C86—- Kill The Half-blood 15

Bonus Chap

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Bonus Chap

   In fact, Xiang Wen who went out wasn’t happy either, because Shen Jue went out to buy a birthday present for Yu Qing.

        “Today is Yu Qing’s birthday, I don’t know how to pick a gift, help me choose one.” Shen Jue said to Xiang Wen, and after a pause, added, “Pick one out for yourself, too.”

        His birthday hadn’t arrived yet, and Xiang Wen knew that Shen Jue was afraid that if he bought only one gift, he would get into trouble with Yu Qing, but Xiang Wen was still open-minded enough to know that at least Shen Jue had helped him buy a gift, so he couldn’t say that he was treating him unfairly, and he and Yu Qing were the only ones in the manor who had been treated this way by Shen Jue, except for the butler who had worked so hard and done so much in the manor.

        While Xiang Wen picked out the gifts, Shen Jue just watched from the sidelines, and didn’t comment. In the end, Xiang Wen picked a tie for himself and a pair of cufflinks for Yu Qing, a pair of cufflinks that were worth a lot of money, Xiang Wen wanted to show his generosity in front of Shen Jue, so he picked this pair.

        As expected, Shen Jue found that Xiang Wen had only bought himself a normal tie, so he bought other things for Xiang Wen, not only two suits, some pairs of shoes, but also a brooch set with broken diamonds.

       Overjoyed, Xiang Wen looked at the brooch for a while before letting the assistant put it on him.

        On the way back, Xiang Wen said thank you a few more times, to which Shen Jue simply said, “It’s okay, you deserve it.”

        Admittedly, Shen Jue had a good impression of Xiang Wen, because in previous lives Xiang Wen had also been with him until the manor was sold, then him and Xiang Wen had left. In fact, before leaving, Xiang Wen had come to the slums to look for Shen Jue, only at that time Shen Jue wanted to save face and wasn’t willing to see Xiang Wen at all.

        It was just that he had some things that he had to do, things that might make Xiang Wen feel bad in his heart, so he bought some gifts to compensate Xiang Wen, which was what he should do.

        They returned to the manor, Xiang Wen was  busy carrying his bags of gifts back to the room, when he saw Yu Qing, for the first time, he wasn’t interested in fighting with him, but when he passed by Yu Qing, he deliberately smiled.

        Yu Qing looked at the large bags carried by Xiang Wen and couldn’t help but narrow his eyes. He was dazzled by those few days in A City, and only gradually woke up when he returned to the empire, he wasn’t the most important person in Shen Jue’s mind, even if Shen Jue took him to talk business, it didn’t mean anything, especially after Xiang Wen deliberately said something to him.

“The Duke knew I couldn’t stand that smell of the train, that’s why he took you there, don’t you think you’re special.”

        Shen Jue was probably really good to Xiang Wen, otherwise he wouldn’t have been so busy buying gifts for Xiang Wen as soon as he got back, obviously it was so hard on the train.


        Before going to sleep, Yu Qing finished massaging Shen Jue’s feet as usual, cleaned things up, and was about to leave when he heard Shen Jue’s somewhat tired voice.

        “Your gift is in my jacket pocket, go get it yourself.”

        Yu Qing froze for a moment, then turned around and stared at Shen Jue with burning eyes.

        Shen Jue was wearing a white silk nightgown today, with some embroidered patterns of bamboo and autumn chrysanthemums, he looked extraordinarily elegant. Yu Qing wasn’t interested in people’s appearance, because he was used to seeing his own face, but for some reason, the more he looked at Shen Jue, the more he couldn’t take his eyes off him, and even felt that it was best to look like Shen Jue.

        “How did the Duke know it was my birthday?” He whispered, with undisguised glee.

        Shen Jue seemed a little uncomfortable with his burning gaze, and faintly turned his face away, “Someone mentioned it.”

        “Who said that?” Not many people knew about his birthday, and Yu Qing couldn’t think of anyone who would purposely tell Shen Jue about it. But he didn’t get an accurate answer to this question, and Shen Jue seemed a little annoyed, wrinkling his eyebrows and saying impatiently, “Why ask so many questions? Just take out the gift and get out.”

