This time, Duan Hengye didn’t go back to the research institute as originally planned, but took the starship back to Southern Star together with Meng Jinhuai. Southern Star wasn’t very close to the planet X where they were just now, and it had a time difference, it was already late at night on this planet when the starship landed at the Marshal’s residence.

If it were in the past, Duan Hengye wouldn’t be sleepy at this time of night. But who knew, the amount of information he encountered in a day was too much, and when his mood finally completely calm, he became tired. After seeing the dark night sky outside the starship’s viewport, Duan Hengye actually got a strong sleepy feeling.

This afternoon, Meng Jinhuai’s decision to go to Planet X was a bit sudden, so when he returned to the Southern Star, he didn’t go to rest first, but went directly to his office to deal with the reports and information received during the afternoon.

The marshal’s residence was recently undergoing a small-scale renovation, so Duan Hengye moved to a room on the first floor that had been vacant. Duan Hengye returned to the bedroom in a daze, washed up after a while and fell into a deep sleep. He didn’t know whether he was affected by today’s incident, although he was very sleepy, he didn’t sleep peacefully.

While sleeping, Duan Hengye dreamt of a dazzling silver light. Although his eyes were closed, he could still feel the terrible brightness. If it was said that the thick, fingerless darkness would bring despair, then what did this dazzling silver light signify?

Because of this strange dream, Duan Hengye didn’t sleep much longer. When he reopened his eyes, the sun still hadn’t set. Feeling like he was still trapped in the darkness of the night, Duan Hengye’s mood, which was disturbed by the nightmare, finally calmed down slowly.

Duan Hengye’s bedroom curtains were left open vaguely, after seeing the bright and mild satellite, he got up and sat on the edge of the bed for a while, then went to the curtains and pulled it all open.

In a flash, the soft starlight leaked in from the window. Southern Star was in spring all year round, and the marshal’s residence was planted with beautiful ornamental plants everywhere. At this time, not far from the window of Duan Hengye, there was a crimson rosa multiflora with the height of one person in full bloom. Seeing that no one was around, Duan Hengye simply pushed the window directly.

But in a flash, the cool evening breeze pushed the fragrance of flowers in from outside the window. The curtains that were pulled to the side were also blown up gently, looking like the wings of a butterfly flapping continuously.

Duan Hengye walked to the low cupboard of the room, although he hadn’t gone here before, but in his impression, the robot responsible for organizing the room would add different drinks to this cupboard every day. As expected, as soon as Duan Hengye opened the low cabinet, he saw the neatly arranged drinks. He observed for a while, and then took out a glass bottle of a carbonated drink from it.

…… Duan Hengye knew he wasn’t a suitable person to drink alcohol.

The bedroom located in the marshal’s house was covered with a thick carpet, Duan Hengye walked barefoot to the huge floor-to-ceiling window, then sat there with his knees in his arms looking out the window. Although several hours had passed, Duan Hengye still recalles everything that happened during the day in his mind.

As a practitioner of ancient martial arts, Duan Hengye had always been very sensitive to changes in the surrounding environment and whether someone was close. But at this time because of his tiredness, and because he was in a familiar environment, so until he started hearing the clear sound of footsteps, Duan Hengye tiredly raised his head.

Duan Hengye saw that Meng Jinhuai, who had already finished his work, had appeared in front of him at some point.

At this time, Meng Jinhuai had taken off his navy blue military jacket and gently rested it on his arm. Three buttons on his white shirt that was under his jacket had been unbuttoned. The Lord Marshal’s uniform was tailor-made, and when the soft light of the night’s stars shone from behind him, Meng Jinhuai’s perfect figure was thoroughly outlined.

As a person with very, very good eyesight, Duan Hengye could clearly see the clear lines of his pectoral muscles.

Cough cough …… Duan Hengye somewhat unnaturally moved his eyes away from Meng Jinhuai’s chest.

But even though the image in front of him disappeared, Duan Hengye’s heart still involuntarily sighed- Meng Jinhuai’s body was really good.

