Due to the voice of Li Zheng, a drug researcher, the matter of Mary’s Hospital was resolved smoothly. Five of the six patients’ families filed a petition for dismissal of the case, leaving only one family member who had been stirring up trouble and but stopped gaining attention.

For this reason, Chen Sufen and Mr. Adolphus, the director of Mary’s Hospital, came to Li Zheng’s lab to thank him. Mr. Adolphus also tried to invite Chen Xuhua back to Mary’s Hospital, but Chen Xuhua refused with a smile, he had found a new goal in life. He had been a clever man for most of his life, and now he planned to start afresh.

Once the drug-resistant strain infection was over, the lab’s work plan was once again on the agenda. The first thing was to recruit people who could take charge of experimental projects.

Once the recruitment information went out, Li Zheng received many phone calls, but most of them were assistants of a certain laboratory, or an associate professor of an unknown university, or even a teacher from a high school who wanted to try their luck, leaving him helpless.

It was also true that although Li Zheng had come up with two kinds of pharmaceuticals, namely balsamethadone and carbapenem antibiotics, but in most circles Li Zheng was a biopharmaceutical genius, although the word genius was positive, at the same time it was often tied up with youth and luck.

Nowadays, Li Zheng’s weight wasn’t enough to make those who already had some success in biopharmaceutics, give up their cushy jobs to join a studio with an unknown future.

“If a phone call comes, answer it.”

Li Zheng rubbed his brow and stood up, he found a piece of paper from the drawer, these were the three people Xu Mingsheng mentioned in the hospital, it seemed that he still had to check personally.

“Okay.” Zheng Lingling replied dryly.

On the other hand

Shortly after Li Zheng left the Qing Garden, a black car stopped near the Green Garden, and a well-dressed woman in her thirties or forties got off the car.

“Uncle Chen, you go back first.” Zhao Qihua said.

The driver answered “yes”, the black car slowly drove away and slowly disappeared from Zhao Qihua’s sight.

She came to the Qing Garden, when it wasn’t the Qing Garden, when Xiao Zijun bought the land with great enthusiasm, he was determined to be the second Li Jiaren, but he didn’t think the property industry and the property market would plummet, he not only lost his savings, but also owed a lot of debt.

If not for her and Shen Hongji’s help, Xiao Zijun may have jumped directly from the World Trade Center. But she didn’t think that this piece of land would actually come to her son’s hands in a roundabout way.

Zhao Qihua couldn’t explain what it felt like.

The security guards were standing at the entrance of the Qing Garden, and they looked at the passers-by seriously.

Zhao Qihua stepped back, her face showed a struggling look. In the end, she still didn’t go over.

When Zhou Sitian got off the bus, she saw such a scene, Zhao Qihua was pacing back and forth not far from the Qing Garden, glancing at the gate from time to time, and then looking at her wrist watch.

Because the distance was too far, Zhou Sitian couldn’t see Zhao Qihua’s expression, she took a deep breath and took a big step forward.

“Long time no see.” Zhou Sitian walked up to Zhao Qihua, “Oh no, I forgot, we met last time at the banquet at the Hong Kong Governor’s residence.”

Today’s Zhou Sitian had long since lost her village girl look in Qinghe Town, she wore a brilliantly cut brown coat with a slim cashmere skirt inside, a light gray scarf loosely wrapped around her neck, she looked stylish. According to Liu Zhidong, Zhou Sitian had a high-class face, if not for the fact that the modeling industry in Hong Kong wasn’t too developed, with Zhou Sitian’s conditions, she was bound to become an outstanding international supermodel.

“It’s you ……” Zhao Qihua gave Zhou Sitian a complicated look, “It seems you’re doing well.” After all, the Shen family was in the media industry, and there weee several entertainment tabloids under their hands, so she still understood a few things about the current situation of her eldest daughter.

Because of the opening of Li Zheng’s laboratory last time, she was interpreted by the media as having an extraordinary background, which made people in the entertainment industry polite when they saw her, so it could be said that her journey was smooth.

“It’s good.” Zhou Sitian’s mouth was tightly pursed into a straight line, and the earthy dark eye shadow slightly covered her reddened eyes.

Why, why? After doing that, how could she still face her so openly. Even an apology would have made her feel better.

“Xiao Zheng doesn’t want to see you.” Zhou Sitian said.

Zhao Qihua smiled stiffly as she swayed, her right hand clutched the black lacquer bag in her hand, until her nails rubbed against the lacquer leather and made a “zipping” sound, then she came back to her senses.

“I don’t mean anything else, I just want to know what happened after I left, and why Xiao Zheng he ……” Zhao Qihua said.

Before she finished, Zhou Sitian couldn’t help but shout out.