        Yu Qing wasn’t afraid of Shen Jue’s cold face now, he just smiled lowly and went to the sofa, picking up the jacket that Shen Jue had taken off on today. No wonder Shen Jue hadn’t agreed when he’d wanted to carry this coat to the wash today, probably because he was afraid he’d find the gift inside.

        He reached into his pocket and touched it twice, then took out the small box inside.

        Yu Qing first took a good look at the box before carefully opening it. The pair of cufflinks revealed immediately attracted his attention, he had never received such an expensive gift, his face couldn’t help but reveal a smile.

        The person behind him seemed to think that Yu Qing had been standing there for too long, urging, “Why haven’t you left?”

        Yu Qing closed the box back up, turned around and walked towards Shen Jue. He walked with an extremely brisk pace, like a lark, and the smile in his eyes was showing how happy this lark was.

Shen Jue couldn’t help but step back when he saw Yu Qing suddenly walking back and even leaning over, but before he could say anything, Yu Qing’s lips landed coldly on his, “Thank you Duke, I like it.”

        After he finished, he turned and walked away, not giving Shen Jue the chance to speak or get angry.

        It was only after he was out the door that Yu Qing leaned against it and took several deep breaths, his hand squeezed the small box even tighter, as if it would slip from his grasp if he let go.

        Shen Jue was concerned about him, and even made a point of asking about his birthday.

        Yu Qing had barely slept during the day, and he couldn’t help but look at the box he kept next to his pillow, opening it now and then to see if the cufflinks inside were still there.

        In fact, he never received a gift on his birthday, the manor people knew his birthday, at most they congratulated him, no one deliberately bought him a gift, for the blood race, life was too long, celebrating birthdays was very uncommon.

        But Yu Qing cared a lot, because he had no parents in his early childhood, and he was always envious when he knew that other children would receive gifts for their birthdays in their early childhood. Now, he finally got a present.

        He couldn’t help but give a sweet smile at the thought, but Yu Qing’s good mood vanished instantly when he ran into Xiang Wen after getting up.

        Yu Qing caught a glimpse of the broken diamond brooch at Xiang Wen’s chest, the brooch was so shiny that it could almost suck away everyone’s eyes, even the knowledgeable housekeeper complimented Xiang Wen’s brooch after seeing it, “This brooch is beautiful, it must be very expensive.”

        Xiang Wen lifted his chin gently with a trifle of complacency, “I don’t know how much it cost, the Duke bought it for me secretly, and by the time I found out, the Duke had already settled the bill.”

        The housekeeper had worked with Xiang Wen for so many years and naturally knows Xiang Wen’s temperament, so he cooperated and complimented the brooch a few more times. And Xiang Wen showed off a bit under the eyes of the crowd, and then looked at Yu Qing who was standing in the corner, he showed a smug smile, “Yu Qing, do you think this brooch of mine looks good? The Duke himself picked it out. By the way, do you still like the pair of cufflinks? I picked that pair after a long time.”

        Xiang Wen deliberately wore the brooch this night because he knew that Yu Qing had already received the gift by this time. He just wanted to let Yu Qing know that his position in Shen Jue’s heart wasn’t so easy to shake. Don’t think you’ve climbed into bed a few times and followed Shen Jue on a trip, you’re not great, after all, it’s just a bed thing.

The sarcasm in his eyes was so obvious that Yu Qing simply couldn’t ignore it.

        Yu Qing felt as if all that joy he’d felt during the day had become a joke, he’d cherished that gift so much, but now he was told that Xiang Wen had picked it out. Perhaps Shen Jue had simply bought the brooch for him casually, for fear that others would find it too generous.

        Yu Qing was silent for a moment before he smiled and said, “It’s so pretty, the Duke is just so good to Brother Xiang Wen, it’s enviable.”

        Xiang Wen smiled, even more smug, he saw that the purpose of showing off had been achieved, so he stopped talking to Yu Qing. When the golden bell rang downstairs, Xiang Wen took the lead and walked up the stairs, with Yu Qing following him.

