After the entertainment frenzy, more people gradually began to think, and began to worry about Movie Star Xie’s resources being reduced.

        Although in the current entertainment industry, the star’s personal influence was very important.

        The popularity and importance of a star even exceeded the resources that agents and companies could bring.

        But that was only for the television industry, advertising and variety shows.

        The film industry was about resources and connections.

        Although Universal Film and Television wasn’t as glorious as it used to be, at least it was an old company, it had watched many great stars rise, and witnessed the ups and downs of the entertainment industry.

        Seniority, knowledge, natural resources and deep roots.

        If they wanted to recommend that someone, no matter how big the director was, they would have to consider the company.

        But for Xie Yifeng to leave?

        Leaving that old tree, could he still be favored by those big directors?

       Many fans were worried about this.

       Yang Yu walked into the office in a blaze.

       He was followed by Xu Feng, who had a completely different demeanor and was relaxed.

        “Have you seen the reactions on the Internet?” The expression on Yang Yu’s face was a little sullen.

        Zhou Yuhe took the coffee handed over by Susu and took a sip, his expression wasn’t good either, “I saw it.”

        It was true that their studio was still too small.

       To the outside world, it didn’t  look like he could take care of Xie Yifeng.

        Yang Yu looked to the other agent.

“Fenghe,” the studio originally had only Zhou Yuhe, an artist and the agent, Yang Yu. Now Xie Yifeng and his agent had taken a stake in the studio, in a way, Yang Yu saw him as his artist too. Naturally, they became familiar. “Now everyone is staring at your next project. If the production team and quality isn’t on the same level as your previous work, it’ll be bad for the reputation of our studio.”

        Xie Yifeng: “I know, Old Xu and I have been having a headache about this.”

        Xu Feng smiled and nodded, unlike the three people’s worried expressions, he seemed like no matter what happened, he would remain calm and relaxed, this was the studio’s first emergency meeting, yet he seemed to be drinking afternoon tea, his nature was admirable.

For Xie Yifeng, this was just an awkward time.

Because of the high route he had taken for three years.

Big Directors, being the Male lead, awards, the international film festivals, he had done everything.

        The movies he could take, the roles that he could play, also became stereotyped, his path was getting more narrow.

    So Xie Yifeng decided to leave the company.

        That was taking off all those burdens and labels, and walking down from the altar.

        If it was a literary film, with his position in the film industry, it wouldn’t be difficult to get a film from a big director.

        But wasn’t this going back to his old path?

       If it was a commercial film.

       There was also a great risk.

       Nowadays, investors favored famous IPs, and it was embarrassing that 80% of these famous IP productions were bad, the original fans and passers-by would curse the director and actors.

[TN: IP—- Intellectual property, kinda like a novel adaptation]

        If Xie Yifeng received an IP adaptation, his image would become more down to earth, but similarly, once the box office was bad, then Xie Yifeng’s reputation would be smashed to pieces

        Fans would also point at Zhou Yuhe and scold him.

        [What kind of films did Movie Star Xie take when he was at Universal Film and Television, and what kind of film did you give him?]

        [You specifically wanted use him and consume his popularity!]

Similarly, films that were too obscure and not famous enough would also make people suspect Zhou Yuhe’s lack of ability.

In this way, there were very few films that could be performed.

        The studio needed a strong work to make a name for itself at this time, the studio’s existing executives were naturally not too relaxed.

        “I recently got approached for a film, but unfortunately it’s a double male lead film ‘Martial Arts’.” Xu Feng said, Xu Feng’s seniority in the industry was very deep, even if he left leave Universal Film And Television, he could still get good resources for Xie Yifeng.

        Xie Yifeng: “Martial Arts?”

        Zhou Yuhe was stunned when he heard this: “Martial Arts?”

        Martial Arts was a good film.

        The director was Mike Lee, a big-name director who had been editing Hollywood animations abroad for many years. He was over 50 years old, but his spirit was very strong, he had won some awards abroad in the early years, and once he returned to China, he even made six films in a row, all of which were good and popular.

Because of his hard-working attitude, he was crowned with the title of “Director Circle’s Xie Yifeng”.

        To be able to add the word “Xie Yifeng” to his title, of course, he wasn’t only hardworking.

Five years ago, Mike Lee’s foreign language film “Blue Moon” won more than ten awards at home and abroad, which established his name.

        In addition, his other films also performed well in terms of winning awards.

        The quality was also very high.

        This was what he and Xie Yifeng had in common.

        In terms of seniority, apart from Old Liao and other top directors, Mike Lee was one of the most famous directors now.

        Under such a great director, even in commercial films, there were high requirements for acting skills.

