In contrast, Zhou Yuhe was much calmer.

      He rubbed his ear, lost his smile and said: “Don’t be angry, Mr. Ji, the reason why I said I want to go out alone, is because I think there is a better, win-win way of cooperation than if we work together in the same company.”

Ji Yuan was glued to his mouth, as if in the next second, if he said something and made him unhappy, he would immediately throw the lad who didn’t know his weight out of I.S..

        “Betting agreement, heard of it?”

        Ji Yuan froze.

      The betting agreement.

     Of course he had heard of it.

       Not only heard, he was also very familiar with it.

        As a common method of capital operation, Mr. Ji was a hundred times more familiar with the words “betting agreement” than Zhou Yuhe.

        But he had always coaxed or forced other artists and directors to sign a betting agreement, Zhou Yuhe was definitely the first one to take the initiative.

        After thinking carefully, he instantly calmed down.

      “You want to sign a betting agreement with me?” Ji Yuan said with a slightly better tone.

Zhou Yuhe leaned forward slightly, posing as an imposing gesture, which didn’t match his young face of 22 years old. It was really not convincing.

         At this time, Zhou Yuhe was like a kid holding a dinosaur toy as a biochemical weapon in Ji Yuan’s eyes.

        Zhou Yuhe said: “I want freedom, you want money, rather than working in your hands, isn’t the betting agreement more suitable for both of us?”

        “Freedom?  Hahahahahahahahaha ……” Ji Yuan laughed, he thought that Zhou Yuhe was really too shallow, did he think it was so easy to come out to work alone?

Especially after signing the gambling agreement, it was already a good thing to not lose money. He didn’t know how many directors who were both virtuous and artistic, and how many powerful actors who were ready to enter the big screen, had all become machines that work for others to make money after signing the gambling agreement. It wasn’t up to him to select films yet he actually mentioned freedom.

     He was really too ignorant.

        But compared to signing such a popular and not very obedient artist, indeed the betting agreement was more attractive, signed by Zhou Yuhe, rather than worrying about his career, fame, future …… the betting agreement was only related to money, he just needed to take the money when it was enough, who cared about Zhou Yuhe?

Of course he didn’t intend to say too many words of exhortation with Zhou Yuhe, Ji Yuan nodded, indicating that he was very satisfied with the proposal of the betting agreement, “Then so be it, as for the amount of the bet and the specific details, we will talk again when your contract is all sorted out.”

        “Thank you, Mr. Ji.”

        Zhou Yuhe walked out of the office under Ji Yuan’s slightly pitying gaze.

        The numbers on the elevator display kept jumping.

        Zhou Yuhe looked at himself in the elevator mirror, his youthful and energetic face with three parts arrogance, and seven parts the courage of a newborn calf not afraid of a tiger …… then smiled.

        He laughed calmly.

Ji Yuan thought he didn’t know what a gambling agreement was, and was thinking about how to make a fortune from him, but he didn’t know he was the lamb who fell into the trap.

        The betting agreement in the entertainment industry, in most cases, was a capital party in the investment in a film or television production or a company, the future operating conditions weren’t clear, the two sides jointly negotiated an agreement. For example, if an investment company A invested $70 million in a film or television company registered by artist B, artist B must guarantee to earn a net profit of $100 million for company A before three years, otherwise the money would have to be paid out of artist B’s own pocket.

        The betting agreement was actually a form of option, very common in business operations, but this form of time in the entertainment industry was very short, only one or two years from now, so in Ji Yuan’s view, thinking that Zhou Yuhe didn’t know the benefits and harms was also justifiable.

        The betting agreement looked very good, for investors, with the promise of a guarantee, it reduced the risk of investment; for artists, they would get enough fast money to run their own work, it seemed to be the best of both worlds, but the danger in the entertainment industry market was rapidly changing, plans could never catch up with change. As far as Zhou Yuhe knew, over the past ten years, the number of artist directors who had destroyed or almost destroyed their good reputation because of betting agreements had been at least over half.

