The man in front of him was trying to remove the shard from the back of his hand, “It’s hot. Fuck, it hasn’t entered my bones!”


–The shard was meant to be one, how can a power split into nine be used, it hasn’t fused with a human yet, it belongs to me.


“No, this is not my usual way of thinking.” Fang Ziming gasped, one hand pressed on his heart, he lowered his head and muttered to himself, “Is it you who are compelling me, you are interfering with my thinking, you want to fuse it? Why can you …… sway my thoughts ……”


He tried to resist the thoughts that were imposed on him, but his body was already overwhelmed, shaking and stepping towards the man once again.


Tang Yu couldn’t shake off the blue light in his hand, but was also entangled by the youth in front of him for the second time, his already unattractive mood suddenly became even more grumpy.


This time, he didn’t hold back, he reached out to hold the other party’s thin shoulders, he didn’t see how he moved, in only a moment, the youth was down to the ground in one move. Fang Ziming’s hands were clipped back, as if electrocuted l, his body trembled: “You …… which hand are you using to press me ……, let go …… or else change it ……”



Tang Yu’s gaze roved back and forth between the back of his hand and the youth, while viciously saying, “Brat, must you force me to beat you? Be honest with me.”


Fang Ziming panted heavily, slurring, “It’s too close, it’s too close to me …… I …… can’t control myself …… I want it ……”



“Huh?” His voice broke, and Tang Yu had to bend down closer to listen, “Hey, what the hell is wrong with you?”


Fang Ziming no longer answered as he suddenly twisted his head around and opened his mouth to take a bite out of the man’s calf.



Because he was in the process of changing clothes before the incident, Tang Yu was now wearing only a pair of underwear on his entire body, and as a result, Fang Ziming’s bite could be described as a solid, three-quarters into the flesh.



Tang Yu: “……”


Tang Yu: “HISS!!!”


Damn, this attack method was very unique.



“Loosen your mouth!” He clasped both of the youth’s arms with his right hand, not caring about the weird blue light, and went ahead and stretched out his left hand to pinch the other party’s chin, trying to yank the person off his calf: “Are you a dog? You’re sick, right?”


The blue light was right in front of his eyes, Fang Ziming shivered, his hands clasped his left leg, biting as he said, “Go …… away …… take it away!”


Although he was the attacker, the person who attacked him instead looked like he was delirious, Tang Yu pondered whether this guy was a psychopath who had escaped from a hospital, so he didn’t have the intention of beating him up with a deadly hand.



He simply sat on his butt on the ground, stomping his legs and reaching out to push the youth’s face away, “Then let go of me.”


Fang Ziming: “Stay away from me …… …… fuck you ……”


Tang Yu: “……”



“Little brat, biting me and cursing me.” The man let out a low curse as he suddenly furrowed his brows, turning to retrieve his left hand and raising it to his eyes, “It’s hot as hell. No, I have to deal with this first.”



From just now, this weird thing on the back of his hand was getting hotter and hotter, Tang Yu gouged at it for half a day, seeing that it was squeezing his skin, and looked as if it wanted to “drill” into his flesh and blood, the man clenched his teeth, picking up the dagger that had fallen on the ground, and stabbed the tip of the blade into the mass of light on the back of his hand with his backhand.




The tip of the knife stagnated at a distance of 0.01 centimeters from the light mass, and no matter how Tang Yu exerted his strength, he couldn’t shake it a single bit more.



Tang Yu’s expression slowly became grave.


“Hey, kid.” He said to the youth at his feet who had already consciously loosened his grip and was trying to climb up, “You seem to recognize this thing, what is it? How can I get it out?”



Fang Ziming shook his head, trying desperately not to let that thought take over, and said in a preverbal manner, “Fan …… no, I don’t want to talk to you …… it wants me to kill you… …”



Tang Yu no longer took it as nonsense, he changed his previous lazy look, lifted his foot and kicked the youth over again, the dagger in his hand pressed smoothly on the artery on the side of his neck, “You only have two choices, either answer my questions honestly, or, let me cut a slit in your neck, bleed out, and also let you wake up.”



“Don’t think I’m being alarmist.” He knelt on one knee, leaning down to stare at the “thief” in front of him who had repeatedly sneaked into his home, and said in a deep voice, “I’ll give you three seconds, live or die, choose for yourself.”

The cold gleam in his throat was piercing, and the wielder’s murderous aura was rampant, causing Fang Ziming to wake up a lot.



At the same time, because the two of them were extremely close, he also noticed the other party’s body’s abnormality, slightly propping up his body, “Wait, why is your body so hot?”


Tang Yu ignored him, “One.”


Fang Ziming: “I–”



Tang Yu: “Three. Quickly, how do I take this thing off?”


Fang Ziming: “……” So where’s two? Did you eat it?



