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“What about 1866 squared?” Feng Rui said a number that he couldn’t even calculate by heart.


This time, Qiu Mingquan didn’t answer immediately, his dark eyes closed, his long eyelashes fluttered a few times before he said clearly and surely, “43.2.”


Manually inputting it into the calculator screen, the answer was also instantly displayed: 43.1972.


Feng Rui inhaled a mouthful of cold air, and couldn’t help but ask: “Then 92 cubic meters?”



“778688,” it didn’t involve the decimal point rounding, Qiu Mingquan only paused for a few seconds, then quickly reported the answer.


Feng Rui was shocked, and after a long time, he said sincerely, “You’re really good.”



His own math performance itself was also considered extremely good, since childhood some occasions involved mental arithmetic, and he was the envy of others, and now, with his IQ, he even lost to this small civilian!


“Well,” Qiu Mingquan smiled shyly, his always calm face had a rare little blush.


In his previous life, although he didn’t finish junior high school before dropping out, but the limited good moments in his life were every time the math test scores were released.


The math teacher’s appreciative eyes, classmates occasional surprised look, that was his only pride, but also many years later, the only good thing he remembered.


Yes, he was such an ordinary person, in a previous life without a prominent family, no lucky chance, the beginning of childhood in abject poverty, accompanied by the embarrassment of the family, the fate of the killing, he had been struggling at the bottom of society.


Serving dishes, small security guard, carrying bags, he had done it all.


“What are you capable of? There’s no technical job! Can you tell me what you can do? “At that time, the foreman nodded impatiently at him, his eyes full of impatience.


“I can calculate.” He mustered up enough courage to say this, “I’m not bad at arithmetic.”


Everyone who heard this laughed, and the foreman’s eyes were even more skeptical, “Kid, you can do accounting?”


“No, I don’t know accounting.” He could only hang his head, “I’m just a little faster at mental math.”


“Give it a rest! There are professional accountants here, and they get paid well!”


Once the memories started, it was kind of hard to stop, he was in a trance, remembering his past life, and it felt like it was right in front of his eyes.


“I can even memorize pi, I won a grade math competition in my last life.” He suddenly couldn’t help himself, wanting to tell this little bit of glory to the invisible man beside him.




“Really!” Qiu Mingquan listened to his surprised voice, eager to prove something, perhaps because he hadn’t had much of a chance to prove himself in his life, or, perhaps, wanting to not always look so shabby and useless in front of this strange and close man.





Feng Rui was silent for a moment, “How many bits can you memorize?”



Qiu Mingquan stopped naively, “Close to more than a hundred bits, I guess, I used to be able to memorize up to three hundred bits after that, but years passed and I slowly forgot about it.”



Feng Rui asked with shock, “How did you do it!”


He knew that there were many memory masters in this world, some could even memorize up to a thousand digits after pi, but that often required specialized training, but this person?



“I didn’t intentionally memorize it, for the math competition, the teacher said that this is likely to be a test question, so I carefully read it a few times.”



“Read it a few times and you know it?” Feng Rui raised his voice, “Why don’t you memorize English words without forgetting them?”


“I don’t know.” Qiu Mingquan was a bit bewildered, “This is the only one that feels simple.”


Feng Rui had the intention of not believing it, but a voice reminded him that Qiu Mingquan wasn’t lying.



In the final exam that had just passed, he had covered all the subjects, except for one, Qiu Mingquan insisted on doing it himself, and that was math.


In Feng Rui’s impression, there was indeed a certain percentage of people in the crowd that would have an above-average ability to calculate or memorize, which could be considered as some sort of natural endowment. Beside him, he only remembered having seen a girl with similar abilities, the sister of his friend, Xiang Cheng, the daughter of the neighboring Xiang family, Xiang Mingli.




However, the Qiu Mingquan at this time was a child who had never received any systematic training, much less any professional instruction.



Feng Rui’s mind somehow suddenly conjured up the appearance of the construction miner he had seen in his last life before he died.



Grim and quiet.



His face was dusty, and although his eyes were quite clear, they were full of fatigue.


The last glance across the stretcher, the unattended laborer appeared humble and undisputed, the fingers grasping the pendant rough and cracked, the marks of his labor so obvious.


Who would have thought that such a man, in his early years, had also been gifted in certain subjects, far beyond the ordinary?


If he had a different family and origin, why would he not be able to move forward with ease and a golden destiny?



Feng Rui was a bit stunned. The piece of jade that his soul relied on was close to Qiu Mingquan’s heart, and when he heard his heartfelt praise, the heartbeat he felt slightly increased in speed, with a bit of childlike excitement.