        In his previous life, before he died, the culture of the industry had regarded the betting agreement like a wolf, if there was no bottom line, no one dared to easily sign a betting agreement with the capital side.

        But Zhou Yuhe’s biggest card.

        It was foreknowledge.

The reason he dared to say this was because he knew that in his previous life, although Ji Yuan’s actions weren’t as big as in this life, he knew how to dig people up, he just casually adjusted the company structure, adding a little trouble for Ji Chen to take over I.S. In the next few years, he was subject to Ji Chen’s crazy revenge, and all the companies under his hands were forced to be unable to operate, the senior management ran away, and even Ji Yuan himself, for fear of police investigation, had to flee overseas and never returned to the country afterwards.

In the previous life, not to mention now, if his new company could last until the day the betting agreement took effect was still unknown, Zhou Yuhe naturally had nothing to worry about.

Taking a step back, even if the betting agreement really took effect, he also had a way to deal with it.

For the time being, it was a good deal to get his contract out of I.S. without spending a single penny, and also to take away Yang Yu in the process.

Zhou Yuhe walked out of the company building in a happy mood.

This was the first time that the nephew and uncle had been caught in a trap, but it was a pity that Ji Yuan and Ji Chen, the parties involved, knew nothing about it.

Meng family.

Meng Churong’s mother Fu Xiaoyu was having tea with her future son-in-law.

Fu Xiaoyu was worthy of being the number one agent in the entertainment industry, just sitting on a chair and holding up a cup of tea, she just looked like the person in charge, an indescribable aura of a superior emanated from her body.

“Chen’er ah, your side of things should have almost been handled?” Fu Xiaoyu carelessly skimmed the floating tea endings with the tea lid.

In front of Meng Churong, Ji Chen, who was indifferent, was very obedient in front of Fu Xiaoyu.

He put on the proper smile of a junior and said, “The results of the shareholders’ meeting should be available this week, thank you for your concern.”

Fu Xiaoyu nodded, while hilding the fold on her cheongsam, she said, “After your business is over, will you start preparing for the wedding with Rong’er?”
Ji Chen and Meng Churong froze in unison.
Ji Chen’s hand hidden under the table gradually clenched.
Meng Churong pulled the hem of Fu Xiaoyu’s shirt and said petulantly, “Mom, I don’t want to get married so soon!”

Fu Xiaoyu showed a doting smile that she would only show in front of her daughter, “Look at you, saying such things again. You are 25, not 18 or a 19 year old girl, yet you’re still so capricious, you’re not rushing to get married, but I’m waiting to hold my grandchildren.”

Meng Churong glanced at the silent Ji Chen and snickered, “People themselves don’t have this idea, what is the use of waiting to hold a grandchild?”

        Ji Chen stiffened slightly.

        Fu Xiaoyu lightly patted the back of Meng Churong’s hand and scolded, “Don’t talk nonsense.”

Turning to Ji Chen, she said with a slight apology, “It’s all my fault, I’ve spoiled this girl, don’t take what Rong’er said to heart.”

Ji Chen showed an elegant and perfect smile, “How could it be? It’s because I’ve been too busy lately, after the dust of I.S. settles, I’ll take Churong out to have a good time.”
Fu Xiaoyu smiled kindly, “That’s right, young people need to spend more time together to have a chance to develop a relationship.”

Ji Chen looked at this mother and daughter happy appearance, and suddenly felt a little tired, he patiently accompanied Fu Xiaoyu talk for a while, and couldn’t help but use the excuse of being busy to disappear.

Meng Churong sent Ji Chen to the door.

Looking at Ji Chen’s impatience to get into the car, she said with resentment: ” Do you want to go so much? Is it torture for you to stay with me for one more second, Master Ji? “

Ji Chen looked back at her coldly and said with a frown, “What are you thinking about?”

His attitude wasn’t the same as in front of her Mother.

Ji Chen’s acting skill was still quite good, or else back then he wouldn’t have tricked Zhou Yuhe into ending up like that.

