C1.1 —- Crime Record


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Rescuing the Humble and Paranoid Male Supporting Character [Quick Transmigration]



At the height of summer, the cicadas were noisy among the leaves, and the sunlight was like a fine needle piercing one’s eyes.



Inside the TV station building in downtown Metropolis, an audition for a music program was underway.


Backstage of the noisy program, a dozen contestants were waiting for the program to start with hard-to-conceal nervousness.


For this rare audition opportunity, most of the contestants had dressed up carefully, with shiny sequins on their cheeks and eyelids.


This was to cater to this year’s fashion trend.


In this bustling metropolis, people had a natural pursuit of beauty and fashion that bordered on insanity.



Even if the sequins stuck into their eyelids and stung their eyes with blood, they wouldn’t want to wipe off their makeup.



In order to ease their anxiety, some of them began to read their lyrics in a low voice, in case they forgot their words on stage later.


More people covered their ears in annoyance, tired of the chaotic sounds in the dressing room.



Perhaps due to their special physiological structure, most of the Blue Star creatures disliked overly noisy sounds, and even a little bit of noise could make them feel uneasy.



This was especially true of Blue star humans, who had been obsessed with chasing beautiful music since ancient times, which was also the reason why music programs were extraordinarily popular after entering modern society.


In this materialistic society, as long as you could make mesmerizing music, you could be sought after by countless people.



Everyone who came to this program dreamt of becoming that much sought-after star who would be known all over the world once he or she became famous.


Even though each of them knew how slim that hope was.



After all, if they were really talented singers, they would have become famous long ago, so why would they participate in the so-called audition competition in this little-known music program.



This was something that every contestant knew by heart, but still dreamed unrealistically.


And amongst this group of restless contestants, there was a black-haired youth who seemed extraordinarily quiet.


He sat in the corner and seemed to be resting his eyes.


Occasionally, when someone inadvertently glanced at this strange fellow, they all moved away with a cold scoff.



Because this person obviously hadn’t seriously dressed up, his fair cheeks weren’t plastered with sequins, and even his hair was messy and short, and wasn’t neatly clasped in strands behind his head and combed into a decent style.


Although the face hidden under the messy hair was quite handsome, but looking at him, they felt that he was a person who came to make up the numbers, not worth mentioning.



[We have arrived at the mission world “Crime Record”, please complete the mission in time]



The system’s shrill warning sound rang in his ears, and Jiu Shu, who was sitting in the corner pretending to be dead, opened his eyes and saw that the system had already unfolded the plot information of this world in his mind.



This was a small world formed by a suspense and deduction type of literature.



It mainly told the story of a resigned police officer turned detective, with his keen insight and skillful means of solving cases, solving one unsolved case after another, and eventually beat the face of colleagues who looked down on him in the past, and became a famous detective with international fame.



Although the plot of the main character, a civilian detective, overpowering a group of official police officers was a little bit pompous, but because of its overall plot design was clever, reasoning was interlocking, the suspense plot was also heart-wrenching and both the protagonist and the supporting characters had distinctive features, it was regarded as a masterpiece, and had even been brought to the big screen a few times.



Continuing down the page was the information about the target of punishment.



The system specially marked it in scarlet color, which was extremely eye-catching.



The target of punishment came from a serial murder case solved by the hero in the original novel, and he was a psychopathic murderer with a dark character, as disgusting as a rat in the gutter in the sensational case that had stirred up the whole country.

As Jiu Shu looked at this highly emotional description from the system, his eyes flickered for a moment before he continued to read on.


In the next detailed description, the system emotionally used even more words.



Densely dotted with small, blood-red letters spread out, all sorts of negative adjectives were unabashedly inflicted on the supporting character of this small world.



Causing the whole article to look like a lot, but in reality, it was just an introduction to the biography of the subject of the punishment.


He sparingly summarized it down, roughly, the subject was named You Xin, a mentally ill person suffering from multiple personalities, and his other personality was his sister, You Xin.

It was suspected that he developed this sub-personality because he witnessed the accidental death of his sister at a young age, and as a result, he became withdrawn and aloof from normal human beings.



Since the death of his only relative, his mother, he closed himself off and lived like a corpse that only breathed.


It wasn’t until he met the heroine that he was transformed.


You Xin and the heroine were employees of the same opera house.

He was the props master in the theater, and the heroine was a new actress who was regarded as the future pillar of the theater because of her excellent singing voice.



In order to reflect the perfect image of the heroine, the original book described the heroine’s singing voice as extremely beautiful, so breathtaking that anyone would be addicted to it and be unable to extricate themselves from it.



Naturally, You Xin was no exception.



