In order to shoot a good “summit battle”, the program team spent a lot of money.

Not only was the set built, but they also specially invited the country’s top screenwriting team to write a script for the last three episodes, so that the game would be more emotional.

Blizzard Villa.

It was a legendary and mysterious mountain villa handed down from medieval aristocrats.

The owner who lived in Blizzard Villa was rich and mysterious.

People in the village seldom saw the people of Blizzard Hills appear in the eyes of the world, and the nobles in the village almost never went out.

Only on the 15th day of the full moon each month, a big gamble would be held in the villa, and the mysterious Blizzard Villa would briefly unveil its mysterious veil to the world.

The rules of this bet were very simple –

Either you get the top prize alone and collect all the money.

Or lose a thousand dollars, and become penniless.

Countless aristocrats came to the gentry.

Countless nights of intoxication.

Countless people were addicted to it, and countless people wouldn’t survive.

And on the 15th of November, the day of gambling came again –

First of all, from the “blizzard” sound effects, Zhang Sheng, dressed as a nobleman in the middle ages, as the big brother among the guests and the most wanted host in the variety industry, this time the program group actually stuck an exaggerated moustache on his face, his appearance couldn’t be described.

Zhang Sheng pretended to take two steps into the hall covered with red carpet, raised his eyebrows, and pointed critically: “This lamp is too gorgeous, not practical; this chair …… Huh? Last time I came here it was different, you bought a new one so soon? Wasteful extravagance!”

Zhang Sheng’s eyes darted to the small gold cup on the vintage solid wood coffee table in the living room, his eyes suddenly shone, he went up to pick up the gold cup and played with it lovingly, “This gold cup ……”

He sneakily looked around, and then peacefully stuffed into his pocket, “How does it seem that I brought it from home?”

The medieval lady dressed as Lulu came in and saw Zhang Sheng very into the scene, she immediately found it very interesting, she thought about the character script she had received and coldly shouted: “Who is sneaking around here?”

Zhang Sheng turned his head and straightened up with a superb sense of drama, and spoke to her with his nostrils flared: “Where did the girl come from, don’t you know the rules, does this nobleman look like that kind of person?”

The next second, he immediately hit himself in the face –

“Yes, I am.” Zhang Sheng held the golden cup and smiled.

Lulu was also amused by him.

Zhang Sheng: “What are you laughing at, you little girl, you haven’t answered my question, who are you?”

Lulu stroked her sideburns with style and smiled gracefully towards Zhang Sheng, “Who am I? How could you not know? I am the most famous lady within ten meters ……”

Zhang Sheng: “Ten meters around the square?”

Lulu glared at him, ignoring his jab, and continued, “I am the ten meters of …… oops I was carried away by you!”

Zhang Sheng was overjoyed and respectfully made a ‘please’ gesture towards her, “Continue, continue.”

Lulu adjusted, regained her variety posture, and whispered, “I am the most famous lady in the ten-mile radius, but also the most dazzling ‘dumb’ (diamond) in the writer’s world, novel Lulu, you can also call me Aga Lulu.”

[TN: She said diamond but it’s a play on words]

Zhang Sheng face was expressionless: “Don’t know.”

“You don’t know? After my death my novels became popular all over the world, “No One Lives” and “Murder on the Eastern High Speed Rail” there are seven or eight remakes of the movie alone!”

“Movies? What’s that? A shadow with electricity?”

“You old man, I’m not going to talk to you, you don’t understand.” Lulu slowly rolled her eyes.

At this time, wearing an old dark long shirt and a hat, Wu Kun walked in, his hat had snow beads on it, his face also seemed like an iceberg, he strongly emitted a ‘do not approach’ aura.

The classic movie villain character’s costume made Lulu unable to hold her laughter.

Wasn’t this killer too cliche?

The role-playing in the last episode was too much fun, right?

Zhang Sheng knowingly asked: “This teenager, you look dark, deadly, depressed, I can see bloodshed in the near future ah.”

Wu Kun was amused by this sudden “Mysterious accent”.

The whole scene collapsed.

