C51— Day 51

   Caesar: “?”
He lifted his head and stared at Shen Tong.
Shen Tong looked at him, mistaking its reaction as it being sure that he couldn’t afford to feed him, and said soothingly, “I will find a way to feed you.”

In fact, Shen Tong had long had plans for this.

That was, live broadcast.
Caesar chuckled in his mind.
Raise him?

His tail wrapped the youth even tighter.

Don’t want to leave here.

This night, Shen Tong began to research about live broadcasts.
He wasn’t surprised to find that the most popular live streams were those related to him, or rather, those related to his catnip form. The felines’ love for catnip had reached the point where they watched catnip recordings repeatedly in their free time, so much so that after so much time has passed, catnip’s live streams were still hanging high on the top of the list.
If he hadn’t asked to hide his identity, probably once he started broadcasting, his popularity value would have topped the list, right?

        Shen Tong thought helplessly.
He couldn’t study for long.
The big cat next to him reached over with a paw, slapped the terminal out of Shen Tong’s hand, and pushed it under the bed with a face full of impatience.
–Time to sleep.
Shen Tong read its meaning and said with a smile, “Good night?”
The big cat looked at him, found a comfortable position for itself, and plopped down again.
Shen Tong turned off the light.
It was late at night.
His breathing also gradually stabilized.
The moonlight shone through the curtain, clear and bright, the young man slept on his side, his eyelashes cast a long, thick shadow on his face, and the pale mole under his right eye was almost hidden in it.
The snow lion looked at him for a few moments and silently changed back into his human form.
His hand reached out and swept him into his arms.
The young monarch lowered his head, rested his chin on the top of the youth’s hair, and closed his eyes.
The next day.
The big cat didn’t go out early as usual, but stood by, as if watching Shen Tong for a long time.
Shen Tong inclined his head to ask it: “Why are you still there?”
The snow lion sprayed its breath at him.

        –Lest someone take advantage of the opportunity to sneak away.

The meaning it wanted to express was too complicated for Shen Tong to read, so he changed the topic, he asked the snow lion, “Kitty, I decided to try a live show first, what do you think?”

Not good.

The snow lion lazily lifted his eyes.

Shen Tong also just casually asked, in his eyes, no matter how fierce the big cat was, it was just a cat, Shen Tong lightly patted its head a few times, “Go play.”

The snow lion saw that he didn’t take his opinion to heart and glanced at Shen Tong in discontent.

        Shen Tong had already started to busy himself and didn’t it receive at all.
He was registering a live stream channel.

Soon, after getting everything done, Shen Tong tried the photography function that came with the terminal.

–He didn’t have a special equipment, the terminal’s photography function wasn’t that different, but the taste and smell would be greatly reduced in the process of dissemination.
On the camera, in addition to him, there was a fierce snow lion.
Shen Tong turned around and asked, “Kitty, you’re not going out today?”

The snow lion looked at him, it didn’t move, which was its response.
Shen Tong smiled and said, “Then I’m going live, if you don’t want to be on camera, avoid it a little.”
He didn’t like being on camera.
So far, Caesar’s original form was unknown, but since the youth opened a live broadcast channel, he didn’t mind showing himself.
To make it clear to the group of felines that the youth already had a cat.

As for them, don’t even think about it.
The youth was his.
The snow lion wagged its tail slowly.
That afternoon, people who followed Shen Tong saw his new post.
@shentong: I’m trying a live broadcast.
Shen Tong’s popularity hadn’t yet subsided, many people who liked catnip rushed into his live broadcast room.
Most of the comments were also related to this.
[Raby rabbit: I heard that the anchor is like catnip? I came to see it.]
[Doris: I also came because of that. Little mint doesn’t go live anyone, if the blogger is really like catnip, I’ll live in this live room in the future.]

   [Don’t want to be a cat: sister add me too, I hope this isn’t a fake advert.]

        [Creamy Plum: I hope it isn’t a fake advert +1]


       Shen Tong looked at the comments and was a bit distressed.
He looked at the upper right corner again, the number of people in the live room was stable at 3600, which was far beyond Shen Tong’s expectation.
He took a deep breath, “Hello everyone, I’m Shen Tong.”
Shen Tong carefully browse through the comments about him playing the piano, people had mentioned that music could mobilize emotions, coupled with the attractiveness of his body, people couldn’t help but fall into it, but Shen Tong felt that not only the music, the smell of catnip on him also played a role.

