The three hosts were experienced in the industry, and with their high reputation, they were able to maintain their position as the industry leader at a time when reality shows were hitting the traditional variety show market.

The main cast of “Rejuvenation” met in the guest lounge.

Zhang Liran was radiant, unlike the ordinary and cheerful Yang Dingding in the drama, and also completely different from her somewhat cautious appearance on the set of the drama.

She was the female lead in Rejuvenation, and although the drama made the male leads popular, for the only female lead in the drama, her value had gone up in the meantime, and as soon as she saw Zhou Yuhe walk into the lounge, she affectionately pulled his arm and took him into the crowd to make fun of him.

“My ‘first love’ is here, you wild bees and butterflies can stay away from me.” Zhang Liran snuggled into Zhou Yuhe’s arm, her eyes twinkling wryly.

Although they didn’t have any kissing scenes in the drama, there was still a lot of physical contact between them.

Zhou Yuhe was already used to her like this and did not brush her face, but smiled and said, “If ‘Xu Chang’ sees you like this, maybe he will really beat me up.”

He was referring to the scene where they had agreed to fight, but Xie Yifeng didn’t really do it.

The surroundings immediately burst into laughter.

“Yo, so lively.”

Speaking of him, he arrived.

They saw the door of the lounge being pulled open, a tall and handsome man walked in from behind the door in a calm and elegant manner.

All the people around him were stunned.

As they watched him approach, step by step, as if stepping on their hearts, everything around them seemed to be eclipsed, and the whole world became quiet.

His features were straight, angular, handsome, and profound, after the precipitation of the style, his dark and deep eyes contained a calm and restrained atmosphere, like a whirlpool, deeply attracting the attention of the crowd.

After two months, Xie Yifeng, the fish leaping into the Dragon Gate, finally metamorphosed into a dazzling and captivating light like a butterfly.

A giant star.

For some reason, these two words flashed through everyone’s mind at the same time.

Obviously, two months ago, everyone was still together, but now there was somehow an unbridgeable distance between them and this person in front of them.


Zhou Yuhe heard the sound of his heart beating wildly.

He knew full well that this wasn’t all of Xie Yifeng, this was just the beginning of his acting peak, but he was just very indiscreetly surrounded by this powerful masculinity-.

His heart moved.

The first thing that happened was that Xie Yifeng took Zhou Yuhe’s shoulders and motionlessly took him aside, away from Zhang Liran’s “clutches”.

Xie Yifeng raised his lips and smiled, taking a look at the other actresses present, “Your ‘first love’ is everyone’s ‘first love’, don’t be too stingy ‘dingding’! ‘.”

Zhang Liran snorted, feigning arrogance, “Alright then, I’ll lend him to you guys today, just for one day ah.”

The surrounding area erupted into laughter, Xie Yifeng’s kind behavior and smile actively broke the distance between him and the crowd, and as before, he quickly mingled with everyone.

It wasn’t until a short time later that the venue personnel came to rush them on stage, and the cast put away their expressions, took out their decent and easy smiles, and shone on stage during the host’s grand introduction.

The following was filled with fans, even the corridors that had no room for people were filled with fans, and the moment the main cast appeared, the screams and shouts were literally going to overturn the entire roof.

“Xie Yifeng!”

“Zhou Yuhe!”

“Zhou Yuhe!”

“Zhou Yuhe!”


Zhang Liran and Deng Xian and the others entered surrounded by two names, but there was not much resentment, after all, their popularity brought the unimaginable flow to the entire drama, the actors got to experience the real feeling of being in a big hit, the scene of this somewhat unreal popularity, made them beam with pride, satisfied and happy.

Zhou Yuhe smiled and gestured for them to be quiet. As soon as the fans saw him smiling, they immediately remembered Shen Yan, they instantly became good and quiet.

Finally realizing that this popularity really didn’t belong to every main actor: “……”

After a brief opening, the hostess brought up Zhou Yuhe’s burgeoning acting skills.

She poked fun at him with a humorous tone, “It’s just that everyone has seen Yuhe’s previous dramas, yes, this one was pristine and natural, can any of you tell us if you suspected that he was taken over by aliens in the first place?”

