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Little leaf had always been eating and sleeping, the cat lived a leisurely and lazy life, but it was also a self-respecting cat, so it wasn’t willing to admit that it was the ‘little lazy cat’ mentioned by Ye Tianyi.

It grabbed two fingers of Ye Tianyi’s left hand, and its small teeth gently nibbled on it, [I’m not a little lazy cat, little leaf is a good boy].

Ye Tianyi was a fourth-rank zombie, his body’s skin defense ability was not far behind, not to mention blade and gun, so being gently nibbled by the little cat like that didn’t hurt, but rather, felt itchy.

He stretched out his right hand to stroke little leaf’s tail and scratched its chin, soothing it so much that it squinted its pupils and grunted, its mouth also loosened his fingers.

His fingers were stained with watermarks, his eyes flashed with a hint of a smile, but he didn’t remove it.

This time, following Su Tianyun out, Ye Tianyi originally wanted to finish off that guy, but in the middle, there was an accident, the person was let go.

But thinking about the benefits gained this time, this little disappointment was nothing.

Ye Tianyi inexplicably got a spiritual spring from Su Tianyun, which entered his space and transformed his spatial abilities, not only allowing him to smoothly advance to the fourth rank, even Little Leaf, who had bathed in the spring once, also successfully advanced to the third rank.

In the end times, no matter how big the hatred was, it was not as important as one’s own strength.

If you had a grudge, you could wait until your strength came up to take revenge, but strength did not grow casually.

Ye Tianyi saw the situation very openly and did not dwell on this failed attempt at revenge, but instead began to consider the situation at the time.

Previously, because he and Little leaf had both advanced, he didn’t have time to think about that, but now that he was free, he inevitably began to think about how he had deprived Su Tianyun of that spirit spring, and if this method could be duplicated, could it leave Su Tianyun with nothing?

He vaguely remembered that it seemed like after he had physical contact with Su Tianyun, a stream of clear water ran from Su Tianyun’s body to his body, and then the sound of that man chanting the recipe rang out in his mind.

Could it be that the spiritual spring would automatically come to him because of that mysterious mantra?

But this might not be impossible, after all, that chant came from the Jade Guanyin he had worn for over twenty years since he was a child, and it was highly likely that the spirit spring was also obtained from the Jade Guanyin by Su Tianyun, otherwise, Su Tianyun wouldn’t have been so adamant about getting the Jade Guanyin from him in the first place.

When he thought of the mysterious chant, Ye Tianyi subconsciously began to recite it in his heart, while reciting it, he clearly sensed that the spiritual spring in his space was gushing more vigorously as if its turquoise color was also deeper.

Did the chant have some kind of stimulating effect on the spiritual spring?

This thought flashed and he began to experiment, non-stop reciting the chant, as he recited the chant, he also used his mental energy to monitor the spiritual spring in the space, which became more and more active, even that half a meter range also slightly expanded a little.

This expansion of a little range, with normal eyes, it couldn’t be seen, but with the spiritual probe, it was the slightest bit more than a minute ago.

The results of the test proved that the chant was indeed beneficial to the spiritual spring, so the possibility that he had guessed before was getting closer to the truth.

The corner of Ye Tianyi’s mouth curled up with a smile, he felt that he should approach Su Tianyun again, there might be some other surprises ……


Ye Tianyi and Little Leaf were both promoted, so he was in a very good mood these days and even came towards the base with a leap of excitement.

But compared to Ye Tianyi’s good mood, Su Tianyun was comparably terrified, even more terrified than when he saw Ye Tianyi before.

Because he discovered that the spiritual spring in his space was missing!!!!

After he met with Admiral Xiao, they offered to work with him on the fresh fruits and vegetables, on attractive terms, and without asking him about the origin of his fresh fruits and vegetables.

This was undoubtedly a great opportunity for him, and as long as he seized it, he would be able to occupy a pivotal position in the A-city survivor base.

As for what Su Ming said about returning to C City to find Su Tianyu? Who cared about that? As long as he could get a foothold in A City, he wouldn’t bother to work hard to get to C City.

A city survivor base was one of the only large base remaining ten years after the end of the world, compared to the C city survivor base which completely fell four or five years after the end of the world, he didn’t know how much safer it was, he would be crazy to leave the good A city survivor base and go back to C city.

As for Su Tianyu, the brother …… Su Tianyun calmly thought, anyway, when he died in the previous world, Su Tianyu was still alive and well.