In his previous life, Duan Hengye grew up practicing ancient martial arts, although because of his bone structure, he usually looked very thin, but at least it could be called “dressed up: thin, undressed: built”. However, after transmigtating into the “Dumping Interstellar”, due to years of being controlled with the drugs, Duan Hengye’s physical quality was very poor, although his body had almost recovered, his figure was still the same.

Wait …… now obviously wasn’t the time to think about this matter.

At this time, Duan Hengye and Meng Jinhuai were only separated by a rose bush, although the plants in the stars had been specially cultivated, the flowering period was much longer than the ordinary plants on Earth. But in Duan Hengye’s impression, this rose bush had been blooming for some time. Therefore, by now, it was almost time for it to wither.

At this time, a night breeze blew from the side of the back, and the one-person-high flower bush swayed gently in the air. At the same time, there were finally petals of roses blown down by the wind, and then it scattered on Meng Jinhuai’s body.

If he had to compare, at this moment he didn’t look like a soldier, but like a legendary vampire.

After the gust of wind blew past, Meng Jinhuai finally spoke. He stretched out his hand to take down the flower petals stuck to his clothes, then smiled a little and said to Duan Hengye: “Why aren’t you resting at this late hour?”

After speaking, Meng Jinhuai stretched out his hand to set aside a sparser bush in front of him, and then walked through it towards Duan Hengye. The rosebuds still had some thorns after all, and Meng Jinhuai’s movements were careful, but still elegant.

The room where Duan Hengye was located was on the first floor, but it was still slightly higher than the outside by more than half a meter.

After walking to this side, Meng Jinhuai didn’t come in directly from the floor-to-ceiling window or the side door next to it, but sat directly on the window sill. With his current look, he looked very unrestrained, and his serious look at work formed a great contrast.

“I slept, just woke up.” Duan Hengye replied.

At that Meng Jinhuai nodded, then he turned to look out the window and said, “Just now when I was on the hovercraft, I vaguely saw the window of your room wide open, so I thought I’d drop down and take a look.”

Only when he said this did Duan Hengye remember the time, he looked at his light computer and found that more than three hours had passed since he and Meng Jinhuai had returned to Southern Star. Unlike him, who hadn’t gotten used to travelling between the stars, Meng Jinhuai must have been awake for almost twenty hours in a row.

But as a workaholic, despite having tossed and turned for a whole day, Meng Jinhuai’s state magically didn’t wear down at all. If one were to look at him alone, no one could guess that he had been working for that long in a row.

“It’s so late, aren’t you resting?” Duan Hengye couldn’t help but ask.

“Hmm.” Meng Jinhuai nodded a little after hearing that, then said softly, “Going right away.” Meng Jinhuai turned his body back and then saw the bottle that was placed next to Duan Hengye.

Meng Jinhuai continued: “Drinking it at night is somewhat detrimental to sleep, there is a blue glass bottle in the cabinet, the taste is similar, try it.” Hearing Meng Jinhuai’s words, Duan Hengye couldn’t help but open his eyes in slight surprise. He was now considered to have spent some time with Meng Jinhuai, and in Duan Hengye’s impression, it seemed that he had never seen Meng Jinhuai drink anything.

With the Lord Marshal’s temperament, he didn’t think he would like those sweet drinks in general.

“These are all old brands on Southern Star, when I was small I would often go behind my parents’ backs to drink them secretly. Although more than ten years have passed, I heard that the taste hasn’t changed much.” Meng Jinhuai said slowly. His voice was naturally very low and extremely magnetic.

However, this evening, Meng Jinhuai lowered his tone of voice, and even the speed of his words also slowed down. He began to talk to Duan Hengye about his childhood – Meng Jinhuai was really a person without a childhood. The stories he told tonight deliberately avoided the war and the military, and instead he began to talk about some short fragments of his childhood. Putting in the context of interstellar society, those stories weren’t special, but rather a bit boring.

