C7—- Pink Bath Towel

  Lu Wenxing blinked and looked at Song Jiajia helplessly.

  He was signed into Mang Cheng Entertainment and practiced dance with Wei Ze for a few months, the teacher had praised him for his ability to imitate and learn quickly.

Lu Wenxing had also been puzzled, he obviously hadn’t learned the dance, but seemed to be particularly familiar with it.

But then he was pulled by Wang Man to take endorsements and print ads, and never took dance lessons again.

Lu Wenxing thought he probably had strong body memory, plus a bit of basic skills, so he beat Wen Min completely by luck.

  While Wen Min had been struggling to remember the movements, Lu Wenxing had already rehearsed it several times in his head.

Song Jiajia didn’t listen to his explanation, she stood aside with her arms crossed.

  ”Lu Wenxing, I have to tell you a story.”

  ”Once upon a time there was a school scum, he asked the school bully how well he did in the midterm exam this time, the school bully replied that he wasn’t sure. The school scum was secretly happy because he did well in the exam. When the school scum joyfully held up 95 points, the school bully in the front row had 149 points on the paper.”

Lu Wenxing: “……”

  Gu Yanshen couldn’t help but secretly agree in his heart, just now when Lu Wenxing looked at him, he was a bit overwhelmed. After all, he wasn’t willing to dance, and pushed the heavy burden of dancing to Lu Wenxing.

The result?

He was clearly a professional.

  ”Wenxing, which boy group are you a member of, you haven’t debuted yet, right?”

It was no wonder that Wen Min thought so, although there were no complicated movements in this dance, learning it in few minutes was impossible without some basic skills, Lu Wenxing was good-looking and wasn’t too old, the probability of being in a group was high.

In addition to Gu Yanshen, several other people in the room also thought so.

Whether Wen Min or Song Jiajia, the first time they saw Lu Wenxing they were stunned by his looks, when Lu Wenxing debuted he could definitely take a place in the entertainment industry.

However, Lu Wenxing denied their suspicions.

“I’m not a member of a male group.”

Lu Wenxing had heard people ask this question more than once and was used to it, “I’ve already debuted, most of my work is based on endorsements and print shoots, this is my first time on screen.”

Song Jiajia looked at Lu Wenxing in surprise, was Lu Wenxing’s agent blind? Such a good-looking face, had only taken ads? Everyone knew that photos could be fine-tuned, as long as the facial features were good, the post-edit would show the most beautiful face.

But Lu Wenxing’s face was already extremely good, to only get print ads? Wasn’t that a waste? !

  She thankfully patted Lu Wenxing’s shoulder, “Fortunately, Brother Shen was wise to see a hidden pearl, your looks on the screen is really too good.”

Lu Wenxing didn’t take it seriously, and replied with a smile, “Then I have to thank Mr. Gu. Otherwise, it would be a real pity to miss the opportunity to be on a variety show with Sister Song.”

“Please, both of you, stop the compliments and consider us who are hungry.” Li Xiangming’s stomach growled a few times in response, he seemed quite hungry.

  ”Director, the competition is over, so isn’t it time to go eat dinner?”

“It’s been a hard day for everyone, now let the program team’s special car driver send you to the nearest food street for dinner.”


On the way back, Song Jiajia still felt incredulous. “I’m surprised the directing team didn’t make a small move.”

“You look sorry?” Li Xiangming couldn’t understand Song Jiajia’s mind.

“Young man, you’ve rarely been on variety shows, right?” Song Jiajia had the tone of an experienced person, “When you have gone a few times, you’ll know how sinister the directing team is.”

Lu Wenxing quietly agreed with Song Jiajia’s words, he had never been on a variety show before, but that didn’t mean he hadn’t seen variety shows.

In order get more viewers, the team digging holes for guests was a common occurrence, the audience was happy to see it, so the ratings would naturally go up.

Anyway, there were thousands of ways to avoid a pit and then fall into the next one.

“What are you thinking about?”

As Lu Wenxing was walking, suddenly there was a person beside him, he looked sideways, Wen Yu had started walking next to him at some point.