Therefore, on the first live, Shen Tong decided to play the piano again.
He smiled, “For the first live broadcast, I’d better choose something better and play a piano piece for everyone.”
The comment section was responsive.
[There’s an internal flavor: ojbk.]
[Tough guy wants girls: Play.]
[Won’t eat spicy food: No problem.]
Shen Tong put the terminal away and sat in front of the piano.
–This piano, which was carried in by the housekeeper on the day Shen Tong started living in the house, was perhaps given to him by the housekeeper, or by His Majesty, to pass the time.
Thinking of that Majesty, Shen Tong’s movements couldn’t help but pause.
Someone in the audience started urging him.
[True Crown: Why hasn’t it started yet?]
[Trumpet bla bla bla: I’m ready to be happy!]
[Can’t quit milk tea: Anchor?]
[Cheese seaweed: To be honest, I don’t really believe anyone can replace Little Mint, I suspect it’s marketing.]
The atmosphere in the live room changed with just this one sentence.

        After all, it wasn’t just this Cheese Seaweed who was skeptical.
In fact, most of them were loyal fans of catnip.
They were very mixed feelings towards this Shen Tong.
The youth did give a good impression. They had expectations that this youth could really be as pleasant as little mint and become a “meal replacement” for catnip, but at the same time, they suspected that this was just a hype.
The youth was good, but he wasn’t catnip, so how could it be the same as catnip?
The first of these was the cheese seaweed, and a number of other similar messages were sent out.
[ How green is it: I also think so _(:з」∠)_]
[Moon River: nsdd]
[Spicy chicken wings: nsdd]
[TN: nsdd is slang for ‘you are right’]
[eat pomegranate seeds?: Are you guys alright? Why can’t you wait to see it yourself? The anchor hasn’t yet started, yet you’re so sure that it’s fake?]

Shen Tong looked at the comments, then he abandoned the nonsense in his mind and focused on the piano.
Fingers pressed the keys.
The moment the notes jumped, the comments stopped.
The cheerful piano music flowed like water.
Shen Tong picked a rather cheerful piano song.
People watched live broadcasts, originally to pass time and delight their body and mind. Besides, many people entered the live broadcast room because he was described as “like a human catnip”. Shen Tong certainly couldn’t let them down.

        Shen Tong bowed his head and played.

        It didn’t take long for the more tricky audience to be brought in by him involuntarily.

It was just a piano piece, to be honest.
But it had a wonderful ability.
The emotions were driven, and even the heart soared.
There was even a moment when the audience even caught a faint, faint, faint scent between their nostrils.
Sweet, moving.
Like the smell of catnip, but it wasn’t catnip.
It was a lot lighter.
And the youth in the camera, he sat there playing the piano, his hands were beautifully shaped, as if he was used to being pampered, it was porcelain white and delicate, which matched his gentle and pleasant temperament.

All of this was so perfect that it was heartbreaking.
It also brought great joy to the heart.
They forgot the worries and sorrows of life, their minds were blank, they could only passively sway gently to the melody, the joyful notes jumped in their hearts, the inexplicable joy almost made them forget everything.
The last time they reacted this way was with catnip.
Everyone listened quietly.
A few minutes later, Shen Tong finished playing.
The audience in the live room still couldn’t get back to their senses.
It was a good scent.
No, good song!
As if listening to the song and going to different dimensions, people were fluttering along!
What was like catnip?
If not for the fainter scent, they would have thought it was little mint!
The comments began to move.
[Eat pomegranate seeds?: Where are those who said nsdd?]
[How green is it: …… I apologize _(:з”∠)_]
[Moon River: silly, silly me QAQ]
[Won’t eat spicy food: sorry QAQ !!!! I was being stupid, I shouldn’t have suspected it was hype !!!!]
Other than that, the comments were mostly filled with compliments.