But he used the perfect mask to treat Zhou Yuhe in his previous life because at that time, the company’s capital chain had problems, and he urgently needed to join with Black Emperor. The existence of Zhou Yuhe was the biggest stain on him, and in order to successfully complete the marriage, he had to stabilize him.

But in this life, with the double blow of Cao Qiyue’s negative incident and the disastrous end of “Obviously Sweet”, Black Emperor wasn’t as powerful as it was in the previous life, and in the previous life, Ji Chen didn’t need to marry Meng Churong to keep his position in I.S. The marriage with Meng Churong was at most icing on the cake, but never a blessing.

In addition to his previous problems with Meng Churong, his attitude was naturally lazy.

The attitude of Ji Chen undoubtedly angered Meng Churong.
She stepped forward and said in a whisper that only the two of them could hear, “Don’t think I don’t know that you married me because of my Meng family’s lineage, and that you will kick me out when you succeed in inheriting I.S. I’m telling you, you’d better stop thinking about it and be polite to me, our marriage is fixed!”

Ji Chen’s eyes narrowed slightly, danger radiated from him.

        It’d been a long time since he threatened anyone else, and it’d been a long time since he was threatened like this.

Meng Churong was frightened by his cannibalistic eyes and took a half step back.

Ji Chen leaned close to her face and said, “Do you think I’m the only one who has taken a fancy to your Meng family? Ask yourself, which man you associate with isn’t like this? If you are not Fu Xiaoyu’s daughter, who would value you with your character? Meng Churong, there are some words that I advise you to suppress in your stomach, as long as I don’t break off our marriage one day, you’ll be my, Ji Chen’s fiancee one day. If I’m willing to marry, you’d better marry. Otherwise, if it ends, the most disadvantaged will never be me. “

“You’re threatening me?!” Meng Churong was so angry that her face turned red.

Ji Chen sneered, regardless of Meng Churong’s anger or not, he got in his car and drove off.

Meng Churong rushed back to the restaurant in a rage.

“I’m not getting married! I’ll die if anyone wants me to marry Ji Chen!”

A sharp slap hit Meng Churong’s pretty face.

“What’s dead or not dead! You’re so hard-winged that your mother can’t control you anymore, right?” Fu Xiaoyu’s expression was dark.

Meng Churong covered her hot cheek and looked at her mother, who had always doted on her, incredulously.

“Mom? How dare you hit me? You’re watching me jump into a fire and you’re not saving me, instead you hit me?” The more Meng Churong thought, the more aggrieved she was, and tears flowed out of her eyes uncontrollably.

Fu Xiaoyu regretted a bit, her well-kept hand wanted to touch her daughter’s face, but she reached out halfway and then withdrew, and replied coldly: “It was you who was wrong! It seems that I have indeed spoiled you over the years, have you ever thought about this family and the company?”

Meng Churong asked in a daze, “What do you mean?”

Fu Xiaoyu sighed, “I blame myself for protecting you too well, from wind to wind to rain to rain, you can’t see the pros and cons. Black Emperor is no longer the past Black Emperor, these years there’d been a market downturn, and finally Cao Qiyue appeared. Almost every musician in the industry looked up to her, she and Black Emperor termination of contract scandal’s impact was far more far-reaching than we thought, even now, the industry is still saying that we had eyes but couldn’t see a pearl…… ”

        Meng Churong stared at her mother with wide eyes, with every word she said, Meng Churong felt ice cold, by the time she finished speaking, her teeth were chattering a little, she bit her lip hard before coming back to her senses, and loudly retorted –
“You’re lying! You obviously didn’t say that at first! You clearly told me that Cao Qiyue was just a minion, a useless gay who had no business being in a relationship with me, and that the Black Emperor could crush her to death with just one finger!”

Fu Xiaoyu was stunned by Meng Churong’s overreaction.

