The Golden Dragon Award was the most authoritative film awards ceremony in China, the red carpet alone would be laid thousands of meters away, the journalists and guests were surrounded by the red carpet outside, looking at the scale, it was no less than an international awards banquet.


Such an event, was naturally star-studded.


More than half of the famous stars in the entertainment industry came. Compared with previous years when most of them were actors and directors with experience and some status, this year there were many new faces. Fan Junxi was one of them.


He was accompanied by Ning Qin’er, with a graceful and handsome posture, they slowly walked the red carpet.


He had been silent for a long time since the movie “Searching For Heaven” failed, and only recently had he become active.

It seemed that in order to wash away the stain of the last commercial film, he had taken on another commercial film afterwards.

Unlike the special effects blockbuster “Searching For Heaven”, Fan Junxi’s next commercial film was a romantic comedy, the production cycle wasn’t long, so it was in time for the Golden Dragon Awards, the response had been very good.

In contrast, Zhou Yuhe had a bumpy road to the awards, and Fan Junxi’s team had to pull both out and stomp on him, so that Fan Junxi’s shattered ego got a little satisfaction.

He was interviewed by reporters at the front of the room, causing some actors behind him to glance at him. Fan Junxi knew what they were looking at.

He was too busy to straighten his slightly relaxed back, not knowing that this action made him look more underpowered.

In recent years, under the impact of foreign films and commercial films, the market for award-winning literary films had shrunk considerably, and the shrinking market meant that the number of people at award shows was dying. Commercial films made a lot of money, but they couldn’t win awards, so they wouldn’t come to the awards ceremony to attract attention, while the ability to win awards for literary films itself wasn’t strong, the market wasn’t as good as a year, the original prosperous Golden Dragon Award inevitably seemed a bit empty.

So this year, the Golden Dragon Awards added two seemingly prestigious, but in fact not much use awards: “Most Popular Actor Award” and “Most Popular Actress Award”.

According to Fan Junxi’s seniority and acting skills, he wasn’t qualified to participate in the Golden Dragon Awards, he could only come, naturally, because of this “Most Popular Actor Award”.

In the same way, several other popular kids on the red carpet were also here for this reason.

The most popular actor award?

How were they the most popular?

Of course, the fans voted for it.

In this way, compared to the traditional Golden Dragon awards, this award was much more “workable”.

The people who appeared here for this award were not only Fan Junxi, but also Bai An and several other youngsters.

As they all knew, since the prize could be won with money, the content would get worse every year. Therefore, the first person to get it would gain the most.

For this reason, several youngsters put all their efforts behind the scenes to play tactics, and were bound to win a place in this year’s Golden Dragon Awards.

Fan Junxi had a perfect smile on his face and showed a wave of affection with Ning Qin’er in front of the reporters.

He received several waves of praise as the “golden couple “, and the pride on his face became too obvious.

However, at this moment, there was a burst of excitement at the end of the red carpet.

At the end of the red carpet, where pairs of male and female celebrities entered together, two long and elegant figures appeared.

Xie Yifeng and Zhou Yuhe entered together wearing the same color and different styles of dark gray suits, step by step, as if their foot stepped not on the red carpet, but the hearts of thousands of girls.

Different body size and appearance, but they had the same radiance.

The two walked one after the other, obviously not deliberately showing intimacy, but there was a silent tacit understanding and sentiment around the two, when people looked at them, their mood subconsciously became better, their smiles were both sincere and gentle.

All eyes on the red carpet were attracted to the two figures, the reporters that originally surrounded Fan Junxi also swarmed out of the shadow, straight to block Xie Yifeng and Zhou Yuhe.

Fan Junxi looked at Zhou Yuhe’s prosperous appearance, and his mouth couldn’t help but fall into a line, and his eyes sank.

He was just nominated for a newcomer award? What was the big deal?


He said so, but in his heart he understood: It was indeed remarkable.


As they all knew, the Golden Dragon Awards were the most prestigious awards in China.

Even the best newcomer award was only eligible for orthodox actors from the film industry every year.

Like Fan Junxi and a few of them, they weren’t qualified.

Therefore, he didn’t want Zhou Yuhe to get this award.