He often hid in the shadows of the auditorium to watch the heroine perform the opera on stage, and fell in love with her as a result.


To the heroine, however, he was just an unfamiliar coworker who’s name couldn’t even be remembered.



As a result, he became the heroine’s stalker and spent his days in the shadows, coveting her.



At first, the heroine was unaware of this.



Until later, the police suspected that the heroine had murdered all the people around her who had offended her and disappeared one after another.



It was only then that the heroine realized the existence of You Xin.


It turned out that it was him who killed those who, in his opinion, tried to harm the heroine.



Perhaps because of the shadow left by his childhood, his understanding of love was different from normal people.



In his confused and twisted perception, this was the manifestation of his love.



Meanwhile, You Xin’s sub-personality sister, You Xin, was very different from the main personality who was deeply in love with the heroine, more insane and more evil.



‘She’ was paranoid that You Xin, the brother who watched his sister die at a young age, didn’t deserve happiness.


So ‘she’ tried to find a way to kill the heroine and destroy the one person who made the main character happy.


Even after the main character’s desperate attempts to stop her, You Xin nearly killed the heroine.


Fortunately, the hero saved the heroine who was nearly killed, and successfully solved the serial murder case that happened around the heroine, and won the beauty, at the same time, fame and fortune.


And this evil man who had never been loved in his life eventually had his evil deeds done to him, and died in the fire with his sub-personality, with no bones left in his body.


At the end of the story, everyone applauded the gruesome death of this heinous criminal.

[This is a maggot who is not worthy of death, your task is to crush him to death, the more miserable the death the better!]


Just after reading the basic information of the punishment target, the system’s piercing voice sounded once again.


It was urging Jiu Shu to hurry up and start the action.



The tone that was filled with hatred was completely unlike the previous system that only used a cold and mechanical tone to command Jiu Shu to carry out the mission.



Listening to the system’s increasingly urgent voice in his head, Jiu Shu leaned back on the chair indifferently, his eyes slightly narrowed under the cover of his bangs.



All of the system’s abnormalities indicated that the system that was parasitizing him was at the end of its rope.



Although he didn’t know exactly what had happened, Jiu Shu had realized as early as the last world that it was the high dimensional world where the system was located that had problems.



After his trial and error over this period of time, he was basically certain that the system had disconnected from the higher dimensional space.



It was currently isolated.



Yes, Jiu Shu had once been a veteran player of the so-called deep-love male supporting character, constantly playing the role of the deeply in love male supporting character under the system’s manipulation in a small world derived from a literary work he had never heard of before.



During the millennia-long years, he constantly dedicated everything, including his life, for the happiness of the hero and heroine.


The slightest resistance would be meted out with the warning of soul erasure.


This time was the first time he received the so-called disciplinary mission.



This unheard of special mission made Jiu Shu even more convinced that something had gone seriously wrong with the system, and it also represented a once-in-a-lifetime good opportunity.


A chance to regain his freedom.

[Tasker! What are you doing! Why haven’t you gone on your mission yet!?] The system’s voice was almost hysterical.



Seeing the prompt, Jiu Shu, just moving his slender fingers, expressionlessly thought about something, the system’s voice became exasperated.



It still kept urging but didn’t deliver an electric shock warning like before, the system’s power had weakened to this point.



In contrast, after these thousand years, Jiu Shu’s soul power had already vaguely surpassed the system.



He could feel that the system was becoming weaker and weaker, and that was why it was becoming more and more irrational.


After all, any conscious creature would struggle for survival before dying, falling into a frenzy in order to grab the last straw to save its life.



This world’s disciplinary mission was like the system’s last straw.

Jiu Shu guessed that killing the object of punishment requested by the system might allow the system to regain its power.



Or even establish contact with the higher dimensional space again.

Jiu Shu knew and naturally didn’t intend to be the system’s puppet like before.



The initiative was already in his hands.



He ignored the system’s urging and raised his head thoughtfully, observing his surroundings.


This was the backstage of the program, and he was an ordinary contestant.



Well, probably not ordinary.

He looked at the dagger he had fished out of his pocket.



This body arranged by the system was also called Jiu Shu, a down-and-out little singer with mediocre singing talent but unrealistic dreams of fame.



Orphaned since childhood, he ran away from a farm in the countryside, relying on the savings he had saved to barely live in this metropolis, running around all day long in the audition sites of various music programs, but never being selected.



In just a few months the money on his body had been spent, and today was the day to use the last of his savings to make a last-ditch effort.



However, from the original owner’s memories, it could be seen that he had already given up hope of life, and even planned to commit sui-cide on the progam, his death had to be on his beloved stage.