Meng Churong’s expression became worse, “Acknowledge it, you have eyes, you just have been immersed in business operations for too long, mom… In your opinion, an artist isn’t for anything other than popularity. Talent alone cannot cause phenomenal attention. Everything is for fame, and behind all fame is a driving force. You just didn’t believe that there are really talented people in the world! Do you still remember that I took Cao Qiyue’s sample song for you, what did you say? “It might be a little popular if I push it hard!” Did it even become popular? ! She was already famous when you pushed her out, now you turn around and say.” Almost all the musicians in the Chinese music industry look up to her,’ don’t you think it’s ridiculous ……”

Fu Xiaoyu’s face darkened for a moment, then immediately returned to normal, then she slowly responded: “Even successful businessmen have times when they look away ……”

“Businessman, you actually call yourself a businessman? Do you still remember that you used to be an agent?” With a disappointed expression, Meng Churong rushed back to her room without looking back.

Ji Chen’s humiliating words were like knives in her chest.

But she had to admit, without the identity of the Meng family, without the status and wealth of the Black Emperor in the entertainment industry, those guys who daily texted her sweetly would have left long ago!
Was there really not a single redeeming feature in her?

No, it wasn’t like that.

Of all the people she had dated, there was one, one person who wasn’t like that ……

People always had to wait until they lost before they knew how to cherish things.

The more desperate and wretched she was, the more likely Meng Churong was to think of Cao Qiyue.

She picked up the phone and wanted to call Cao Qiyue, but when she thought of the last time she called, she suppressed the thought with palpitations.

She could only stay under the blanket, listening to Cao Qiyue’s song over and over again.

When she came back to my senses, she found herself in tears.


As long as the upper level of I.S. didn’t make an announcement, every employee in the company felt like there was a knife hanging over their head, and they worked with trepidation every day, afraid of annoying their bosses.

The feeling that a storm was coming to fill the building was getting worse day by day, and even Zhou Yuhe’s schedule had been slightly affected.

Fortunately, the shareholders’ meeting was a few days away, he simply pushed all his jobs, then he and Xie Yifeng spent a pleasant short vacation together.

On the day of the shareholders’ meeting, Zhou Yuhe went to I.S. because he and Yang Yu still had some work-related matters to hand over.

Although they both knew about the betting agreement, this was after all still a matter of secrecy, at this stage the two hadn’t returned to their previous relationship of agent and artist, the work that should be handed over to Brother Bai still had to be handed over.

The three of them had just pulled it together in the office when someone came over to inform Yang Yu and Agent Bai to go to the shareholders’ meeting.

“I’ll go down the elevator with you guys.” Zhou Yuhe collected the documents in his hands.

Several people came to the elevator entrance and coincidentally ran into Elder Ji, Ji Chen and Ji Yuan’s group.

Master Ji was still as hale and hearty as he remembered, but the tightly pursed lips make him look a bit unruffled. Behind him stood the calm and relaxed Ji Chen and the stiff-faced Ji Yuan, followed by a few executives, without talking, the discerning eye could see that there were undercurrents surging between this group of people.

When Ji Chen saw Zhou Yuhe, his eyes lit up faintly, “What a coincidence? Yuhe, you’re also here?”

“Yes Brother Ji, I just happened to finish my business with Brother Bai and Brother Yang, so I won’t disturb your meeting,” Zhou Yuhe smiled, and then greeted Master Ji politely, “Hello, Mr. Ji.”

Master Ji looked at him for a moment, seemingly identifying his face, after two seconds, surprisingly, the corners of his eyes curved and he smiled: “So it’s Little Zhou, I’ve seen your movie, you acted well, keep up the good work in I.S in the future, the future of I.S depends on you young people.”

Zhou Yuhe was very surprised.

In his memory, Master Ji always looked at him as if he was a disgusting maggot, always with a cold, disgusted and disdainful expression.

It turned out that when he and Ji Chen didn’t have that kind of relationship, he would smile at him so kindly and affectionately.

Just like an old grandfather from an ordinary home.

He was somewhat flattered and nodded in response. Seeing that his grandfather knew Yuhe, and also looked like he appreciated him, Ji Chen’s mood relaxed, as if the battle field he was about to enter wasn’t so difficult to endure.

