C15—- Campus Gladiator (XIII)

Xia Yihui knew that some things couldn’t be forced.


In fact, without Zhang Qingyu’s help, with some specialized knowledge, at least he could mix better than the vast majority of people, so there was no need to worry too much.


He sighed, “Since this is the case, then if we have fate to meet again ……”


Halfway through his words, Zhang Qingyu slowly said, “But haven’t we been working together all along?”



Xia Yihui froze and turned his head to look at the field of corpses.



The Great god called this cooperation? But he had just basically equaled this as lying down and winning ah, just following behind to pick up time and supplies, doing nothing.



Xia Yihui thought that Zhang Qingyu understood it as him wanting to cling to him, and hurriedly explained, “I don’t mean this, you’ve misunderstood ……”



Zhang Qingyu took out bread and milk, his teeth gnawed open the bag and took a bite of the bread, “Send out a mission.”



Xia Yihui froze, “Ah?”


Zhang Qingyu’s left hand held the milk while his right hand held the bread, mouth still chewing.


Quietly chewing the bread and swallowing it, and drinking a mouthful of pure milk, Zhang Qingyu calmly said, “You’re smarter than me. Where do you want to fight, how do you want to fight, how do you want to divide the loot, just talk to me about your decision, no need to talk about the calculation process.”


After a pause, as if he felt his tone was too hard, worried that Xia Yihui would not feel comfortable listening to him, he explained, “Those numbers give me a headache to listen to.”



Xia Yihui: “…… “What kind of a Buddhist god was this, was he really here to escape? This was simply a retirement bureau for him, right?


At the same time, the screen was filled with hahahahaha.


Hungry: It seems that Boss Zhang and this Boss Zhang discussed on the Infinite Escape Forum are not the same person.


Jester: agree …… I specially looked for his novice copy at first. Boss Zhang kills like a machine. At that time, I thought the poster had added a red filter to that video, there was blood everywhere, so disgusting that I didn’t even eat my dinner.



Flower: Didn’t you say that Zhang Qingyu was one of the top gods in the Asian region of the Infinite Escape Game? Now that I look at it, I don’t know if it’s an illusion or not, but I feel like he’s so cute.



Orange Mango: the sister above, don’t be fooled …… coming from Boss Zhang’s live stream to say one thing, he is really fierce QWQ


Favorite long legs: WTF? I am from boss Zhang’s live room, I followed him yesterday all day. You know how cold he is? He didn’t say a word the whole day! The whole time the comments were self-congratulatory, just like watching a movie, no interaction at all.



A certain boss Zhang’s Leg Pendant: You said he didn’t read the comments, right, and he didn’t. When we first chatted, we all joked that we thought he was so handsome and wanted to sleep with him. As a result, he actually emitted a murderous aura to the screen, scaring me to death QWQ



Flower: Sisters calm down, you have to know that in terms of flirtation, there is no one better than Waldemar big brother’s (lit cigarette)

During the lively barrage of jokes, a different style of painting emerged.


–That gentleman named ‘women playing games are the most annoying’, I seriously request that you apologize to the anchor.


The screen lurched, and it was only then that they remembered there was this.


Xia Yihui rubbed his hands excitedly: ”Didn’t he say he’ll live broadcast himself eating Xiang? Everyone help me to watch that warrior eat, I will chat with boss Zhang. By the way, that warrior, going back on your word is not manly oh.”



The screen was filled with comments like, ‘hahahahaha are you the devil’, Xia Yihui narrowed his eyes and smiled.


He wasn’t a devil, he just had an axe to grind, an eye for an eye. If he could disgust the other party, why not go and do it?



Under the mockery of the crowd, the man nevertheless never ventured out again and slipped into gray anonymity.




In the real world.


Xu Qing furiously slammed his fist into the computer, taking a deep breath for half a day but still unable to calm down.



After he was sent out of the game by Zhang Qingyu, he had been sitting in front of the computer waiting for the live broadcast to reopen, waiting to go on Xia Yihui’s live broadcast to bring a wave of rhythm, wanting to vent.


In Xu Qing’s thoughts, the fighting power of the people in Zhang Qingyu’s live broadcasting room was too strong.


There were big old men who worshipped his strength, and there were also little girls who purely liked Zhang Qingyu’s face.



There were mixed fish and dragons in there, and public opinion wasn’t well guided.



Xia Yihui was different.



His live broadcast room was full of monsters, both fans and anti-fans, and there were also many passersby attracted by the forum.


This kind of place was the most convenient.



He confidently went in and fired, but unexpectedly, he was directly beaten in the face by Xia Yihui and nailed to the pillar of shame.


Looking at the comments that were urging him eat Xiang live, Xu Qing angrily closed his computer.



The real world still had a lot to deal with, he offended so many people in the copy, while the real world order was now chaotic, he had to hurry to the countryside to hide from the wind for a while.


After buying a high-speed train ticket back to his hometown, Xu Qing slept on the train, and when he opened his eyes again a long time had passed.


After tossing and turning, it was late at night.


