And let’s not talk about how Xie Yifeng’s win came about.

The fact that Zhou Yuhe was able to finish all of his cards and get out of the elimination circle was very unbelievable, okay?

Zhang Sheng looked at him in surprise, “Zhou Zhou, don’t you still have three cards left?”

Player C couldn’t help but say, “You used up three cards against Little B, and three cards against Brother Xie, shouldn’t you still have three cards in your hand?”

Zhou Yuhe’s face had a calm and natural smile on it, he didn’t seem to think his score was too shocking, he said, “No, I used up all my cards against Brother Xie.”

Used up?

Did that mean ……

Lulu suddenly realized: “Oh! When Xie Yifeng and you dueled …… you gave him three cards!”

Everyone instantly looked at Xie Yifeng and Zhou Yuhe, who had formed an alliance at some point, with astonished eyes.

And the picture also stayed in the faint smile of Zhou Yuhe.

The BGM of the programme changed steeply.
[BGM: Background Music]

The scene jumped back to the moment when Zhou Yuhe was cheated –

Like female player A, Zhou Yuhe was dumbfounded after learning that he had been cheated, and he could hardly believe that everything he had calculated was overturned in a moment.

However, in complete contrast to Player A, Zhou Yuhe didn’t stay emotionally broken until the end of the game, he quickly came to his senses, walked to the corner, and with the camera quickly began to sort things out:

“Okay, I fell for it …… but now is not the time to dwell on this, time is short, I have to think about what to do next.”

“Being cheated out of three wins is very unpromising, but where the program eliminates more than one player, I’m sure it’s the end of the line,” Zhou Yuhe took the six cards left in his hand, three 3s and three 2s, lowered his head and thought about it, suddenly hooked his lips in a smile, a glint in his eyes, ” But the good news is that only one person will be eliminated, and the cards in my hand have changed from an odd number to an even number.”

In front of the TV.

Not only the fans, but also the ordinary viewers showed confused expressions.

An odd number became an even number? What was wrong with an odd number becoming an even number?

What was the connection between this?

But looking at Zhou Yuhe’s face, they all knew that the reversal was about to begin.

Not only the viewers in front of the TV, the camera boys and staff filming Zhou Yuhe also saw it.

They pulled Zhou Yuhe in time when he was about to act.

Interview him.

In order to better cut out the finished film, the staff asked guidingly: “Yuhe, you are thinking of a way? The situation seems to be very unfavorable for you now.”

Zhou Yuhe had participated in many variety shows in his last life, and understanding the other party’s intention, he didn’t act immediately, but took a few minutes to explain his actions so that the audience wouldn’t find it inexplicable when the time came.

He nodded and said, “That’s right, according to the conclusion I have reached so far, there are a total of two key points in this game.”

Along with Zhou Yuhe’s explanation, the program team also very thoughtfully put out an animated explanation so that the audience could watch and understand his next brainstorming session.

“One, you can’t get zero points; two, the nine cards in your hand should be used. The first point is easy to understand, zero points means over, last place, so a win is a must; second, if nine cards are not finished, the remaining cards in the hand will also be ruled as zero points. So at the beginning, everyone holding an odd number of cards in their hands is actually not safe, and everyone must join forces with other odd numbered players to become an even numbered alliance so that the members in the alliance can be guaranteed to finish their cards. This is actually a game of finding an alliance, and those who are left alone are doomed.”

The staff member was puzzled, “So aren’t you now single?”

Zhou Yuhe: “Yes, so now the situation is very unfriendly to me, if I continue to fall alone like this I will definitely be eliminated.”

The staff’s tone also became worried, “But now everyone basically has their own alliance, even if there is no team of players, you hold 6 cards plus 9 in the opponent’s hand, 15, it is still an odd number, even number of alliances can not be achieved.”

Zhou Yuhe laughed.

He looked at the staff seriously, with a hint of justifiable mischief in his tone, as he asked rhetorically, “How is it unattainable? Now I myself am an ‘even number alliance’ ah.”

The staff, along with the viewers in front of the TV, were dumbfounded.

They understood.

Now it was impossible to find a single player, but Zhou Yuhe, who held an even number of cards in his hand, wasn’t looking for a single player at all, but another even number of alliances!

After that, he ran to Zhang Sheng’s team and Xie Yifeng’s team respectively to probe for information.

Zhang Sheng’s team was obviously still playing according to the three-win strategy.

Zhou Yuhe quietly listened to his big brother Zhang Sheng’s eloquent speech, while the other side of the program team released his narration.

Brother Sheng only wanted to ensure that he wasn’t eliminated and had no intention to be on top, then him joining them didn’t mean much to them, it was likely that they weren’t willing to take the risk to accept him.

After a brief analysis, Zhou Yuhe left the small room without a second thought and turned into the room where Xie Yifeng and Wu Kun were.

The viewers were fiercely impressed by Zhou Zhou’s unruffled, decisive and dry style of action.

And in this room –

Xie Yifeng and Wu Kun were still discussing about the nine-win strategy and the eight-win strategy.

As soon as they saw Zhou Yuhe enter the room.

The two old foxes tacitly agreed to stop talking.

Xie Yifeng looked at Zhou Yuhe’s discontented expression and frowned: “Why do you look so poor? If you have any grievances, tell brother, brother will stand up for you.”

Zhou Yuhe thought somewhat unevenly: was it so obvious?

But the care that flowed from Xie Yifeng’s eyes still made Zhou Yuhe very receptive.

He hurriedly glanced at the two men’s draft books filled with arithmetic on the table, he understood, then smiled and said.

“Brother don’t stand up for me, stand up for my cards.” He didn’t explain his intention to come, after all, there wasn’t much time left now, and he wasn’t here to find sympathy.

