L City airport exit. The shutter sound was ringing non-stop, other passengers passing around looked back in confusion, but only saw the unfamiliar Su Zhe and his party.         “Wow, that little brother is so handsome, is he a new idol? He looks a little familiar ah!”         Many of the girls who were […]


Athletic state and athlete psychological state, it sounded very mysterious, but for the coaches and athletes, these were the things that had to be understood. These two months of training, Su Yinsheng and Zhao Changhe had been trying to bottom out Su Zhe’s competitive state, so as to do the corresponding training plan adjustments, in […]


Under the summer sun, two teenagers were lying under a tree at the edge of the playground, and the sunlight shone on the teenagers’ bodies through the dappled shadows of the tree. They were wearing loose uniforms, and grass leaves were in the corners of their mouths, the dappled light and shadow seemed to show […]


The director of the center, Sun Zhihai, who was wearing glasses, looked at the PowerPoint being displayed on the projector and listened attentively to the staff of the department introduce the summary of the data. “As of August 11, there are 6 men’s 100m runners in this year’s season, including Wang Qin, Qiu Xinchu, Zhao […]


The noise didn’t affect the runners on the track. On the track, the runners all changed their relaxed faces in the preparation area and started to observe the track in front of them seriously. All of them adjusted their starters on the track one after another and started to test whether their feet felt smooth […]


The sudden sound of the system made Su Zhe freeze, and the system continued. “Perfect Healing aura lv2 description: automatically activated after obtaining, it will always nourish the host’s beauty! At any time, it’ll maintain the host’s body, speed up the host’s healing process, perfect healing doesn’t leave dark wounds – the perfect idol should […]


The camera hadn’t been turned off, because of how much the crowd paid attention to Su Zhe, the camera still remained on Su Zhe. On the commentary stand, Zhang Jing and Wang Miaochuan were still working on the event replay, elaborating to the audience how difficult it was for Su Zhe to take second in […]


This time the 110m hurdles and 100m back-to-back events would indeed be one of the great tests for him. On Weibo, Tao Sheng also expressed his concern about Su Zhe’s second day. [Su Zhe’s performance in today’s National Championships has once again amazed me! From the stable and excellent start reaction speed to the explosive […]


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37th comment: [Is the poster serious? Zhou Tianjue was still 0.02 slower than Su Zhe? Crap?! Crouch crouch crouch! Now only the groove can reflect my shock ……] 38th comment: [Zhou Tianjue scored 14 seconds 07, right? But 14 seconds 05 ah …… this is actually that Su Zhe’s results.] 41st comment: [What science is […]