C44— Day 44

Shen Tong had just brought the orange cat back.

He was playing games with the little orange cat.

Shen Tong sat on the carpet, reached out a hand to the little orange cat, the little orange cat lowered its head, and also put its paw into his palm, after the pink flesh pad touched his hand, Shen Tong smiled and started counting down: “three, two, one.”

As the words fell, he put his hand back, the kitten didn’t seem to follow, and his space he pounced on was empty.


He kept his paws up and gave a cry of resignation.

Both ears were drooping down.

Shen Tong saw the situation, then put his hand over again, “again?”

He immediately lifted his head, his opaque pupils were bright.

But this time he didn’t put his paws up, he honestly played the game and obediently hugged Shen Tong’s wrist, then he skillfully laid down and rolled, revealing his white fluffy belly, and then grabbed Shen Tong’s hand, he was acting like a rogue.

–fell down, want Tong Tong to hug before getting up.

The little orange cat’s tail wagged behind him, he looked at Shen Tong bashfully, more like a sticky puppy than a cat.

Shen Tong saw the situation, and helplessly held him to his lap, then he scratched the chin of the kitten, ” You’re too tired as an artist, you’ve lost a lot of weight.”

The little orange cat meowed, he didn’t care about his appearance, he was more concerned about Shen Tong.

It nibbled on Shen Tong’s sleeve a few times and frequently asked Shen Tong how he was doing with his eyes.

He was concerned.

Shen Tong looked more guilty.

He said softly, “Don’t worry about me, after I came here, everyone has been very nice to me and I’ve had a good time.”

The little orange cat tilted its head and gave a relieved “meow”, and Shen Tong could almost guess what it meant.

He couldn’t help but laugh and point his finger at the tip of the kitten’s wet pink nose.

The little orange cat’s nose twitched as if it was a little itchy and wanted to sneeze, but tried to hold it back and lay obediently in Shen Tong’s arms.

Someone knocked on the door at this time.

Yuan Yuan went over and opened it.

The snow lion slowly walked in, light and slow, it was like a king patrolling his territory, his smoky gray eyes looked around, and then suddenly narrowed.

It saw the orange cat lying on the lap of the youth.

The snow lion’s face sank as it walked over step by step.

“Kitty?” Shen Tong said in surprise, “Why are you here?”

The snow lion turned its head sideways and gave him a very cold look.

–I’ll settle the score with you later.

It walked over to Shen Tong, raised its paws, and pushed the orange cat out of his arms without mercy.

Shen Hua: “Meow?”

Shen Tong: “?”

He was stunned, no longer able to care about pursuing how the snow lion was here, and hurriedly asked the little orange cat, “Did the fall hurt?”

The little orange cat nodded aggressively, “Meow meow meow.”

Caesar: “?”

What hurt when the carpet was soft?

He glared fiercely at the orange cat.

The orange cat glanced at him, this time with aggression, but the next second, it softly cowered into Shen Tong’s arms, like it was scared.

Was afraid of lions?

Shen Tong gently frowned, he whispered to calm it, “Don’t be afraid of it, it just looks fierce.”

The snow lion licked its paw, his indifferent action proved that it didn’t only look fierce, it was really fierce.

Shen Tong hurriedly held the orange cat down and looked at it disapprovingly, “Kitty.”

The snow lion huffed at him in annoyance.

“Don’t bully it ah.” Shen Tong sighed and put his hand on the orange cat, afraid that it would be pushed again. He asked the snow lion softly, “Why are you here?”

The snow lion stared at him with little expression.

The cat had rubbed its scent all over the youth.


The more he thought about it, the more dissatisfied he was, and tried to push it again.

Shen Tong sensed the big cat’s hostility towards the orange cat, and he knew that this big cat was very possessive, so he had to soften his voice to coax it: “This cat came to play with me, you scared it, what if it doesn’t dare to come to me again?”

That’s good.

The snow lion lazily lifted his eyes.

Shen Tong asked again, “Are you here to ask me to raise you?”

The snow lion stared at him expressionlessly for a few moments and gave a noble, arrogant nod.

The orange cat immediately poked its head out.

He was going to raise him.

He wanted to raise this lion?

No way.

The two shifters looked at each other.

