The position seemed to have switched, Xu Yong with contempt for the officials and the masses of Shenzhen, and Liang’s people with contempt for fatty Xu.

With this, Xu Yong finally realised that the feeling of being despised by people was really uncomfortable.

He stiffened, covered his nose, and pulled out a smile, “Mr. Liang, you’re joking.” Xu Yong glanced at Li Zheng, who was looking at him with a smile and gritted his teeth, “I accidentally fell down, it’s none of Mr. Li Zheng’s business!”

        Li Zheng raised his eyebrows and looked at Xu Yong with a serious gaze, a villain who could bend and stretch was much more difficult to deal with than a reckless man who was rampant.

       Liang Zhe wasn’t surprised by Xu Yong’s choice, there weren’t many Hong Kong businessmen who had the courage to offend the Liang family. He nodded to Xu Yong in acceptance.

       Seeing that the situation had changed, Xu Yong relaxed, he wiped the bloodstains on his face, and revealed an ugly smile.

      “Mr. Liang, since you have something to do, I won’t bother you for the time being, if you have use for me, feel free to contact me!” Fatty Xu wiped his hands hard on his clothes, before reaching into his pants pocket and carefully taking out a business card and handed it to Liang Zhe.

        Liang Zhe glanced at Li Zheng, Li Zheng didn’t respond, he frowned slightly, but still reached out and took it.

        Xu Yong smiled widely despite the pain, and bowed repeatedly.

        “You’re busy, busy.” He said while stepping back.

        To be able to get on with Mr. Liang, not to mention being kicked once, even if he was kicked ten or eight times, he would be happy to do so.

      In his opinion, the fact that Mr. Liang accepted his business card was an approval of him. This was also a capital for him to brag about, how many people in the whole of Hong Kong could make Mr. Liang personally accept their business card!

        He just didn’t know that as soon as he turned around, Li Zheng spread his hand in front of Liang Zhe.

        Liang Zhe froze for a moment, then reacted and obediently put the business card on Li Zheng’s palm, and he thoughtfully put only the side that Fatty Xu didn’t touch.

        Li Zheng snickered and unceremoniously tore the business card into pieces.

How was this matter settled?

Qiu Zhengye felt it was unbelievable. If Xu Yong insisted on going to the media, it would be a major event that affected the basic national policy of “opening up to the outside world” and was enough to be placed on the desk of several leaders and guides in the upper level of Beijing.

However, with just a few words from those two teenagers, this matter was settled?

        Qiu Zhengye had mixed feelings in his heart, he suddenly realized that the key to the matter wasn’t whether there was a beating, but who gave the beating.

        The fist in his hand tightened and loosened, “Mr. Andorio, sorry for letting you see a joke.”

        David quickly hid his entertained expression and coughed dryly, “You’re welcome, I don’t mind.”

        “Li Zheng, welcome back.” After talking with David, Qiu Zhengye suddenly turned his head to look at Li Zheng and extended his hand to him.

        Li Zheng gave Qiu Zhengye a surprised look, he was obviously surprised that this official had directly called out his name on this occasion.

       “Vice Governor Qiu, thank you.” He also reached out to shake Qiu Zhengye’s hand and shook it hard to express his respect for this leader of Guangdong Province.

        “This is Mr. Liang, how are you, welcome to Guangdong Province and the Shenzhen region.” Qiu Zhengye had a vague guess in his heart, could he really be that one?

        “How do you do? I’m Liang Zhe.” For someone Li Zheng respected, Liang Zhe also showed a great deal of respect.

        Qiu Zhengye couldn’t help but be a little flattered, if it was thirty years later, even when facing Li Jiaren, the richest man in Hong Kong, Qiu Zhengye as the vice governor of a province could treat him as an equal and be polite and reserved.

        But this was 1983, when even an ordinary businessman from Hong Kong could be cynical and sarcastic towards him, Liang Zhe’s attitude was especially valuable.

        Qiu Zhengye shook hands with Liang Zhe with great force. From the name “Liang Zhe”, he knew he was right. Thinking about Liang Zhe’s reaction just now, Qiu Zhengye’s heart couldn’t help but get excited, the Liang family …… The Liang family had come to China to invest!

       “Mr. Andorio, the completion ceremony of the Shenzhen pharmaceutical factory is scheduled for tomorrow morning at eight o’clock, you and your team will stay at the regional guest house, and tomorrow morning at six o’clock, we’ll collectively take a bus to Qinghe Town, okay?”

        Qiu Zhengye was excited, but he didn’t neglect David and Roche, he wouldn’t have climbed to this position today if he wasn’t careful.

        David shook his head, he put his hand on Li Zheng’s shoulder and dragged him over with him.

        “No, we’ll just stay directly at the guest house in Qinghe Town, I stayed there last time, I’m used to it. And I’m sure that Li will want to go back and see it sooner, won’t you, Li?”

        David didn’t see that Liang Zhe was unhappy, he hugged Li Zheng’s hand and didn’t let go.