He immediately adjusted his mood, held his coolguy persona, and coldly glanced at Zhang Sheng, “There is no bloodshed, you will know later.”

Unsuspecting smile, threatening tone, all signs indicated that Wu Kun’s scripted character may have some beef with Zhang Sheng’s scripted character.

Lulu: “You haven’t introduced yourself.”

Wu Kun coughed twice and said indifferently, “My name is Wu Li.”



Zhang Sheng and Lulu both coincidentally laughed at the same time.

Zhou Yuhe walked in amidst this rising laughter.

He was wearing a maroon trench coat jacket, with a dark coffee colored detective hat, white gloves, silky round pipe, before he could speak, Lulu greeted him with a face filled with excitement and admiration, “you …… aren’t you the most powerful famous detective Fulmohe huh? ”

This character name no matter how many times he heard it, it still made him feel ashamed, Zhou Yuhe stifled his laughter, and looked at Lulu in surprise, “this lady, you know me?”

“Of course, you are my inspiration male god.” Lulu winked at him and her hand couldn’t help but grab Zhou Yuhe’s arm.

As soon as Xie Yifeng came in, he saw Lulu tugging on Zhou Yuhe’s arm, his eyebrows raised, an inexplicable displeasure rose up from his chest, he walked quietly toward the middle of the two.

Zhou Yuhe looked back if he felt something, and Lulu also looked back and involuntarily froze, and the hand holding Zhou Yuhe’s arm naturally loosened.

Xie Yifeng was wearing a black-and-white military uniform from medieval Germany. His tall figure was set off by the tailored military uniform, and the sight of his long legs made people blush.

Xie Yifeng smiled, “It’s so lively, everyone.”

“Oh, Earl.”


The crowd bowed to him in noble salute.

Xie Yifeng this time played a young general with an earldom, his role status was the highest in the room, so for the sake of variety effect, even the big brother Zhang Sheng also respected him.

Zhang Sheng, Lulu, Wu Kun, Zhou Yuhe, Xie Yifeng, the five of them were the veteran players who survived the ten rounds of elimination to the last episode.

The previous ones like the man with glasses and the two female players were eliminated.

The last to enter the field were the two new players who came in later to fill in, and they gathered together after a brief introduction.

The last three episodes were no less than the pinnacle of the battle, the rules of the game looked simple, but always made people feel as if there was something left out, as soon as the judge finished the rules, the crowd gathered around Zhou Yuhe.

Zhang Sheng said gruffly: “This young nobleman, you look righteous. At first glance, I can tell that you are extremely smart. Why don’t you explain the rules of the game to everyone?”

Lulu: “Nobleman Zhang, are you playing a miser or a fortune teller?”

Zhang Sheng shook his moustache, “It’s up to you.”

Zhou Yuhe didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

Since the fifth episode, he was isolated, relying on his intelligence, and relying on his ability to understand, somehow, in the hearts of the players, he became the perfect rule interpreter.

The key was that these old foxes were all playing the slogan of alliance with him to understand the rules, and he did need allies, so it was considered as a resource sharing between companions, as to whether these allies could go together to the last moment, it was another story.

However, this was also a recognition of his ability.

Thinking that this was the last episode, and every time the allies got together, there would be defections for various reasons, and it was no use hiding private things, so Zhou Yuhe simply explained the rules of the game and the tricks hidden under the rules.

“Oh ……” everyone nodded in a seemingly understanding way, except for the new players who showed an expression of being shocked by his IQ, the veteran players weren’t surprised by Zhou Yuhe’s flexible brain.

After Zhou Yuhe finished explaining, all of them showed thoughtful expressions, and players who had seized the first opportunity had already started to enter the small room to discuss how to form an alliance.

The battle for the top began in an invisible cloud of smoke.


Zhou Yuhe guaranteed that the next few hours would definitely be the most torturous hours since he joined this show.

Maybe it was the final showdown, everyone had unloaded their hearts and let go, even in his case there was a deception!