The snow lion had a cold expression, and the orange cat had rejection written all over its eyes.

There was a lot of animosity between them.

Shen Tong saw this. But he didn’t think too much about it, he just thought it was nature, after all, a large feline like the big cat should be quite intimidating to a cat like the orange cat, and not very good at getting along peacefully.

Shen Tong sighed and said to the big cat first, “Kitty, don’t bully the kitten, okay?”

The snow lion responded with a snort of disdain.

Shen Tong helpless, and then to the orange cat admonished: “It is bad-tempered, love angry, you ……”

He originally wanted to let the little orange cat do not provoke this big cat, but then thought, the big cat’s temper comes too quickly, somehow bullying kittens is also it, Shen Tong paused for a moment and changed his words: “You have to get along.”

The snow lion snorted even louder.

Unlike it, the little orange cat tilted its head to look at Shen Tong a few times, and then looked at the big cat that pushed it several times, its head tilted, and it meowed cutely a few times.

It seemed to be saying hello.

In fact, the little orange cat was saying to the big cat in a friendly manner –

Weak cat!

After that, it meowed again and rubbed its head against Shen Tong’s hand, as if asking for praise, and Shen Tong apparently took the little orange cat’s behavior just now as an expression of friendship to the snow lion and stroked its head, “Good boy.”

Caesar: “?”

The frequency of his tail’s wagging had reduced, one at a time, heavy and slow, his mood was obviously bad.

He wanted to kill the cat.

Shen Tong felt a bit surprised when the Snow lion suddenly appeared here, but he only told the king that a friend was coming, he didn’t expect the snow lion to arrive today, Shen Tong didn’t think it was polite.

He thought about it and decided to apologize to him.

“I’ll go out for a while.”

Shen Tong put the orange cat down and stood up, the snow lion saw this and naturally took a step and followed him, the little orange cat wasn’t willing to be outdone, it trotted over and followed Shen Tong’s left hand side as well.

Two cats, one on the left and one on the right, they were clearly distinguishable.

Shen Tong: “……”

He felt a little headache.

He opened his mouth, but couldn’t say anything, so he acquiesced to them to follow him like this.

But in his heart, he was worried.

Shen Tong had never had a cat, but he had many friends around him who had had cats. They often complained to Shen Tong that since they got a second cat, there was no peace, felines were small-minded, possessive, their territorial awareness was also heavy, they would most likely be angry because the owner had a second cat.

Sometimes they became sick because of their anger.

Shen Tong looked at the snow lion.

This big cat was already angry, if he had another cat, he would only be more angry, right?

Shen Tong wrinkled his eyebrows and tapped his head a few times.

The snow lion’s head tilted, it looked at him with cold eyes.

It seemed to be really angry.

Shen Tong sighed.

The orange cat saw the situation and was busy coming over to meow, its voice was soft, and its ebony pupils were bright.

-Tong Tong, touch me.

How can there be such a shameless cat?

Caesar disgustedly looked at the orange cat that wanted to roll all over the ground, then raised his eyes dangerously stared at Shen Tong, silently threatening him with his eyes.

You dare touch it!

The little orange cat’s appearance made him laugh, Shen Tong looked at it several times, pursed his lips silently, but he still shook his head, “Watch the road, be careful of falling.”

This wasn’t because Shen Tong received a threat from the big cat, but he was really afraid that this big cat getting sick from anger.

The snow lion withdrew his gaze with satisfaction.

The orange cat blinked and blinked its eyes and looked fixedly at Shen Tong.

Poor, aggrieved and eager.

Shen Tong softened and blinked at it.

The orange cat cocked its head and gave Shen Tong a wink.

It was satisfied with the snow lion’s sunken face.

These two, wouldn’t they tire him out?

When its footsteps paused, Shen Tong almost immediately noticed, and quickly inclined his head to ask: “Kitty?”

Given the youth’s sensitivity to his mood changes, the snow lion was barely appeased to a point where it cast a rather provocative look over to the orange cat.

The orange cat licked its paws and took the time to glance at it again.

As if looking at a fool.

Shen Tong: “……”

What was wrong with these two?

His head hurt even more.

