After Meng Jinhuai finished speaking, the place became quiet again. Duan Hengye and Meng Jinhuai both know that this topic was too heavy, and the meaning behind it was really a bit huge, and now… it obviously wasn’t a good time to talk about it.


In his previous life, Duan Hengye was a genuine otaku, who enjoyed reading novels very much. He basically wasn’t picky when reading novels. He read all types of articles, and the quality of those books varied. The background and life experiences of the protagonists in the novels were also diverse.


A background like Meng Jinhuai seemed to have nothing unique in the novel. But when he met this person in reality, when his image changed from a simple two-dimensional flat image on paper to such a three-dimensional, living person. Only then did Duan Hengye realize how cruel and terrifying the short sentence background description in the original novel was.



As a marshal, a w.ar veteran, Meng Jinhuai was burdened with much more pressure than himself. Duan Hengye had already heard the phrase “A general’s success is ten thousand bones withered” many times before, but now he finally realized that this phrase was never just a verse.



For Duan Hengye, the reality was even more cruel – the “ten thousand bones withered” in the poem just now wasn’t just a vain representation or concept, but in reality, he had seen the people with his own eyes.




It was also conceivable that Meng Jinhuai was accustomed to seeing more life and death, and that these words and every victory would mean more to him.


Duan Hengye still hadn’t gotten over the emotions he had just felt, after all, this matter was just too heavy. But with Meng Jinhuai’s company, he seemed to have some inexplicable strength. Complaining about his past work at this time was obviously not a wise choice. What Duan Hengye could do now was to memorize every cost of the w.ar, and then use his own abilities to stop the next w.ar.



After realizing that, his emotions had gradually recovered, Meng Jinhuai gently patted his shoulder, ”Alright, don’t think too much in the next few days. Now that the empire is in a special situation, and you have a heavy task ahead of you, so if you have time, rest more.”



“Uh-huh.” Duan Hengye gently sniffled, then secretly made up his mind.



Before coming to participate in this war, Duan Hengye actually had a plan for his future work – that was to continue the research of the top-class mechas, as well as create new mass-produced mechas that were even more perfect. But now, after this incident, Duan Hengye felt that it seemed like he should slightly change his research goals for the next phase. What he wanted to do wasn’t just an increase in the attack power of the mechas, but to create more humanized mechas and pay attention to each and every pilot of the mechas, so that the cost of w.ar would shrink and shrink again.



Of course Meng Jinhuai didn’t know what Duan Hengye was thinking, he was only sensitive to the fact that his was much better now. Now that the w.ar had just started, Meng Jinhuai was also very busy, and he returned to his office after seeing Duan Hengye. Moreover, after Meng Jinhuai left, Duan Hengye once again turned on his light device and began to continue researching in his own area of specialization.


Duan Hengye wasn’t someone who would easily be knocked down by reality. He thought that since things had already happened, then he had to utilize the lessons learned this time around so that every drop of blood belonging to the empire could not be shed in vain.



After living on the starship, because the alternation of day and night couldn’t be seen with the naked eye, it seemed as if the flow of time had gradually become irregular.


There were times when it was clear that a long time had passed, but Duan Hengye always felt that it was only a few short hours. And there were times when it was clear that it was only a few short minutes, but it had gone by extraordinarily long.



During this recent period of time, several w.ars had broken out between the Ye Tian Empire and the Lai Sheng Alliance, none of which were very large in scale, and as a Marshal, Meng Jinhuai hadn’t really gone to w.ar. Despite this, the entire interstellar world was still paying attention to Meng Jinhuai’s side’s movements right now. After a few small battles, the Lai Sheng Alliance side finally couldn’t hold back and wanted to provoke Meng Jinhuai directly.



It hadn’t been long since Meng Jinhuai had assembled his new top-class mecha, and although there were rumors that he had already cooperated very well with the top-class mecha, what kind of understanding did he have? However, no one in the interstellar world could tell what this tacit understanding was like for the time being. In fact, the reason why the Lai Sheng Alliance had waged w.ar on the Ye Tian Empire so quickly was because they thought that Meng Jinhuai might not be so tacitly in tune with the mecha, and wanted to take advantage of the situation.



However, no matter how much they used aggressive tactics or how they launched fierce attacks, Meng Jinhu’s side didn’t have the slightest appearance of going to w.ar. And because both sides were now in the stage of testing, the flames of w.ar on both sides didn’t burn very brightly. For a while, the w.ar once again entered a scorched period.


