Zhou Yuhe’s tone wasn’t impassioned, it was even a little flat and calm, but his words were quite convincing.

Universal Film and Television was the oldest brokerage company in China’s entertainment industry, and it wasn’t without glory. However, since Fu Xiaoyu led a large number of artists’ agents to join the Black Emperor, Universal had been in a state of decline to this day.

        It wasn’t easy to find a Xie Yifeng, of course, they were afraid of stepping on the ground, and they were afraid of him falling when he was held high. They weren’t sure where to put him.

    Xie Yifeng was still famous but his popularity wasn’t as good as before.

        This matter couldn’t be blamed on Universal Film and Television.

        The agents who were still in the headquarters of Universal Film And Television hadn’t managed highly respected veteran actors, or titans of the variety industry, there were only older artists. So they had no experience in managing a young superstar.

        More than two years ago, almost three years ago, with “Emperor Xuan Tong” Xie Yifeng became famous overnight, plus with the divine drama “Rejuvenation” added, his fans became more diverse, it was difficult for others to reach his level. However, in the next two years, he seemed to be in a kind of transition period, picking projects became harder, nothing seemed worthy for Emperor Xie who had seven awards; they didn’t want to watch him lose his popularity.

        In addition, it also included the decision of avoiding scandals. Did he have to participate in reality shows? ……

        There were too many questions that caught them off guard.

        Without a clear direction, they could only take one step at a time in the past two years.

        Although there was little progress, the good thing was that Xie Yifeng’s personal image didn’t diminish.

       No merit, no fault.

        In Zhou Yuhe’s previous life, this was the reason why Xie Yifeng parted ways with his old boss, he had stayed in the company for more than ten years and had deep feelings for it.

        Xie Yifeng’s contract with Universal Film and Television had been valid until September 17, Xie Yifeng didn’t want to renew, but because of old feelings, the two sides negotiated to renew the contract for another year.

        Eventually, after one year, Xie Yifeng still parted with Universal Film and Television peacefully.

        After that, Xie Yifeng was the real dragon in the sea, breaking through his acting limits again and again, and finally becoming a national treasure in the history of Chinese cinema.

Since he knew that Xie Yifeng would leave the company sooner or later, why not push him now?

        Since he was going to open a studio, why not open it together?

        He knew what would happen in the future and could help Xie Yifeng avoid the films that weren’t well received in his last life, and could also help him take on many roles that were more suitable for him.

        Although now he occasionally helped when he read his scripts, after all, love was love and work was work, but the times they got together became less, they cherished the time they could spend alone together and tried not to talk about work as much as possible, they also tried to respect each other’s ideas and not interfere in work-related matters.

However, being a working partner was different. Many things were based on common interests, doing business together may be better for both of them.

        Zhou Yuhe fixedly looked at Xie Yifeng, an indescribable emotion raged in his heart.

        This person, from his previous life to this life, had always protected him, loved him, and valued him as if he were his life.

        Likewise, Zhou Yuhe also harbored the same feelings towards him.

        If possible, he hoped that with his help, Xie Yifeng would become more stable and reach the top faster, flying to a broader sky.

        Xie Yifeng didn’t say anything.

        He did have a feeling of being tied up in Universal Film and Television recently, he had approached the operation director to discuss the adjustment of his development route, but unfortunately, he was repeatedly rejected.

        Although there was a certain conflict with the company, he didn’t think deeply about terminating his contract, so when he heard Zhou Yuhe’s proposal, he subconsciously felt that the other was joking with him.

        But as he listened, he understood.

       Yuhe didn’t say such things to him on a whim. He really considered many things for him from his point of view …

        Xie Yifeng didn’t respond for a long time, making Zhou Yuhe a little anxious.

        Xie Yi Feng smoothly put his arms around him and asked in a deep voice: “So what are your plans for my next acting job?”

Zhou Yuhe immediately focused, “The first is to remove those rules and regulations added to you by Universal Film And Television, you can’t act in this, you can’t appear in that, how can there be so much restrictions? If you want my opinion, you can take supporting roles, the key is whether the character is challenging, enough to move people’s hearts and leave a deep impression. As for controversial roles, that can also be  taken, if you can play a bad guy and make people hate him, or directly make the audience love the villain, that’ll be awesome! …… eh! Wait!”

        Zhou Yuhe suddenly paused and looked at Xie Yifeng, whose shoulders were shaking slightly as he struggled to hold back his laughter, and said with surprise: “You agree?

        Xie Yifeng smiled and nodded his head. His dark ink-like eyes moved slightly, and another grim question came to mind.

        “Yuhe, it’s okay for us to open a studio together, but have you thought about the issue of capital? It’s not that easy to set up a company.”

        Xie Yifeng and Zhou Yuhe had just been famous for over two years, there were several reasons leading to the lack of liquidity in their hands. If they wanted to start an artist studio, someone had to inject the capital.

        Zhou Yuhe raised his eyebrows, and replied with a confident expression, “You don’t have to worry about that, there’s someone willing to help.”