Why? Have you ever cared about him? How do you know what’s in his mind? Xiao Zheng is very smart, very serious, but why didn’t he do well in the exams every time? Have you ever thought about it? Yey you’re asking why? I’ll tell you, because dad is dead, mom left, we were left with only ourselves, if we didn’t work hard, wouldn’t we be waiting for those jackals and tigers outside to swallow us up?”

Zhou Sitian was very emotional, compared to the pseudo-teenager Li Zheng, Zhou Sitian was the one who was under the most pressure.

Her mother disappeared, leaving her alone in a family with no blood ties, and even though Father Li was good to her, Zhou Sitian’s insecurity didn’t diminish in the slightest. Then her stepfather died, her brother fell ill, and she was left alone to face the people of Qinghe Town who coveted the Li family’s fishing boat, and then her own father died trying to save her, but she still had to watch those people put the charge of murder on him, she was unable to do anything about it. Her brother chose to leave his hometown for her and they snuck across the Hong Kong River, and he almost died on the way.

Other people wouldn’t experience these things in their lifetime, yet Zhou Sitian at eighteen years old had experienced it all. Couldn’t she complain?

“Dad is dead? What do you mean, what happened to Li Qiang?” Zhao Qihua instantly caught the key words in Zhou Sitian’s words, and her face changed dramatically.

“Dad died, just four months ago, he went to sea and didn’t come back. Xiao Zheng didn’t dare to accept the truth, he took the boat out in the middle of the night to look for dad, and almost died at sea as well.” Zhou Sitian raised her head and tried to let the tears that were coming out go back in.

Zhao Qihua finally couldn’t maintain the calm expression on her face, her body swayed, as if the simple and honest man appeared before her eyes, Li Qiang was good to her, really good. He treated her always with care, a fisherman’s wife never washed clothes, which in the eyes of others, was simply impossible to happen.

In the more than ten years she spent with Li Qiang, Zhao Qihua tried countless times to convince herself to be a good wife and mother like other women in town, but whenever she saw those women hustling for food and oil and salt, haggling for a dime, she felt afraid, as if she saw the image of women in French satirical literature, the image that she loathed and disliked the most when she was a student.

But how could he die? Zhao Qihua felt dumbfounded, how could he die?! It was as if her own soul was detached from her body, light and without a single point of contact.

“Is he really dead?” Zhao Qihua heard her voice ask this.

“It was Uncle Zheng who brought Dad’s boat back, and there was no one on it.”

Zhao Qihua didn’t know how she got back to Shen’s house, she vaguely remembered that as she was leaving, Zhou Sitian shouted behind her, “Don’t come looking for Xiao Zheng anymore, he has forgotten, he doesn’t want to see you.”

When the trance-like Zhao Qihua broke the vase at home once again, Yang Wanru couldn’t help but yell out, “You’re trying to ruin me, aren’t you, this is the birthday gift Ah Kerui bought for me!”

Shen Kerui, Shen Hongji’s son born with his ex-wife. Shen Hongji and his ex-wife had a typical business alliance, the two seemed to be separated, after the birth of Shen Kerui officially separated and play their own game. Shen Hongji agreed to give his son’s custody to his ex-wife without discussing with his family in order to get a quick divorce, making the Shen family a laughing stock in high society for a while.

This was also the biggest reason why Yang Wanru wasn’t satisfied with Zhao Qihua.

“I’m sorry.” Zhao Qihua whispered, she squatted down and tried to pick it up, but her hand was cut by the vase because she was distracted.

Yang Wanru gasped and leaned backwards, “Okay, okay, don’t clean up, later if Shen Hongji comes back to see you like this, he’ll think I abused you.”

Zhao Qihua slowly stood up, she stood in the empty living room of the Shen family, she looked at the face of the mother-in-law, who pretended not to see anything, and the father-in-law, and the subordinates who hurried over, Zhou Sitian’s words still echoed in her ears, as her blood slowly dripped on the floor.


Li Zheng didn’t know that his mother in this life had come to see him, he came to East Ring Gate Street.

This was a fairly busy street, compared to downtown Hong Kong, where there was a little more history. Most of the streets were private stores, the small stores looked a bit old, it wasn’t so shiny and bright. In the middle of the street, there was a building with Chinese characteristics, with two stone lions standing majestically on both sides of the gate, Li Zheng looked up and saw the plaque on the gate.

Li Zheng muttered, “No. 64, Donghuanmen Street,” and searched for the antique market, which was No. 58, so it was nearby.

Walking forward again, Li Zheng finally saw the sign of No. 64 Donghuanmen in the back of an old hotel building.

Only the door of this unit was locked, and Li Zheng frowned.

“Little brother, who are you looking for?” A scantily clad woman with a lady’s cigarette in one hand and a key in the other spoke.

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