Shen Tong remembered that at this time, His Majesty should have finished his business, he was probably dining, he went over to take a look, he wasn’t there, so he returned, and went to meet the housekeeper who just finished a meeting for the servants.

The housekeeper also saw him from afar.

As well as the orange cat beside Shen Tong and ……

Butler: “?”

He opened his mouth in disbelief, “Your Majesty–”

The snow lion’s eyes narrowed and gazed at him in a profound manner.

The tacit understanding over the years made the butler immediately shut his mouth.

This Majesty of theirs hadn’t shown himself in the form of a snow lion again for many years.

Many felines weren’t too fond of using their original form after their transformation, and most of their reasons were that it was easy to read their emotions, but the young monarch failed keep his wagging tail from revealing his true emotions – in fact, this was both a cute and an abominable thing about felines.

Since then, the monarch maintained his human form, he no longer allowed people to peek into his slightest emotion.

He was indifferent all day long, and became a monarch who was decisive, but unpredictable.

Such a sire made him feel really nostalgic.

The steward’s gaze couldn’t help but become amiable.

“Mr. Butler.” Shen Tong asked him, “Has His Majesty rested?”

The butler froze, “His Majesty he ……”

He again met the gaze of the snow lion signaling at him, and had to respond, “Yes, His Majesty has rested.”

Shen Tong wrinkled his eyebrows and let out an “ah”.

“What’s wrong?” The housekeeper refrained from looking at the snow lion and asked him with a smile, “What do you want?”

“This snow lion.” Shen Tong gently pinched the snow lion’s ears a few times, “I only told His Majesty that a friend had come to see me, but I didn’t expect it to come to see me as well, although it knows His Majesty,…… I think I should tell His Majesty.”

The housekeeper didn’t quite understand the cause and effect, but he understood the general situation.

Catnip didn’t know that this cat was their sire.

And their majesty, too, obviously intended to hide this matter.

The butler was silent for a moment, he looked at the snow lion and said, “…… His Majesty shouldn’t mind.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes, Mr. Shen need not worry.”

Shen Tong nodded his head.

When the butler saw that he looked like he still had something to ask, he spoke again, “Mr. Shen, is there anything else?”

Shen Tong pointed at the snow lion, “Does it have a place to stay here?”

“Of course–”

The latter words paused.

Because the butler received another warning from the snow lion.

The meaning was clear.

Housekeeper: “…… There is no more.”

He glanced guiltily at Shen Tong and avoided his gaze, “The accommodation for Mr. Shen Hua is already the last guest room, and the maids are now off duty.”

The orange cat quickly realized what was going on and slowly turned its head to stare at the snow lion.

The snow lion glanced back at it contemptuously.

Orange cat: “Meow meow meow.”

It purred a few times at Shen Tong, even though it couldn’t speak in its original form, the little orange cat conveyed its meaning perfectly.

–His guest room was available for this lion to sleep in.

Very generous and friendly.

It was a well-behaved kitten.

Shen Tong couldn’t help himself, “No need.”

He thought for a moment, the big cat should be more stable with him by his side, and let it a cat to sleep in the guest room, this bad-tempered big guy must have a temper the next day, and Shen Tong will have to coax for a long time. He then explained to the orange cat, “Kitty is easily unstable, it’ll stay with me, so that it doesn’t bully others at night.”


The little orange cat wilted at the words.

The snow lion raised its chin, with smoky gray eyes filled with smugness.

The little orange cat glanced at it, and didn’t get angry, but only put on a lost look. Its tail fell to the ground, slowly sweeping around, and its ears drooped, its bright eyes looked at Shen Tong in a silent complaint.

—Why can it and I can’t?

— Tong Tong is biased.

Its aggravation was great.

Caesar unhappily stared at the orange cat who shrunk into a ball.

Shen Tong realized that it wasn’t good, it was too unfair to the little orange cat.

He sighed, “Then let’s all sleep together?”

Caesar: “?”

He knew it.

This cat, he would sooner or later kill it.

Caesar thought expressionlessly.

The orange cat raised its head with a jolt of excitement, “Meow meow meow!”

Shen Tong looked at them a few times, he first gently held the little orange cat’s paw, and then pulled up the snow lion’s front paw, then he put their paws together and gently touched them, and smiled, “Let’s all get along.”




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