With acting skills, fame, looks, sense of artistry, and only 21 years old, if another Golden Dragon Award came along, wouldn’t they, the contemporaries, be compared?

His mood gradually turned dark, and finally, because he stayed on the red carpet for too long, he was reminded by the security personnel, and only then did Fan Junxi go down with Ning Qin’er in a slightly embarrassed manner.

Zhou Yuhe and Xie Yifeng were completely oblivious to the rest of the red carpet.

The two wore decent and elegant smiles as they were interviewed in front of the camera.

“I heard that the opponents for this award are very strong, do you have confidence in winning the award this time, Yuhe?” A reporter handed the microphone to Zhou Yuhe.

A bad answer to this topic would be a pitfall and would most likely offend the other actors nominated for the award.

Zhou Yuhe spoke confidently with the corner of his eyes curved, “Of course I have confidence, director Meng is a director I personally admire very much.”

This time, “Cat and An Xue” was shortlisted for the Golden Dragon Award, in addition to Zhou Yuhe’s “Best Newcomer Award”, there was also Director Meng’s “Best Director Award”, which were the most important awards and the focus of attention from the world.

So he simply used Director Meng to slip around and block the question.

Xie Yifeng watched the interview with the reporter, a calm smile remained on his face, in the face of the reporter’s difficult questions, without thinking about it, he confidently replied playfully. With his calm and confident demeanor, he seemed to be sprinkled with golden light, making Xie Yifeng’s heart hot.

When he was in a daze, another reporter attacked him.

“You don’t seem to have any works shortlisted for the Golden Dragon Award this time, how come you’re here too?”

This question wasn’t too tricky, anyone with a brain knew that the organizer must have invited him, but a bad answer would make Xie Yifeng embarrassed.

Who knew that Xie Yifeng just looked at Zhou Yuhe and said with a soft smile, “It’s to fulfill the agreement with Yuhe.”

The reporters were stunned.

Promise? What agreement?

But the CP fans in front of their screens boiled up!

It was the “red carpet appointment” at the Tiansen Charity Night two years ago!

“Two years of being a fan, bombed bombed, it’s not a loss ah!”

“This CP is really very hard ah!”

The CP fans happily shed tears.

No matter how confused the reporters were about Xie and Zhou’s “agreement”, the interview was finally over.

When getting off the red carpet, Zhou Yuhe gave him an oblique glance and snickered: “The agreement is clearly that I would walk with you on the red carpet, this time it’s clear that you’re walking with me, you forgot, right?”


The organizers invited Xie Yifeng to present the award, to maintain a sense of mystery, so they deliberately instructed them to not to reveal too much in public.


Zhou Yuhe knew this, that was why he despised this person even more.


Who knew that the next second, Xie Yifeng refreshed the degree of his cheekiness: “Yes, so you owe me another red carpet, remember to pay it back, baby.” Xie Yifeng pulled Zhou Yuhe’s arm, walked them to another spot , as he whispered in his ear, his voice sounded very hoarse and sexy.


A current running along his ear struck Zhou Yuhe’s heart without warning, his ears went red, Xie Yifeng pinched his face in satisfaction and went to the awards hall.


The two sat in a row with Meng Chuan.


Director Meng was a little distracted when talking to them because he attached great importance to the director’s award.


After seeing Meng Chuan’s absent-mindedness, the two of them didn’t say anything more to him, and instead, they exchanged words among themselves.

“The winner of the Best Director Award is …… Meng Chuan! Congratulations!”

A huge surprise hit Meng Chuan, he could hardly contain himself as he held Zhou Yuhe’s arm, his ecstatic expression was mixed with incredulity.

As if the aggression, resentment, and anger over the past few months had all been appeased in this instant.

He walked up to the podium with weak feet, received the Golden Dragon award from the hostess, and spoke in a trance-like manner as he gave his speech of thanks.

No one knew more about Meng Chuan’s efforts over the past year than Zhou Yuhe. He was sincerely happy for Meng Chuan and admired the Golden Dragon Award for its fair choice, which wasn’t influenced by the box office.

At this time, Xie Yifeng silently shook Zhou Yuhe’s hand.

