C36— Easy Advance

Because of the crowd outside, several of Su Zhe’s fans entered the venue slightly late, when they entered the venue with hand banners, Su Zhe had arrived at the checkpoint with the staff and began to prepare.   A few little girls were slightly excited as they chatted about Su Zhe, they even brought their […]


The Asian Championship Invitational held in Tokyo, Japan, in essence, was a track and field theme star competition, inviting star athletes from Asian countries to compete in track and field events, it was also considered to be an early preview of the Tokyo Olympics next year.   On the same plane with Su Zhe were […]


  The annual track and field schedule was quickly sent to the conference room of the Athletic Center, compared to the schedule shown on the PowerPoint from August 23 to September 6, Sun Zhihai and others quickly began to discuss which event was most suitable for the current Su Zhe, Zhao Zhixuan, Meng Hao, etc. […]


“Su Zhe!!! Oh my God !!!!” In the grandstand area, the hoarse and desperate shouts of the track and field fans were heard. This young man, whom they once angrily denounced to get out of the sports industry, had completely conquered them! This was a player who deserved their admiration and support! “Su Zhe! ! […]


Bonus Chap Thanks for the kofi HeartbrokenMoose❤️           ————————————- “Ding, the target task is completed, issued task reward: Rapid Recovery of Physical Skills (deep sleep) lv1.”   The prompt of the system sounded at the right time, and the reward skill after achieving the task also appeared in the system for […]


    After the 100m preliminaries, the event was followed by the 110m hurdles final.         When Su Zhe left the field, the 110m hurdles final was about to start, Su Zhe only had time to receive a bottle of water from his father, he simply drank a few mouthfuls and then quickly rushed to the […]


  For track and field competitions held in outdoor venues, outdoor wind and rain was also one of the factors that athletes couldn’t avoid and would definitely encounter.         In sprint and long jump events, if the wind speed was high, it would affect the athletes’ performance to a certain extent, and a lot of […]


    On the field, the 110m hurdles preliminaries of the second group of players were ready, Su Zhe stood in the field after 10 days of absence, excitement suddenly surged in his heart, he felt the strength in his body accumulating, just waiting for a burst of opportunity!         Before participating in today’s competition, his […]


  L City airport exit. The shutter sound was ringing non-stop, other passengers passing around looked back in confusion, but only saw the unfamiliar Su Zhe and his party.         “Wow, that little brother is so handsome, is he a new idol? He looks a little familiar ah!”         Many of the girls who were […]


Athletic state and athlete psychological state, it sounded very mysterious, but for the coaches and athletes, these were the things that had to be understood. These two months of training, Su Yinsheng and Zhao Changhe had been trying to bottom out Su Zhe’s competitive state, so as to do the corresponding training plan adjustments, in […]