        Xiang Wen thought Yu Qing tonight’s mood wouldn’t be too good, but he still looked the same as in the past, obviously when he saw his brooch, his expression  changed.

        He really knew how to disguise, no wonder the Duke was deceived by him.

        Xiang Wen felt that he had a mission to unmask Yu Qing in front of Shen Jue, so he wore his eye-catching diamond brooch daily for the next few days until one day, Xiang Wen noticed that his brooch was missing.

        Xiang Wen was so anxious that he repeatedly searched for it several times from the place he had walked before, but he couldn’t find it, and finally he put his eyes on Yu Qing.

        “It’s you, right! You took my brooch!” Xiang Wen glared at Yu Qing.

        Yu Qing looked at Xiang Wen with surprise, “Brother Xiang Wen, how could you think that? How could I take your brooch?”

        “If not you, who else? You’re the only one in this manor who doesn’t get along with me, you must be jealous of me, right? Who made your gift just a pair of cheap cufflinks.” Xiang Wen sneered, “I advise you to hurry up and hand over my brooch, if I find it on you or your room later, I will definitely have to tell the Duke to send you to the judge.”

        Yu Qing smiled and just shook his head, “Brother Xiang Wen, I really didn’t take anything from you.”

        “You’re still pretending!” Xiang Wen stepped forward to search his body, but Yu Qing dodged.

        His face sank slightly, “Brother Xiang Wen, you can’t search me with no evidence, if you suspect, you can go tell the butler, and only after butler also determines that I took it, can you search.”

        Xiang Wen wrinkled his brow and had to go to the butler. The butler heard Xiang Wen say that it was Yu Qing who took the brooch and lost his smile, “What? Yu Qing is a good boy, how can he take your brooch? Look carefully again, see if it was left somewhere?”

“I’ve searched for it all, and I haven’t found it. It must have been taken by Yu Qing, he either hid it on his body or in his room, if we don’t find it now, maybe he’ll take it out and sell it, it was bought by the Duke.” Xiang Wen said urgently.

        The butler felt that Xiang Wen was a bit unreasonable, but since Xiang Wen mentioned the Duke, he had no choice but to take Xiang Wen to find Yu Qing.

        Yu Qing knew that he would be searched, his expression was still calm, but he repeated to Xiang Wen, “Brother Xiang Wen, I really did not take it.”

       “Humph, after searching we’ll know.” Xiang Wen’s hand immediately went to touch the pockets of Yu Qing.

        It wasn’t on him, Xiang Wen and the butler went to his room, the room was almost turned upside down, but they couldn’t find the expensive broken diamond brooch. The butler saw this, then sighed, “Xiang Wen, since it isn’t here, you should go elsewhere to look, don’t be so fond of suspecting people in the manor in the future.”

        Xiang Wen felt that it was Yu Qing who took it, but he had no evidence now. Originally the brooch was lost, he was already sad, and now the housekeeper was helping Yu Qing speak, he was even more angry, he didn’t apologize to Yu Qing and directly walked out.

       The butler saw his departure and helplessly shook his head, he looked to Yu Qing, ” I have to mention this matter to the Duke, Xiang Wen’s temper really needs to change, theft is such a serious crime, he just arbitrarily blames others, it’s too much.”

        Yu Qing gently shook his head, “It’s okay, Brother Xiang Wen ……” he paused, “Brother Xiang Wen has always disliked me, I’m used to it.”

        The housekeeper sighed again, reached out and patted Yu Qing on the shoulder, and went out.

        Staying in the room, Yu Qing looked at the wreckage all over the floor and suddenly let out a laugh.

        His beautiful, clear eyes were icy cold.


        Xiang Wen searched for days but couldn’t find the brooch, and the butler finally told Shen Jue about it, Shen Jue knew, after a moment of silence he called Xiang Wen over. Yu Qing watched Xiang Wen enter Shen Jue’s study. When Xiang Wen entered, his eyes were full of panic, but when he came out, he looked like a different person.

