Fang Ziming found only three mirrors in this brand new apartment 102.


The first one was a rotating floor mirror that could be hung next to the shoe rack in the entrance, the second one was in the bedroom closet, with a large fitting mirror set in the wooden right side door, which could illuminate the whole person into the mirror, and the last one was the one in the bathroom, which had just been confirmed, it wasn’t usable.


Fang Ziming checked the three mirrors one by one, and when he got to the bedroom, he looked at the distance between the closet and the bed (about 60 centimeters, just enough to open the door), and said somewhat badly, “If I can choose, I hope it’s the one in the entrance hall, at least it’s the one closest to the escape exit.” If it was this side of the closet, then when he came out, wouldn’t he have to fall directly on the bed?


That would be a beautiful picture.


But in fact, after several attempts, Fang Ziming had found that the problem didn’t seem to be in the “not found the right mirror” thing – the three mirrors didn’t respond to the youth’s touch, not showing any intention to send him back to reality. What happened?


“What’s the matter? Is the key to this not the mirrors?” He sat irritably on the bed and looked up at the half-open closet door: “No, the mirror must also be useful, it may be just one of the necessary joints, there should be something missing here. Let me think about it …… Could it be that crossing can only be chosen during the ‘tidal wave’ ……?”


“Or is there some other critical trigger condition that I have missed?”


He didn’t know how long he thought about it, but there seemed to be some small movements in his ears gradually. Fang Ziming occasionally looked up and suddenly found another person reflected in the mirror in front of him.


The real owner of 102 had returned and was opening his closet to change clothes in another world outside the mirror.


Fang Ziming gave a tsk: “…… ah, welcome home.”


He looked sideways at an alarm clock crooked at the foot of the bed, and suddenly realized that it didn’t seem to be the time for usual people to leave work.


The man on the other side of the mirror answered a phone call, he had taken off his jacket and shirt, his left hand unbuckled his belt in two or three strokes and stomped his pants to the floor while chanting into the phone, “Well, for a change, I seem to have been targeted by something. I can’t say it’s a field girl, but it could be a bathroom p-ervert, who knows.”


Seeing this person was almost n-aked again, facing the dressing mirror Fang Ziming raised his hand, and silently blocked his eyes.


At the same time he indignantly muttered: what bathroom pe-rvert?


“Miss Bei, don’t mention work with me, I retired last month, do you know what retirement means? It means no work. Won’t, take, work, thanks.”



Fang Ziming forked his fingers into a slit, while listening: although his tone wasn’t good, but he could hear that the other end of the phone, “Miss Bei” and he had a familiar relationship, could it be a colleague at work?



“Say it again? You want to introduce me to the fashion week show? You can forget it!”


“No, never! I’d rather be in a wilderness survival game than catwalk down the runway in a thong! Well, of course, I’m not going to participate in that wilderness survival game either.”


“No, I’m not discriminating against catwalks, I’m simply discriminating against you. Don’t think I don’t know that you’ve been trying to get me to run na-ked with Johnson and the others at fashion week, don’t deny it if you have the guts.”



Fang Ziming withdrew his hand that was blocking his eyes and covered his mouth instead. Seriously, he kind of wanted to laugh.


“Shut up quickly, I really thank you. What’s wrong with your appearance? Even if you’re a fairy, I won’t take on any work. I don’t care to look at you.”


“Stop, don’t act coquettish, I’ll fucking throw up.”


Fang Ziming finally didn’t hold back: “Pfft.”



The man across the mirror suddenly stopped moving and his eyes shot up like a wolf, saying in a stern voice: “Who!”


Fang Ziming’s movements froze, he even nearly stopped breathing, the expression on his face was both shocked and appalled.


How was it possible, how could this guy hear the voice in the mirror world?


He couldn’t allow himself to think carefully, the youth watched incredulously as the other party hung up the phone, the man took a few steps to the front of the closet, he reached out and lifted the two white cabinet doors that would be closed completely, a pair of dark eyes scrutinizingly scraped over all the corners of the cabinet.


Then, their eyes collided across the mirror.






Poof! Poof! Pfft!


His heart suddenly beat violently and uncontrollably, Fang Ziming shivered, he bent down, raised his hand and pressed his heart, then like a fish with extreme oxygen deprivation, opened his mouth wide and panted hard.



But a few seconds, strong ringing in the ears and flashing visions appeared one after another in his body, the youth’s body swayed twice, then tumbled sideways from the edge of the bed to the floor, his consciousness began to struggle between wakefulness and unconsciousness.


There were thoughts that were calling out, a desperate desire for something that was slowly beginning to invade his brain.


At the other end of the reality spectrum, the man who already had one hand on the mirror snapped back and his eyes almost immediately locked on the suitcase that had fallen on the bedroom door.




