C91—- Loss Of 100 Million

       The studio, from the rental of office space to arranging the official operation, everything only took a month, Ji Yuan handled things efficiently.

When everyone was questioning whether Zhou Yuhe would be less influential after such a tumultuous time, in a flash, he received a big commercial movie “Feng Nian” as the second male lead.

        Although the role was only the second male lead, the film’s production team was quite dazzling, the cast was filled with famous people.

        The lead actor was Mo Fan, a two-time Golden Dragon Award winner, and the female lead was Wu Xuanlian, who was one of the “top five female flowers” and was now in the international film industry, and even the supporting actors were veteran actors who were common on the big screen.

        All the doubting voices were silenced at once.

        At a high class terrace restaurant.

        “Hungarian cheese, foie gras steak, chicken saffron, black truffle puff pastry soup ……” Ji Yuan looked intimidating in his custom cut suit, his eyebrows had a majesty that couldn’t be hidden.

        The waitress carefully took the menu from his hand, and then handed it to Zhou Yuhe opposite Ji Yuan, the smile on her face couldn’t help but be more splendid by three points.

        “I don’t need to see, a vegetable salad with vinaigrette, thanks.” Zhou Yuhe waved his hand, his elegant temperament wasn’t suppressed by Ji Yuan at all.

        “Sure enough, you’re really about to make a movie. You’re being very strict with your figure, Xiao Zhou.” Ji Yuan smiled calmly.

        “It’s all thanks to Mr. Ji,” Zhou Yuhe said skillfully and politely, “If you hadn’t helped me, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to audition for ‘Feng Nian’.”

        Seeing him so modest, Ji Yuan’s mood drifted up a bit, in the film industry, in the end, it was still resources and connections that spoke.

        “I’m only slightly suppressing my nephew who isn’t fighting.”

        Zhou Yuhe tacitly smiled, and didn’t say anything.

        The so-called businessmen’s meals wasn’t casual, the reason Ji Yuan ‘kindly’ called Zhou Yuhe over for dinner this time, in the end, it was about the studio.

        Although it had been discussed that Zhou Yuhe’s studio would be divided, and then they’d maintain the interest relationship in the form of a betting agreement.

        But it couldn’t be exposed to the public.

        He just left his old company, and in the blink of an eye, left his new company and opened his own studio.

        It wouldn’t be a good situation for any artist to be in.

So in order to take into account the reputation of both sides, for now Zhou Yuhe’s studio was still attached to Ji Yuan’s company, although the income and resources was completely independent.

        After a full meal, Ji Yuan took out a contract from the folder and handed it to Zhou Yuhe.

    “This is the breakdown of the betting agreement decided after many negotiations between our company and Yang Yu, take a look.” Ji Yuan showed a profound smile.

      Zhou Yuhe flipped open the agreement.

      Inside, it was written that the new company founded by Ji Yuan would invest 100 million yuan in Zhou Yuhe’s studio, and Zhou Yuhe’s studio promised to reach 150 million net profit after tax within the next three years, otherwise the money would have to be made up by Zhou Yuhe out of his own pocket.

      Zhou Yuhe didn’t speak, his eyes was fixed on the 150 million figure.

       Ji Yuan saw this and his deep eyes flashed, he cut his cigar while bragging: “150 million isn’t much, you’re now popular, you’re young and you can act, the future is promising, Xiao Zhou.”

        The betting agreement was usually a big temptation.

      The artists who could open a separate studio were all a bit famous and strong, they weren’t willing to be subservient to others to work for the ambitious faction.

        In front of such a large amount of investment, how many people would optimistically estimate that they could do it?

        Investment of 100 million, income of 150 million.

It didn’t sound too exaggerated. In fact, 150 million yuan was the net profit after tax. If one wanted to make a movie, except for the production cost, directors’ and actors’ remuneration, the publisher’s publicity expenses, and the cinema filming share … Even if it was a several hundred million yuan box office movie, there wouldn’t be much left in the hands of the producers.

     And these were hard for artists who branched out alone to imagine.

   Through the smoke, Ji Yuan slightly narrowed his eyes as he stared at Zhou Yuhe’s expression.

        That was an extremely young face.

        His expression was very cautious and calm, but his eyes were filled with excitement, apprehension, uneasiness, eagerness, and a touch of ambition.

       Ji Yuan smiled.

       His rich experience told him that this was a done deal, even though Zhou Yuhe looked very hesitant.

  “Is this agreement confirmed by Brother Yang?” Zhou Yuhe confirmed it again.

        Ji Yuan nodded casually.

        “Okay then.” Zhou Yuhe took a deep breath, took out the pen from the folder, and signed his name on the signature of the document.

       The betting agreement was considered effective.

