C89— Leaving I. S


        Zhou Yuhe didn’t make a sound.

        All of a sudden everyone’s eyes were focused on Zhou Yuhe.

        Unlike many big names who entered I.S halfway through their careers, Zhou Yuhe was the only one of the new generation who was promoted by I.S. Him leaving I.S at this moment, was a bit ungrateful and eye-catching.

        But after seeing the next person who stood up, they understood.

        Yang Yu also walked behind Ji Yuan.

        The crowd was in an uproar.

        Who didn’t know that the idol department was the foundation of I.S in the entertainment industry, as a manager in the idol department, Yang Yu should have a bright future, but they didn’t expect him to be tapped by Ji Yuan.

        But his action was a relief to Zhou Yuhe.

        Who didn’t know that Yang Yu had been Zhou Yuhe’s agent from the beginning, since Yang Yu chose to follow Ji Yuan, then Zhou Yuhe leaving wasn’t so incomprehensible.

        Ji Chen stared at Zhou Yuhe, the resentment he felt was difficult to suppress.

        He couldn’t forget how many times this teenager had looked at him coldly in the past two years, but the more indifferent he was, the more itchy Ji Chen’s heart became.

        He had seen Zhou Yuhe in his dreams countless times wearing the military uniform from their first meeting, as he poured water on him, pulled his tie, and said with a soul-stirring voice “I am your god”. ……

        The youth was like a chronic poison, if he didn’t touch it, it itched, if he touched it, it hurt, this sweet and painful torture haunted Ji Chen for two whole years, and recently there was progress, before he wasn’t qualified and had no opportunity to approach the teenager, but now, he easily took the I.S. president position, easily became the teenager’s boss, he could create a lot of opportunities to spend time alone with him….

        The more Ji Chen thought about it, the more unwilling he was, he was about to go forward to question Zhou Yuhe, but Master Ji caught his reaction, and fiercely hit his cane on the ground,  the aura emanating from the old man made the noisy conference instantly quiet.

“If you leave today, don’t ever come back! I’d like to see what will happen to all of you!”

        The hawk-like eyes slowly swept over these “things that ate and left”, facing his gaze, everyone lowered their heads, not daring to look at the old man, until his gaze swept to Zhou Yuhe.

      His face and eyes remained calm.

He had no guilty conscience. Instead, his supercilious attitude made him regard this young man with special respect. No wonder his disappointing grandson saw him leaving, and became as anxious as an ant on hot bricks …

        But it was because of this the young man couldn’t stay!

        Master Ji’s eyes lingered on Zhou Yuhe for two or three seconds before he waved his hand impatiently at Ji Yuan in front of the crowd, “Get lost.”

        Ji Yuan gave a somewhat proud glance at Elder Ji and Ji Chen, and with a cold snort, he left I.S. with a group of people behind him.

        Ji Chen’s gaze stayed glued to the teenager’s back until the figure disappeared around the corner of the corridor, and only then did he turn back somewhat despondently.

        As soon as he focused, he met the discreet gaze of his grandfather, his cloudy eyes lit up with a glimmer of light, that was the hope and desire for the future.

        The era of I.S being ruled by Ji Yuan had come to an end.

        Ji Chen turned around and looked at the conference room that was nearly half empty.

        Although it was empty and cold, the remaining people, all of them were his single-handedly cultivated cronies, they looked at him with a firm and trusting light in their eyes.

        Ji Chen’s palms gradually clenched into fists.

        The lonesome eyes also gradually returned to their usual stern and confident look, yes, from this moment on, he was no longer the former playboy in the entertainment industry, he would shoulder the future of I.S!

        Ji Chen quickly organized his mood and began to preside over the first shareholders’ meeting after taking office.

        The old man on the side breathed a sigh of relief, and a pleased smile slowly spread across his serious face.


        On the other side.

        Zhou Yuhe walked out of the I.S. building.

        He looked back at the towering building with conflicted emotions.

        In his previous life, when he left I.S, he fell from the bottom of the clouds, he was crowded by the scheming artists in the company, and swept out under the eyes of Ji Chen.

At that time, there was no light in his life, the future was dark, and only the word “despair” could accurately depict his state of mind at that time.

        But now it was completely different.

        This time, he left I.S. on his own initiative.

        It was as if the big stone that had been weighing down his chest had been lifted, and even the breath of air he took  was fresh and simple.

        His cell phone rang.

        Seeing the caller ID, the corners of Zhou Yuhe’s mouth rose for a moment, then he picked up the phone and said flirtatiously, “Why is Brother Xie free to call me today?”

        Xie Yifeng’s recent schedule was packed, it wasn’t easy for him to have a meal with Zhou Yuhe, he was very sensitive to his feelings and thoughts, so he understood his playful jab. He couldn’t help but laugh.

        “What? You sound like you’re in a good mood.”

        “That’s not true.”

