Change privacy settings Bonus Chap Thanks for the ko-fi ✨✨ Ko-fi Supporter ✨✨ and Merry Christmas in advance to everyone   Early the next morning, when Su Zhe came to the training ground, he found that the machines and track layouts for today’s live seemed to be exaggerated a few more points than usual.   […]


Change privacy settings   “Relay running ……” Su Zhe frowned, a little worried: “As long as the team has the need, I’m willing to join the training, but I have no experience in relay running, can I train in time?”     Relay running was after all a collective project, on the surface, it seemed […]


Change privacy settings   After 5 days of “Follow the National Champion to lose weight and get fit together!”, Su Zhe deeply felt that the aesthetics of all the colleagues of the sports channel were about to be hopeless.     The only thing Su Zhe couldn’t figure out was whether the writers and directors […]


Change privacy settings   Su Zhe’s first day of national team training began with receiving a mission prompt from the System.   “Today’s random task: accumulate 100 points of audience satisfaction.”   Almost immediately after he woke up from his sleep, the prompt for this task rang out at the right time, causing Su Zhe […]


Change privacy settings At five o’clock in the afternoon, the airplane flying from Nibong to B City landed smoothly, and Su Zhe got off the plane together with the rest of the national team members.   Perhaps because they were wearing uniform national team sportswear, there were quite a few travelers around who cast their […]

C36— Easy Advance

Change privacy settings Because of the crowd outside, several of Su Zhe’s fans entered the venue slightly late, when they entered the venue with hand banners, Su Zhe had arrived at the checkpoint with the staff and began to prepare.   A few little girls were slightly excited as they chatted about Su Zhe, they […]