During this period of time, Duan Hengye had remained on the starship. As time passed day by day, his life finally became slightly more regular, he no longer went to rest until he was very sleepy like before, but instead relied on the timing device of his light computer to rewind his biological clock.



Now, Duan Hengye spent most of his time researching mecha maintenance knowledge, as well as formulating and organizing future research directions and plans. The rest of his free time was spent in the medical room, and whenever he had nothing else to do, he would go to see Yu Xinran.



Although reason told Duan Hengye that Yu Xinran had suffered such a serious injury, recovering in a short period of time was almost impossible. After a period of time, Yu Xinran’s injuries had all been recovered, but various data showed that waking up was still a long way off.



Several times, Duan Hengye couldn’t help but want to ask the doctor, but he was afraid that the results wouldn’t be as good as he had hoped, so he never opened his mouth. As time passes day by day, he didn’t know if it was an illusion, he felt that Yu Xinran, who was now in the nutritional warehouse, had become a little bit paler. The nutrient warehouse was originally filled with dark blue liquid, and in this color of liquid, Yu Xinran looked even more fragile.



The difference between this and her previous image was just too great …… When a person who had always put a smile on her face in the past lost her expression, when a person who was always full of vigor suddenly quieted down. The panic that this feeling brought to the people around couldn’t be expressed in words.



After this period of time passed, even the doctors in the medical room already knew that he was very concerned about Yu Xinran. So whenever the monitoring device on Yu Xinran’s body detected any data anomalies, the doctors on the military starship would send the news to Duan Hengye’s light computer within the first hour. And no matter what Duan Hengye was busy with, after receiving the message, he would carefully look at the data, and then seriously reply and thank that doctor.


Although they were now in the middle of the w.ar, perhaps the starship where Duan Hengye was now was really far away from the outside world. Being in this huge starship, Duan Hengye actually couldn’t feel the coming of the w.ar, his life seemed to be so calm, like the quiet air inside the starship.


However, regardless of whether the situation around him was still calm, Duan Hengye always remembered in his heart that he was in the middle of a wa.r. The Lai Sheng Alliance and the other four countries were eyeing the Ye Tian Empire and waiting for an opportunity to start a new w.ar.



As expected, in the afternoon of one day, a dark red light flashed on Duan Hengye’s light device, and then a w.ar report popped up on the light screen – just now, the Lai Sheng Alliance once again launched a surprise attack on the Ye Tian Empire, and this time, the location of this attack wasn’t a few small inhabited planets in the surroundings, but rather, it was directly aimed at a small fleet of ships that were going out to carry out their missions.


This small fleet was responsible for supply missions, and was considered a relatively important team. This attack was definitely a long-planned one on the part of the Li Sheng Alliance, and the location of the fleet was very crucial, so if they could really take down this fleet, they would not only be able to snatch the supplies at hand, but would also pose a huge threat to the Ministry’s current starship station.


Although at this point in time, Duan Hengye’s authority was able to find out the deeper implications of this, but he didn’t have so much time, nor did he have the energy to look into something so deep. Duan Hengye only knew – this time around, the Lai Sheng Alliance was determined to try and force Meng Jinhuai out to meet the battle.



This time, their calculations didn’t fall through, Meng Jinhuai didn’t lay out and command like before, but instead flew out from the middle of the compound in his own mecha.


The news of the start of this w.ar hadn’t been spread out yet, but anyone who knew about it had their attention focused on this wa.r.


Especially Duan Hengye, who was the designer of the mecha.


Although the scale of this w.ar was large, there were even more people from the Ministry of Wa.r. Other than the people that Meng Jinhuai had taken away, there were even more people left behind in the garrison. Logically, they should be having their normal rest and work shifts right now, but this w.ar had touched everyone’s hearts.



After Meng Jinhuai left the starship in his mecha, the entire garrison began to pay close attention to the battle through the military department’s notifications. In reality, what they were concerned about at this time wasn’t just as simple as winning or losing a battle, but the performance of this new interstellar top-class mecha.


Many people, including Duan Hengye, knew that the Interplanetary and Ye Tian Empire had too many expectations for this mech named “Nan Wei”. They expected this new mecha to turn the tide of the w.ar, then break and reshape the chaos of the interstellar world that had existed for decades, and lead the Ye Tian Empire to the other side of glory.


And now, after this w.ar had officially begun, the answer was finally going to be revealed.