The main character, the marshal, aside, if this story was heard by other people on the planet, it would definitely get the word “boring”. But Duan Hengye was different, he was both a transmigrator from the Earth era and a person with missing memories from his childhood. After hearing Meng Jinhuai’s words, Duan Hengye not only didn’t feel bored, but also asked questions from time to time.

He didn’t know when, but Duan Hengye felt his eyelids start to fight as he talked. He tried hard to open his eyes several times, or to hold back from yawning. But in the end, he still couldn’t resist the sudden onslaught of sleepiness and slowly closed his eyes.

“Good night, Ah Heng.” This is the last sentence that Duan Hengye heard before he fell asleep.

The huge floor-to-ceiling windows were closed again, and the heavy curtains were drawn up. Because of the planet change, Duan Hengye’s biological clock, which he had always been proud of, didn’t work this day. He didn’t know how long it was, but he finally woke up from his nap.

As a person who had the habit of leaving a thin slit in the curtains when sleeping, after getting up, Duan Hengye saw that the bedroom was still dark with no light at all, he first froze for a moment, and then subconsciously reached out to the side of the light computer and touched it.

“Southern Star Standard Time 11:00 am ……”

Wait, Southern Star, eleven o’clock?

After seeing these numbers, Duan Hengye instantly sat up from the bed. How did he sleep until eleven o’clock? His biological clock didn’t work, how come the robots in the Marshal’s residence didn’t wake him up on time either?

As a person who had always been very punctual, after seeing the time on the light computer, Duan Hengy was stunned.

Duan Hengye didn’t come to the Southern Star on vacation this time, but had business to do – on the return trip, Meng Jinhuai had already talked to Duan Hengye carefully about the contents of the classified document found by the General Department that had been decrypted.

So Duan Hengye now knew that the document sent out by the Institute used a new type of hidden encryption method, which had never appeared before. Even now, more than ten years had passed since the document was issued, interstellar technology had changed for more than one generation, but the relevant experts called by the military ministry still hadn’t opened its core content.

The decryption of this document required a great deal of knowledge of the system architecture, so as a person who had studied the field, and the director of the Ye Tian Empire Mecha Research Institute, Duan Hengye would definitely play a significant role if he could join the decryption team.

Duan Hengye remembered …… yesterday that Meng Jinhuai said that the first meeting of the decryption activity would start at eleven o’clock standard time on the Southern Star. In other words, from the moment Duan Hengye woke up, he was already destined to be late.

But after seeing where he was, Duan Hengye remembered another thing – in his impression, he seemed to have accidentally fallen asleep against the wall last night, so how did he get back to bed this morning ……

This matter seemed …… now wasn’t the time to think about it.

Once again to confirm the appointment, his assistant sent a reminder, Duan Hengye took out a sweater directly from the closet, and then quickly walked to the washroom.

As the director of the Institute, the original owner had always dressed in a more formal style, plus after arriving here, Duan Hengye’s styling had been the responsibility of special staff. So over time, Duan Hengye had gradually gotten used to the same dressing style as the original owner.

But this morning, because he was too anxious, when he finished washing up and changed his clothes to get ready to go out, Duan Hengye found that his current look was completely different from his previous style …… instead, it wasn’t much different from what he used to wear in his last life.

As a geek who spent a lot of time in the lab, Duan Hengye dressed for comfort on a daily basis. Naturally, this kind of sweater had become his first choice.

Standing in the doorway, Duan Hengye looked at his own black loose sweater for a moment, but finally gritted his teeth and continued to walk quickly towards the conference room Meng Jinhuai mentioned before.

He was already late, Duan Hengye didn’t want to continue to waste time.

At this time, the meeting room where Duan Hengye was going to go was extremely quiet, and the modest room was almost full of people, but there was no sound coming out.

If a passerby saw it, he would have exclaimed at the identities of the participants – not only the main head of the Southern Star security system, even the two admirals of the military department, and Lord Marshal Meng Jinhuai, were actually all present.