  ”We haven’t spoken much yet we are in the same company. I thought I would have a chance to talk to you tonight, but I didn’t think there wouldn’t be an opportunity.”  Wen Yu’s words were tinged with regret.

Lu Wenxing’s eyes flashed with a trace of surprise. He thought Wen Yu chose to live with him because he could only choose him. He didn’t expect Wen Yu to have this idea from the start.

Lu Wenxing couldn’t say what he felt, but he didn’t want to have too much contact with Wen Yu, not only because Wen Yu was the protagonist, but also because he couldn’t tell.

When he looked up again, Lu Wenxing saw his figure in Wen Yu’s clear eyes, and his eyes were shining with an unclear emotion.

Lu Wenxing suddenly felt his heart jump, as if something had flashed by, which made him unable to catch it.

  His head was dizzy and he subconsciously wanted to stay away from Wen Yu.

Lu Wenxing couldn’t be blamed for being wary, the entertainment world was a twisted one, and Wen Yu was the protagonist of this world, and the one who indirectly caused the tragic end of ‘Lu Wenxing’.

Even if Lu Wenxing knew that the person who caused ‘Lu Wenxing’ to end badly wasn’t Wen Yu, but his jealous ‘self’.

  But Lu Wenxing still didn’t want to be in contact with Wen Yu. He wasn’t a person who would wrong himself. If he didn’t want to, he would stay away.

Perhaps Lu Wenxing was too indifferent, Wen Yu didn’t continue to ask questions. He moved a few steps behind and walked with Zhou Zitong.

Lu Wenxing took out his phone from his pocket and clicked on WeChat. The top message was from his brother Xie Chengfei.

[X] Mrs. Lu said you were on a variety show, with Gu Yanshen?

[ET] Hmm. How did you do on your exams?

[X] When have I done badly on exams?

[ET] My bad, I shouldn’t have questioned our family’s college god.

[X] When are you coming home?

ET] Waiting for you so we’ll go together.

  Lu Wenxing had already terminated his contract with Mang Cheng Entertainment, and wouldn’t take other jobs besides this variety show. He wasn’t busy, so he took advantage of the winter break to take on a few drawing commissions.

  Xie Chengfei was a senior in high school this year. After the final exam, he had to stay in school to make up a missed lesson. Lu Wenxing calculated the time. It was expected that Xie Chengfei would be on holiday by the time he finished the drawing, so they could just go home together.

Lu Wenxing planned it perfectly, but Xie Chengfei immediately guessed his intention.

[X] Did you receive another job?

[ET] No

Lu Wenxing typed with one hand and denied it fast.

[X] How many did you receive?

      [X】I’ll let Mrs. Lu question you if you don’t tell the truth.


Lu Wenxing could only tell the truth. Once his eyes got hurt and he didn’t want his family to know about it. But his eyes were wrapped in gauze and he couldn’t see, so he answered Mrs. Lu’s video call by mistake and was immediately caught in the act.

Mrs. Lu was so frightened by Lu Wenxing that she rushed to the hospital overnight to visit. After that, Mrs. Lu was very concerned about Lu Wenxing’s eyes, and from time to time, she urged him not to overuse his eyes.

After the text was sent, the dialog box showed ‘the other is typing’.

Lu Wenxing looked down and typed the word ‘confidential’, and before he could send it, his arm was pulled by someone.

“Be careful.”

Lu Wenxing hadn’t yet reacted, but he instantly fell into a warm embrace.

When he looked up, the car that almost hit him was already speeding away, leaving only the sound of the whistling wind.

“Don’t look at your phone when crossing the street.”

Gu Yanshen’s lowered voice was directly in Lu Wenxing’s ear.

Lu Wenxing exhaled and took a step back from him, “Thank you, Mr. Gu.”

Lu Wenxing’s breath wasn’t quite steady, he felt as if he had experienced this scenario before, but when he thought about it carefully, he couldn’t recall anything.

“I was scared to death!”

“I was scared too!”

  ”It was really dangerous ah! Fortunately, Yanshen reacted quickly.”

“Some drivers pass the crosswalk slowing down, which is a violation of traffic rules. But Wenxing, you didn’t do the right thing, even if you’re on the crosswalk, you shouldn’t use your phone, it’s too dangerous.”