Although the victory or defeat of a w.ar didn’t mean anything, the strength of the new mecha could finally be thoroughly manifested at this time. Almost all of the people who were paying attention to this matter were military… Through this battle, they could pretty much deduce the future development of the w.ar situation.


After receiving Meng Jinhuai’s notification to leave the station, Duan Hengye directly left the place where he was living, and proceeded to take a small hovercraft through that fast channel to the room where he had previously attended the meeting.



By the time the small hovercraft landed, the lights of the conference room in front of him also lit up. Duan Hengye saw that, unlike the lively scene when he last came to the meeting, he was now the only one in the entire passageway as well as the conference room, it looked exceptionally cold.


The conference room was directly connected to the passageway, and when the separating hatch in the center opened because of his arrival, the entire passageway was connected to the conference room, turning it into a huge and empty space. The floor, ceiling, and tables here were all made of metal, and at first glance, it seemed extraordinarily cold. Duan Hengye slowly walked towards the table, his footsteps echoing within the huge space, appearing extraordinarily lonely.



He wasn’t a person with much guts, but he likewise wasn’t a person with much boldness. Right now when Duan Hengye stayed alone in such a cold metallic space, he felt a sense of suffocation coming towards him. But now was obviously not the time to think about this matter, and when he walked into the conference room, Duan Hengye paused for a short while before walking directly to the conference table. Right now, only a small number of people knew that there was actually a super light device from the military department on this starship. At that time, Duan Hengye would utilize this super light device to remotely monitor the w.ar that was going on in the universe not too far away.



Although Duan Hengye could also receive real-time battle reports with his ultra-high authority, he was obviously not satisfied with that. Apart from the simple fact that there were still victories and defeats in the battle, as a mecha designer he desperately wanted to know the current operational status of the new mecha. The data of these things was simply too large to be loaded by a normal light device, so this super light device would finally come in handy.



The matter of the Super Light device being on the starship was only known to him and Meng Jinhuai. In fact, there were only a very few people who had used the Super Light device on the entire starship right now, and the rest of the people had only heard of the name of it, and never knew what its interface actually looked like.



In the general public’s imagination, this Super Light device should be no different from an ordinary Light device except for running a little faster. However, as a person who used it frequently, Duan Hengye’s understanding of it was certainly deeper than the average person.



He knew that in general functions, there really wasn’t much difference between the Super Light device and the ordinary Light device. However, in individual special functions, there was a big difference between the two. For example, the mecha simulation computing function that Duan Hengye had often used before, and this monitoring function that he was going to use later.


After the Super Light device was opened, Duan Hengye didn’t directly click on the light screen, but instead reached out his hand and started rapid input on the virtual keyboard. Not long after, this interface above the light device changed from a normal display to a complex and incomparable data text.



This wasn’t some kind of garbled code, but rather a reflection of the system entering the mecha’s internal operating system.



Unlike mass-produced mechas, this top-class mecha that Meng Jinhuai was driving right now didn’t have a specialized monitoring system. And in order to ensure safety, Duan Hengye wouldn’t specifically write such a system out in the future. Now, he was directly entering the background of the mecha through the cracking program, and then began to implement monitoring. It sounded like it was simple, but such an operation could only be accomplished by Duan Hengye alone as the designer of this mecha.


Duan Hengye saw that the data of the mecha was now running very smoothly, and it was obvious that it hadn’t joined the w.ar right now, but was only doing flight work or in standby mode. It could be seen that although these data codes were a bit longer, and the arrangement and combination of the letters and numbers were very complicated, the speed at which they ran was indeed uniform. Through this pattern, Duan Hengye could tell that the mecha hadn’t encountered any unexpected situations yet.



Although he knew that joining the battle was only a matter of time, after seeing such regular data, Duan Hengye’s heart still slightly relaxed.


After adjusting the light device to this interface, Duan Hengye’s hands were taken off the keyboard, and then he sat down to look towards the light screen. Now that the mecha seemed to have left its standby state just now, the data on it began to gradually become chaotic. If an ordinary person were to look over, they would definitely be confused by the screen full of numbers and letters. However, as a mecha designer, Duan Hengye was the best at facing such data. He wasn’t confused by the data, but instead began to carefully look for patterns in the complex programs and commands with a serious expression.


The data on the light screen was now running very fast, and because the numbers were made up of letters of various colors, originally Duan Hengye’s face was only illuminated by the white light on the light screen, but now various colors of light were also rotating and flashing past his face and eyes. The atmosphere became somewhat dangerous – those lights were as terrifying as the cue lights before an explosion.