        Just imagining Zhou Yuhe’s haughty little expression on the other side of the phone, Xie Yifeng felt his heart itching,  he opened his mouth and whispered: “I miss you.”

        Zhou Yuhe felt teased by his deep sexy voice, he blushed and replied gently, “Me too.”

        His lover’s honest response made Xie Yifeng’s chest explode like a firework display, “I’m at the XXX restaurant XX box opposite your company, I want to see you, now.”

        Zhou Yuhe talked to him eagerly for a while before hanging up the phone reluctantly and walking towards the agreed location.

        XXX Restaurant was a famous private high-end club in this neighborhood, famous for its Japanese food and famous for its excellent privacy, not only for celebrities, but also for many political bigwigs who liked to eat there.

        As soon as Zhou Yuhe stepped into the private room, he fell into a warm and tender embrace.

        It was as Xie Yifeng was trying to merge their bodies together, Zhou Yuhe hurriedly closed the door and hugged him back, drawing on the familiar sense of security from his lover.

        “Long time no see.” Xie Yifeng bit his earlobe.

        Bullsh*t. Didn’t you just video call me  last night?

Zhou Yuhe smiled, but his eyes were extremely ambiguous, which made his heart beat harder. Xie Yifeng looked at him for a moment, then grabbed his face and impatiently kissed and bit his thin lips until they were plump and bright red.

        Zhou Yuhe waited until he had kissed enough before pushing him away and sitting on the tatami, “I’m starving, what did you order?”

Zhou Yuhe pulled him with little force, Xie Yifeng happily followed and sat down next to him and moved him closer, then he took out the menu from under the low table and handed it to him: “I ordered a lot, it’s everything you like to eat, check what else you want to order.”

        Zhou Yuhe drew circles on the menu for a while before confirming the order.

       As Xie Yifeng took a look at the number of circles, the tip of his eyebrows subconsciously raised.

        “What do you want to say?” Zhou Yuhe pursed his lips.

        “I don’t dare, it’s a blessing to be able to eat with you.”  Xie Yifeng’s mouth said that, but his hand couldn’t help but poke his little belly with affection.

Zhou Yuhe stopped his hand. “Stop, I’m not filming now so I don’t need to lose weight.”

Xie Yifeng paused before pinching his stomach one last time.

       They started playing around, they had been apart for too long, even when the waiter served the food, they didn’t separate.

       The waiter lowered his eyes and silently served the food before leaving quietly. With their work here, of course they all knew what to see and what not to see.

      Zhou Yuhe stopped fooling around with him, and focused on the food in front of him.

          Zhou Yuhe probably didn’t know that he liked to chew the food in his mouth before continuing. He only began to eat the next mouthful after he was done, and while he chewed, he would stare at the next dish he wanted to eat, he looked very cute when he was enjoying himself.

        Xie Yifeng secretly watched as he almost choked, he stretched out his hand and patted his back, and gently laughed: “Why are you acting like you just came back from a war. ”

        “I really fought a battle this morning, although I was a spectator, It was exciting enough.” The shareholders’ meeting was naturally complicated and extremely long. He entered the conference room at 10: 00 a.m. and stayed til 2: 00 p.m., it wasn’t too much to say that he almost became a hungry ghost.

        As Xie Yifeng listened, his smile slowly disappeared, turning into a straight line, he stared at Zhou Yuhe intensely.

        Zhou Yuhe didn’t get the expected reaction, so his heart couldn’t help but thump a little.

Sure enough, in the next second, he saw Xie Yifeng smile with an indescribable expression. “It’ must have been exciting. You made such a big move to cancel your contract, yet you didn’t say a word to me.”

“This, it hadn’t happened yet. What if Ji Yuan made a comeback, and the position of president wasn’t taken away?” Zhou Yuhe said guiltily, fortunately, he was clever enough, he quickly thought of a good way to change the subject. “This is nothing, I have more exciting news, do you want to hear about it?”

        “Hmm?” Xie Yifeng brought a cup of tea from the table, with a focused expression.

        Zhou Yuhe swallowed all the rice in his mouth, turned his body to face Xie Yifeng, with a very formal and serious expression, he cautiously spoke: “Do you want to leave Huan Yu Film and Television, and open a studio with me?”

       Xie Yifeng almost spat out the tea in his mouth.

       “Cough cough ……!”

        “I’m not kidding, I’ve seriously thought about it, although Huan Yu values you, the route set for you is too secure. To make a big movie in a year, you have to be the leading actor, and you must also be able to win awards … TV dramas, web dramas, supporting roles, and roles that are too controversial are ignored; You can’t have more than ten advertisements a year, and you only go on variety show at least once a year, and they also choose the style. My God, they’ve completely pushed you to the old artist route of virtue and art, you are only 26, not 46 years old. Xie Yifeng, in my eyes … ”

       Zhou Yuhe’s eyes emitted a soft but firm light.

      “You belong to a broader sky.”

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