Even the dagger was ready.


Jiu Shu put the dagger back into his pocket, and took out the original owner’s written draft of the music score, and casually flipped through it, and it was true that the level of composition was lacking.


But there was a lot of room for improvement.



After looking at it for a while, Jiu Shu took a pen and wrote on the manuscript, and with a serious expression, he revised the original owner’s tune, retaining the emotions that the original master wanted to convey as much as possible.



Since he had taken over this body, he’d realize the original master’s dream for him for the time being, he was still idle anyway.



Perhaps because he had once played the role of a siren and an angel, among many other magical races, he had a sensitivity and talent for music that was beyond the ordinary.


In his soul, he was even bound with the unique singing bonus of the sirens and angels and other fantasy races.


Together with the knowledge accumulated over these thousands of years, it was enough to easily adjust the musical scores to fit the aesthetics of the humans in this world, so he was still slightly confident in realizing the original owner’s dream.


Moreover, the physiological structure and history and culture of humans on this planet were subtly different from Earth.

Despite calling themselves humans, they were clearly not Earth humans.

The development of music was also very different from Earth, and its music level was more than half a point behind Earth at the same time.


The entire society’s entertainment industry was extremely backward, and although it claimed to love music, perhaps because it hated sharp tones too much, this world’s development for music was instead inferior to Earth humans whose hearing wasn’t considered sharp.



It was a bit of a misguided feeling.


For Jiu Shu, it was really easy to become a famous singer in such a world.



And the strange setting of this world might have something to do with the fact that the original author focused his writing on solving crimes.


In order to allow the plot to develop in a reasonable manner, many of the settings in the original story seemed rather cut and dry.


For example, in order to avoid overly advanced criminal investigation methods affecting the male lead’s ability to solve the case, it was set that the level of criminal investigation technology was low and out of touch with the technological level of society as a whole.



Similarly, the backwardness of the entertainment industry and the special physiological structure of this setting was very likely to reflect the female lead’s flawlessness.



The voice of the female protagonist in the original work was so beautiful that it could move people’s hearts. It had influenced many heinous criminals in the original plot.


Although it didn’t work well on the target of punishment, the enchantment of the target also proved the charm of the heroine’s singing voice.


After reading the original novel, Jiu Shu even thought that the female lead was the best tool that the author of the original story used to push the plot forward.



Because her beauty and talent attracted many criminals, it indirectly promoted the emergence and development of many cases, so that the male protagonist ate a lot of jealousy, but also solved these cases which increased his reputation.



He flipped through the original story with its unbelievably exaggerated plot, and was really a bit curious about how much the people in this world really loved music.



According to the description in the original, the female lead was almost like the meat of the Tang Monk, and anyone who saw her would have delusions of grandeur.



If it weren’t for the punishment target You Xin who did the most insane part of the plot, the female protagonist wouldn’t have lived until the end of the plot.



Although the heroine’s naivety and kindness, and the ease of trusting others was also a reason, but the number of potential criminals in this world was really a bit outrageous.



Jiu Shu retrieved his thoughts, the system was still gabbling in his ear, condemning his behavior of wasting timeto write the music.



He perfunctorily said that he was preparing for his mission, and that he had just arrived in a new world, so he needed to be ready before going on his mission.



As for the length of preparation time, it depended on the situation.


The system could see through Jiu Shu’s perfunctory words.


Its voice shook with suppressed anger, it was just that it was currently relying on Jiu Shu to complete its mission. Therefore, in the face of the taskmaster’s nonchalance, it could only endure humiliation, [Then you’d better hurry up and finish getting ready! The quicker you kill the punishment target, the better!]





Jiu Shu replied absentmindedly, taking the original owner’s guitar and mounting the stage of the music program.



The short, unkempt, slightly curly hair half covered his eyebrows and eyes, and fell to the side of his ear and neck, revealing a delicate white color, with the unique vitality of youth, which was out of place on this extravagant and decadent metropolitan stage.


Compared to the previous contestants, who were all dressed up and wore big swept back hair, this young man dressed casually seemed too deviant, and drew boos as soon as he appeared on stage.



But Jiu Shu still did what he wanted to do, facing the cold-eyed judges and audience, he sat on a high chair, with his eyes downcast, strumming the strings of his guitar, and played his first song after coming to this world.



Coming to this comfortable new world, he wanted to briefly enjoy this hard-won breathing space.



As for the disciplinary mission required by the system, he didn’t want to bother with him for the time being, waiting for him to have enough fun.



Of course, if he could use this to test out the bottom line of the system’s patience, that would be great, and he could also carry out the next step of his revenge plan.


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