Ji Yuan stood behind several people with a cold smile, I.S future? Don’t have big dreams, Zhou Yuhe is my person! He’s the person who will leave I.S as soon as I leave!

He said to Zhou Yuhe with an unnatural smile, “Since everyone happens to be here, why don’t you also come with us to the shareholders’ meeting, Xiao Zhou?”

Zhou Yuhe didn’t want to get involved, he laughed awkwardly, “This …… isn’t quite appropriate, right?”

The moment Ji Chen thought about Zhou Yuhe witnessing the moment he took I.S from the hands of his uncle, he felt a little restless, he wanted to walk up and pull his arm, but under his grandfather’s gaze, he suppressed this desire, and patted his arm: “Teacher Liao, Mr. Mu Tao and a few seniors are in, with your current popularity, you’re qualified to sit in I.S’s shareholders meeting.”

Zhou Yuhe motionlessly glanced at Ji Yuan, found him nodding with a gloomy smile, he sighed silently, then agreed to go with them to the shareholders meeting.

The scale of this shareholders meeting was undoubtedly the largest in the past ten years, not only were all the executives and shareholders present, some of the old artists in I.S. who bought stocks and some big seniors in the show business who could be named also came, Zhou Yuhe as the only junior, sitting in this group of old seniors, he seemed a bit out of place.

Some shareholders originally wanted to say something, but once they thought of the recent popularity of Zhou Yuhe, and the fact that he alone had brought the company considerable economic benefit, they let it go.

On the sidelines, in the middle of the executive level, this shareholders meeting was undoubtedly thrilling, with many ups and downs.

        But for Zhou Yuhe, it wasn’t interesting.

In his last life, he personally participated in these factional struggles, and even almost fought with Ji Yuan, those big winds and waves, he had been subjected to them in his last life, and now as a bystander watching this familiar scene, in addition to a sneer, he found himself unable to make any other expression

The shareholders’ meeting went smoothly, in order to take down Ji Yuan, Old man Ji and Ji Chen began the layout many years ago, step by step, they carefully calculated, how could Ji Yuan be their opponent, after some words, Ji Chen took away the management of I.S under the resentful and unwilling eyes of Ji Yuan.

His defeat was extremely fast.

During the last annual meeting, Ji Yuan looked smug, and Ji Chen didn’t dare refute Ji Yuan’s accusations, but now they had completely switched places.

Zhou Yuhe couldn’t help but sigh a little.

However the rhythm of the battle wasn’t going to change because of his emotions.

After the momentum had gone, Ji Yuan directly made his killer move, in the shareholders meeting, he directly announced that he was about to take a group of employees out of the company alone, which was openly provocative to the new president.

Ji Chen had long been drenched in sweat, despite the air conditioning, he still had difficulty breathing, he pulled his tie with his hand and sneered: “Okay! I’ll see who dares to walk out of the I.S. building today!”

There was no sound from the floor.

Everyone could feel the new president’s anger, and a few employees who were about to leave couldn’t help but look at each other with their hearts beating like drums.

“I want to go.” An old voice broke the silence.

        The owner of the voice was a thirty-year veteran of I.S, the head of the human resources department.

“I.S can only have one president per time period, such a good company, I’m afraid it’ll be ruined by you.” The old supervisor walked behind Ji Yuan with a disappointed expression.

        The old supervisor’s stepping forward was like a signal, followed by the appearance of one shareholder and executive after another, deciding to go forward with Ji Yuan.

Ji Chen coldly looked at these people, he seemed provoked, but in fact he was amused, it was a good thing for them to leave, he could freely place his people into important positions, now that Ji Yuan took away so many useless people, he could just take the opportunity to reorganize.

However, when he saw the next person who stood up, Ji Chen’s eyes narrowed slightly, and the veins on his forehead rose slightly.

This time he couldn’t laugh.

He was really enraged.

His voice was as cold as the snow in winter, “You want to leave too? Zhou Yuhe?”

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