        His overall style was very much in line with the needs of Xie Yifeng now.

        But unfortunately, it was a double male lead film.

        The other male lead had been confirmed to be the popular youngster Bai An.

        “If I remember correctly …… the other main character of “Martial Arts” is Bai An?” Yang Yu raised his eyebrows, looking rather disapproving.

        Bai An was extremely good-looking, he had a rare androgynous appearance in the entertainment industry, but it wasn’t feminine or obnoxious.

        His fans were extremely large, his popularity was second only to Zhou Yuhe and, he was considered second tier in the entertainment industry.

        Moreover, his acting skills wasn’t bad.

      Acting with him could not only create a topic, it would also give him no pressure, which was a very good choice in principle.

       But unfortunately, the other was very good at creating hype.

       Using people to gain fame was a small matter to him.

         The terrible thing was that with Bai An’s diverse niche, the status of both sides differed so much that Xie Yifeng would inevitably be the one being used.

        “If it’s Bai An …… then we’ll see.” Zhou Yuhe inclined his head to show a trace of doubt, and then quickly hid it.

        The discussion of taking the film came to an end for now.

        After all, it was important to take on strong works to make a name for the studio, but Xie Yifeng’s reputation was equally important.


        When they went to bed that night, Xie Yifeng held Zhou Yuhe in his arms and asked softly, “Your expression during the day wasn’t right, what’s wrong with Bai An?”

        Xie Yifeng’s insightfulness was too strong!

        Zhou Yuhe was secretly shocked.

        But his expression remained the same, he shook his head and said: “Nothing.”

  Xie Yifeng ruffled his hair and didn’t force him to speak. He just held him gently and placed his hand on his back.

The warmth from his palm seemed to be saying: don’t bother about the present predicament, you still have me.

   Zhou Yuhe shrank into his arms.

        In fact, to put it mildly, there was nothing strange.

        It was just that in his last life, he acted in “Martial Arts”.

        The second Male Lead actor was Xie Yifeng.

      In his previous life, Zhou Yuhe and Ji Chen were together, with Ji Chen, Zhou Yuhe had many resources to choose from, even Mike Lee’s work was given to him, but with Xie Yifeng as Male Lead No. 1.

        For Zhou Yuhe, who won the newcomer award not long ago, this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

        So even though there was a lot of controversy online about the casting and a lot of dissatisfaction from the movie star’s fans, he took the role of Rong Qian – which was now played by Bai An – amidst all the talk and abuse.

        That was also the first time in his memory that he dealt with Xie Yifeng.

        Although he had been in the cast of “Rejuvenation” before, he played Zhang Qi, the school bully, and Xie Yifeng, the male lead, didn’t even have the opportunity to appear in the same scene with him, he naturally didn’t leave much impression on him.

        On their first meeting, he felt that this person…..

        Couldn’t be messed with.

       In his previous life, Zhou Yuhe was aloof and didn’t know how to get along with people.

        After a long time, he learned to hide himself in front of the camera, and acted like most people did.

        But in private, he was quite quiet.

        With such a character, if the other didn’t take the initiative to come up and greet him, he didn’t dare to go up and talk.

What was more, Xie Yifeng, at that time, was already sitting on more than a dozen winner trophies at a young age, and he was a senior in the entertainment industry.

        In the same space, he could feel the other’s massive superstar aura and determination.

        Obviously they were both male leads, but one was in the crowd with ease, talking and laughing.

        He was cowering in the corner trying to weaken his presence.

        The good thing was that he always had a blank expression, so it was a cover, no one could notice the difference.

        That person, Xie Yifeng, was probably a natural star.

        Even when he wasn’t acting, he was still the focus of attention.

        The photographer, the director of the prop team, the make-up artist, and the supporting cast of the scene surrounded Xie Yifeng.

        The crew was very noisy, what they were saying, from the distance, Zhou Yuhe couldn’t hear clearly.

But he could clearly see that the make-up artist, who was haughty and picky, revealed his awe and fiercely praised him; the fierce prop team director smiled like a warm spring breeze after hearing Xie Yifeng say a couple of words; the supporting actors, who were usually intense and competitive, all became shy and well-behaved bunnies when they were in front of him ……

        He stood in the crowd, just like a huge luminous body.

        Cheerful, affectionate and friendly.

        It was the opposite of what Zhou Yuhe could do.

        Thinking about it.

        The icy aura on his body thickened by another three points.

        It was at this time.

       From the gap between the shoulders of the two actors in front of him, Xie Yifeng saw Zhou Yuhe.

        Then …… unnaturally turned his face away.

      Oh? Was the repulsion of people from different worlds so strong?

       Zhou Yuhe’s expression became even darker.

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