“Young people.” Ji Yuan sighed lightly as he took the folder from Zhou Yuhe, a smile of triumph coming out of his high-minded expression.

        Unfortunately, his eyes were all focused on Zhou Yuhe’s signature, otherwise he would have noticed –

        The corners of Zhou Yuhe’s mouth rose at this moment!

        There was also a hint of triumph.


        Zhou Yuhe’s film was successfully shot, and with the film’s promotion, release, the box office also gradually rose, and finally stabilized at about 700 million.

        The result of 700 million was in the middle and upper reaches of domestic commercial films, but “Feng Nian” wasn’t a special effects blockbuster, and the film market was down during this period, so to achieve such a result in the off-season was already relatively bright.

        The dust settled, and he was in a new movie, as half a year passed, everyone had almost forgotten about Zhou Yuhe and his old company.

        Today, the studio that had been established for most of the year quietly released an announcement of the independent studio.

        Because during the eight or nine months, Zhou Yuhe’s studio acted independently and released information about Zhou Yuhe, they didn’t have much interaction with Ji Yuan’s company, so people subconsciously didn’t link them together.

        So the announcement didn’t cause much concern.

        However, the next post was puzzling: “Welcome Brother Xie @XieYifeng.

        “Welcome Brother Xie @ Xie Yifeng to the studio family. From today, Zhou Yuhe’s studio will be renamed Fenghe Studio. I hope everyone can support it.”

        The fans who originally climbed in to check Zhou Yuhe’s recent situation were stunned.

      “Official blogger, were you hacked?”

        “The blogger must be a Fengyuhe CP fan, although I also want it, think before making posts, quickly delete it before Zhouzhou sees it.”

        Xie Yifeng had been in Universal Film and Television since he debuted at the age of twelve. In 10 years, Xie Yifeng had acted in many movies, up to 12. Unfortunately he remained unknown.

       In that difficult situation, Xie Yifeng still chose to renew his contract with Universal Film and Television.

        Now that he had finally made it to the top, how could the company let Xie Yifeng go?

        But there were still fans who went to Xie Yifeng’s page to take a look.

        Instant shock.

        [Oh my god! It’s true!!!]

        [They’re opening a studio together!]

Why were they opening together instead of signing under Zhou Yuhe’s studio? That was obvious! The name of the studio had been changed! It must be a shareholding!

       This heavyweight news instantly swept the entire net.

     Their CP fans had been around for a long time.

       And because of the good image of the two, as well as three years of being scandal free, in the hearts of the netizens, even if they weren’t CP fans, seeing two eye-catching handsome men standing together, they’d more or less have some ideas.

        If all the CPs in the Chinese entertainment industry needed to be ranked, FengYuhe was definitely the number one, and even more than many real entertainment couples!

        One could imagine how explosive this news was!

       [As a CP fan, I’m so happy !!!! [crying]”]

       [ “Please can Mr. Xie and Mr. Zhou get together, stop sending dog food.”]

      [ “Congratulations to Brother Xie for joining the family, Zhouzhou’s fans, remember, Brother Xie and Zhouzhou are both very good artists, they have a normal brotherhood, don’t over-interpret it~~”


        Of course the most stunned was still none other than Ji Yuan.

       When he heard this news, he was smoking a cigar, it almost fell on his cr0tch!

        “Xie Yifeng joined Zhou Yuhe’s studio? When did that happen?”

       “Just, it was just announced, boss.” The assistant looked at the boss, who was on the verge of rage, with trepidation, after Zhou Yuhe’s studio had announced its independence, the news of Xie Yifeng joining Fenghe came out. This meant that this matter wasn’t a temporary decision, they had planned it!

Zhou Yuhe spent the first half of a year in the film “Feng Nian”, during which three endorsements and a TV series, big and small, were added. By September, the studio’s after-tax net profit was only 10 million yuan. Seeing that the first year was almost over and Zhou Yuhe didn’t even earn a fraction of 150 million yuan. Ji Yuan was still waiting to see a joke, but he didn’t know that they’d make a comeback!

If he knew that Xie Yifeng would join in, why would he give him 150 million yuan? It’d have been 300 million, okay?

This old fox, Ji Yuan, had obviously lost his footing.

     “Quickly open Zhou Yuhe’s Weibo page for me.”

        The small assistant fumbled to operate the boss’s computer, and went to the latest post made by Zhou Yuhe.

  “After playing for so long, tomorrow, hard work will begin!”

        The picture was Donald Duck “Cheer Duck Today” emoji, and a picture of his participation in a variety show.

        It looked like he was having fun in the variety show, but only Ji Yuan understood what he was talking about.

      The 10 million in the first half of the year was just for fun. Was he still waiting to see the joke?

        Ji Yuan wiped his face.

        He tried consoling himself –  fortunately, he was making money for him, otherwise he’d have been really angry.

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