C15- Accident

 After Su Zhe replied to Shao Xingchen’s fan page and retweeted the response, the “satellites” and “philosophers” were relieved, and then finally had the mood to start admiring their faces.

Everywhere, the fans were filled with excitement.

[Your eyes are the brightest stars in the night sky, and the light they contain guides us forward; your beautiful face is Michelangelo’s meticulously sculpted treasure, and there’s nothing in the world that can surpass your face ……

[_(:з”∠”_ Kneel down to the fan upstairs]

[Withered, illiterate, can only scream …… Our boss is still so handsome and awesome in a training uniform! awel!

[Good work, boss! I heard that in order to shoot light-by-light, he was involved in training every day just like a real athlete. A man who works hard, I love it! Charm max!]

[ I’m a thousand meters away from a slide! How can the boss be so A! These words, I’m tired of saying it ……]

The excited Shao Xingchen’s fans crazily commented, of course, they also saw that Shao Xingchen attached great importance to Su Zhe.

[Hiya, whisper it, “Lu Ming” I can also see it …… beauty provokes oooh, how can it look so touching ……]

[After throwing out the meme …… he’s really good! Too bad he’s out of the industry ……]

[ …… Does anyone else think that this pair of good brothers …… (eh) ah, this brotherhood feels good ……]

[? Is there poison upstairs? I wonder if there’s a female lead in the show? This time, they just released the makeup photos of Shao Xingchen and Su Zhe first, so don’t assume!

The various fans argued with each other, and occasionally there would be anti-fans mixed in, but Shao Xingchen’s supporters were already experienced in this, so the overall situation was under control and thriving.

Su Zhe’s fans drastically increased. From these people, there were those who came to see the fun because of the topic of ‘Su Zhe, roll out of the sports industry’, and also because of the news of the provincial games in the past two days, and there was also a part, which was from after the announcement of the makeup photo.

Since he quit the entertainment industry, he was living more and more like a beloved idol on Weibo.

Su Zhe looked at the Weibo interface for a while, and couldn’t help but sigh in his heart, fate was so wonderful.

After opening the @ messages of the people he was already following, Su Zhe realized with amusement that among the people who had @ed him in the past two days, apart from Big Brother Shao and Jiang Hanning who had directly @ed him, there were also his former bandmates.

Only, the way they @ed him was more fantastic, they all retweeted the Weibo of Big Brother Shao and then wrote their own wishes.

For example, [@Su Zhe new world, new excitement! // @ Shao Xingchen: @ Su Zhe congratulates you on your first successful step on the path of chasing light and shadow. Next, Xie Wei will also carry the dream of the road chasing, all the way forward.]

This hypocritical operation, even though Su Zhe was once in the industry, he was still stunned to see it.
  After being speechless, Su Zhe casually looked through the other Weibo posts, but he unexpectedly saw Tao Sheng’s @. He curiously poked into Tao Sheng’s Weibo page, and from bottom to top, he took a glance at all of Tao Sheng’s posts about him over this period of time.

From the initial righteous indignation to the declaration that he was going to the Provincial Games to see his withdrawal in person, Tao Sheng didn’t delete his original tweet, but instead sent a serious tweet after he returned home from watching the match.

[Su Zhe’s participation debut ended with amazing results! I sincerely apologize to @SuZhe and hope to see you even more in the future! At the same time, I remain firm in my belief that athletic competition needs to be fair and open, and that coaches should do their part in screening talent. I was wrong about the target of my outrage this time, but it is still undeniably an issue worthy of attention in the sports world!]

The netizens on the bottom didn’t mock Mr. Tao maliciously, but everyone was just making fun of his image when he waved his banner in the stands to cheer for Su Zhe.

Many people in the comment section also made faces of Mr. Tao shouting cheers for Su Zhe, having fun with it.

Today, Tao Sheng also posted a long and spacious article, focusing on the analysis of yesterday’s preliminaries, rematch, and final, from Su Zhe’s technical characteristics to technical weaknesses, did a full analysis, and gave advice.

Tao Sheng also noticed Su Zhe’s starting reaction speed and blistering acceleration run articulation of technical weaknesses, Su Zhe’s several starting time were focused on, the preliminaries, rematch and final were 0.28, 0.20 and 0.18 respectively, these three starting reaction speed wasn’t particularly ideal, only the third time was still good.

For first-class sprinters, the best starting reaction speed was usually stable at 0.15, but Su Zhe’s condition was fluctuating, 0.18 was more like his luck.

The second thing was that there was a flaw in the technical connection of his start and acceleration run, which Tao Sheng also speculated in the discussion that this was because Su Zhe had just resumed training and his technique was not yet mature enough.
  This long article, could be said to be on target, the analysis was not much different from the technical weaknesses pointed out by Su Yinsheng and Zhao Changhe today, in the last part, Tao Sheng greatly expressed his expectations for Su Zhe’s future performance, expecting him to create new good results on the field after his technique became more and more proficient.

Because it had been a hot topic for some time now, Tao Sheng’s article had been read by many people, and the following comments were not only some “philosophers” who recognized Tao Sheng as a family member because he was waving their banner, but most of them were passersby or track and field fans, and the discussion was also very diverse.

[This year’s season, Su Zhe can be counted among the top 10 in the country, right? Are there enough 10 people in the country running in the 10:20s this year?]

[As of July, it’s a top 5 score in the country. I didn’t expect such a strong rookie to emerge without a word.]

[It’s strange that this talent wasn’t sent to the World Junior Championships back then. I haven’t seen him in the National Junior Track and Field Championships.]

