After the game, it was logical to have a small celebration, and then go home.

But since it was a summit battle, it was obviously not that simple.

According to the script given by the program team, they had to stay in the lodge for one night after the big gamble on the night of the full moon, because of the snowstorm outside the lodge, they couldn’t go out.

Although they couldn’t guess what the show was doing, they had a vague feeling that the setting of the snowstorm mountain house seemed to be related to the character script they were carrying.

If it was just a simple summit match, there was no need, there wouldn’t be any need to write such a detailed character script.

Zhou Yuhe played Fulmohe, and in the Blizzard Villa, he could be said to have a thousand and one connections, even why he came to the Blizzard Villa was explained so clearly in the script, and not only him, from the information obtained from the game, every player in the field had a very detailed character.

This game wouldn’t be over so soon.


After shooting the summit battle, it was already four o’clock in the middle of the night.

The next part was to be shot the next morning.

The guests had to travel back and forth, and it just so happened that the “Blizzard Villa” was physically built.

For this episode, the production team really built a medieval castle out, furniture, decoration, including the room bedding four-piece set are new, so they simply slept in the castle overnight.

The next day after the makeup and hair, several people came out of the room one after another.

Lulu: “Noble Zhang, why do you look so listless, did you not rest well last night?”

The miserly persona of Zhang Sheng sniffed, sighed, he turned his empty money bag upside down and said, “Last night I lost all my savings of three years, two months and twenty days, do you think I can sleep well?”

Wu Kun also came out of the room, with a face could only be called “deadly”, “Why are you shouting so early in the morning.”

Lulu: “It’s almost eleven o’clock, it’s still early in the morning.”

Wu Kun, according to the script, looked surprised, “eleven o’clock? But why is it so dark outside, with no dawn.”

In order to create a gloomy and scary atmosphere, the program team surrounded the castle with a layer of medium-thick curtains to avoid light, looking out from the living room, all they could see were gray curtain clothes, after editing, these curtain cloth would be replaced by special effects, into a “gray weather blizzard outside”.

Xie Yifeng came out of the room and said, “The snow is so thick, the soldiers who came to pick me up must not be able to enter the mountain.”

Hearing him say that, Lulu suddenly felt a little uneasy, she said, “Then what do we do? How long is it going to snow? Can the food here last until we leave?”

Zhang Sheng: “There is no need to worry about that, the housekeeper said yesterday that the food and hot water supply in the lodge is 24 hours a day …… Right? Where are the butlers and attendants here?”

When he said that, others also found something wrong.

Last night, there was originally a butler and a valet staff in the lodge who acted as judges, including bridging the entire plot, but this morning, both of them were gone.

Xie Yieng frowned, “Other than the butler and the attendant, you guys didn’t notice that Fulmohe also disappeared?”

The crowd was startled.

Indeed, before getting up, Zhou Yuhe was still with them during the pre-shoot arrangements, after the makeup …… they hadn’t seen him till now!

Although they knew this was likely the arrangement of the program team, but the surrounding ancient castle and the environment was too bizarre, Lulu couldn’t help but hold her arms, with a trembling voice, she tried to speak, “Isn’t it …… wow, this is too horrible.”

The words just fell –

The electronic display in the middle of the living room lit up without warning!


The sound of shock rang out all around, and there were even one or two staff members who were outside the venue that were startled by the sound.

This sound undoubtedly saved all the guests present.

The guests had felt that the sounds around them was particularly scary and frightening, but as a result, they heard a louder frightening sound next to them, and suddenly they weren’t so scared.

However, the relaxed atmosphere didn’t last a second.

The next moment, they were stunned by the contents of the screen –

Zhou Yuhe was tied to a chair!

His body was still wearing yesterday’s windbreaker, his hair slightly disheveled, his eyes were wrapped in a white cloth, his lips were white, he didn’t look good.

