily clean, it was always much better on the ground.

After jumping up, Xu Jian discovered that the bench was spotless as he imagined, but there was a man sitting at the other end.

The man’s body was covered, so Xu Jian didn’t pay attention.

He looked up at the man again, Xu Jian was stunned and subconsciously let out a cry:


Xu Jian’s mouth dropped the ham sausage he had been holding for a long time and it rolled directly from the chair to the ground.The moment the ham sausage landed, Xu Jian felt his heart break——

He sold his cuteness for a long time before he finally got it, and carefully protected his dinner from the wild cat!

Xu Jian was short of breath and opened his mouth to the man with a loud voice”Meow – meow!”

You pay for my ham sausage!!

After dinner, Qin Chen went downstairs for a walk to eat as usual. He felt tired and closed his eyes in his chair.

As a result, he heard a small cat call coming from his side shortly after he closed his eyes.

Qin Chen thought that since he always wanted to have a cat, he had started hallucinating but the more the cat around him meowed, the more miserable he was. He couldn’t even think of it.

So Qin Shen opened his eyes and turned his head. He was stunned to see Xu Jian on the chair——

It was really a cat!

But when Qin Shen turned his head, after seeing his face clearly, Xu Jian, who was still waving his teeth and claws and meowing to ask him to pay for his ham sausage, was stunned——

Qin, Qin Shen??

The author has something to say:

Jian Jian: It’s too hard, really_(:з”∠”_)

Qin Shen: Heard someone missed me?

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