In China, there was no clear line of demarcation between commercial films and literary films, and most films were simply labeled as “feature films”, so there were some disputes on this point.

In the minds of old-school filmmakers, literary films represented the highest artistic pursuit of a director’s film career, and often focused on expressing the director’s artistic soul, it wasn’t tainted with the smell of copper, so they preferred films with low cost, but with a high degree of completion, and a great deal of substance and filming techniques.

This criterion was somewhat scornful in the eyes of some independent filmmakers who had bold and unique ideas.

A good movie was good, a bad movie was bad, and a movie that was artistic and sold well wasn’t even better.

In terms of artistic expression, “The Cat and An Xue” wasn’t in any way inferior to those films in the competition, while the pace was smooth and the plot was gripping.

The question was asked, and represented the hearts of countless viewers.

But unfortunately, currently occupying the seats of the jury of major film awards, all the professional filmmakers weren’t young, they didn’t have the courage to break the rules.

Although on the surface it wasn’t revealed, “Cat and An Xue” was nominated in many award shows, but behind the scenes, they still didn’t agree that the commercial value of this piece was too high.

Meng Chuan and others, even if they didn’t understand it once or twice, reacted to it afterwards.

In his heart, he felt it was difficult to understand, but he knew that the film industry was deep, and it wasn’t enough to shoot a film well.

Meng Chuan shallowly sipped his wine and sighed: “I forget, what’s wrong with you? Of course you didn’t get the film star award, after you don’t have much experiences, but how come you didn’t even get a ‘newcomer award’? What is your company doing?”

There was no absolute fairness in the world, plus the domestic and international film awards shows were mixed: the top awards judges focused on qualifications, the better awards shows would take into account contacts and reputation, and the poorer ones would need the popularity of the actors and the company behind them ……

In short, the game behind the Industry was turbulent, if the company didn’t do enough for the artist in public relations, even if they had the strength, it was difficult to emerge in this star-studded industry.

Meng Chuan worked abroad in the early years, he met many superstars with superb acting skills, and after returning to China, he collaborated with many actors.

To put it mildly, in his opinion, Zhou Yuhe’s performance in the film, not to mention a newcomer award, he could also get the film star award!

It was just that he was too young and had no roots in the industry, and he wasn’t yet playing at the same table as those actors that were also competing for the same award.

Such a young man with potential, and Meng Chuan witnessed his transformation, at this time for him to receive cold treatment, of course, he felt indignant for him.

Zhou Yuhe’s expression was light, a newcomer award, what he hadn’t he seen in his previous life, he didn’t really care, but considering the root of the problem, he was vaguely annoyed.

“I.S is in a mess internally, how can they have the leisure to care about me, an artist, winning an award?”

When Meng Chuan and his assistant heard this, their faces both straightened.

He had heard some news recently and had thought it was fake, but now ……

Meng Chuan came closer and asked in a deep voice: “Is it true that Master Ji ……?”

Zhou Yuhe glanced at him, and Meng Chuan instantly stopped talking.

Recently, the company’s internal rumors was that Master Ji was in hospital, this news made the people in the company begin to move up.

The first uncle of Ji Chen, Ji Yuan, was ruthless, but he didn’t have enough means, these years in the entertainment industry left him with a bad reputation, plus he was Master Ji’s second son, after Ji Chen’s father’s death, he wasn’t a suitable successor candidate in the heart of the old man.

At that time, Ji Chen was still young, in order to protect his young grandson from the Ji clan, the old man gave power to Ji Yuan, then hid the real power of the Ji family, while him and his grandson secretly gathered strength.

But after Ji Chen grew up, he wanted to take it back but he couldn’t.

With the old man’s illness, the company was taken care of by Ji Yuan and the professional management team.

Under Ji Yuan’s management for many years, I.S had changed its personnel from inside to outside, and the executives were loyal to him.

I.S was now more like his private property than the family business, whoever looked good would be promoted, and whoever offended him would have no place in I.S.

To break such an iron plate, Ji Chen’s road to the throne was obviously difficult.

Fortunately, Ji Chen was a hundred times stronger than his eldest uncle, not only did he have connections, his mind was also amazing.

He took a different path and didn’t enter the top of I.S as a manager, instead he became an artist of I.S and started from the entertainment industry.

In these years, it seemed that he was careless and debauched, but in fact he had accumulated many contacts.