On the surface it was just strings and strings of unruly data, but after Duan Hengye closed his eyes, it was as if he could see these data condensing into lines and lines, then extending into flat surfaces, and then forming three-dimensional mechas moving in front of his eyes.


Through these superficially boring numbers, Duan Hengye was able to see the mecha’s current operating conditions-including the status of every one of its accessories, as well as every miniature weapon system.



It was always said before Interstellar that Duan Hengye was a rather talented person. In fact, behind the talent, he was more of a hard-working learner. Not every mecha designer had such a quick analyzing ability, and the reason why he could do this was not only because he was the designer of this mech, but also because of the years and years of practice as well as research.



The data on the light screen in front of him was rapidly flashing past Duan Hengye’s eyes, and through the constantly sliding shadows in his eyes, the colorful data and codes on the light screen could also be reflected.



Although Duan Hengye had already gotten used to facing such complex data all day long, after a certain moment, the running speed of the data within the mecha became faster. Even though Duan Hengye made an effort to distinguish the fast-running data, he was still a little dizzy by the things sliding on the screen.



Despite this, he didn’t dare to be distracted at all. Because it was this chaotic and dizzying data that told Duan Hengye that the mecha “Nan Wei” should have entered a state of w.ar by now.



While staring at the super light device, his own light device placed on the side also constantly had war reports appearing. Among them were the facts that the system automatically sent to everyone in the military department, as well as detailed data under the top level of authority. After combining the two together, even if Duan Hengye didn’t open the video surveillance now, he would be able to tell through these two things how the battle situation in front of him was right now, as well as how the state of the mecha that Meng Jinhuai was piloting right now was.



Although the mecha had gone through rounds and rounds of test flights before this and Duan Hengye was also very confident in his own design, after all, the battlefield was an ever-changing place, and if you weren’t careful, there would be new problems that you’d never noticed before. Today was the first time the new mecha had officially entered battle, so how could Duan Hengye not be nervous.



Duan Hengye, who was currently sitting behind the huge conference table, crossed his arms and clasped them together, then pressed them tightly against the desktop. The temperature of the metallic desktop was very low, but Duan Hengye’s hands were even colder than the desk. The battle situation reflected by the data right now was good, but Duan Hengye’s nervousness didn’t disappear because of this matter. In contrast to this, as time passed minute by minute, the data flow of the mech’s operation became faster, and his breathing became even more rapid.


At the height of the w.ar, Duan Hengye even held his breath, his eyes staring tightly above the light screen, looking extraordinarily tense. It was only when the data refreshing speed suddenly slowed down that Duan Hengye exhaled the breath he had been holding.





The outcome of this w.ar was just as everyone expected, ending in a resounding victory for the Ye Tian Empire. Similarly this time, Meng Jinhuai returned to the starship unharmed, and Duan Hengye, who was part of the mecha maintenance division, didn’t have to fulfill his task of maintaining the mecha. However, he saw that there wasn’t a single person in the entire Southern Resort Star who was complacent about this after knowing the ending. Because everyone knew that this was just the beginning. The purpose behind this war was to test the waters, with the goal of figuring out the strength of the newer mecha.




However, Duan Hengye, who was the designer of the mecha, was very certain that they would not be able to feel out the depths of the new mecha’s strength for the time being with this wa.r. However, being able to lure Meng Jinhuai out to participate in the first battle was a small victory for the Lai Sheng Alliance.



This w.ar was destined to be difficult, and today was only the first step.



Of course, these were only the thoughts in the hearts of those who had participated in the w.ar, and when the news of the victory was spread, the entire Ye Tian Empire was abuzz with excitement. Because of the w.ar, the atmosphere of the entire empire had been depressed for a long time recently.



It could be said that this matter had given the Ye Tian Empire, which had been shrouded in gloom for a long time, a shot in the arm. Of course, Duan Hengye had seen everyone’s discussions and felt the excitement, but he wasn’t happy about it.



After several days, Duan Hengye finally walked to the fringe area of the starship. He stood near the outer wall of the starship and then saw the long-lost sunset through the viewport. Perhaps it was due to the special geographical conditions of the planet the starship was on, or perhaps it was because the starship was suspended at a higher altitude, this sunset was more spectacular than anything Duan Hengye had seen in the past. It sank below the horizon bit by bit in front of Duan Hengye, and Duan Hengye’s mood also fell bit by bit with it.





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