“You’re here, huh?” When Xiang Wen saw Yu Qing, he took it in stride, knowing that the butler had told Shen Jue about the brooch because of Yu Qing, “And thank you for letting the butler speak out, you know? The duke told me not to look for one and said he’d buy me a better one tonight.” He saw Yu Qing’s expression change slightly, he became more complacent, he came closer to the other’s face and lowered his voice, “Your treacherous plan didn’t work, are you very angry? If you like that brooch of mine, keep it, it wasn’t bought for you by the Duke anyway, shameless.”

        Xiang Wen said and turned to leave, while a voice behind him made him stop.

        “Brother Xiang Wen.”

        Xiang Wen stopped in his tracks and didn’t turn around, “What?”

        Yu Qing said softly, “Brother Xiang Wen is wrong, I didn’t take Brother Xiang Wen’s brooch, maybe that brooch is still on Brother Xiang Wen’s body.”

        Xiang Wen looked back at Yu Qing, and frowned suspiciously, “What are you talking about? How can I have that brooch on me? I’ve been looking for it for days.”

        Yu Qing pursed his lips and smiled slightly, his eyes were extraordinarily clear, “I just thought that the brooch might still be on Xiang Wen’s body, nothing more.”

        Xiang Wen looked at Yu Qing’s expression and felt even more uneasy.

        At this time the two of them were standing on the promenade, and the lamp on the promenade recently broke, it hadn’t been repaired yet, the light was dim, Yu Qing was now standing next to the broken lamp, the darkness hid most of his face, but the lights shone clearly on his lips, revealing his smile, with his beautiful face, he looked weird and beautiful.

        Xiang Wen inexplicably felt panic, so he waved his hand, “I don’t know what you are talking about, nonsense.” He turned around and left in a hurry.

        Just as he was halfway down the stairs, he couldn’t help but look back.

        Yu Qing came out of the darkness, he stood at the top of the stairs and was looking at Xiang Wen.

        Seeing Xiang Wen turn back, the corner of Yu Qing’s smile deepened, and instantly, his smile disappeared, his eyes coldly looked at Xiang Wen, then he slightly opened his mouth and mouthed something.

        Xiang Wen was startled, but Yu Qing had already turned around and went into Shen Jue’s study. He couldn’t help but walk a few steps forward, but thinking of the letter Shen Jue asked him to send, he stopped. Never mind, he’d just pretend that guy Yu Qing was crazy.

        Xiang Wen was used to Yu Qing’s weakness and didn’t put this humble half-blood in his eyes.


        Yu Qing entered the study and placed the finished brewed blood tea next to Shen Jue’s right hand, with a sugar on the fine tealight that contained the blood tea cup.

“The Duke has been reading for so long, take a break.” He said softly, standing behind Shen Jue again, helping the other man massage his shoulders and neck, only to move further down, his cold hand gradually slipping under his collar.

        Shen Jue knitted his brows, grabbed Yu Qing’s hand with the opposite hand, and whispered, “Stop it, what did Xiang Wen say to you outside just now?”

        He heard a bit of commotion.

        In fact, Xiang Wen’s brooch getting lost, it was within Shen Jue’s expection, this time, Xiang Wen was really a little too showy, the brooch would have gotten lost sooner or later, he wasn’t even surprised about Xiang Wen searching Yu Qing’s room, the surprise was the butler telling him about it.

        Although the butler usually took extra care of Yu Qing, he didn’t do it obviously, this time, because of the two personal manservants, he came to look for him, obviously it was strange, it was something the butler could handle himself.

        The butler’s reason for not handling it and telling him was obvious, but Shen Jue was prepared to protect Xiang Wen, who was usually a bit flamboyant but not bad-hearted, not to mention the fact that his brooch was missing and he was probably the one who was most upset, so if Shen Jue punished him again, it would seem excessive.

        Of course, this was Shen Jue’s point of view, it wasn’t a big issue, he even wanted to buy another for him, but in the eyes of the onlookers, it was Shen Jue deliberately favoring Xiang Wen.


      He embraced Shen Jue with one hand from behind, and his beautiful face showed some aggression, “Brother Xiang Wen still suspects that I took it, and just now he said that I shouldn’t be proud, Duke, I really didn’t take it.” He looked sideways at Shen Jue with clear eyes, “You believe me, don’t you?”

