Ever since the end of the battle, a strange calm had once again fallen over the vicinity of Tize Star. Although there were occasional outbreaks of w.ar, it was generally peaceful. However, after Meng Jinhuai personally stepped out to face the battle, he was no longer behind the scenes like he was in the beginning, but instead piloted the new mecha Nanwei, killing on the interstellar battlefield.


Duan Hengye, Meng Jinhuai, and other people from the Southern Star were able to see that the Lai Sheng Alliance was intentionally using aggressive tactics. They wanted to test Meng Jinhuai’s and the new mecha’s strength in one battle after another.


But who would have thought that the power of the new mecha was even greater than what people had imagined. In so many wars, Meng Jinhuai didn’t give them a chance to take advantage. Every time he went into battle, Meng Jinhuai had always fought and won quickly, only to return the favor to the entire Ye Tian Empire by winning in style.


Without even realizing it, this w.ar that was destined to last for days had already begun for a month. However, even after such a long period of time, the wa.r still hadn’t achieved any obvious victory or defeat. This was due to the fact that both sides were intentionally hiding their strength, but also because the power of the four countries united together was indeed very large. Even if the empire had the best mechas to back it up, there was no way to win this w.ar in a short period of time.



But no matter what, a month had passed. Although Meng Jinhuai’s mecha hadn’t been injured after a few consecutive battles, Nanwei had been operating at a high compound every day, and it was now time for regular maintenance. As the mecha maintenance engineer, Duan Hengye finally started working.


In this huge starship, there was a special place for mecha maintenance. Before this, although Duan Hengye had been reading relevant literature and information, he had never personally visited that place. This time, when the mecha maintenance mission officially started, Duan Hengye finally came to this mysterious area in the starship.



As a marshal, Meng Jinhuai had already gone to w.ar several times in recent times, and now that he had managed to get a break, although he wanted to work with Duan Hengye on maintenance, he was still stopped by the other.


Right now, there were many people inside the starship mecha maintenance cabin, and because there was a battle that ended just now, Duan Hengye hadn’t even walked to the place when he saw fine dots of light appearing on his light device. Each dot of light here represented a rack, and wherever there was a green light on, it meant that there was a mecha undergoing maintenance at that moment.



Although Meng Jinhuai was a marshal, but this was w.artime after all, and he wasn’t a person who liked to specialize. Therefore, those who were inside the cabin saw that Meng Jinhuai’s mecha was also parked in the huge mecha maintenance cabin at the military headquarters, which meant that – after a while – Duan Hengye would be working here along with hundreds of mecha maintenance technicians from the military headquarters.



Prior to this, many of the military department’s maintenance division had been sent there by the Imperial Mecha Research Institute. However, this time, the military ministry had prepared for this, and the mecha maintainers present had long since been replaced with people from the Southern Plains. These people were well-trained and very familiar with mechas and w.ar. However, even though they were from the military department, as mecha maintainers, they had naturally studied a great deal of knowledge in the relevant fields, and they greatly admired Duan Hengye, the director of the Mecha Research Institute.


Even though everyone knew that Duan Hengye would also participate in the mecha maintenance work this time, no one had ever thought about whether or not they would see Duan Hengye himself inside this maintenance cabin.


For these staff members, he was almost like an idol.


Although everyone was verbalizing that Duan Hengye definitely wouldn’t appear here. However, when they saw Meng Jinhuai’s mecha slowly rise from the cabin below and then appear in the maintenance cabin, the excitement in everyone’s hearts wasn’t a lie.


They were really going to see Duan Hengye here in a while!



They knew in their hearts that work couldn’t be delayed, ever since they saw Meng Jinhuai’s mecha Nan Wei appearing here, everyone couldn’t help but feel excited inside, and then couldn’t help but cast their eyes towards that huge mecha.



At this moment, Duan Hengye was riding a small hovercraft towards the mecha maintenance bay in the company of his assistant, Ye Pu. Just like the time he came, this time, the flight speed of the small hovercraft was very fast. However, after this period of time, the life within the starship of the Military Ministry had already allowed Duan Hengye to gradually get used to such a flying speed.


Within a few minutes’ time, the hovercraft arrived at the door of the mecha maintenance cabin. Ye Pu walked down first, and then hurriedly entered the opening password on the light screen next to the cabin before Duan Hengye. After some identity verification, the two of them finally walked in.


