C13- Task Reward

 The heated discussion on the internet went unnoticed by Su Zhe for the time being, as he was sitting in the car returning to the gymnastics team, pretending to close his eyes and rest. After making sure no one disturbed him, he put his attention on the system.

The system had alerted him that his mission was complete when he had run the final and finished first, but the circumstances were not suitable for checking the system, so he ignored the system message for the time being.

With consecutive preliminaries, repeats, and first place in the final, he had not only completed his target task of participating in the Provincial Games and winning first place in the 100 meters, but he had also completed the random task that the system had temporarily released today.

The two mission rewards were quietly residing in the system, waiting for Su Zhe’s review.

A small turntable was placed at the location of the reward for the target task, Su Zhe clicked it with his consciousness, and the enlarged turntable appeared in front of his eyes, it was a circular turntable subdivided into small and large squares, and each square was marked with different reward information.

Su Zhe roughly scanned through the reward information in the grids, these reward grids were divided into two colors, red and white, which were performing arts resources and sports resources respectively. The red performing arts resources ranged from random supporting roles in gold medal drama series to explosive variety show guests, or top magazine covers, fashion brand invitations, etc., as well as mechanical dance skills, pop song singing skills, etc. The appearance of these reward information made Su Zhe finally recall the original name of this system that would only let him run 10 kilometers a day was called [Super Idol System] again.

The white grid was a completely different category from these performing arts-related resources, with all kinds of sports resources – sprint skill collection, long-distance running skill collection, hurdling skill, long jump skill, high jump skill, breaststroke skill, freestyle skill, rifle skill, pistol skill… These various skills took up a full half of the grid on the turntable.

Seeing these rewards, Su Zhe was also a little bald, now that he had quit the entertainment industry to focus on sports, he would naturally prefer to draw sports skills, but with the density of the grid of the wheel, what he would get in the end could only be determined by fate.

Since there was no way to choose, Su Zhe pressed the draw button without hesitation.

The pointer on the circular turntable began to spin at a rapid pace, constantly sliding past the various reward grid sections.

As the pointer became slower and slower, with Su Zhe’s calmness, his heart couldn’t help but lift as he watched the pointer slide past the various rewards, slower and slower, and finally, the pointer ended up staying within a white grid range – it was Sport Resources!

Hurdling skills?

Seeing the items drawn, Su Zhe was stunned, not expecting that to be the one he drew?

Hurdles running was also one of the sprint events, but from the technical threshold, much higher than the ordinary sprint, in order to perform good hurdles running, from the skills, rhythm, speed, bounce, flexibility and so on, one needed to have a high enough quality and ability.

In his years of fooling around with the gymnastics team, he also had a few days of haphazard hurdles running with the gymnastics team’s hurdles coach, but he was purely just playing and didn’t really learn much skill ……

After taking a look at the hurdling technique with a special note about the learning time of 60 hours, Su Zhe first put it aside, preparing to use this extracted reward when he was free in the evening, and then tapped on the reward panel of the random task.

“Ding, the Personal Attribute Panel is officially open, the Personal Attribute Quest System has been activated.”

The moment Su Zhe tapped on the reward panel, the system prompt sounded again.

This was a complete attribute panel that recorded Su Zhe’s personal status, details such as the face value scores to his height and weight body fat percentage, or the sensitivity, flexibility, endurance, strength, dynamic vision, coordination, explosiveness, recovery, bounce, comprehension, rhythm, etc., which were difficult for normal people to intuitively understand, were clearly made into a table and displayed in front of Su Zhe’s eyes.

The scores of these attributes were sorted from 0-100, with high and low.

Su Zhe carefully looked at the numbers of his talent related to sprinting, and it was really relatively high, while the scores related to his former idol career such as voice talent, musicality, and so on …… were all somewhat touchingly low.

Seeing these numbers, Su Zhe couldn’t help but think of some of the artist-teachers who had taught him, they had praised him for being diligent and hardworking, but when it came to his talent, they all looked like they felt sorry for him.

Opening at the same time as these personal value panels were the personal attribute task system.

After Su Zhe tapped into the system, he found a long string of numbers bound after his name.

The remarks of the numbers were the prestige value.

Description: when someone makes an impression on you and creates a longing heart, you can get 1 point of prestige value, create a deep impression, you can get 5 points of prestige value, create a strong impression, and 10 points of prestige value. Repeatable Reputation Points can be earned, with a CD time of 1 hour after a single person accumulates 1 Reputation contribution and 24 hours after a single person accumulates 10 Reputation contributions.”

Current Reputation Value: 7832981
  Mission: Accumulate Reputation to 10 Million

Quest reward: enabling the exchange of prestige and attribute points.

This function made Su Zhe a little surprised, although he thought that attribute points could be obtained through quests, he didn’t expect it to be exchanged with reputation bindings, but thinking about the name of this system, it was understandable.

But could …… he really exchange attribute points so easily? Wouldn’t that be an easy way to create a superhuman? With this suspicion in mind, Su Zhe began to search the panel for the exchange ratio of prestige value to attribute points.

After searching around for a bit, Su Zhe finally found the exchange value hidden in the nooks and crannies of the panel.

1000w prestige value = 1 free attribute point.

F*ck, this ratio!