And what was worse, the camera pulled closer, except for the obvious reflection of the firelight on his cheeks which made it clear that he was in a dim room, with only a torch, the rest of the clues couldn’t be found at all!

“Yuhe!” “Zhou Zhou!”

The crowd couldn’t help but exclaim.

And Zhou Yuhe in the screen showed no response.

He couldn’t hear their voices.

He was now in a place that was isolated from the crowd.

At this moment, the screen jumped to another place, and the masked girl that everyone was incredibly familiar with appeared.

She smirked and said in a seductive voice, “Money is the original sin. Do you think that if you win the competition, you can just walk away with all the wealth here? It’s too naive, winning is the first step to the abyss ……”

The crowd looked at each other, before the program team only said that there were two parts of the summit battle, and gave them the first part of the “gambling night” script.

The second part of the script, however, wasn’t available.

It was said that for the sake of authenticity and drama, they would only know the rules on the spot.

In other words, the current situation was completely unexpected, and none of them knew that Zhou Yuhe’s kidnapping would appear on the screen.

The girl continued, “Every one of you present is well aware that the so-called Blizzard Villa is actually Sin Villa, where the original sin of each and every one of you is hidden, including him ……”

The screen quickly cut back to Zhou Yuhe, and then cut back to the girl.

“None of the seven of you came to the hills because of an accident …… do not clear the injustice, the ghosts hidden here can never rest in peace, go, find the secrets hidden here, whether it is the room, the living room, every corner in this ancient castle may have hidden clues, if you can’t crack all the secrets and find the way to salvation before dark, then by then ……”

The screen was suddenly filled with flame effects throughout, accompanied by the sound of crackling and burning.

After the “burning”, the face of the girl appeared in the picture again.

“Heh, you, and this filthy place, together, will be buried forever by fire ……”

The camera finally rested on the girl’s gloomy and eerie smile.



A brief dead silence fell over the living room after the video was broadcast.

Lulu walked somewhat confused to the edge of the camera area and then walked back with a surprised expression, “They really said they would burn the house …… crazy, gosh.”

Wu Kun: “This variety show is also playing too big, right?!”

Zhang Sheng: “So we went from ‘mass gambling’ into a ‘drama class escape room’ + ‘hurricane rescue’? ”

Wu Kun: “Wow, I said yesterday that I envied Zhou Zhou for winning the championship, but today it hit me in the face, I don’t want this, too miserable, too miserable.”


The guests chattered and discussed.

Obviously there was too much to complain about the new way of the show.

Only Xie Yifeng, after the video ended, kept a cold expression.

Just when everyone was still concentrating on the tug of war, he had already started to act alone.

Somehow, he felt a little uneasy ……


On the other hand, the staff untied the white cloth over Zhou Yuhe’s eyes and the thick linen rope tied to the back of the chair after the video shooting was over.

“Are you okay?” The staff said somewhat apologetically.

In order to create the effect of “unexpected circumstances”, the production team didn’t notify the guest of that part of the script, even the “kidnapping” was also completely unplanned –

Whoever won yesterday’s championship, was the unlucky phone.

Zhou Yuhe had just finished his makeup and was quietly brought here by two staff members.

This was the hidden attic in the ancient castle, the guests couldn’t come from the castle if they didn’t play to the end and open the mechanism.

Zhou Yuhe shook his head gently, “It’s okay, just a little thing.”

He loosened his wrist and said with some regret, “But it’s a pity, what I’m best at is playing escape room, if only I had lost.”

The staff couldn’t help but laugh, “Mr. Zhou you really love to joke, you can rest here for a while, solving puzzles to open mechanisms and so on is tedious and laborious.”

Zhou Yuhe laughed and didn’t say anything more.

But when it came to rest, he really was very tired.

The shooting lasted from yesterday afternoon until 4:00 in the middle of the night, and they got up at 8:00 in the morning to make up and prepare.