Duan Hengye had already seen the internal structure diagram of this mecha maintenance cabin in the information and on his own light device, but now after seeing the inside with his n.aked eyes, he still couldn’t help but be shocked. This was a huge chamber that couldn’t be seen with the na.ked eye, and there were all kinds of intermediate and high-level mechas densely arranged in front of him.



Although Duan Hengye was a mecha designer and he usually dealt with mechas. But he had rarely seen such a neat and dense arrangement, and at first glance it could be described as spectacular. Moreover, unlike the mechas that he had seen in warehouses or at military parades, many of these mechas were wounded, their paint and coatings had been scuffed off, and many of them had traces of having been burned by artillery fire. In Duan Hengye’s opinion, the charm of such mechas was completely different from the brand new ones.


Such a scene made him very shocked.



What a mecha maintainer had to do wasn’t just program maintenance, but also the repair of all kinds of trauma. After Duan Hengye came in, he saw that there were small, semi-open hovercrafts that could only allow one person to stand up next to the large and small mechas. Those mecha maintainers stood on the small hovercrafts and hovered around the mechas to do repair work.



For Duan Hengye, this job wasn’t complicated. Although he hadn’t tried it before, his theoretical knowledge was already extremely rich. In a moment, Duan Hengye would only need to adapt a little bit before he could quickly start working. And at the same time that he was looking towards those hovercrafts, the people standing on the hovercrafts were also looking towards him. Duan Hengye of course noticed these gazes, he temporarily stopped his footsteps going forward, then stood in place and greeted those mecha maintainers who were working.



“Good morning everyone.” As Duan Hengye said and slightly bowed towards them. Although these mecha maintainers didn’t work at the research institute, they were after all considered practitioners of the relevant industry, and he more or less knew quite a few people who were familiar with him.



Therefore, before this, they had already heard some rumors about Duan Hengye’s behavior. However, after hearing about it, in reality, seeing Professor Duan’s polite and approachable demeanor, there were still some people who couldn’t react. The area of the cabin that Duan Hengye was in was very large, and he didn’t have any sound amplification devices with him. So in reality, Duan Hengye’s greeting could only be heard by a few people in the surroundings. But despite this, after Duan Hengye’s words fell, there was still a large circle of people around him who immediately responded.


At the same time that Duan Hengye finished speaking, a small hovercraft without people flew right in front of him, and then stopped a meter away from him. Seeing this, his footsteps first paused for a moment, then he quickly walked over and then stood on the hovercraft.



The surrounding people saw that Professor Duan gently pressed his hand against the on button, and within a few seconds, the hovercraft slowly rose into mid-air, and then approached towards the location of the largest mecha in the entire chamber a few hundred meters away. Duan Hengye had ridden in small levitation devices before, but he had never ridden in one this small. This semi-open hovercraft only had a half-meter pedal, and the glass-like baffle in front of it was only as high as Duan Hengye’s waist.



So when the hovercraft took off, Duan Hengye’s hand couldn’t help but tightly grip the baffle, and in no time at all, his palm was struck with a deep red mark.



Duan Hengye had prepared his heart to ride this small hovercraft a long time ago, but he didn’t expect that after he really stood up to this thing, along with the height gradually rising, his fear also gradually ran out uncontrollably.



But fortunately, his indifferent facial expression attribute was powerful, and that moment of panic was perfectly hidden by him. The crowd only saw that he was very calm, and then flew to the side of that gigantic mecha with an expressionless face. Everyone had long known that the size of Meng Jinhuai’s mech was extremely o large, but after Duan Hengye stood in his hovercraft, the onlookers finally had a more intuitive understanding of the mecha’s size.



Looking upwards from where Duan Hengye was at the moment, this mecha was simply like a huge metal peak. Despite being the designer who had already seen it countless times, at this time, Duan Hengye was still shocked.



Right at this time, Duan Hengye’s light device finally sounded a beep. He then lowered his head to input the command, and a moment later, a large dark blue light screen descended from the top of the cabin, and then began to scan over the mecha. At the same time, he received a real-time simulation on his light device. What could be seen was that unlike the images seen before, this time, quite a few dark red light spots appeared on the mecha’s model – these were all places that would be externally repaired in a moment.



However, for Duan Hengye, the real test was still the last mecha’s internal program maintenance work.




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