Kicked out of the bathroom by the master of the house, Fang Ziming wiped his face and didn’t rush out, instead he walked to the window in a muddled manner.   He pulled open half a window, stabilized his mind, and looked out with a hopeful expression.     The clock on the wall emitted […]


The second day of the “tidal wave”, spider-like cracks visible to the eye began to appear on Fang Ziming’s windows , the door in the hallway was also crowded by a bunch of shadow ghosts, Fang Ziming sat on the living room floor with earplugs, and his mind was full of the loud “thud” made […]


  The “tidal wave” phenomenon would stay for three days, and he couldn’t go anywhere for those three days. There was enough food in the kitchen to help him until the “tidal wave” receded.   At 14:25 in the afternoon, a shadow ghost finally stepped into the third floor hallway.     It was a […]


Just then, the mirror of the floor mirror suddenly created layers of ripples. It seemed like the youth in the mirror didn’t look at Fang Ziming anymore, but raised his hand and gently stroked the mirror: [Oh ho, the time limit seems to be approaching.]     Fang Ziming was stunned by his eyes just […]


The youth spoke, while circling the mirror twice: “I didn’t see the power switch next to the projection screen and other things, the design is quite hidden. Such a dark technology thing was also taken out for fraud. You should apply for a patent, it would be better to start a serious company to sell […]


  Fang Ziming touched for half a day, and found that even the top wasn’t broken, the expression on his face suddenly became a little strange.   “Is it possible that what I saw before, wasn’t an illusion?” He was puzzled, his chest had long since lost the burning pain, and finally he had to […]


    April 26, 2018, 22:45 p.m.   Finland, Porvoo Islands, South Island Lighthouse.   Two dozen uniformed soldiers were stationed around the lighthouse, and several houses not far from the lighthouse were darkened and didn’t seem to be active.   In this rocky island surrounded by the sea, only a few windows on the […]