Many people said the variety show was a little too brain-dead.

“I watch variety shows to relax, but watching this show almost made my brain twitch, although Zhou Yuhe’s reversal was very cool, but overall, the viewing threshold is still quite high.”

“Forgive me for not seeing half of it, it was the beauty of the ZhouXie CP that supported me to watch the whole variety show. Fortunately, I saw the last scene. ”


The year 2016 was a year when reality shows were in their infancy and exploded in China’s entertainment industry, with a wide variety of variety shows emerging.

But the atmosphere of the first episode of “The Liar” was very tense.

To keep a clear head at all times to avoid being cheated, everyone was under the shadow of possible elimination, plus the lure of money …… all these factors added up to make “The Liar” look more like an intellectual competition show than a variety show.

This inevitably made Zhou Yuhe’s fans a bit left out.

Zhou Zhou was still extremely famous, but it would be nice if the variety show was better.

Zhou Yuhe could understand their mood.

In fact, since it was his first time in the field of reality TV, Zhou Yuhe didn’t have too many expectations.

He loved acting, and although reality shows could help him consolidate his popularity, he wasn’t interested in it after all, so he could take it lightly.

The other was that he had lived for a few more decades, and he knew that he couldn’t get everything he wanted in life, so there was no reason for his acting path to go straight up.

As his first time starring in a reality show, he was honestly satisfied with the results.

Since Zhou Yuhe became a “golden finger”, if something he did didn’t immediately explode, it inevitably caused a gap in the minds of the fans.

This wasn’t greed, but a normal emotional change, and it was what Yang Yu and Zhou Yuhe wanted to achieve by taking on the reality show –

To let the public understand that Zhou Yuhe was just an ordinary person, to reduce the impact of “Golden finger” on his acting career, and to let the investors use him with confidence.

The second episode of “The Liar”.

Xie Yifeng ran into Zhou Yuhe outside the castle.

Xie Yifeng came close and carefully examined Zhou Yuhe’s facial expression, he stroked his chin and said: “You’re not crying …… it’s much better than I imagined. I thought you were lying to me when you said ‘nothing’ in WeChat.”

Xie Yifeng’s tone of voice coupled with his expression showed he was teasing.

But although his words were joking, but his concern was real.

This was the first time Zhou Yuhe was participating in a reality show, so he was indeed more worried that he would be unhappy.

Xie Yifeng was also on the rise, and he had many activities recently. He couldn’t do anything except comfort him on WeChat and on the phone.

Although the program ratings weren’t good, this wasn’t a big deal, but he still didn’t want Zhou Yuhe to feel sad because of this matter.

Who knew that Zhou Yuhe was broad-minded, he put his arm around brother Xie’s shoulders and spontaneously said, “Will I cry so easily ah, wait for the day of your elimination, maybe I’ll squeeze two tears for you.”

This heartless look of his, he was obviously not affected by the ratings.

But Xie Yifeng still raised his eyebrows in surprise: “You are quite bold, ah, believe it or not I can make you cry right now?”

When he said this, he reached out and attacked Zhou Yuhe. “Believe it or not?”

Zhou Yuhe was most afraid of this.

He laughed and dodged him while begging for mercy, “I don’t dare brother, hahahahaha, I was wrong, please brother.”

The sounds he made was soft, and the words “please brother” even sounded out of breath.

Xie Yifeng froze.

Zhou Yuhe also froze, he reacted belatedly to what he had just said, with that tone of voice, his face and neck instantly went red, his earlobes was also red, with crystal-like watery eyes, he looked unspeakably exquisite and attractive.

If normally, there was such a rare opportunity, Xie Yifeng would tease him a bit more.

But today, he didn’t know what was going on, Movie Emperor Xie’s body stiffened and he turned around very quickly and started walking away, as if he was afraid that the teenager would find out what was going on, without looking back he said, “It’s good you know that you’re wrong, I’ll go into the studio first.”