Feng Rui suddenly felt a little uncomfortable.


“Qiu Mingquan, I’m serious, let’s make a deal.”



“Hm? What?” Qiu Mingquan froze.


Feng Rui spoke faintly, but his words were clear, serious and solemn: “I want to send you a monstrous fortune. You also promise me to refuel so that you can afford it yourself.”



Feng Rui didn’t know if Qiu Mingquan had understood him or not.


–But it didn’t matter.



Feng Rui retrieved his thoughts, “The number you calculated is right, but, in reality, you might not earn that much.”



His sentence instantly doused Qiu Mingquan’s enthusiasm, “Why?”



“The market is saturated, think about it, the later it gets, how many people are willing to pay for gold pens in each school?”



Qiu Mingquan froze, even without any business acumen, this bug came to mind at this time.


Yes, by the time he went to stock up on the morning of the fifth day, the principal had quickly doubled to five hundred and fifty dollars.


Based on today’s ratio like this, it would be possible to get in about sixty Heroic 100 Gold Pens, plus eight-nine 50 Gold Eagles..



“I reckon that the fifth day is the market tipping point.” Feng Rui had obviously roughly calculated the conclusion as well.



According to Qiu Mingquan’s speed of selling pens during the day, further down the line, even with the overwhelming Heroic Pen advertisements adding up, I’m afraid that for any school, selling sixty to seventy gold pens a day was already the limit.



“Ah, then let’s see the sales on the fifth day before deciding how much to stock for the next day?” Qiu Mingquan hesitated and asked tentatively.



Feng Rui let out a “huh” and said in an unusually arrogant manner, “When the time comes, just listen to me.”


During the night, Qiu Mingquan had a number of dreams one after another.


In the dream, there were flying banknotes, there were golden pens all over the place, in the end, these pens became more and more, piled up all over the whole dilapidated hut, in the dream, Qiu Mingquan stood alone in front of the school with a whole bag of pens, but no one stopped to look at him.



Then the woman from the daytime suddenly ran over to him with a sneer on her face: “I just came back from the big shopping mall, and the salesman told me that all the Hero gold pens are on sale for one dollar a piece!”



Qiu Mingquan screamed, early in the morning from the nightmare woke up, sweating.


Luckily, it was a dream!



He secretly peeled open his bag to look inside, and saw the money they made, his “thumping” wildly beating heart stabilized a little.


The next day, he quickly followed the same route as yesterday, once again hitchhiking to Huaihai Road in Dongshen City.



It was still the same boutique commercial building from yesterday, still the stationery counter on the third floor, and this time, he took out more than one hundred and thirty dollars. Even with the principal and profit, he had received twelve Heroes of 100 and three Golden Eagle of 50 this time.


Wang Juan stared at him in amazement, and in her heart, she probably guessed that this kid was buying and selling goods.


Just yesterday, this stationery counter business was strangely much better than usual, the sales almost doubled.



After inquiring around, she realized that people came here because they had heard the advertisements on the radio and read the news about Commissioner Jiang’s visit in the newspaper..


Watching Qiu Mingquan leave with another shipment, Wang Juan marveled – this kid was really smart!


Next to her, stationery team leader Zhao Decheng came over with a toothpick in his mouth, “How are the sales of Hero pens today?”


Wang Juan nudged: “I have to go to the warehouse to get the goods again, the kid just bought a dozen to go.”



Zhao De Cheng was shocked, “What? A second-hand dealer?”


Wang Juan nodded joyfully, “Whatever he does, just sell them.”


Zhao De Cheng was all righteous: “How can that be, we are a regular shopping mall, how can we get involved with this kind of speculator! Don’t sell to him next time.”



Wang Juan looked at him with surprise, and ruffled her freshly permed big waves: “Team leader, you’re not right, I sold it, it’s my performance, people come to buy it legally, why don’t I sell it? If I don’t sell, during the end of the month evaluation, you’ll give the money to me to make up?”


Zhao Decheng threw his sleeve angrily, choked by these words..


Qiu Mingquan changed to a new high school today, and their parents’ meeting was held one night later than Zhenghong High School, which happened to turn their sales plan from fault-tolerant.



With no risk, just like yesterday, Qiu Mingquan’s eleven gold pens went off very smoothly, and even the three 50 gold pens that were sold at a price increase of twenty-eight dollars, none of them remained.



–Hero Gold Pen Factory’s advertisements were continuing, and the momentum of hot sales was also rising. Feng Rui was well aware of the craze that the Hero fountain pen had created in the country this time.



They had thought that the sales would top out on the fifth day, and it wasn’t until the seventh day that they finally really encountered market saturation.



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