Time passed by, finally a baby-faced man would glance at the light computer, after reading the time, he hesitated and finally said to Meng Jinhuai, “Lord Marshal, it’s already eleven twenty, is our meeting still not starting?”

He asked the doubts of everyone in the conference room.

At that, Meng Jinhuai, who hadn’t spoken, glanced at the door and said, “Soon, there is still a technical expert who has come to assist you who hasn’t arrived.”

After hearing Meng Jinhuai’s words, the baby-faced man who asked the question couldn’t help but smile a little, and he continued, “Lord Marshal, you don’t trust me, and you don’t trust the team under you? In this aspect of data file decryption, we are definitely the most vocal people on the interstellar, even the experts of the royal family, has no way to compare with us.” His tone was tinged with a sense of confidence that couldn’t be ignored.

The person who spoke was the head of an organization under the Southern Stars, just like the one that Duan Hengye had found by mistake last time to clone the antidote for him. This organization also stood at the tip of the pyramid of its own industry, but except for a few people who knew, no one on the planet could link them to Southern Star.

Not only the head of this organization thought this, even Admiral Yu Xinran, who was sitting next to Meng Jinhuai, also showed a puzzled look, and then she said to Meng Jinhuai, “Yes, Lord Marshal, we can actually start the meeting first.”

Before Yu Xinran’s words fell, a beep sounded at the entrance of the conference room on the other side of the room.

Except for Meng Jinhuai and a few senior military officers, the rest of the people at the scene were all from the organization that belonged to Southern Star. After hearing the door beep, all of them unanimously cast their eyes over, waiting to see what kind of person Meng Jinhuai invited.

The address of this meeting room was very close to Duan Hengye’s bedroom, so he didn’t take the indoor mobile tool, but walked over quickly by himself. So when he entering the room, Duan Hengye’s breath was slightly short, and sweat beads hung on his forehead.

The door of the meeting room opened, Duan Hengye first stabilized his breathing, and then suddenly gave a slight bow to the people in the room. Because of the rush of walking just now, his voice was slightly hoarse as he explained, “I’m really very sorry, I didn’t hear the robot’s reminder this morning …….”

As a person who was never late, Duan Hengye couldn’t help but feel embarrassed when he explained, and then lowered his head.

Duan Hengye’s hair was a bit long now, plus he lowered his head when he spoke, half of his face was covered up, revealing only a pointed chin. For a time, no one in the entire conference room could recognize him.

Even Duan Hongyi’s old acquaintance Yu Xinran, she first froze for a moment, and then also said to this sudden “stranger”: “Uh …… this gentleman, you can find a seat first. ”

The staff of several related organizations who came to the meeting today weren’t wearing formal clothes, but at least they had changed into plaid shirts. So this man was dressed a little too casual, especially the printed pattern on the back of the sweater – it made few of them have doubts.

That’s right until now, Duan Hengye didn’t see that the pure black sweater he chose had a large print behind.

Duan Hengye of course saw that Yu Xinran didn’t recognize him, but because he was late and anxious, he didn’t explain, but quickly walked to the only empty seat at the round table there. This was directly across from Meng Jinhuai.

After Duan Hengye entered and took his seat, everyone finally took their eyes back and started looking at the light screen in front of them. But just at this time, Meng Jinhuai suddenly said, “It’s okay, it’s not your fault, I’m the one who turned off the robot’s time reminder function.”

The atmosphere in the conference room suddenly froze up.

The first, Yu Xinran, who was looking down at her light computer, couldn’t resist slowly raising her head and then she looked towards the visitor …… If her common sense wasn’t wrong, if Meng Jinhuai wanted to turn off the robot that woke up the visitor, then he had to go to his bedroom to do so.

…… So, who was this man with somewhat long hair?

The answer seemed to be right in front of people’s eyes.