Not only was Lu Wenxing frightened, but the scene just now made everyone present jumpy, it was good that nothing happened.

“I’m sorry.” Lu Wenxing’s face was bloodless, his heart beating rapidly.

Under the street light, his face was particularly pale, looking closer, Gu Yanshen could even see that Lu Wenxing’s forehead was covered with sweat.

Gu Yanshen didn’t hesitate. When he reacted, his hand had already grabbed Wenxing’s shoulder, and his deep voice became soothing.

  ”It’s okay.”

  Their postures looked somewhat intimate, a faint woody fragrance lingered in the air, his beating heart gradually calmed.

  After returning to the B&B, several people returned to their rooms carrying suitcases. Lu Wenxing hung up the clothes in his suitcase and specially reserved the other half for Gu Yanshen.

After he finished, Gu Yanshen asked him.

“Will you take a shower first or should I?”

There was only one bathroom, so they had to take turn. But when Gu Yanshen asked, he felt strange, but he didn’t bother to figuring it out, his eyes fell on Lu Wenxing’s pale face.

From the way back, Lu Wenxing’s expression wasn’t good.

Gu Yanshen didn’t understand, it was normal to feel afraid after danger, but Lu Wenxing didn’t look frightened.

Perhaps even Lu Wenxing himself didn’t realize how bad his expression was, Gu Yanshen raised his eyes again to look at him and said.

“Go ahead and wash up.”

  ”Just now…thank you.”

  Lu Wenxing’s light eyes gazed at Gu Yanshen, he looked indifference and detached. It was very much like a hedgehog that was full of thorns after being frightened or threatened.

Gu Yanshen’s brow wrinkled subconsciously, Lu Wenxing was in a bad mood, but why?

“It’s enough to say thank you once. Take a shower first.”

Lu Wenxing didn’t argue, he took his clothes and went into the bathroom. Looking at the closed bathroom door, Gu Yanshen’s thoughts returned to the time when he first met Lu Wenxing.

Lu Wenxing at that time was also indifferent. Unlike the present alienation, he looked nonchalant, and his beautiful eyes were cunning.

He didn’t know who Lu Wenxing had been chatting with, or the rumor about his choice of concubines.

  He didn’t look into Lu Wenxing’s meaning and didn’t take it to heart, there were so many people discussing him, it was impossible to pursue everything.

What surprised Gu Yanshen was that after Lu Wenxing was caught, he was able to calmly act as if nothing had happened, and even greeted him without embarrassment.

Gu Yanshen only thought Lu Wenxing was thick-skinned.

However, Lu Wenxing, whom he treated as a thick-skinned person, didn’t come over and try to get close to him like the others did, instead he didn’t apologise and then suddenly walked away.

Gu Yanshen immediately felt so angry and amused, and somehow he couldn’t hold himself back, and said something in return.

His tone wasn’t good, but Lu Wenxing probably didn’t hear it, he turned around and walked out with a smile.

His attitude was as if he was moving around his territory.

It was just that the chosen location wasn’t right.

Gu Yanshen’s thoughts drifted further and further away until the bathroom door was knocked on, “What’s wrong?”

“I …… forgot to take my bath towel.” Lu Wenxing’s voice came out of the closed bathroom with so much embarrassment.

“Where did you put it?”

“In the closet, I hung it up.”

Gu Yanshen didn’t notice, but when he heard Lu Wenxing’s normal voice, his hanging heart slightly relaxed.

  He pulled open the closet and a pink bath towel crashed into Gu Yanshen’s eyes.

“Have you seen it?” Lu Wenxing’s voice rang out.

Gu Yanshen grabbed the bath towel and walked to the bathroom door, knocking on the door.

  The bathroom door was pulled open from the inside, revealing a slit, a long white arm reached out and grabbed twice in mid-air, Gu Yan Shen immediately put the bath towel on Lu Wenxing’s hand and turned away from the bathroom.

Lu Wenxing closed the door, after seeing the pink bath towel handed to him by Gu Yanshen, a blush crept up to Lu Wenxing’s ears, his negative emotions were swept away and instantly replaced by shame and annoyance.