Using his identity of an artist as a cover, he caught Ji Yuan’s weakness, and pulled a group of employees and executives.

In the past few years, he used the excuse of playing with capital to cover up, but recently he had invested in several films with good results, which gave him the courage to be more and more reckless in front of Ji Yuan, which made his “smart” uncle vigilant, it was far from enough for him who was eager to be superior. What he wanted was the the opportunity to drive Ji Yuan out of the board of directors.

The “critical illness” of Master Ji was exactly what the grandchild deliberately sold to Ji Yuan.

Zhou Yuhe couldn’t help but reveal a cold smile.

He still remembered the year after the disfigurement, he was lying in the hospital, watching the grandchild stage a bitter trick, Master Ji’s crutches hit Ji Chen mercifully, he still wanted to live for a few more years, let alone now?

In his last life, he wasn’t with Ji Chen.

Zhou Yuhe’s fingers gently tapped the desktop, as he caught Meng Chuan’s gossipy yet embarrassed expression, he paused for a moment before saying: “The old man is fine, he wants to pave the way for Ji Chen.”

Meng Chuan nodded his head, it seemed a heavy rain was heading for I.S, no wonder there was no time to manage Zhou Yuhe.

Meng Chuan tilted his head and thought for a while: “But this isn’t the way to go on. You don’t know how long the battle will take, what will you do? They can’t even spare manpower for the PR of a newcomer award, let alone after that?”

Zhou Yuhe was silent.

Meng Chuan continued: “You are more or less a top star in the entertainment industry, why not set up a personal studio?”

“Personal studio?” Zhou Yuhe also froze.

Honestly speaking, stars nowadays preferred a liberalized studio than being attached to a big company. In the past, all resources were pinched in the hands of companies and agents, and the power of their career’s life and death was controlled by others, but now with the development of the Internet, the popularity effect and fan effect of stars were gradually increasing in proportion, and the Internet had helped these resources to come to their door more easily, so whether it was to set up a dedicated studio within a big company, or just go out and work alone, this model was extremely popular nowadays.

“Yeah, why didn’t I think of that!” Zhou Yuhe’s face showed an expression of dawning realization.

Actually, it wasn’t his fault. In his last life, he was with Ji Chen not long after he became popular, and had been tied to Ji Chen since then.

The I.S of Ji Chen was the I.S of Zhou Yuhe, all the resources was tilted to him first, there had never been any lack of manpower, not enough money to take care of public relations matters, he naturally didn’t have the idea of running a personal studio, even if there was, it was also limited to after the termination of his contract. At this time, it occurred to him that the studio could be within the company, he didn’t have to wait until the termination of his contract.

It gave Zhou Yuhe an opening. He sat in the room and comforted Meng Chuan casually. After being seen by the other party as absent-minded, he was criticised and thrown out.

After returning to discuss with Yang Yu, the other party also found it feasible, so he asked someone to write the application proposal.

Recently, I.S. had had a lot of problems, and Yang Yu, as I.S.’s gold medal agent, was previously taken away from his real position and driven to lead the emerging actor department. But in the past two years, because Zhou Yuhe was really competitive, he had re-established his prestige in I.S., and was recently promoted to manager, he was also considered a member of the senior management, the fight between the uncle and nephew for the throne made him distracted, he didn’t have extra time to care about Zhou Yuhe.

As soon as the idea of the studio came out, Yang Yu felt that it was a good opportunity to get out of the whirlpool. It was rare that he didn’t have a bad opinion, and he set up the studio’s general operating structure with a straight face and turned to submit it to the upper I.S management.

He didn’t expect that this proposal would be submitted for several weeks, but like a stone sinking into the sea, there was no further news.

As the awards season drew to a close, the public’s enthusiasm had long since subsided, and “Cat and An Xue,” which was expected to be as big a hit as “Emperor Xuan Tong,” ended up with only two “Best Picture,” one “Best Director” and one “Best Newcomer Award”.

Half of the people were unhappy of this result, while the other half were secretly pleased with it.

Although the most important annual Golden Dragon Awards hadn’t yet been held, most people had already expected the ending, so they weren’t very excited about it.

What really caused a storm was another important news: Ji Chen was getting engaged to Meng Churong!

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  2. Damn, I’m really lucky – I’ve discovered this novel yesterday and binged it like a madman. And then, the website was redesigned and I just wanted to say that I really like it! My favorite new feature is the night mode, my eyes are pleased. Thank you for the chapter!

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