The redness on Zhou Yuhe’s face hadn’t yet receded.

He looked at Xie Yifeng’s back and wondered, “The studio? But the direction you went is the toilet, brother.”

Zhou Yuhe, who didn’t know that his brother Xie had a bad idea, entered the studio in a daze.


For the second phase of the competition, the program team made some changes to the tournament system, perhaps because of their poor reputation in the outside world.

The value of the coins became relatively less tempting small gold bars; the serious and gloomy masked judges on the electronic screen also became gorgeous half face masks, the body of a beautiful girl; including the decoration of the ancient fortress also became bright and simple, without the previous depressing feeling.

While introducing the rules of the new round, the masked girl said, “Players eliminated after a life-and-death duel will receive 3/1 of their own chips after leaving, and leave with honor and graceful defeat ……”

Obviously much more relaxed than in the first game, Wu Kun immediately dumped his money bag onto the card table once again, as a member of the winning alliance in the last game, he happened to have three chips in his pocket at this time, “Then I’m leaving.”

The crowd was startled.

Before they could react, Wu Kun once again turned around and retrieved the money bag, still with a cheeky expression on his face, “Just kidding.”

Zhang Sheng picked up the stalk, “I almost reached out to pick it up.”

Wu Kun’s face remained unchanged, “That’s why I came back so fast ah.”

“No wonder,” Lulu physically imitated Wu Kun, “I wondered why he ‘whooshed’ out and came back.”

Lulu turned around really fast, as if she was particularly impatient and afraid that the money would be taken away, which drew laughter from everyone.

After the tournament system was changed, the atmosphere among the players was indeed much more relaxed.

And after getting familiar with each other, the chemistry between the guests gradually revealed.

Wu Kun was obviously very familiar with variety shows.

Zhang Sheng was also a veteran driver in the variety industry, his emotional intelligence was very high, he could coordinate the overall situation.

The glasses man was cunning and liked to do his own things.

Xie Yifeng, the old fox, hid very deep, although he was smart, he didn’t like the limelight, he usually let the glasses man stay ahead, but he never lost.

Zhou Yuhe was clear. He was calm, sensible, with a faint integrity and goodness all over his body, when it came to intelligence, when it came to solving problems, when it came to reaction, he was definitely the top level in the game, but when it came to the art of cooperation and collusion, he really couldn’t do it.

In his last life he had seen more than a few scenes, but here he felt that he was too young compared to people in the program.

In any case, in his last life he was really poor and unscrupulous after all. Those so-called playful fights were mostly on the surface, people were concerned about their identities and the consequences, so they left a line more or less when they did things, so when they met each other next time, it wouldn’t be too ugly.

But the variety show was different, they all knew that this was a show and it was fake, so they could do anything.

Zhou Yuhe, whose EQ was still within the range of normal people, was just like several other “normal people”, and he was properly beaten when it came to human feelings and calculation.

And because his strengths and weaknesses were obvious enough, he wasn’t the highest threat, so everyone liked to team up with him, but at the same time they liked to sell him, from time to time, they pushed him out to take the blame, Zhou Yuhe often had a stunned expression.

Whenever this happened, his “psychological quality” and “resilience” came into play.

Zhou Yuhe, who they thought wouldn’t adapt to it because of his integrity and kindness, survived several competitions.

In order to lower the viewing threshold, the production team also spent a lot of thoughts on the later production.

With the efforts of many people, by the tenth episode, the ratings of the entire show had increased significantly, and people gradually got used to “The Liar”, a variety show that wasn’t so “easy to understand”, and there were even many more analysis posts and brain subsidies on the Internet.

“The Liar” had been a success to this extent, and to be honest, the team, including the guests who survived, were very happy.

What no one expected was…

The Liar’s belated breakthrough came at the end of the show.

The day before the taping.

Zhou Yuhe received the scenario script “Snowstorm Mountain” from the show for the first time.

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