  Gu Yanshen must have seen it!

Lu Wenxing was a bit grumpy, Gu Yanshen wouldn’t think he had any strange hobbies, right?

  This pink bath towel was bought by his roommates, a set of four colors. When Lu Wenxing got his hands on it, his roommates had all chosen, leaving only this pink bath towel.

In order to keep Lu Wenxing from arguing, the roommates repeatedly coaxed him, even the ‘a real man should be pink and tender’ nonsense was mentioned.

Seeing his roommates tightly holding the bath towels in their hands, for fear of it being taken away by Lu Wenxing, Lu Wenxing smiled contemptuously and disdained to argue with them.

“Isn’t it just pink? A real man won’t be afraid.”

  Yesterday, Lu Wenxing rushed to pack his luggage, he casually took the folded bath towel and hastily stuffed it into the suitcase ……

Now he was regretting it, he was very regretful.

How did Lu Wenxing make such a low-level mistake after laughing at Wei Ze for not bringing toilet paper? If he was given another chance, he would definitely not make fun of Wei Ze.

  Lu Wenxing sighed, having a pink bath towel wasn’t scary, what was scary someone finding out that he had a pink bath towel and he was the one who led him to it.

  Lu Wenxing: “……”

  The bath towel in his hand suddenly felt a little hot.

Before pulling open the bathroom door, Lu Wenxing was still immersed in ‘will Gu Yanshen think he has a strange fetish?’ and ‘how to silence Gu Yanshen’, it repeatedly jumped across his mind.


Gu Yanshen leaned on the sofa and lifted his eyes to look at Lu Wenxing, feeling his gaze, the embarrassment from earlier surfaced again.

He and Gu Yanshen weren’t very familiar with each other, so it seemed abrupt to explain. After thinking about it, Lu Wenxing simply ignored the problem, and didn’t bother to explain.

Who said men couldn’t use pink bath towels?

He just ‘liked’ pink, could he not?

Lu Wenxing successfully convinced himself, and indifferently nodded.

Gu Yanshen was keenly aware that Lu Wenxing was angry, but he didn’t understand what Lu Wenxing was angry about.

Although Lu Wenxing’s face was taut, the vividness in his eyes couldn’t be hidden.

Gu Yanshen felt it was a little funny, it seemed quite amusing to make him angry.

Sure enough, it was right to give way for Wenxing to take a bath first.

After showering, his mood was better, even though he was still angry.

Lu Wenxing put on an uncaring expression, Gu Yanshen also didn’t intend to provoke him, he took his clothes into the bathroom.

When he came out of the bathroom, Lu Wenxing was already lying down. His original intention was to play the pet raising game for a while, but Gu Yanshen had to give up.

He turned to the other bed, lifted the quilt and got in.



The tires rubbing against the ground and made a shrill noise, followed by a dull crash.

A five or six year old boy stood frozen in place, his eyes unfocused, his ears buzzing, his violently beating heart disrupted his perception of the outside world.

Before the boy realized what was going on, the sound of the engine starting up sounded again.

The black car flew by, brushing the boy’s side, and he stumbled and fell to the ground. He didn’t have time to get up, the black car turned a corner and came at him again.

His heart contracted violently, and even breathing became difficult as he watched the car speeding by…

“Lu Wenxing.”

Who was calling him?

  ”Lu Wenxing, wake up.”

Lu Wenxing struggled to open his eyelids, a blurry face appeared in front of him, “Lu Wenxing, are you okay?”

The cold back of his hand was pressed against Lu Wenxing’s hot forehead.

So comfortable.

Lu Wenxing squinted his eyes, not wanting to let the comfortable coolness slip away from him.

He lifted his weak arm, his hot palm faced down and held the other cool palm, making the two palms overlap.

The coolness woke Lu Wenxing up a bit, and he struggled to identify the person in front of him, with deep eyes, a high nose, and thin lips.

It was a good-looking man, Lu Wenxing felt as if he looked familiar…

“Gu Yanshen?”

“It’s me.” The man’s voice was low, he grabbed Lu Wenxing’s outstretched hand and tucked it back into the quilt.

“Lu Wenxing, you have a fever.”

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