        Then he told Xie Yifeng about the betting agreement, amused, Xie Yifeng said, “No wonder you’re eager to pull me in, are you afraid that you can’t finish the betting conditions by yourself?”

        The expression of Mr. Zhou was quite disdainful, “I can handle this contract alone, getting you on board is to help you, not to drag you into it.”

        Xie Yifeng reached out and pinched his cheek, “Who else can get into your bed besides me?”

        Zhou Yuhe slapped his hand away and quietly muttered, “Rascal.”

         Xie Yifeng picked up a piece of sushi and placed it close to Zhou Yuhe’s mouth. His eyes exuded a deep meaning. “But you’d better wait for Ji Yuan’s gambling agreement before pulling me in.”

Zhou Yuhe thought about it a little and understood.


        The story of Zhou Yuhe’s forced termination of contract with I.S spread throughout the internet in a matter of days.

      The storm lasted as long as he had a lawsuit with I.S..

Ji Yuan held Zhou Yuhe’s brokerage contract in his hand, and won the lawsuit by a narrow margin, although he paid I.S a certain amount of compensation, this money wasn’t worth mentioning compared to the original breach of contract Zhou Yuhe had to pay.

        But for the lawsuit, except for key personnel, the netizens were confused.

       Under the intentional instruction of Ji Chen, countless “passers-by” jumped out and accused Zhou Yuhe of being ungrateful, tearing down bridges and living like a white-eyed wolf.

        The first six months after his debut, he won the main role in a youth film directed by Cai Rongxi, and after that, he went straight to the top.

        This kind of achievement, such glory.

        The company paved the way, who believed that the agency wasn’t involved?

        I.S spent so much effort to bring out Zhou Yuhe, and before a few years had passed, he terminated his contract. If everyone was like this, which company would dare to promote newcomers in the future?

        Many people were being led to accuse Zhou Yuhe’s action of causing a very bad impact on the acting industry.

        Seeing such a result, no one was more angry than Yang Yu.

        God knew what I.S had done this whole way with Zhou Yuhe.

        The role for the male lead of “Rejuvenation” was gotten through an open audition and Xie Yifeng; He got the male lead role in the audition for “Searching For Heaven” and was robbed of the role; For “Cat and An Xue”, they spent so much efforts to negotiate with the director.

       Except some insignificant commercial resources and variety resources, which film and television resources weren’t gotten by relying on the strength of Zhou Yuhe and Yang Yu’s connections?

        Yang Yu laughed in anger, “The new boss is really shameless.”

        Zhou Yuhe said to Yang Yu, “Don’t worry, since they don’t want face, let’s wait and see.”

        The next day, the counterattack began.

        First, Ji Yuan sent a long article stating that Zhou Yuhe’s contract was signed under his name and not I.S. So after the company’s structure changed and he left the company, he naturally took Zhou Yuhe’s contract with him.

        At the same time, Zhou Yuhe’s Weibo also forwarded Ji Yuan’s long article, first expressing his gratitude to I.S for nurturing him, and then attaching his usual rational explanation line by line.

        In a nutshell, the following points were made.

        1. I.S had owed Zhou Yuhe more than once.

  2. I.S often scheduled various commercial events without his consent, among which there was a conflict with his filming cycle, resulting in a short-term halt on set, placing a burden on the directing team.

        3.I.S hadn’t given Zhou Yuhe a job for three whole months due to the change of shareholding and the internal turmoil of the company, and had also pushed back the invitations for him to star in two major productions, thus leading to the rumors on the internet that he was acting proud, overpricing movie fees and other false information, which had indelibly damaged his personal credibility and image.


        If they really counted, which popular artist hadn’t had conflicts with their agencies?  What Zhou Yuhe said, in the eyes of the people in the industry, it was normal.

        But normal didn’t mean right.

        For these things to be torn apart in public, it looked very unattractive.

       Famous bloggers took advantage of the popularity of the subject and started exposing large brokerage companies;

        The fans were already dissatisfied with the company’s public relations department because of the previous scandal of Zhou Yuhe overpricing, and this time, his fans personally came forward to accuse I.S. of inaction, then they begun to fight against those “righteous passers-by”.

        The internet was in an uproar, but the public opinion was more on the side of Zhou Yuhe, who had always had a good image.

        Yang Yu sat in the office of the new studio, watching the development of this farce, he felt very emotional.

       No wonder, when he was transferred to the idol department at the time,  he wanted to help Zhou Yuhe check his schedule privately, but he refused and let the new agent handle everything … He had been waiting for this moment!

        Maybe the scandal of the sky-high pay was added by Zhou Yuhe –

        The news had been fierce and condemning, which made it even more annoying to Zhou Yuhe’s fans now.

        “This wave of reverse PR is really absolute ……”

        Yang Yu suddenly felt some sympathy for the I.S guys.

        These people, actually fought a PR war with Zhou Zhou?

        Their brains weren’t kicked by donkeys, right?

        When it came to public relations, even he, could only surrender in front of Zhou Yuhe and call him dad, okay!

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