Zhang Liran knew this well, and she positively snapped, “I actually doubted if he had a twin brother, because his previous acting skills were really …… I can’t say it too harshly, after all, we’re still a commercial cp[couple], heads up, right!”

There was a burst of laughter.

Zhang Liran put away her joking expression and said seriously, “But then I found out that Yuhe is really a very hard worker, that is, when we were all taking a break, he was still alone in the lounge reciting his lines until he fell asleep, more than once oh, he was often like this, we saw him many times, and as a result, the next time we looked- -Sleeping again! So in the end, the director had to spend ‘a lot of money’ on a yoga mat in his lounge ……”

The taller male presenter answered: “He’s been living happily ever since with a ‘bed to sleep in’ ……”

Zhang Liran’s serious face: “No, from then on, his lounge became a public lounge for the actresses.”

The fans at the bottom were very distressed to hear this part, but Zhang Liran’s sudden divine twist made them erupt with joyful laughter.

Next, the show showed Zhou Yuhe’s script on the big screen.

Above the densely packed marks, and the about to be ruined script, many originally thought that Zhou Yuhe was just lucky,  this made the audience deeply appreciate the teenager for his hard work and persistence, the entire audience stood up and applauded, and Zhou Yuhe humbly bowed at 90 degrees in the end.

In the next few rounds of the game, it was interspersed with a number of questions, receiving three trophies, Xie Yifeng, of course, was the program’s “focus”, in a comprehensive understanding of his life in the twelve years since his debut, they were shocked by his exaggerated acting experience, and then mentioned Zhou Yuhe in the second half of the program.

This time it was the hostess who started the conversation, looking at the slightly quiet Zhou Yuhe on stage with an auntie’s smile, “There’s a buzzword that we’re all familiar with lately, right?”

The fans at the bottom shouted in unison.

“Nation’s first love!!!”

These three words would somehow give him a sense of bashfulness no matter when he heard them.

Zhou Yuhe smiled apologetically and screams immediately erupted again around him, showing that these three words had been deeply imprinted in people’s hearts, becoming the most important label for Zhou Yuhe in front of the audience.

The fatter of the three hosts said, “What do you understand by ‘first love’?”

Zhou Yuhe put away his smile and his expression became sincere, “I think relationships are a more personal experience, everyone has their first love, but not everyone’s first love is beautiful and innocent, as far as I know, many of my friends around me are instead reluctant to talk about their first love, because when the mind is immature and does not yet understand feelings, the more we invest in love, it also means that the more we will be hurt ……”

The young man’s voice was not loud, but it was like gurgling spring water flowing into the hearts of the audience, and his words, which were obviously sad, somehow had a healing power.

He continued, “So what I think of as ‘first love’, including everyone’s love for Shen Yan, is actually more of a yearning for good and sincere feelings. We want to be able to meet someone worthy of our affection, who also has no reservations about you, beautiful and pure, no matter what the outcome, when we haven’t yet become as conflicted and complicated as adults, and don’t care too much about the reality of love, and are still able to fully give our hearts to someone.”

Holy sh*t, he was so warm too!!!!

The audience howled “I can’t take it anymore”, they really wanted to put Zhou Yuhe in their pocket and take them home, what a warm boy!

The other people on stage smiled at his face as he seriously finished, Xie Yifeng’s palms slightly tightened into a fist, then loosened, an itch from his heart moved into his limbs, he had always had good self-control, he used all his strength to control himself not to pull the teenager home to hide, so that no one could see him look so cute.

The female host began to take control and pulled the topic back, “Since everyone has their first love, let’s talk about their first love, I’m sure the viewers in front of the TV are very curious about Yifeng’s first love, right?”


Xie Yifeng, who was picked by cue, had no choice but to pick up the microphone and said, “Speaking of my first love, I secretly loved a person when I was in high school. I didn’t count it, but I appreciated it. Later, because I was too busy, I gradually forgot them. Recently, I heard little news from the other party. I know that they have developed well recently, and I am still … very happy.”

The female host oh-so-excitedly turned to Zhou Yuhe, “Then Yuhe should know, right!”

Zhou Yuhe looked confused, “Me?”

The hostess made a helpless face, “You just finished high school!”

Zhou Yuhe was fiercely startled, was it ……?

How many years ago was he in high school?

24, 25, or 26 years?

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