        “Well, Xiang Wen lost the brooch, that’s why he’s like that, you shouldn’t get on his case.” Shen Jue let go of Yu Qing’s hand and casually picked up the candy on the tealight, “I remember the candy ran out a long time ago, where did you get all this candy?”

        In fact, not many people in the manor knew that Shen Jue liked candy, and Shen Jue wouldn’t have purposely ordered it from the kitchen.

        Yu Qing smiled, straightened up, and continued to massage Shen Jue, “I bought them from outside, does the Duke like them? If you like it, I’ll buy some more next time.”

        Shen Jue heard this as he put the candy down, “No need.”

He had eaten too much sugar during this time, he needed to restrain himself, and the matter revealed that Yu Qing was a very delicate minded person who would take the initiative to observe his preferences, even knowing that Shen Jue would want to eat sugar when he touched something that had something to do with blood. He hadn’t put sugar on the side last night when he’d sent the treats over.

        Yu Qing glanced at the sugar that had been put back and his eyes changed slightly, but his movements and tone of voice remained the same, “Okay.”

        He helped Shen Jue for a while and then went out, while Shen Jue continued to look at the records in his room, he had a bit too much to deal with lately, he didn’t care about these things in his previous lives, this one was a bit of a headache to deal with, he had to ask his butler to hire an accountant back from outside who specialized in taking care of the books.

        The next night, Shen Jue took Xiang Wen to buy a new brooch, this time the brooch was no longer broken diamond, but set with a gemstone, a valuable emerald, it was crystal clear and glittered in the light. This time he remembered the previous lesson, he put the brooch away.

       But Yu Qing was very interested in Xiang Wen’s brooch and asked a few questions. When he didn’t say anything, Yu Qing turned to Shen Jue and asked, “Duke, isn’t Brother Xiang Wen’s brooch beautiful? I’ve heard it’s a huge gemstone.”

        Shen Jue took the collated account book from the accountant, and to Yu Qing’s question, he only replied perfunctorily, “It’s okay, Yu Qing, if you have nothing to do, go outside and help with the dinner.”

      Yu Qing answered, but as he walked away, he said to Xiang Wen, “Brother Xiang Wen, I’m really envious, you have a diamond brooch, and now you also have a gemstone brooch.”

        Xiang Wen wrinkled his brow and glanced in the direction of Shen Jue before replying, “What nonsense are you talking about, I only have one, didn’t I lose the previous one?”

        Yu Qing laughed a little, “I know, but if you lose this one, the Duke will definitely buy you a better one.”

        He finished and walked out quickly, Xiang Wen watched his departing back, his brow knitted tighter, before, Yu Qing never cared about his brooch, and since Shen Jue bought him a new one, Yu Qing was always curiously asking questions, it was really annoying, he didn’t know what he wanted.

But Xiang Wen didn’t expect that on his payday a few days later, he went shopping in the street and was robbed in the marketplace. The men, a group of gangsters, suddenly blocked him at the corner of the alley and asked him to hand over the money he was carrying. Fearful, Xiang Wen quickly took out all the money in his pockets, it was good that he was paid, but didn’t bring out all the money.

        The man in the lead saw the money handed over and coldly snorted, “Just this much? I heard that you are the personal manservant of a duke, and very favored, right? You should have other valuable things on you too?”

        Xiang Wen didn’t expect that the other actually knew his identity, so he knew that the other must have come for him this time, so he couldn’t help but pale and hurriedly reolied, “I just went out to buy some small things, this is all the money I have on me, there is really nothing else of value.”

        “Are you sure you don’t have any? If we find something, the consequence wouldn’t be good.” The leader said.

        Xiang Wen shook his head in panic, “There is really nothing, if you don’t believe me, look!” He turned out his two pants pockets, which were empty, “There is nothing.”

        The leader’s gaze swept around from Xiang Wen’s body and finally stopped on Xiang Wen’s brown thick-soled Martin boots.


Right from the beginning of this arc, I’ve been feeling sorry for Xiang Wen, I just knew Yu Qing would go yandere on him. I KNEW IT.

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