A warmth came from his hand.

Zhou Yuhe turned his head, saw the heartache in his eyes, and instantly understood.

“Cat and An Xue” was affected by the high box office, it wasn’t easy to get an award at the Golden Dragon Awards, and it was almost impossible to get another one.

His newcomer award was most likely out of the question.

Zhou Yuhe smiled and replied silently: I’m fine.

It was impossible to say that there was no emptiness in his heart. In his last life, he came into the public eye by winning the Golden Dragon Award as the best newcomer, and then started an incomparably smooth and bright path.

He had some feelings towards the Golden Dragon Awards.

Some people felt empty and some people were pleased.

Fan Junxi and Ning Qin’er, who were sitting in the middle and back rows, were both relieved.

The award ceremony continued.

Coincidentally, the guest of honor who was presenting the Golden Dragon Best Newcomer Award was Xie Yifeng.

He walked onto the stage with a graceful and powerful aura, and opened the envelope in his hand while saying the award speech.

He didn’t pause.

Even the hand holding the envelope didn’t shake a bit.

But he raised his eyes and glanced at Zhou Yuhe.

Zhou Yuhe breathed tightly.

The relaxed atmosphere disappeared from him without a trace, replaced by a sense of tightness.

It was clear that there was no extra hint, but he just got a certain signal.

It was a tacit understanding that belonged between the two of them.

“Zhou, Yuhe!” Xie Yifeng announced the winner of the Newcomer Award with a smile.

Zhou Yuhe stared closely at Xie Yifeng on the stage, his eye pupils dilated for a minute, and when he looked back, he found that people around him were smiling and tapping him on the shoulder to indicate that he should go up to the stage to receive the award.

Zhou Yuhe instantly organized his mood.

With a bright smile, he crisply walked towards the stage, he passed by the blue-faced Fan Junxi, and took the trophy from Xie Yifeng’s hand.

Feeling the heavy weight in his hand, Zhou Yuhe looked at the stage.

Everything in front of him suddenly overlapped with the image of getting the Golden Dragon Best Newcomer in his last life.

He remembered that that was the first time and the last time that he stood on that stage before he was reborn.

At that time, the audience was also like this.

They were either cynical, or envious or most thought he was lucky.

A clear and crisp voice slowly flowed out from the microphone.

“Getting this award, I’m really very surprised …… and very grateful for everyone’s affirmation of me. A lot of people have asked me recently during this time, after getting popularity and money, why am I not satisfied and have to toss and turn. I would like to say that there is no end to an actor’s desire for acting, whether it is the former me, the present me, or the future me, the passion for acting will never fade.”

“This is just the beginning, I have to keep improving ……”

“I won’t let a little achievement stop me ……”

“I want to be the best actor I can be.”

He wanted to be the best actor ……

These words he said back then with almost all his strength and with a trembling voice.

And now, he was calm.

As if declaring the truth, firm, and with convincing power.

The room was silent.

Zhou Yuhe’s performance in “Cat and An Xue”, his dedication in spite of his image, his gritted teeth and perseverance, was visible to everyone.

So no one felt that his speech of thanks was arrogant.

Instead, more than anything, they were touched by the sincere glint in his eyes and couldn’t help but applaud.

The applause spread like a virus, at first it was sparse, but at the end it was surprisingly thunderous.

They were feeling admiration for the young man’s courage.

After all, most people, after gaining popularity and money like him, found it hard not to be influenced by the glitz and glamour of the show business and keep their original heart.

Although not much was won throughout the award season, to get two Golden Dragon Awards at the end was a successful end to “Cat and An Xue”.

After Zhou Yuhe’s speech, the next award nominations seemed incomparably boring.

Fang Yunxi thought he could occupy the front page of the online media if he won the “Most Popular Actor Award”, went back empty-handed and was angry for several days.

And Zhou Yuhe, whose acting skills were enhanced by the “Golden Dragon Aura”, undoubtedly rose to another level and became the first among his contemporaries.

The more busy he was, the more he felt the need to have someone to take care of his acting work.

He went to I.S to press once about opening a studio.

Instead, he was told: Yang Yu was going to be transferred.



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