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Su Zhe received the news of Chen Zhi’s injury after he arrived at the Indoor Training Center the next morning.

After the previous night’s gathering ended and he returned to his apartment, he didn’t pay attention to the various internet posts but instead tried to use the system bonus that he had drawn yesterday, the hurdling skill.

Under the guidance of the system, he laid down and closed his eyes, then entered an empty training ground, where a serious hurdling coach was already waiting for his arrival.

In the time that followed, he was imbued with a great deal of hurdling experience, and in that strange space, he was very shocked at the way he gained experience as if he had experienced everything the coach dictated to him personally. The system was so powerful that it seemed to be far above his expectations.

In the six hours of deep sleep that followed, he began to train the basic movements of the hurdles continuously under the guidance of his coach, until these basic movements formed muscle reflexes in his training and became his reflex movements.

Su Zhe couldn’t help but be amazed by the efficiency of this training, and such training sessions a total of 60 hours, Su Zhe could almost predict that after 60 hours, he could master all the knowledge skills and combat techniques that a professional hurdler should have.

This was almost equivalent to an athlete needed to go through several years of practice to master the basics, his body would probably be able to get used to the changes brought about by this training.

When he woke up the next day, Su Zhe clearly felt that his body’s behavioral habits seemed to be slightly out of sync with his brain’s thinking, but this incongruity was rapidly disappearing as he self-regulated after waking up.

The effects of training in the system could be carried over to reality!

This knowledge made Su Zhe somewhat shocked and excited, and he was going to take advantage of today’s training gap to try out the effects of the techniques he had mastered at the hurdling group’s venue.

But as soon as he arrived at the training hall, he saw Su Yinsheng and Zhao Changhe looking worried as they were on a video call with someone.

“Dad, Uncle Zhao.” Su Zhe greeted softly.

Su Yinsheng and Zhao Changhe who were in the middle of the call noticed the arriving Su Zhe by the sound of his voice, and then a cheerful voice came out of the phone.

“Is it Xiao Zhe who’s here?”

Su Zhe was stunned and immediately heard whose voice it was, “Brother Xiao Zhi? Dad, Uncle Changhe, what are you guys talking about with Brother Zhi?”

On the other end of the video, it was Chen Zhi, a leading domestic sprinter.

From the age of 14, when he was selected by Su Yinsheng from the school in S city, to Chen Zhi entering the national team at the age of 22, Su Yinsheng was almost raising him as his own son. At that time, Su Yinsheng was planning to accompany Chen Zhi to the national team if it wasn’t for the leaders in charge of the gymnastics team and sports bureau in S Province who tried to retain him.

After Chen Zhi entered the national team, Su Yinsheng also always paid attention to all of his games and training, and the communication between the two was not separated by the change in distance.

But this time, the injury was temporarily concealed from him, and it was only when the basic status of the injury had been confirmed after an examination and had to be released to the public that Su Yinsheng learned of the news.

It was already late when he received the news last night, and Su Yinsheng tossed and turned all night, not daring to affect Chen Zhi’s rest, and ended up talking to Zhao Changhe on the phone for half a night, and they both guessed that Chen Zhi’s injury this time was in preparation for the World Championships Challenge in August.

The qualification standards for this year’s Olympic Games were particularly high, and had created a lot of excitement in the sports world since the announcement. But the standards had been announced, and they could only try their best to meet the participation standards.

Chen Zhi obviously hoped to run an excellent performance in this race, so he increased his training, leading to this accident.

It wasn’t until he made it to the screen that Su Zhe realized that Chen Zhi was in the hospital at the moment, and he suddenly understood the reason why Su Yinsheng and Zhao Changhe were looking worried.

“Brother Xiao Zhi, what’s with this injury?” Su Zhe quirked his eyebrows, his tone serious.

“Ah, it’s nothing.” Chen Zhi laughed cheerfully, if you only looked at his face, you couldn’t even tell that he was injured: “It’s just a little injury, it’ll be fine in two months, don’t worry.”

Su Zhe knitted his eyebrows, “Okay, we’re all athletes, is it interesting for you to lie to me by saying such things?”

Because he had been hanging out with the gymnastics team since he was a kid, Su Zhe has been following Chen Zhi since he was 7 years old, and Chen Zhi spoilt Su Zhe as his younger brother all the way.

Chen Zhi on the other end of the video had to smile, he also knew that he couldn’t hide it from Su Zhe, but he still didn’t want to make his brother, who had been spoiled since childhood, worry too much.

Perhaps it was because they had been on the phone for a long time before, but the doctor beside Chen Zhi interrupted the conversation by gesturing that it was time for an examination.

Before hanging up the video, Chen Zhi was still smiling as he said to Su Zhe, “Little Zhe, go for it, I’m waiting for you to surpass my records.” Apparently, even though he was sick, he had paid attention to Su Zhe’s race yesterday.

It was only after the video hung up that Su Zhe learned about Chen Zhi’s current stress and the circumstances leading up to the injury, and was barely relieved to learn that Chen Zhi’s injury report had been sent to Germany, while preparing for an emergency trip to Germany for injury treatment and subsequent rehabilitation.

“10 Seconds 05 ……”

This terrible threshold, at this time, was lying in front of the eyes of all Olympic participating countries, this reach line could be said to be the most stringent Olympic reach line, and even reached the level of the last Olympic final.

Although Chen Zhi once ran in 10 seconds, the athletes’ competitive level was not unchanging, because of the training state, technical adjustment, physical condition, psychological factors, and even the field and other factors, their performances would have certain ups and downs.

