The wound that was originally “arched” by the crystal was healing at a speed that could be seen by the na.ked eye, and during the short period of time that Fang Ziming was observing, a thin layer of new skin had already grown on the huge wound in Tang Yu’s hand, only that the surface was still uneven, and the sinews and bones underneath the skin could be seen vaguely.


Fang Ziming inexplicably shivered and hurriedly put down that hand, not daring to look at it any longer.



“When I was smashed, did I also go through such a routine?” He lowered his head to hold his chest, thinking of that scene, his breath stuttered: “A hole in the chest or something ……, don’t think about it ……”


However, at the moment, it was basically certain that the guy lying in front of him was more than likely in the process of fusion with the Stone. He just didn’t know whether the fusion of the two would end in failure, if successful, it was an evolution, if it failed, what would it be? Direct death?


Fang Ziming pondered in his heart, his own understanding of this matter was half, at this time there wasn’t another piece of the stone to induce his heart’s evil thoughts, his mind was still clear and it had long since extinguished the idea of grabbing the stone. Since this guy on the ground has already been hit, it would be better to take advantage of his unconsciousness to stay here, or to observe how the stone fused with humans.



Since he had already made up his mind, Fang Ziming simply half-helped and half-carried the man on the ground, and then took some effort to lift up his right arm, carrying the man little by little in the direction of the bed.


“Shit, this guy, in the end what did you eat to grow so strong ah.” He gritted his teeth and took the time to slap the man’s ass, while making every effort to move forward, “On the outside, there is not a bit of flab, but it’s like carrying a dead pig, so heavy.”


That was, the other party didn’t wake up, so Fang Ziming dared to be so blatant and unscrupulous to touch the tiger’s butt.


From the bedroom door to the single bed by the window, was only a few steps away, but it took five or six minutes, finally he threw him to the bed.



Worried that the other party’s brain would really burn, Fang Ziming found a towel in the house, soaked it and put it on his forehead. After all this, the youth only had time to catch his breath, squatting on the edge of the bed. How did he not realize that his physical quality was so low? It seemed that the gym program must be arranged as soon as possible ah.


“However, the handsome man’s muscles feel really good.” He smacked his lips, three fingers rubbed back and forth, seemingly recalling the feel of just now.


After saying that, he touched his belly again, frustrated, “It’s true that there’s no harm without comparison …… No, I’m going to lift iron in the afternoon …… Well, forget it, let’s start with running… …”


After babbling like that, he got back up and moved his stiff muscles while slowly pacing around the wrecked bedroom, and eventually stopped somewhere near the door.


However, before that, he didn’t pay attention to how long the cut was, but it had healed. Fang Ziming took a mirror and looked at himself, feeling that the mystery surrounding the stone was too numerous.



He simply came out of the bathroom, went back to the bedroom, and drew a knife from the bedside, gently cutting the unconscious person’s finger.

After all, it was just an experiment. He didn’t dare to scratch too deep, he just made the wound show a little blood.


Five minutes later, the fresh, two centimeters long wound, in the eyes of Fang Ziming, slowly healed.


Fang Ziming was silent for a long time.


“It really evolved.” He pursed his lips and took a few hard, deep breaths, and for a moment, he couldn’t tell whether the stupid emotion in his heart was fear or excitement.



He casually wiped away the traces of blood on the man’s fingers, and when he saw the smear of red on his own fingertips, somehow his brain twitched, and he suddenly pressed his thumb against his lips, and with a single stick of his tongue, he rolled the beads of blood into his mouth.



At the end of it, he smacked his lips, “Tch, it doesn’t seem to have a strange taste.” He was disappointed.


Fortunately, Tang Yu was still lying on the bed like a dead pig, or else he would have to point at Fang Ziming and yell, “Aha, you really are a pe.rvert, a little rascal and a p.ervert.”




In the following days, Fang Ziming lived in apartment 102 in the real world.


There was only one bedroom in the apartment, and the single bed couldn’t fit two big men, so although Fang Ziming didn’t really like Tang Yu, he chose to stay in the living room’s fabric sofa out of concern for his patient – of course, for a grown man over five-foot-eight, that sofa was really very unfriendly.



After settling down in 102, Fang Ziming first determined his location.


China, Province G, Chenshui City. A fourth or fifth tier city with a relatively slow pace of life, and a hundred thousand miles away from Wuyi and Yangping.


Fang Ziming took the time to flip through this guy’s suitcase. The ID card placed in the middle of his wallet contained some personal information. Thanks to this document, he finally learned that the man’s name was “Tang Yu”, from Wuyi, W Province , and he was 28 years old this year.


Previously, when he heard him talking on the phone with a friend, it was probably not because of work needs that he came to Chenshui City. Fang Ziming could only speculate that Tang Yu was here to do something private – it couldn’t be simply to avoid the “pe.rverted voyeur”.




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