Su Zhe couldn’t help but rub his forehead, no wonder the task of obtaining personal attributes was to accumulate prestige value to 10 million – prestige wasn’t enough for 10 million, he couldn’t even exchange 1 attribute point, as such, the attribute point exchange function certainly didn’t need to exist.

Having figured this out, Su Zhe discovered that this system tied to himself was not only sandy, but also stingy.

When everyone returned to the gymnastics team, it was already 7:00 p.m. It was now July, and even at this point, there was still light left in the sky, and although the sun was setting, the stifling heat was slow to dissipate.

There were no night scenes at the Gymnasium today, the crew was already packing up the venue, and the scenes they needed to shoot at the Gymnasium were almost finished, with only some finishing touches left.

Su Zhe’s scenes in the Broken light crew also only had some hospital scenes left to be filmed, director Liu Zheng had already discussed with Su Zhe and his son, arranging the hospital scenes in a unified manner to be filmed intensively the week after the Provincial Games.

“Ah Zhe, let’s go, let’s have dinner tonight! Celebrate your record-breaking provincial championship together!”

The crew had been getting along quite well with Su Zhe for a while now, and with the upcoming departure of the crew and this championship that Su Zhe had won today, it was even more beneficial to the crew, so Director Liu made a big move and approved enough funds for the big crew to get together for an evening meal.

“Barbecue away! Beer fried chicken away!”

The crowd in the cast yelled excitedly, but before Su Zhe could speak, a voice refused the food for Su Zhe.

“Su Zhe can’t eat these.”

Accompanying the voice was Shao Xingchen, who was dressed in a low-key sports outfit.

“Ah, look at us, overly excited, forgetting that Su Zhe is an athlete!”

The crew also reacted to the fact that Su Zhe was now an athlete and had to ensure a healthy diet, many of the outside food was not only a problem that affected the muscle mass, some of the everyday food even contained stimulants.

Su Zhe originally thought that Big Brother Shao would not participate in this gathering, but he didn’t expect that Big Brother Shao was not only prepared to attend, but he was also riding in his car?

On the way to the hotel, Li Cheng drove in the front row, while Shao Xingchen and Su Zhe sat in the back row to rest.

For a while now, the two of them were often together because of training and filming, but Shao Xingchen was rather silent in his daily life, and Su Zhe was also a bit fearful of Shao and didn’t know how to liven up the atmosphere, so the two of them always got along a bit awkwardly.
  Just as Su Zhe hesitated on what to say, Shao Xingchen instead spoke first.

“Congratulations on winning the championship today, you ran well.” When Shao Xingchen said this, his left tail finger was somewhat unpredictably raised – this was his usual little move when he was nervous.

Su Zhe hadn’t had time to check Weibo after returning from the race, so he didn’t know that Mr. Shao had followed him and @ him, but it was the same when he heard Shao Xingchen’s praise.

Thinking back to the accusation a month ago, Su Zhe couldn’t help but have a sense of pride in successfully getting back his fans.

“Ahem, I didn’t disappoint you this time.” Su Zhe finally slightly said and turned his head to look at Big Brother Shao with a smile.

“Ahem.” Being stared at by Su Zhe like this, Big Brother Shao slightly uncomfortably averted his eyes, then nodded his head squarely, “Since you have enough talent and strength and have chosen the path of an athlete, go down firmly this time.”

Slightly nervous, Big Brother Shao spoke as if he was a senior who was instructing a child.

He also felt that it seemed wrong for him to speak like this, but the more he tried to relax, the more serious he became, and in the end, the words had already been spoken and he could only frown somewhat dejectedly.

Su Zhe, after this period of time, had actually somewhat understood the true character of this top-ranking big brother, he also did not expect that this superstar in the entertainment industry, in private, was such an awkward, introverted and stubborn character, with such a character, he was able to break into the entertainment industry and still be able to obtain today’s achievements, it was really a remarkable thing.

The dinner that night was very enjoyable for everyone.

The makeup photos of the cast of “Broken Light” became the number one hot search in the blink of an eye, both Shao Xingchen and Su Zhe, their face value was at the top level of the entertainment industry, the image of the two teenagers quickly attracted the attention of a large wave of passers-by, especially the natural flow of youths, could easily gain the goodwill of passers-by.

Shao Xingchen’s fans had also spared no effort in promoting Broken Light.

And for their first time really going along with the other fans, Su Zhe’s fans had only seen what the power of super fans were, and immediately also organized the masses to participate in this publicity war together.

Although there were sour spots in the topic, today, from the counter-attack of Su Zhe to the record-breaking victory, netizens spontaneously brushed the topic for Su Zhe, and then the crew released publicity photos, and the “satellites” resolutely kept up with the publicity posts.

After one day, the topic of giving positive impressions had become a big trend.

In the evening, on the hot topic of entertainment, a well-known sports journalist Xu Zhi sent out a tweet that barely hit any watermarks outside of the sports world.

[It was confirmed by Chen Zhi himself that he suffered a stress fracture of the calf in an accident during training 3 days ago and is feared to be out of the 20-year Tokyo Olympics. As of today, no sprinters in China have yet to make the 100-meter standard for the Tokyo Olympics, and the situation is currently worrying.]

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