As a legendary marshal known as the “God of Interstellar W.ar”, Meng Jinhuai’s mecha operation skills had been honed in w.ar after wa.r for more than a decade. Even now that he had changed to a new mecha, his piloting skills were still intact. Duan Hengye noticed that although there were quite a few dark red light spots on the light device, as long as you clicked on them, you would realize that these “traumas” were not serious. Most of them didn’t even require Duan Hengye’s personal attention, and could be handled by the automatic maintenance robots.



After looking at these, Duan Hengye couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief – not for the reduction of his workload, but for Meng Jinhuai’s safety on the battlefield. Although he was able to feel it through the mecha’s operation and internal system detection, he was still relieved after seeing the mecha turn around.



After Duan Hengye manually used his tools to resolve a few simple mecha traumas that were relatively brightly colored, he finally followed the guidance on the light device to one of the mecha’s more serious abrasions. Although on the three-dimensional map, this scratch was only a small piece, which didn’t seem to be serious, but knowing that the volume of the new mecha was huge, a small piece on the simulation map would be a huge area when put into reality.



Although Duan Hengye had already gradually adapted to this small hovercraft, when it rose again, Duan Hengye couldn’t help but reach out and tightly grip the front plate. It was only after the hovercraft stabilized itself at the bruise that Duan Hengye released his hand. Just now, when he was far away, he didn’t have much of a concept of this piece of scratch, but now, after walking in, he realized that this piece of scratch that appeared on the brand new mecha really was abrupt enough.



Unable to help it, Duan Hengye reached out his hand and gently stroked the huge scar. Although a long time had passed since the w.ar that had left this mecha with abrasions, perhaps Duan Hengye subconsciously felt that the warmth on it hadn’t dissipated after touching the scar.



In Duan Hengye’s opinion, this mecha was like a gorgeous robe, and that scar was a wound opened by thorns that suddenly cut the robe. It made it look ugly and ferocious.



Although Duan Hengye wasn’t a perfectionist, such a scar was still too harsh in his eyes. It was like a good painting being sprinkled with water stains, very eye-catching.



After looking at it for a while, he slowly put his hand down. He then reached his hand to the external device of the nearby hovercraft, and then took out the instrument responsible for cleaning this kind of scar. In Duan Hengye’s opinion, repairing this kind of scar was very much like sculpting work.



Although what was being carried out at this moment was the simplest step in mecha maintenance, Duan Hengye understood that it still required complete patience.



Now that he had risen to the upper part of the mecha in a small hovercraft, a slight glance down was an “abyss”. Although Duan Hengye wasn’t afraid of heights, he was still a little nervous standing on such a semi-open small hovercraft. Therefore, when he took out the instrument and approached the mecha, he took a deep breath before slowly starting to work.



In fact, the people present had also been observing Duan Hengye, they were able to enter the Imperial Military Ministry to work, so naturally, they had already gained a lot of experience and accomplishments in the relevant fields. Everyone here knew just how much of a test it was to one’s psyche to ride this kind of semi-open small hovercraft for the first time. Although everyone was able to see through the few things that had happened before that Professor Duan was a person with a very strong psychological quality and was not afraid of danger. However, they hadn’t expected that Duan Hengye would be able to adapt to this small levitator so well the first time he stood on it.


These people had already admired Duan Hengye very much, and now after seeing his calm demeanor, they became more and more adoring.



After a while, the work finally ended, and at the same time that Duan Hengye closed his hand, a side hatch on the upper part of the mecha a few meters above his head suddenly opened. Duan Hengye looked at the instructions on the light devices, and then realized that now that those robots had already taken care of the other small wounds, he would have to go and carry out the more complicated maintenance steps at this time.



But for Duan Hengye, the maintenance work had entered an easy phase. This was because now he could finally move into the inner cabin of the mecha without having to work on the outside of the mecha in a small hovercraft. Although the complexity of operation had increased geometrically, at least his feet were able to step on flat ground.



Speaking of which, as the designer of this mecha, Duan Hengye had already entered the inner cabin of the mecha an unknown number of times before. However, this time, after it was officially put to w.ar, going in again had a different feeling than before.