After ten episodes, Zhou Yuhe had also improved his emotional intelligence to a certain extent. After seeing through the weird atmosphere between Lulu and Zhang Sheng, he pretended he was cheated and joined their alliance, and then use his excellent acting skills when he was betrayed, making all the players think that Zhou Yuhe was going to fail.

But when the judges finally announced –

“The final winner is – Zhou, Yuhe!”

Waiting for this moment, as if he had been waiting for a century, Zhou Yuhe smiled at the crowd of players with different expressions, he leisurely walked away from the players and received the winner’s medal, at this moment, everyone finally reacted one after another –

“Cr*p!!! Zhou Zhou you actually ……! This isn’t right? How in the world did you win?!”

“Does it mean that when you changed the wine glass ……!” Lulu noticed a key small detail during the previous match, and only after she reminded them did the crowd react one after another that so early on, Zhou Yuhe had already started laying out traps.

They didn’t guess that Zhou Yuhe would use deception to deceive them back, because the previous Zhou Zhou was just too good.

Although the child was particularly smart, it was only in terms of intelligence, for this conspiracy game between people, to be honest he was relatively weak, in other words he wasn’t as despicable as others.

In these ten episodes, Zhou Yuhe had a very smooth pace of growth, so smooth that even they didn’t see notice it until it completely erupted.

“I’m convinced.” Zhang Sheng twisted his moustache sadly. He thought he would win, but he was cheated, but who told him and Lulu to cheat Zhou Yuhe first?

“I feel that the episode will blow up ah,” Wu Kun couldn’t help himself, the last deception plus the reversal of the pig pretending so it could eat the tiger, it really made him feel goose bumps, but he immediately felt the sight from other players, “Oh oh oh, I misspoke, censor it out.”

All of them remembered, the first episode at the end of the selection of MVP, Wu Kun mentioned his expectations, the results of the ratings were very general.

This poisonous effect, no one wanted to try a second time.

Zhou Yuhe put the medal representing the first season champion in his hands and swung it back and forth.

He couldn’t help but feel an indescribable sense of accomplishment.

All the guests who participated in “The Liar”, whether they were the old players or new players who came later, they were talents with top abilities in many fields such as intelligence, leadership, judgement ……, etc. It was the first time in his life that he won the first place in this kind of brain-burning game competition, and the process was difficult, but the satisfaction of getting the sweet fruit in the end naturally spoke for itself.

The first thing he wanted to do was to share the joy of winning with Xie Yifeng.

In the whole course, all the players either cheated or used him.

Only Xie Yifeng, although in order to respect the game, he never gave him a back door, but he helped him, and showed no hesitation to lend him a helping hand. Of course Zhou Yuhe also helped him a lot, and several times to help him, he took the blame.

Even the fans who didn’t personally participate in the show, through the screen, they could feel the two’s superb sense of partnership, no one dragged any one down.

Zhou Yuhe looked up.

He just so happened to see Xie Yifeng looking at him.

The two of them looked far apart from the staff and guests, but Zhou Yuhe saw Xie Yifeng’s heartfelt joy and pride, Xie Yifeng pointed to the medal in his hand, “Let me see.”

Zhou Yuhe then walked over.

His long bony fingers slowly brushed the medal, as if he inadvertently touched Zhou Yuhe’s fingers holding the medal, the feeling of the feather-like soft touch moved without warning, the next second, the hand removed Zhou Yuhe’s hat, revealing the top of his dark hair, then he heavily ruffled it, he spoke intimately: “Very good, fulmohe.”

Because in this episode, his character’s name was Fulmohe.

He didn’t know who started it, but when he got to the back, everyone started clapping.

But Zhou Yuhe clearly heard Xie Yifeng say “Yuhe.”

His chest felt hot.

Zhou Yuhe raised his head and looked at Xie Yifeng’s extra handsome face and gentle watery eyes from close range, and suddenly his heart was racing.

He couldn’t help but think.

It was just the first prize in a variety show, yet Xie Yifeng was this happy for him.

What if …..

He just said if ……

If he one day got that glory that all actors dreamt of, would he be there for him, just like today?

Greedy desires were like weeds growing at will inside.


He wasn’t so content with their current relationship anymore.

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