So Su Tianyun placed great value on this cooperation with Admiral Xiao, and as soon as he returned to his apartment, he couldn’t wait to enter the space to check the inventory.

Just as soon as he entered the space, he was stunned by the deplorable scene in the space ……

The space shrunk by more than half, the color of the soil was no longer pitch black and very fertile but had become like a drought, water shortage made the soil cracked, the vegetables and rice he planted were all withered, and the fruit trees planted next to them looked as if the cold winter leaves had fallen off.

What was going on here?

Why did the space look like this when he hadn’t been in it for so long?

In a panic, Su Tianyun first went to look for the reason – the reason was easily found, the spiritual spring that could improve one’s constitution and restore abilities had disappeared!

The previous location of the spiritual spring had turned into a small pit, and the turquoise watery color had completely disappeared.

This discovery caused Su Tianyun to be so terrified that his heart almost stopped beating.

He knew very well that the ability to grow things in his space and ripen those vegetables and melons all depended on this spiritual spring. Even the fact that he himself was still so bright for so long in the end times was also dependent on the spiritual spring …… If there was no spiritual spring, what was the difference between this space and the space of those with spatial abilities?

Apart from being able to hold living things, the space that couldn’t be planted simply wasn’t that valuable to him anymore.

Most importantly, he had just agreed to cooperate with Admiral Xiao, and now that he didn’t even have a spiritual spring anymore, the only fresh fruits and vegetables were the ones he had saved before …… What to do?

Su Tianyun looked at the dried-up land, only felt so cold like he fell into the ice cave.

There must still be a way …… to remedy the situation.

Su Tianyun tried to calm himself down.

Although he didn’t know how the spirit spring had disappeared, since it had already disappeared, he had to find a way to remedy it, Admiral Xiao’s side couldn’t afford to offend.

His gaze fell on the dry soil, then condensed a water ball and threw it into the soil, the water ball was immediately greedily absorbed by the thirsty soil, and the previously dry soil showed a little moist appearance.

Su Tianyun was slightly relieved, as long as there was still salvation it was good ……

Although without the spirit spring, the fruits and vegetables grown might not be as effective, but as long as he could grow fresh fruits and vegetables to deliver. Anyway, at the end of the world, the soil was polluted and it was hard to even eat a cabbage, which was already very good.


Because of the disappearance of the spiritual spring, Su Tianyun who never cared much about his water-based abilities began to diligently upgrade his abilities for the first time.

His space was the one that came with the Jade Goddess and could not be upgraded, only the water-based abilities could be upgraded.

He took out the water system crystal core he had saved and began to absorb it, not caring about what the solid foundation was or wasn’t.

In the beginning, the water ability was very dishonest, and it was only able to send out water balls and arrows, or the kind where the ability was depleted in two strikes. However, the Water Ability was not considered a weakness, because in his previous life, Su Tianyun had seen a high-ranking Water Ability user against a Fire Ability user, restrained him, and easily drained that Fire Ability user’s blood.

The water ability was like chicken feed, but became especially awesome when it rose to a high level, and may even lower the water temperature against an ice ability user.

When he had the Water Ability to a high level, even if he didn’t have much combat experience, it would definitely be enough to rise above countless ability users.

With this fond fantasy, Su Tianyun began to unscrupulously absorb the crystal nucleus to upgrade his ability.

At the same time, Ye Tianyi had already stepped into the A City Survivor Base once again ……

It was already the second month since the start of the End Times, and the construction of the survivors’ base in City A was almost complete.

It was originally a huge construction project, which would take many months to complete, but now was the end of the world, the end of the world’s didn’t have shortage of labor.

No matter if it was a white-collar CEO or a beggar at the lowest level before the end of the world, after the end of the world, these people were willing to come to the city walls to move bricks in exchange for food in order to live and to get a bite to eat.

There were many cheap laborers ……

The people who didn’t have to sell their labor were mostly technicians who had a skill in the end times or those who were lucky enough to have awakened their powers, or those who were lucky enough to have cast a good tire with someone to protect them.

There weren’t any lazy people on the base, either, because to get food on the base, they either went out and kill zombies and do missions, or they got a job on the base.

There were more and more survivors, the supplies for all aspects of the base were getting tighter and tighter, and there were more and more quests posted on the bulletin board …… So when Ye Tianyi entered the base, he saw many vehicles or teams of ability users heading out from the base’s main gate.

They were all out on missions to kill zombies and find supplies.

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