Xie Yifeng understood and didn’t ask more questions.

He pondered for a while before saying, “How many cards do you still have in your hand now?”

Zhou Yuhe said frankly: “Six, three 2’s and three 3’s, how about that, exciting?”

Wu Kun couldn’t help but say, “Exciting, it’s too exciting.”

He used three 1s, which wasn’t good.

Zhou Zhou was obviously cheated ah!

This game was most unfavorable to Zhou Yuhe at the beginning, and now he was cheated again. Wu Kun, who was wearing a post-graduate filter, immediately felt that this kid was really miserable, and he was tricked for the first time in a reality show. The little bit of wariness that had risen because of his sudden intrusion also dissipated.

The next thing was very simple and clear.

Zhou Yuhe had three 2’s in his hand, and three 3’s, which theoretically meant holding three wins, as long as he contributed two wins to Xie Yifeng and kepr one win for himself to protect, plus the eight-win strategy Wu Kun discussed earlier –

This left Xie, Wu and Zhou’s alliance with scores of 1, 10 and 1 respectively.

Zhou Yuhe escaped the elimination circle and advanced directly according to the tournament system.

Xie Yifeng won the superiority and had two exemptions, advancing himself while also taking the remaining person in the alliance, Wu Kun.

At this point, with the addition of Zhou Yuhe –

Xie Wu Zhou alliance survived together and became the biggest winner of the first period.

At this point in time, all the viewers, both in the show and in front of the TV, were shocked.

This Zhou Yuhe’s …… psychological quality was too good!

Look at Player A, who was also cheated with him, had an emotional breakdown from the middle of the game until the end of the game, completely immersed in her emotions of doubting the world, and was too hung up to even fight back.

Player A looked at Zhou Yuhe who was standing across the room, and she thought that if she also immediately went to Zhang Sheng and their alliance at that time, he might have also escaped the elimination circle ……

The frustration was more than a little convincing at the same time.

The nail in the coffin was the fact that Player A, who had zero points, had been eliminated.

The next step was to choose another alternate.

Player A needed to choose one of the five people outside of Xie Wu Zhou’s alliance to go against, and the one who lost would be eliminated.

Player A’s eyes sarcastically swept over the faces of five people.

These five people, before they could enjoy the joy of victory, were going to be counter-picked.

And this person was most likely ……

Everyone looked at the man with glasses.

Injustice had its head, and debt had its owner. In the end, if he hadn’t cheated Player A, she wouldn’t have become an elimination back-up.

Player A gave him a somewhat indignant look and was about to speak up when the man with glasses, blessed with a heart of gold, asked loudly, “By the way, referee! Where’s the infiltrator? The infiltrator hasn’t been announced yet!”

He kept thinking in his heart, “Don’t let it be Xie Yifeng, don’t let it be so coincidental.”

However, the reality was usually much more bloody than the story –

“Unfortunately, the infiltrator is the winner, Xie Yifeng.” The referee’s electronic voice rang out mercilessly.

Xie Yifeng smiled apologetically at the man with glasses, with a calm and relaxed face.

Except for Player A’s sigh of relief and the disappointed expression of the man with glasses, the other players didn’t react much.

The infiltrator would have been eliminated if he didn’t win –

This rule reinforced the impression that “the winner may be the infiltrator”.

After a round of death matches, Player A was finally eliminated and the man with glasses survived to the next episode.

After the show ended, everyone looked like they had survived a robbery.

Wu Kun wiped the cold sweat on his forehead, “This is only the first episode and it’s so tough, what can we do with so many episodes to come?”

Everyone laughed at his sudden northeastern accent.

After the show, the nine players were ushered in the final part of the program, the vote for MVP.

Most of the people voted for Zhou Yuhe.

Inside the small black room.

Lulu: “MVP?Zhou Zhou, right, this last reversal I really didn’t expect.”

Glasses Man: “Zhou Zhou’s performance was indeed the most surprising.”

Zhang Sheng said: “Honestly speaking, everyone’s performance was wonderful, if I have to pick a particularly stunning moment I think it’s still Zhou Zhou, at that time we all thought he and Xiao A were definitely finished, but this last wave …… wow, really, thinking about it gives me goose bumps. ”

Xie Yi Feng of course was also unsuspecting –

“There is no suspense for the intruder,” Xie Yifeng smiled calmly. “The one who stole the invitation letter, in fact, the situation of Yuhe was the most unfavorable among all people at first, but he was not affected by anxiety, and it was hard to an”There is no suspense is the intruder,” Xie Yifeng smiled with great skin. “The one whose invitation letter was stolen, in fact, the situation of Yuhe was the most unfavorable among all people at first, but he was not affected by anxiety, and it was hard to analyse the situation step by step. However, I believe many people in the world aren’t perfect. The most impressive trait in him is actually his ability to resist stress and strain. He allows himself to make mistakes, but after making mistakes, he can still find his own advantages in mistakes, which many people can’t do. After his style of play matures, he will be a very distinctive player. ”

Of course there were also those who voted for Xie.

Wu Kun: “In this episode Zhou Zhou was very eye-catching, but Xie is really too calm, he doesn’t care about winning or losing, he’s the best, the elimination didn’t matter to him, he completely immersed himself in the state of the game itself, no one could see that he was infiltrator! Was he acting? I really couldn’t tell, my brain is now confused, i feel like this episode is going to blow up ah ……emmmm, did I say too much?”

This last sentence, together with Wu Kun’s “difficult to say” + “I think I said the wrong thing” expression, made people burst into laughter.

So, was Wu Kun’s statement too much or not?

On the day the show aired, “The Liar” ratings were high and low, except for the climactic part that exploded at the end, the entire show ratings could only be described as mediocre.

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