Tang Yu’s patience ran out as he quickly pinned Fang Ziming back down on his back, then his hand rose up and down, the open-edged, half-toothed combat knife rubbed against his neck, Fang Ziming felt a chill in his earlobes, and thought to himself that it was more than likely going to be a bloodbath.



Tang Yu raised his left hand in front of his face, his tall body slowly leaning forward, easily covering Fang Ziming underneath him, completely sealing off the other party’s retreat.



The man clutched the hilt of the knife with his other hand, his grip was extremely stable, but the hot breath sprayed on Fang Ziming’s face exposed Tang Yu’s poor physical condition.


Fang Ziming was puzzled: this guy obviously didn’t look too good already, how could he still hold him with one hand?



Could it be that he was really special?


Suddenly realizing his own weakness, Fang Ziming swore to the heavens at the critical moment: if this matter could be resolved, he would go find a gym tomorrow and start lifting iron! Grt pectoral muscles! Running, rock climbing Pilates, martial arts, combat , taekwondo, all will be fucking practiced up!



“Hey, don’t wander off.” Tang Yu stared at him intently, “You can’t get away with it. Speak and I can pretend nothing happened.”


Fang Ziming instantly returned to his senses, whispering, “…… This is something you took the initiative to let me have.”



After saying that, he closed his eyes, no longer resisting bitterly, letting his instincts take hold of the man’s left hand that was raised in front of him.


The moment their fingers touched, the blue light on the back of Tang Yu’s hand silently went out.



An icy blue irregular crystal the size of a ping-pong ball was now embedded deep in the area about a centimeter below his middle finger, and it was holding the skin on the back of Tang Yu’s hand open with a huge fissure and attempting to bury itself even deeper into it. However, what the two found bizarre was that even though the crystal was blocking the wound, it wasn’t able to make a tight fit, so why didn’t even a single drop of blood trickle out from between the gaps in the wound?


Was it coincidentally blocking all the bleeding, or …… The blood gushing out before, had been “eaten”?


Seeing that the thing on his hand no longer glowed, Tang Yu’s gaze sharpened: “It’s really you.”


Fang Ziming was stunned, “No, I didn’t ……”.


Tang Yu was about to open his mouth, but suddenly his face suddenly changed, he vigorously slapped away Fang Ziming’s fingers, finally showing a slightly painful expression on his face.


He moved his eyes with difficulty, looking at his left hand together with the young man underneath him – the strange crystal seemed to realize that someone else was trying to seize it, and in the blink of an eye, it had already dug half of its “body” into Tang Yu’s flesh.



Fang Ziming instinctively probed to grab it, and when his fingertips touched a small portion of the crystal’s exposed edges, the latter really did dodge in the opposite direction again, while speeding up its “drilling” speed.



Tang Yu’s arm trembled, his throat knot rolled as he let out a muffled grunt of pain, and his body collapsed.


Below him was of course Fang Ziming, who was caught off guard and pressed squarely, instantly suffocating, “Oh! Not good …… sinking …… ah ……”



“Hey, what’s wrong with you, you, you’re not fainting, are you?”





Fang Ziming carefully avoided the sharp dagger that was stuck next to his face, as he adjusted his body away from the murder weapon while trying to prop up the man pressed against his body before slamming the man hard to the side.


The man was tossed upside down by him, but he still closed his eyes tightly and didn’t move, as if he was deep in a nightmare that he couldn’t extricate himself from.



Fang Ziming was silent for a moment, at this time the stone was completely invisible, the young man clearly felt that his own body was also undergoing some kind of change – that strange and urgent crazy desire that had been hovering in his brain, like the tide, was rapidly receding.


The feeling that his body was out of control before also disappeared.



Fang Ziming realized: the second stone had already found the fusion object on its own, and the piece hidden in his heart was no longer stirring, and along with it, it no longer affected him.



He stroked his neck while whispering, “It seems that there is a great influence between the shards and fragments, and this influence seems to fade away after they undergo fusion.”


While pondering, the youth sat up while holding onto the floor and turned his head to look at the man who had collapsed next to him.


“This guy looks like he’s in quite a bit of pain, leaving it like this won’t cause anything to happen.” Fang Ziming hesitantly reached out his hand and patted the man’s face, and then was startled by the temperature of the other’s body, “That’s too hot, is he going to be cooked?”



This guy had at least burned to over 40 degrees.


“Could it be that this is how the Stone reacts when it fuses?” He found the man’s left hand and cupped it up to scrutinize it, “Strange, such a large piece of stone drilled into the back of the hand, and from the outside, the hand wasn’t deformed by it. Could …… it also be converted into other forms?” Like liquid or something.



Author’s Note:


Tang Yu: “There’s something I don’t know if I should say.”
Fang Ziming (biting his calf and not letting go).
Tang Yu: “You’re biting my leg hair. Really, it’s not very painful yet.”
Fang Ziming: “…… No wonder it tastes weird.”
Fang Ziming: “Bah bah bah!”



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