Change privacy settings Regardless of why Tang Yu came to G province, after determining his position, the second thing Fang Ziming did was to give his big brother a call back, explaining to him the current situation, as for the matter of going home, it had to be postponed for some time.   After graduating, […]


Change privacy settings The wound that was originally “arched” by the crystal was healing at a speed that could be seen by the na.ked eye, and during the short period of time that Fang Ziming was observing, a thin layer of new skin had already grown on the huge wound in Tang Yu’s hand, only […]


Change privacy settings The man in front of him was trying to remove the shard from the back of his hand, “It’s hot. Fuck, it hasn’t entered my bones!”   –The shard was meant to be one, how can a power split into nine be used, it hasn’t fused with a human yet, it belongs […]


Change privacy settings   Fang Ziming found only three mirrors in this brand new apartment 102.   The first one was a rotating floor mirror that could be hung next to the shoe rack in the entrance, the second one was in the bedroom closet, with a large fitting mirror set in the wooden right […]


Change privacy settings   It was all because of the previous shadow ghosts, so now he had to carefully deliberate after seeing any suspicious items, and then consider how to act. Fang Ziming struggled to rub his face, but finally threw the clothesline at his feet, walked over and bent down to pick up the […]


Change privacy settings   “With the last one, this is the second time.” He looked around the empty bathroom, casually resting his glass of water on the vanity, his gaze lingered on the sink mirror for a few seconds before moving away, “A stranger with free access to my place, ha, that sounds exciting.”   […]


Change privacy settings He took a deep breath and slowly closed his eyes.   Suddenly, his heart thumped.   Thud! Thud! Thud!   He whimpered, and the oily pen clutched in his hand fell to the ground and rolled bone-dry into the corner crevice. Before he could feel his increasingly rapid heartbeat, the cold mirror […]


Change privacy settings   Fang Ziming inexplicably felt an arrow in his knee, his reaction was very similar to when he first heard about the mirror world – he and his brother both felt that the person telling the “story” was sick in the head.     He didn’t rush to defend himself, but thought […]


Change privacy settings Kicked out of the bathroom by the master of the house, Fang Ziming wiped his face and didn’t rush out, instead he walked to the window in a muddled manner.   He pulled open half a window, stabilized his mind, and looked out with a hopeful expression.     The clock on […]


Change privacy settings The second day of the “tidal wave”, spider-like cracks visible to the eye began to appear on Fang Ziming’s windows , the door in the hallway was also crowded by a bunch of shadow ghosts, Fang Ziming sat on the living room floor with earplugs, and his mind was full of the […]