[It’s not surprising, but there are many athletes who suddenly got the hang of it after a certain age, depending on how well he follows up.]

[I don’t know what you’re talking about, but has anyone ever suspected him of doping? Is this score something that a guy who’s been in the entertainment business for two years can run?]

[You don’t think those doping prosecutors are for show, do you? In a regular Division II race like the Provincial Games, the Athletics Association is equipped with special technical representatives and technical officials, but can you still dismiss the post-race urine test? The first place in each event must be tested, the record-breaker in all competitions must be tested, Su Zhe is not only double mandatory testing personnel, but also the topic on their Weibo page before the race begun. If he took something, how could he get away with it?

[Now I think Su Zhe was hacked to the core in the entertainment industry? If he keeps up his current competitive form, I’ll be his sports fan for the rest of my life!]

Su Zhe looked at the direction this topic was going and retreated with some amusement, then paid attention to Tao Sheng. They were no longer strangers to each other.

After finally reading Chen Zhi’s tweet, Su Zhe withdrew from Weibo.

Over the next week, Su Zhe completely finished the last part of his shoot in Broken Light.

On the day of the kill, the filming was the scene where he died of illness in the hospital, where he was lying in a hospital bed, and Big Brother Shao held him and cried until his heart broke, and heaven and earth shared his grief.

After the last scene, Su Zhe received a red packet from Director Liu, looked at the cast and crew, and finally smiled and hugged them all goodbye.

After acting this role, he was truly out of the bright star of the entertainment industry and was about to devote himself to training.

“Ah Zhu, good luck in the next match! Try to break his national record!” Director Liu chuckled and spoke to Su Zhe.
  This time the actors, Shao Xingchen and Su Zhe had given him a big surprise, one wholeheartedly interpreted the script seriously, the other one was even more powerful, he ran at a record-breaking time in the Provincial Games 100 meters championship, which was a huge wave of publicity.
For the words of director Liu, Su Zhe smiled and thanked him.

The period of time in the Broken-light crew, surprisingly, was considered to be the period of time he had gained the most in the entertainment industry, thinking about the many new friends he made during this time, Su Zhe felt like laughing and crying.

Since the end of his scenes, Su Zhe’s entire time was arranged by Su Yinsheng as well as Zhao Changhe in a clear manner.

From July 19 onwards, the two of them prepared a two-week cycle of training for him, from flexibility to explosiveness, strength training, technical proficiency training, and so on, the all-round training filled Su Zhe’s daily time to the brim.

Particularly targeting his technical weaknesses, Su Yinsheng and Zhao Changhe were fine-tuning different programs almost every day in order for him to become more familiar and master the relevant techniques faster.

Su Zhe was completely stable within 10.25 seconds and had even sprinted to a best time of 10.16 seconds in training, which also made Su Yinsheng and Zhao Changhe gradually relax.

In the blink of an eye, more than half of the training time had passed, and Su Yinsheng suddenly received a call from the National Athletics Management Center.

“Hello, Director Chen? I’m Su Yinsheng.”

“Old Su ah.” Director Chen of the Field Management Center on the other end of the phone was also an old acquaintance with Su Yinsheng, and he also knew Su Yinsheng’s personality, so he cut to the chase and said, “You didn’t register your family Su Zhe for the World Championships?”

Su Yinsheng was stunned at the news: “No …… the World Championships and the National Championships are too tight, Old Zhao and I plan to let him go to the National Championships first to feel the atmosphere of the competition, and he also lacks the experience of participating in consecutive competitions, so it’s safe to play it safe ……”

Before he finished speaking, Director Chen on the other end of the phone interrupted, “Oh my, Old Su, sometimes don’t take this matter of stability too seriously. I’ll tell you what, a meeting was held here at the center, and Director Sun, who hopes that the players who have scored in the top 10 in the country since this year’s season, will be sure to participate in the World Championships. Of all the athletes now, it’s just your family Su Zhe who didn’t register.”

After hanging up the phone, Su Yinsheng squeezed his brows and conveyed the news to Zhao Changhe.

They also understood that the domestic sprinting strength was originally weak, and Chen Zhi was injured at this time, the pressure on the athletics center now could not be small, and now such a request was considered casting a wide net.

It was just sports competition, the real need for strength, casting a wide net like this was like finding a needle in a haystack.

“Forget it.” Zhao Changhe patted Su Yinsheng’s shoulder, “Ah Zhe’s current state is steady and progressing, it doesn’t matter if he participates in two competitions in a row, just let him feel the constant pressure of such competitions, and also learn how to adjust his state between competitions.”
  Su Zhe’s training over this period of time had given Zhao Changhe a lot of confidence, and hearing him say that, Su Yinsheng reluctantly accepted it.

Only, before the two of them could breathe a sigh of relief, the director of the gymnastics team, Li Mingdeng, and the coach of the hurdles team, Zhou Hongzhi, suddenly hurriedly walked towards them.

“Old Su! Old Su!” Li Mingdeng and Zhou Hongzhi’s faces were both a little worse for wear.

“What’s wrong?” The two people who came together made Su Yinsheng and Zhao Changhe feel bad in their hearts.

Li Mingdeng handed the stack of forms he held in his hand to Su Yinsheng, “A new section member down here checked off the registration option for the 110m hurdles when he filled out the 100m full championship qualifying form for Su Zhe.”

“Now the organizing committee has officially released the entry list.”


Hearing this news, Su Yinsheng and Zhao Changhe truly turned green.

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