Li Zheng ……

        Qiu Zhengye was slightly stunned, then laughed aloud, “Fine, fine, Qinghe Town! I’ll send someone to arrange it right away.”  He glanced at a young man who looked like a secretary behind him. The young man nodded and trotted all the way to the port office, presumably to arrange it .

They got on the bus under the guidance of Qiu Zhengye.

        The car drove on the bumpy gravel road, the feeling of the occasional shock was really not very pleasant.

        Including Liang Zhe, there were already many people from Liang Corporation, whose faces weren’t very good.

        “Young man, give this to your companion.”

        It was that old secretary Shi, who peeled an orange and handed the peel to Li Zheng, “If he’s dizzy, put it under his nose, he’ll be much more comfortable.”

        Li Zheng smiled, a hint of nostalgia flashed in his eyes. In his last life, he lived in the mines when he was a child, when the roads in the mines were potholed, and the car rides were very bumpy, it was easy to get seasick.

        Whenever he went out, his mother would stuff a packet of dried orange peels in his pocket, so he could take it out and smell it when he got carsick on the road.

        Then times developed, from concrete roads to asphalt roads, from cars to high-speed trains, transportation in China became more convenient and comfortable, and he never carried orange peels again.

        “Thanks.” He took it with a smile.

        Then he reached out and handed it to Liang Zhe and whispered, “Don’t mind the dirt, put it under your nose and smell it.”

        Liang Zhe’s ears twitched as he took it.

        Seeing this, Secretary Shi ordered a few cadres behind him, “Take it out, take it all out, give it to the guests. We’ll show the guests from Hong Kong that the people from Shenzhen are hospitable!”

        With a heavy local accent, the words drew a burst of laughter from the crowd.

        Orange peels were taken out from the pockets of the group of officials from the Shenzhen region, and Old Secretary Shi smiled as he distributed them to the Liang team and Roche’s entourage.

        The atmosphere in the carriage became very cordial all of a sudden.

        The car slowly approached Qinghe Town, the scenery on both sides of the road became familiar, Li Zheng looked through the car window, looking at the scenery on both sides constantly moving backwards, he couldn’t tell what he was feeling.

       Here, this was the place where he started over.

      “This is your hometown?” Liang Zhe suddenly spoke, his gaze was also fixed outside the window, as if he wanted to carve them all in his heart.

        “Well, sort of.” Li Zheng replied.

Liang Zhe seemed to hear the indifference in Li Zheng’s voice, and with a slightly lowered gaze, he retracted his eyes from the window.

       “Warmly welcome foreign friends!” The sound of neat slogans came from not far away.

       David’s spirits lifted at once and he poked his head out of the car window. Although the people from Roche had already experienced such a welcome once, it still felt very new.

        Not to mention the Liang team, they had seen such scenes before, but it was the first time they had seen a town filled with young and old people coming out at the same time, holding wildflowers and red banners to welcome them.

And for these shrewd people, which one of them couldn’t tell when a person was being sincere. The most shocking thing for the Liang team was that, unlike the kind of welcome they saw in Hong Kong, these townspeople with flowers and red slogans were genuinely welcoming them!

As the car approached, the people became more and more enthusiastic, and some children ran with the car, waving wild flowers and saying welcoming words.

They eyes of some emotional female employees became red. The bustling big cities and indifferent interpersonal relationships made this genuine and warm even more touching.

        “That Xu Yong isn’t good.” Liang Zhe suddenly spoke.

       Li Zheng raised his eyebrows, “Did you just realise?”

       Just now, although Liang Zhe stood on Li Zheng’s side without saying a word, but Xu Yong was a businessman from Hong Kong, if there was no Li Zheng, according to the status, he and Liang Zhe were from the same country. Before knowing which side was telling the truth, Liang Zhe would be more biased towards Xu Yong, who was a businessman from Hong Kong.

    “They, and they, are good.” Liang Zhe pointed to the old secretary Shi and other older cadres who were talking and laughing in the back of the car, as well as the people of Qinghe Town who were laughing and shouting welcome on both sides outside the car window,.

        Smiles and sincerity couldn’t be faked, Xu Yong had lied. Liang Zhe silently made a conclusion in his heart.

        “This shows you still have some vision.” Li Zheng said.

     The car passed through the crowd and drove straight to the town’s guest house.

      When he entered the town, the road was obviously better. Li Zheng remembered that when he left, the main road in Qinghe Town was still a stone road paved with fine stones, but now, it was already a cement road.

       Compared to the concrete roads in the latter days, the roads in Qinghe Town were obviously a bit rougher and not smooth enough, but they were obviously good enough in this era.

        “This is newly rebuilt with regional funding, thanks to Mr. Andorio and Roche!” An official spoke up.

Yes, this concrete road was approved because Roche had set the site of the factory in Qinghe Town.

       “Here it is.” The car slowly stopped at the entrance of the guest house.

        Not far from the reception hall, a lot of people had come out to see the hustle and bustle, Li Zheng seemed to see Li Chaoyang and the Zheng family, the corners of his mouth slightly curved.

        It was really …… long time no see ah.

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