Immediately after Admiral Yu, the rest of the people really couldn’t help but silently cast their eyes over. And after hearing the words of Meng Jinhuai, Duan Hengye didn’t react for a while, he couldn’t help but look up at Meng Jinhuai, and stiffly replied “Oh”.


This face, surprisingly, was really Duan Hengye!

After seeing clearly, Yu Xinran silently moved her chair back a little, then glanced at the print on the other’s sweater and repeatedly confirmed what he was wearing. In Admiral Yu’s impression, Duan Hengye wasn’t this kind of person ah ……

At the same time, the eyes of the rest of the people immediately lit up, especially the doll-faced man who spoke at the beginning. Although he had clearly seen the person in front of him was indeed Duan Hengye, he couldn’t stop himself from tentatively calling out: “Professor Duan”.

Although Duan Hengye didn’t understand what he was trying to do, he still looked in his direction, he was silent for a short while, then he said to the man with strangely bright eyes “…… good morning.”

“Good morning! Professor Duan!” He didn’t know if it was an illusion, but Duan Hengye felt like the man was going to cry. Duan Hengye wasn’t good at socializing, and even less experienced in dealing with such scenes. Although he could already see his excitement, he still silently moved his eyes back to his light computer once again.

In fact, the admiration of the person in front of him for Duan Hengye was understandable, the decryption of documents work and systematics-related knowledge had a great overlap. The last time Duan Hengye helped the military ministry to fix the system vulnerability, it had long since spread throughout the interstellar. In addition to the amazement of the onlookers, the practitioners of the related industry directly regarded Duan Hengye as their life idol.

As the head of the Southern Star’s subordinate agencies, the baby-faced man had already regarded Duan Hengye as his idol because of the mecha. After what happened last time, he was looking forward to meeting his idol one day.

The person in charge took another peek at Duan Hengye’s clothing, then added in his heart – such a humble idol!

Recalling what happened when Duan Hengye entered, if he didn’t have memory bias due to excitement, when he just entered, it seemed that Duan Hengye also bowed to him for being late …… There were times when someone reached the top of life in an instant.

Although Yu Xinran still couldn’t help but sigh at Duan Hengye’s outfit today, as an experienced military staff. The “Marshal’s Special Invited Technical Expert” Duan Hengye arrived, she consciously began to host this and the meeting.

“Good morning, everyone, first of all, you already know more or less the meaning of the document, and the Lord Marshal, as well as the Ministry of War, retains a high degree of confidence in you. But according to the process, we still need to ask you to wear monitors.” After saying that, Yu Xinran glanced at Meng Jinhuai who was sitting at the side, and after he nodded, she reached out and clicked a few times on the light computer.

Instantly, the originally flat and clean conference table cracked open several slits, and then the metal box appeared in front of those who weren’t wearing military uniforms.

Yu Xinran said, “Before the meeting starts, please put it on.”

Duan Hengye had never seen this so-called “monitor”, so when the person sitting next to him opened the box, he couldn’t help but turn his curious gaze to the staff member next to him that he had never seen before.

At this time, Meng Jinhuai, who hadn’t spoken much, suddenly opened his mouth to explain to Duan Hengye: “The monitor they wear can only be lifted in the military department, and during the next period of time, the monitor will pay attention to the surrounding environment, as well as the wearer’s language, movements and even emotions. When the military department carries out activities that require secrecy, participants are required to wear it.”

At these words, Duan Hengye then nodded thoughtfully. The light computer beeps rang out one after another, proving that everyone had already put on the monitor.

She looked around the venue at the heart, and finally began to explain the official content of the meeting after it was confirmed.

…… Although Duan Hengye had already known all about the incident from Meng Jinhuai, when the simplified version of the incident was said by Yu Xinran’s mouth again, he couldn’t help but feel an inexplicable emotion.

But when he looked up, Duan Hengye found that Meng Jinhuai, who was sitting facing him, had been silently watching him while Yu Xinran was talking. He couldn’t help it. Duan Hengye’s mood became more relaxed, and he began to listen attentively to what she was saying.