        [floating life don’t remember: my God!!! Little brother is awesome !!!! My heart is going to fly with it 5555555]

[TN: 55555, Chinese slang for crying aka wuwuwuwuwuwu]

        [Oreo: I don’t understand much, but it sounds good! And I’m happy! The only thing is that this happiness is too short, right? Can little brother still play? I’ll stay here all day ????]
[Sakura: I died today! Little brother has a good temperament, plays the piano well, and comes with catnip BUFF, I can’t!!!]

        [Nein: I’m going to go stuff my friends with Amway !!!!]

[TN: Amway, to advertise someone or something]

        Nein just happened to be a blogger with an extremely wide social circle, she sent the address of the live studio to almost every group, but even so, she thought about it and felt it wasn’t enough, such a precious and divine blogger should be known to the whole world, so Nein used the group sending function again and sent it to everyone privately.

In addition to her, the first reaction of many people after they came back to their senses was also to sell Amway to their friends.
–[@all members, come to the live studio [address] in a hurry, this anchor is the same as our little mint ahhhhhhhh, he’s super awesome and can make you happy as hell!]

For a while, there was silence in the live stream.
Everyone cut to their social accounts and frantically sold amway.
And as a result, the number of people, which was stable at 3600 just now, began to grow continuously and frantically!
3600, 4000, 4500, 5300 ……
By the end, it almost broke through 10,000 viewers!
Shen Tong hesitantly said, “Do you guys still want to listen?”
He actually didn’t intend to play again, otherwise the live content would be too monotonous, but the answer received was very consistent:.

        [Milk cherry: I want to listen QAQ]

        [Falling Flowers: want to listen!!!]

        [Crispy burn: want to listen!!!]

        Shen Tong thought about it, “Okay, then I’ll play another song.”

His hand had just been placed on the piano, perhaps because there were more people coming, and there were new doubts in the already harmonious comment section.
[Sending you a thousand miles:? Do you only play the piano, anchor]

      [Sending you a thousand miles: I already know that you can play the piano, and you’ve played the piano on the live broadcast. ]

        [Sending you a thousand miles:Bored.]

        [Sending you a thousand miles: No fun.]

        [Sending you a thousand miles: Don’t want to listen.]

        [Sending you a thousand miles:Also, are all the people in this live room children? As soon as I came in, I saw such embarrassing words. He just played the piano.]

       This ‘Sending you a thousand miles’, because of his high consumption on the live broadcast website, he had become a supreme VIP member, and his speech would be displayed in the most conspicuous place in the live broadcast room in the form of bubbles for five minutes.

        Even Shen Tong, who was the owner of the live broadcast, couldn’t take it down.

        Unless there was a new VIP user to suppress him.

      It really affected the mood.

        Shen Tong knitted his eyebrows.
Always pay attention to him, Caesar also unhappily narrowed his eyes. The snow lion slowly got up, walked to a place where Shen Tong couldn’t see, changed into his human form, and lowered his head to manipulate the terminal a few times.

        Shen Tong had a good nature, but for this kind of person deliberately looking for trouble, he couldn’t remain calm, “I play the piano in my live room, do I need to get your consent?”

       After he spoke, the live room suddenly exploded with fireworks.

        Unlike the regular gifts, mines, grenades, rocket launchers and so on, fireworks were a gift from the live platform specifically for the wealthy.

        A firework requires 10,000 star coins, which was expensive, but it could accumulate the intimacy value with the anchor, and after reaching a certain amount, the user would be upgraded to VIP, with many special rights in the live platform.

        –For example, you could harass or confess your feelings in big letters.

Colorful fireworks suddenly exploded in Shen Tong’s broadcast room, while the system alert was broadcasted on the whole platform: [User “C” released a firework to anchor “Shen Tong”].
[User “C” released a firework to anchor “Shen Tong”]
[User “C” released a firework to anchor “Shen Tong”.] [User “C” released a firework to anchor “Shen Tong”.]
[User “C” released a firework to anchor “Shen Tong”.] [User “C” released a firework to anchor “Shen Tong”.]
[User “C” released a firework to anchor “Shen Tong”.] [User “C” released a firework to anchor “Shen Tong”.]
After a few hundred fireworks, a new VIP user’s speech bubble topped off the words sent by ‘sending you a thousand miles’.

        [C: Love it.]

[C: Roll.]

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