At the same time that Duan Hengye entered the cabin, the various lights inside the mecha lit up. He gently touched the light device that had been hanging at his side, emitting an eerie blue light, and then took one step towards the interior of the mecha. This mecha was very huge, and the interior was almost like a small building, with intricate compartments inside. Right now, where Duan Hengye was going to wasn’t the cockpit, but one of the areas where the important accessories were located. After a few battles had ended, Duan Hengye now needed to check their operating status and replace some of the gauges.



Someone had joked earlier that perhaps the complexity of a top-tier mecha’s design could be shown by the complexity of its internal structure. It was possible that other than the designer of the mecha and its owner, the rest of the people who even had the chance to go in would get lost inside. There was nothing wrong with this statement, even Duan Hengye himself, because it had been a while now since he had come to the inner cabin, hesitated slightly after walking in again. Only after determining the route did he then walk towards that cabin as he remembered it.



As his footsteps approached, the lights in the corridor lit up one after another. Although there was no sound when these lights were lit up, Duan Hengye felt as if the “thumping” sound of a lamp wick rang in his ears.



After a while, after three or four identity verifications, Duan Hengye finally walked into the cabin of his destination. In front of his eyes were all sorts of colorful and complex lines, which at first glance looked like nothing. However, to Duan Hengye, this was something he was most familiar with.



He slowly squatted down, and then put the light device that was hanging off to one side. Generally, when a mecha maintainer operated these, they needed to follow the steps on the light device step by step. However, as the designer, it clearly didn’t need to be so troublesome.



Duan Hengye slowly put on a pair of white gloves, and then continued to squat on the ground and began to work. His expression was very serious, but the movements of his hands didn’t slow down for a moment. In fact, he was fully capable of following the instructions on the light device step by step, but in reality, the operation he was carrying out under his hands at this time was a simplified version of many steps.


This wasn’t to say that Duan Hengye was simply trying to be fast or careless, but he understood that it was w.artime now, and that every minute and every second of time couldn’t be wasted. If he wasted time on replacing parts, if the enemy attacked, the losses would be incomparably huge.



In fact, this reasoning was understood by all mecha maintenance engineers, but there were only a few people who could really do this. Although it was Duan Hengye’s first time appearing in this capacity, because of his deep understanding of mechas, he was able to complete such a risky task on his first job.



Just as Duan Hengye was wearing gloves to operate in those complicated lines, light-colored lights also lit up on the various meters and lines connecting the systems around him. This was the materials that he had previously prepared specifically for the maintenance of the lines, and these materials could ensure that even in the darkness within the mecha, the maintainer could spot problems with the main lines at a glance, or judge by the lights whether or not the gauges would make any mistakes.



It could be seen that those wiring as well as the structure were running very smoothly now. However, these lights still played a role, and after Duan Hengye crouched down, the lighting on this side relied entirely on the lights on the lines.



Cold white light hit Duan Hengye’s face from the diagonal front, and then set off his features even more profoundly, while the texture of his skin looked even colder. At this moment, his expression was focused, and with this expression paired with his hands moving without pause, his entire person was simply like a precise machine or a highly skilled surgeon.



The soundproof effect inside the mecha was very good, and at this time, Duan Hengye’s ears were only filled with the sound of his own shallow breathing. Now the task of had been completed by 70%, although the inside of the mecha was at a constant temperature, because the space where Duan Hengye was in was a bit narrow, and he has kept a movement for too long without moving. Without a moment’s notice, beads of sweat fell from Duan Hengye’s forehead and heavily hit the floor.



The scene was simply too quiet, and even Duan Hengye himself heard the sound of liquid hitting the ground. He didn’t know what happened, but when this sound rang in his ears, Duan Hengye suddenly felt a burst of unexplained panic.



Right at this time, the internal lighting of the mecha located behind Duan Hengye suddenly flickered. Unable to help it, the movements under his hands paused.



However, in an instant, the original cold white lighting was replaced by a bright red and constantly flashing reminder light. Duan Hengye slowly stood up and turned backward, and then he heard a sound of footsteps coming from a short distance away. However, a moment later, a backlit figure appeared behind Duan Hengye.





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