This dark blue suitcase was originally just thrown there by the owner, what was in the suitcase Tang Yu was most clear, but it was now as if it was filled with something living, the unknown thing eager to break through the cage, its force was increasing, one after another from the inside, it hit the inner wall of the suitcase.


Because of the force of the blow, the suitcase bounced slowly on the floor and moved closer and closer to the direction of the man.


When it finally “bounced” to the closet, Tang Yu raised his right leg without moving, and gave the suitcase a kick, kicking the heavy suitcase back to the place where it had been only a few minutes ago – the bedroom door.


Luggage & unidentified objects in the suitcase: ……


If the suitcase could talk, I’m afraid it would have pointed at Tang Yu and cursed his family’s ancestors by now.


Tang Yu rubbed his chin and gazed at the suitcase from afar, feeling that things were not unusual: “Why are there so many strange things these days. I don’t remember stuffing strange things in my suitcase, is it possible that it’s haunted again?”



The luggage was quiet for only a few seconds, then it shifted again with a “knock knock knock”.


Tang Yu reached under the pillow of the bed with one hand and fished out a black tactical knife from underneath, before turning around and walking to the door, slowly squatting down next to the suitcase.


“This is a lot of movement, it can’t be that my electric razor has suddenly gone crazy.” He muttered, while reaching out to poke the security lock open, and then turned the direction of the opening back to himself and violently lifted the top of the case: “Come on, let me see if there are any surprises inside.”




A familiar, palm-sized metal box rolled out from inside, it spun around and grunted as it crashed at the man’s feet.


Tang Yu’s eyes narrowed: “I didn’t seem to bring you with me when I packed my bags yesterday.”


The metal box jumped up and then hit the floor with a heavy thud, seemingly in response to his words.



The man then picked up the small box, hesitated for a long time, he still chose to unlock the combination lock.


The lid of the box popped open and what was hidden inside was exposed. Tang Yu looked down and found that the ice blue stone was trembling silently.


A heart-stopping sense of terror crawled up his back and into his scalp in an instant.


Tang Yu was alerted, and he almost subconsciously flicked his wrist, and the metal box was immediately flung away. However, before the box hit the ground, a blue light, visible to the naked eye, crashed through the lid of the box and shot towards Tang Yu’s direction like lightning!


At the same time, on the floor of the mirror world, the youth who had almost fallen into a coma opened his eyes violently.


The young man’s eyes were slightly closed and he didn’t look very awake. He leapt up on the floor and walked to the closet in a few steps, looking at the dressing mirror embedded in the inner side of the door.


Fang Ziming’s heart beat faster and faster as he took a step forward, seemingly pulled by an inexplicable force, and fell headlong into the mirror.


In the real world, Tang Yu’s backhanded knife blocked his face, and the rapid blue light hit the cold surface of the knife with a resounding bang.


The man tightly gripped the hilt of the knife and felt a vague numbness.


To his surprise, the blue light didn’t bounce off the knife, but instead slithered up the blade, like a viper that had locked onto its prey, and the moment Tang Yu dropped the dagger, it ruthlessly “bit” the back of his left hand.


“…… fuck!”


At the same moment, someone appeared out of nowhere from in front of the closet and crashed straight into Tang Yu’s arms.


Tang Yu’s eyelids jumped: “What?”


The man was first startled by the young man’s embrace, and in just a few seconds, the blue light had already “bitten” him in the hand. Tang Yu couldn’t help but whisper an expletive, he pulled the youth’s collar, tearing the person out of his arms, while frantically flinging his left hand, trying to get rid of another unknown object that was also “stalking” him.



“Wait ……Fuck …… for the third time! How the hell did you get in here?” He immediately recognized the uninvited guest who attacked him, and he suddenly became a little more worked up.



Fang Ziming also couldn’t say what happened to him, his eyes were staring at the man’s left hand that was flashing with a blue light, his ears were full of his heartbeat and breathing, and the strange thoughts in his head, with the palpitations became stronger and stronger.


The stirring in his chest came from the flying stone, which was encouraging him, urging him to approach the blue light.


Fang Ziming knew what it wanted.


No one had told him these things, but Fang Ziming immediately understood when he saw the meteorite fragment in front of him – it was the stone, which hadn’t yet fused with any living entity, it was a masterless object.



If he could take it for himself, his power would be tens of thousands of times stronger than now.


–take it.



He drifted off for a moment and muttered, “I …… I don’t want to ……”



Hallo 🥺. I’m back 🥺, partially at least, it’ll be off and on til mid next month, my laptop crashed, and I’ve been making plans to get a new one, and my phone is too crappy to work with, that’s why I haven’t updated much these few months. Long story short, it’s almost over ♥️

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