He didn’t hold back and logged into StarNet again with malice in his heart. In this close to a day’s time that he had spent in the car, the third mode inside the game should be almost over. Maybe Xia Yihui was already out of the game?


After searching for a while in the live broadcast room, he saw the id of ‘Waldemar Big Brother’, and he snorted, thinking what kind of dog was this, hugging thighs as much as he can. If it wasn’t for Xia Yihui’s luck in the third mode that he met Zhang Qingyu, it wouldn’t be certain who died.


As soon as he entered the live broadcast room, Xu Qing frowned and was immediately attracted by the screen of the live broadcast room.



Inside the screen, Zhang Qingyu’s thunderous maneuvering of an object hit several players squarely in the back of their heads.


Those players went limp and directly fainted.


Xia Yihui went up to collect the supplies and time that had burst out, and when the sweep was complete, he returned to Zhang Qingyu’s side, and the two of them concluded about dividing the items.


“Tsk, still saying it’s not a thigh hug.” Xu Qing laughed coldly, bringing a hint of mockery to his face.


The two traveled for some more time and reached a fork in the road. Zhang Qingyu casually picked a direction and prepared to go, Xia Yihui suddenly pulled him and yanked him in the other direction, Zhang Qingyu didn’t say a word and was directly yanked away.


Looking at the screen, Xu Qing was suddenly a little confused.


It was an illusion, right?


Usually in a team, it must be the dominant person who made the decisions.



Xu Qing had always thought that within this two-person group, it should be Zhang Qingyu who made the decisions, after all, Zhang Qingyu’s force value was not hidden.


However, that scene just now caused him to have doubts again.



Obviously, Zhang Qingyu had already made the decision, but Xia Yihui had yanked him away when he said so, and Zhang Qingyu hadn’t even asked, trusting Xia Yihui wholeheartedly.



This was really too strange.



Wasn’t Xia Yihui an appendage of Zhang Qingyu? Why would the leg pendant have a say?


While Xu Qing’s three views were being turned upside down.


Xia Yihui and Zhang Qingyu’s side met another situation.


Ahead was a group of five armed men. Everyone was holding baseball bats, golf clubs, and the like.


Outside of their school uniforms, the men wore field hockey defenses, probably in-replica weapons gathered from a trip to the equipment room.



Generally players who had this kind of awareness to arm themselves were people who were playing the game seriously. Xia Yihui didn’t dare to be careless, scrutinizing carefully for a while, he said to Zhang Qingyu.



“Look at that group of people in front, the apparent leader is the big man with a tiger’s back in front, everyone looks only to him. In fact, they’ve already revealed the cracks, there’s a man at the back who looks to be in his 30s and wears glasses, the skinny man who’s been talking, he’s the leader.”



Zhang Qingyu had a calm expression, “Oh.”


“…… “Xia Yihui held his forehead, “Great god, count this as me begging you. Can’t you be curious about what the breakage is?”


Zhang Qingyu: “Well …… what is it?”


Looking at Zhang Qingyu’s angular side face, Xia Yihui sighed.



The Great god had a brain, but after having him, he never used his brain again.


It was really a head-scratcher.


“That eye man kept talking. His companions didn’t show impatience, they were all listening patiently, and none of them were distracted. Obviously, the eye man should be analyzing the situation and the battlefield or something.”



“Look at his palm gently pressing on the other’s shoulder as he exchanges words with the big man. That’s not some expression of closeness, inside the world of adults, it’s consciously conveying a message.”


As Xia Yihui turned around, his hand was low and his tail finger raised. He placed his hand on Zhang Qingyu’s arm with a strong hint and touched him up along the broad shoulder line. “In our relationship, I am the one who holds the dominant position,” He said.



The air around them became ambiguous.



Zhang Qingyu turned his face sideways and looked at the hand resting on his shoulder.



The fingers were fair and long, the nails were round and neatly trimmed, and there was a small black mole at the middle finger’s knuckle.


Zhang Qingyu’s eyes lingered on that mole for a few seconds, not knowing what he remembered, he turned his head to look at Xia Yihui, his eyes slightly cold.



“Hahaha the comment screen is right, Great god you really can’t take a joke yeah.” Xia Yihui laughed in his heart and was about to retract his big pig’s hooves when he caught a glimpse of a pink and tender insulated cup flying out of the nearby classroom.


He felt helpless in his heart and cursed Zhang Qingyu for being petty. He quickly turned his back and dodged. The insulated cup rubbed three inches in front of him, and a loud ‘crash’ hit the glass on the right side.



In a flash, the sound of clattering was endless.


The small group of armed men in the distance were startled and instantly gathered into a group. The big man took the lead, with the eye man surrounded in the center, surrounded by three men whose faces were shielded by defensive gear.


All five men were terrified, vigilantly looking at the Xia Zhang duo, especially when they saw the white school uniform representing the hunters on Xia Yihui’s body, they suddenly looked even more flustered, and the aura of confrontation was also much stronger.


The situation was tense and almost touch-and-go.



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