Although four hours of sleep wasn’t unusual for a popular artist, but Zhou Yuhe shot the peak of the battle before, he had continued for three days with only three or four hours of sleep a day, the last episode of the game was particularly brain-burning, in order to deal with it, Zhou Yuhe felt his entire brain hollow out.

Before he was in a state of excitement, so he didn’t feel it.

Now that he knew that the next show had little to do with him, he relaxed, he suddenly became really sleepy.

“If you’re tired, just take a nap on the chair, I’ll keep an eye on you.” The staff enthusiastically said.

Zhou Yuhe nodded and said somewhat dazedly, “Then I’ll trouble you.”

After saying that, he fell asleep.

Time passed little by little.

No one knew what was happening in the outside world.

The staff was a little bored and poked around the attic.

In her mind, Xiao Cai, the other venue lady who brought Zhou Yuhe up, said she was going to the toilet, why was she taking so long? Something couldn’t have happened, right?

She opened WeChat to ask about it.

“Why are you still not back.”

“Don’t mind me, let me cry alone for a while.”

Crying? What happened?

The staff member and Xiao Cai were very good friends and had been working in the same company since they graduated from college.

She looked at the phone with difficulty, and then looked at Zhou Yuhe who was sleeping soundly in the chair, his white and peaceful face was like a genie in western mythology under the light of the fire, and his tired appearance would raise a feeling of love and pity no matter who looked at him, she wasn’t willing to wake him up from such a sleep.

Forget it, she would just leave for a while, it should be fine, right?

She thought so, so she gently opened the attic door panel and walked down.


Zhou Yuhe was awakened by a burning scorching smell, and an increasingly scorching temperature.

Fire ……

Half asleep, he saw only tongues of fire engulfing everything within sight.

Zhou Yuhe was startled awake.

He scraped himself out of his chair and inspected his surroundings in shock, finding that the torch that had been properly placed there on the windowsill – probably because the wind had blown the curtains and tugged them in passing – had been knocked to the ground at some point, setting fire to the curtains aside, and then the fire leapt into the coffee table, the fleece blanket, the desk…

The situation was getting worse and worse!

Zhou Yuhe took a step back in fear.

The surrounding temperature was so hot, but his palms were cold, he couldn’t help but shiver.

Fire again ……

Fire again!

It seemed like that night back in hus previous life.

Set, fire, disfigurement, betrayal, the sky of slander and abuse, a ruined career ……

Those dark memories instantly flooded into Zhou Yuhe’s brain like a tidal wave.

“Zhou Yuhe’s face is really ruined, it’s a great pleasure, the entertainment industry has lost a vase that relied only on his face!”

“Zhou Yuhe? He is not all cool? Why didn’t he retire, after two years, he can still run around with that face? If I were him I would never dare to go on the big screen hahaha, like a monster, ugly to death ……”

“He has a ugly heart now he’s also ugly, why didn’t he die ……”



“Yuhe, how is your face ……! It’s okay, don’t cry, I will always love you ……”

“Without me, you think with that face and your poor acting skills, you could get so popular? But how did you repay me? Knowing that I’m getting married, but making it difficult for me and holding me hostage? You want me to lose everything, and you’re even looking at whose life you’re ruining!”

“You’re a madman! How come you didn’t burn to death fifteen years ago!”


Zhou Yuhe squatted down in pain, holding his head, tears uncontrollably fell from his eyes, blurring his vision.

He felt like his strength was drained away, like a hard turtle was suddenly lifted to the ground, revealing its most vulnerable belly.

Decades, sinking and floating.

He thought that no matter the difficulty, no matter how hard, he could grit his teeth and persevere.

He had survived more dark and painful days.

Nothing could break him anymore.

Except for the fire ……

Only the fire could.

He no longer had the courage to endure another fire.

Zhou Yuhe looked at the attic access not far away, but his feet couldn’t move.

Tears of fear kept falling from the corner of his jaw –

Who will save me?

Who will save me?

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