Since this year’s season, Chen Zhi had had his ups and downs in competition because he was in a technical adjustment period, and since July, it had been a real period of qualification for the Olympic Games, which was exactly why he was pushing himself to increase his training in hopes of regaining his best form as soon as possible.

As the highest-ranked 100m runner in China, even if no one in China could run into the reach line, he could still participate in the Olympics as the highest-ranked runner in China, but as a real athlete, no one wanted to see themselves in that way, to be “comfortably” arranged into the Olympic stadium.

He did not want his country’s qualification for the 100 meters to come from the organizing committee’s “care”, after all, when a runner reached the Olympic standard, it was also the time to promote the country’s comprehensive sports strength.

“Okay, this is not something you should be thinking about right now.” Su Yinsheng rubbed his forehead, “This year is a big year for athletics, and there are national events coming up, and this time, in order to encourage young athletes, there are three additional alternate places that need to be added for an extra match before the start of the National Championships, and the top three overall finishers will be qualified for the National Championships. We’ve already prepared you to sign up for the alternates and let you try out for the Full Championships.”

Zhao Changhe also flipped out the record booklet that he had brought with him at the moment at this point and flipped through the pages, “Your results from yesterday changed too much, we’re going to run the test again today, your post-race acceleration yesterday was amazing, but your starting reaction speed and starting acceleration running technique is still lacking, and your father and I will need to make some more adjustments to our training plan for the next race. ”

Seeing that Su Yinsheng and Zhao Changhe had finished their words, Su Zhe hesitated for a moment and still spoke, “Dad, Uncle Zhao, I want to try out for the World Championships Challenge.”

Hearing Su Zhe’s words, Su Yinsheng and Zhao Changhe both frowned and did not speak.

In fact, they had initially considered whether or not to let Su Zhe try out for the World Championships Challenge, with Su Zhe’s performance at the Provincial Games, it was still very competitive to participate in the Challenge, but firstly, they weren’t sure if Su Zhe’s form was stable, and secondly, the National Championships and the World Championships Challenge were both scheduled in August, and there were less than 10 days between the two competitions.

Su Zhe since the resumption of training, he had only participated in the Provincial Games once, he had not experienced the cyclic adjustment of the state between training and competition, in two consecutive participation in the highest level of the national tournament of great intensity, they were not sure that Su Zhe’s mind could withstand.

In the end, out of prudent consideration, Su Yinsheng and Zhao Changhe decided to let Su Zhe participate in this National Championships only for the time being, to feel the atmosphere of the national level tournament.

Su Yinsheng understood that Su Zhe was stimulated by seeing Chen Zhi injured and wanted to be a hero to help Chen Zhi relieve the pressure. But this kid didn’t think about it, as Chen Zhi was the top 100m runner in the country, could anyone help share his pressure?

How many people had spent years unable to cross the gap between 10.18 and 10.05 seconds?

Many runners, in order to even breakthrough from 10.18 seconds ago to 10.17 seconds, needed to undergo bone-crushing training – and might not actually succeed.

Su Yinsheng glanced at Su Zhe and silently turned his head without replying.

Zhao Changhe, of course, understood Su Yinsheng’s meaning and patted Su Zhe’s shoulder, “Little Zhe, don’t be anxious, train well, we’ll first stabilize your current performance before we can talk about your progress and development later.”

The reason for this attitude of his father and Zhao Changhe, Su Zhe naturally understood in his heart, he just couldn’t help but think of the pressure Chen Zhi shouldered and the difficulties facing the athletics world at the moment.

He was swelling up ah ……

Su Zhe patted himself on the head and also shook out those thoughts in his head for the time being.

His current identity was still just a small athlete who had not long moved from the entertainment world to the sports world, and the only achievement he was good at was winning the record-breaking Provincial Games.

In this status, what was it if it wasn’t self-defeating in the eyes of others?

Train hard!

Su Zhe took a deep breath and warned himself to always remember to take it easy.

After a busy day of training and 10km jogging, Su Zhe was only free to board Weibo, ready to say hello to his long-lost fans and @ Chen Zhi for a good treatment.

Never expected that this time, when he opened his mobile Weibo, his phone was truly stuck for a full 2 minutes. The unmoving interface made him almost restart his phone.

Finally, 2 minutes later, Weibo finally returned to normal, and Su Zhe looked at the message prompt bar below the boundary surface, which was already crowded with bright red numbers.

After winning the 100m championship of the S Province Provincial Games yesterday, Su Zhe certainly understood that there would be a lot of @ themselves on Twitter, but wasn’t this number a bit overly alarming?

He opened the message with a confused look on his face, only to see numerous private messages all repeating the same phrase-

[@ Su Zhe Luming, come back! @ Shao Xingchen is paying attention to you! 】

Looking at this row after row of messages, there were not only Shao Xingchen’s fans, but also many “philosophers” who were also leaving crazy messages, fearing that his failure to return sentiment in time would affect passers-by’s perception.

It was just that Su Zhe remembered that yesterday the publicity of the crew still told him that he should take time to follow the Weibo of the crew and the Weibo of the fellow actors, and at the same time bring the identity of the characters in the drama and interact.

So ……

What was happening was that Big Brother Shao followed him first and @ed him, and he was late in replying back to him?

Su Zhe was greatly embarrassed, no wonder all of Shao Xingchen’s fans were frantically private messaging him, especially after he went online, or perhaps they received his online prompt, the private messages started to increase one after another, all with the same content.

Su Zhe immediately found Big Brother Shao’s Weibo page to follow, and flipped to the message he had @ed him yesterday and forwarded it again.
  [@ShaoXingChen Thank you, Lu Ming believes that Xie Wei’s next journey will also be infinitely more exciting and worthy of expectations!]

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