Unlike Duan Hengye who already knew the details of the matter, after hearing Yu Xinran’s story, Duan Hengye saw several staff members around him slowly open their mouths in astonishment. Obviously, no one could imagine that behind that confidential document, there was actually such a background.

Inevitably, their eyes towards Duan Hengye also gradually became complicated, but immediately afterwards, they found that as the person involved in the incident, Duan Hengye appeared calmer than anyone else.

After Yu Xinran finished speaking, Meng Jinhuai nodded his head and then instructed the agency head who was responsible for the primary decryption a few days ago to explain the secrecy of the document to Duan Hengye.

The baby-faced man who was named immediately stood up with some excitement. He didn’t expect that he would have the opportunity to tell his idol about the work process and complete the project together with him today.

Although there was a little bit of emotional exuberance, once he thought of the heavy meaning behind this matter, he still calmed down. The man pursed his lips, then linked his light computer to the large light screen in the conference room, and began to give Duan Hengye an analysis of the type of secrecy of the document, and by the way, explain his team’s initial cracking process.

In fact, the staff member who spoke was a little apprehensive at first, after all, although he had read a lot of reports and information about Duan Hengye on the star network, but as a sensible adult, he had always been clear: the person in the report, and the real-life person was definitely not exactly the same.

As the director of the institute, Duan Hengye should be a very serious and strict person in this field no matter how he looked at it. So when he was explaining, his heart was more than nervous.

But he didn’t expect that while listening to his work, Duan Hengye didn’t frown, but also lowered his head and carefully took notes on his light computer. Duan Hengye’s appearance was very focused, for this “fan”, this was undoubtedly a great encouragement.

In fact, the relevant staff of the Ministry of the military found the encrypted files, and then the team carried out the initial decryption, it didn’t take much time. Compared to the weapon structure diagram hidden in the core classified area, the peripheral information and the sending records of this document were less important, and it wasn’t too difficult to decrypt.

The really complicated part was just beginning, but even this group of highly professional staff didn’t have a clue at the moment.

Finally, his explanation stopped here. Time unknowingly had surprisingly passed more than an hour. Everyone in the room knew that in fact, this meeting today was just the beginning of the cracking work. But facing the encrypted files on the light screen like an iron wall, no matter how experienced they were, they couldn’t help but show a torn expression.

This work had nothing to do with the word “simple”, and could even be described as “tricky”.

After the introduction, the meeting went into a break, and Meng Jinhuai, as the marshal, temporarily left the place to deal with other work of the military department. At this time, the robot also brought coffee to the remaining people, Duan Hengye held his chin in one hand, while his other hand repeatedly and quickly worked on those failed crack records. His expression remained the same as before, not showing any special emotions, not even a frown in the face of something so complex was present.

Although Meng Jinhuai went out for the time being, Yu Xinran and Dongfang Hewen remained in the conference room. With these two admirals sitting in the room, the room remained very quiet during the break. The staff members responsible for decrypting the documents gathered in twos and threes, whispering about their work. Some people would look up at Duan Hengye from time to time, but didn’t have the courage to talk to him.

But …… old acquaintance Yu Xinran was different.

In her opinion, compared to those nervous staff, as he drank coffee and read the documents, Duan Hengye was simply calm to the extreme.

Admiral Yu finally couldn’t help but walk up to Duan Hengye’s side, then jokingly asked, “Why is Professor Duan so calm? Although I don’t understand, but listening to the description, I think this job is not simple ……” Hearing her words, Duan Hengye moved his eyes from the light computer to the coffee cup, and then nodded his head.

Yu Xinran glanced at Duan Hengye’s dense notes, and then casually asked again, “You’re so calm, you don’t already have an idea, do you?”

Duan Hengye didn’t directly answer Yu Xinran’s question, he just sat up straight again and then silently nodded his head.

The people in the meeting room were secretly observing Duan Hengye, and after seeing his action, the whispers all stopped.

Duan Hengye wasn’t joking, right?


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