The noise didn’t affect the runners on the track. On the track, the runners all changed their relaxed faces in the preparation area and started to observe the track in front of them seriously.

All of them adjusted their starters on the track one after another and started to test whether their feet felt smooth when they started to run.

Su Zhe was no exception. Although his injured right foot didn’t facilitate the power, he still carefully adjusted the starter to the most suitable state according to his own habits, and simply tried to feel it.

After all the preparations had been done, Su Zhe patted his tight leg muscles to relax his body as much as possible and not to affect his race status because of excessive tightness.

At this time, although the pain of his injured right foot was temporarily greatly reduced because of the effect of the spray, the swollen injury still affected him somewhat after all.

Of course, the worst part was that the right foot he injured was his starting leg, the leg he usually used to kick the ground.

In the previous day’s 100-meter dash, it was the effect of the affected area in the starting stirrups that made Su Zhe lose his starting advantage.

On the commentary stage, Zhang Jing and Wang Miaochuan were routinely introducing the teams to which all the runners belonged and the individual technical characteristics of the runners. The camera of the live broadcast turned to Ye Jun, who smiled and waved to the camera, and Wang Miaochuan started to introduce Ye Jun at the right time.

“This is the No. 2 runway Ye Jun, you should already be very familiar with him, he is a player from the eighty-one team, but also China’s 110m hurdles famous hurdler, he has represented our country many times in the international arena, this year’s Asian Championships, Ye Jun won the third place in the Asian Championships with a score of 13 seconds 37, but also succeeded in refreshing the personal BP (best performance), look forward to today’s race, he can play his best form.”
The camera continued to switch, and the athletes including Zhou Tianjue were introduced one after another, and soon the camera cut to Su Zhe who was located in the 8th track, and instantly, Su Zhe sent a blast to the audience in front of the camera again with his face value.
The viewers in front of the live sports channel and the television set, in the face of the sudden camera switch, they helplessly felt their hearts jump and held their breath to receive the impact from Su Zhe’s face.

[QAQ, I took a screenshot again, how can my cub be so beautiful! Ooo …… can’t help it, my screen is dirty again ……]

[Every time the camera cuts from the other contestants to Su Zhe, I feel like the camera has a separate beauty filter on for him ……]

[Hiya, this face …… even if it’s a guy I’m a little excited ……]

[Ah Zhe is handsome! Alas, I wonder how his’s foot injury really is, I hope it will not affect his game today ……]

There were also some passersby who didn’t know Su Zhe at all and were confused after seeing how he looked.

[This player looks very fresh ah, with this face, why did he join the track and field industry? The entertainment industry is more suitable for him, right?]

The comment section became filled with laughter after this statement. After learning that Su Zhe had really been in the entertainment industry, passers-by posted a series of question marks on the screen?

On the commentary stage, Zhang Jing and Wang Miaochuan were also doing Su Zhe’s introduction.

Zhang Jing: “Now we see a young player from S province Su Zhe, he is a rare 100-meter sprinter and 110-meter hurdler, and both results are extremely good, in yesterday’s national track and field championship men’s 100-meter sprint, Su Zhe in a state of injury, ran at 10 seconds 11 and won the men’s 100-meter National Championships! ”

Wang Miaochuan: “Yes, since Su Zhe returned to the sports industry in June this year, in a limited number of races, you can see his performance is rapidly improving at a very fast pace, Su Zhe’s strong potential in the sprint event is no longer in doubt.”

Zhang Jing: “Viewers who have paid attention to these days’ events should already know that in yesterday morning’s 110m hurdles race, Su Zhe injured his right foot, and after yesterday afternoon’s 100m final, his right foot contusion was aggravated, and today he is again competing with an injury, which will definitely have an impact on his performance.”

Wang Miaochuan: “Yes, from the recent competition, we can see that Su Zhe’s usual leg is the right leg, his starting leg is also the right leg, in the use of eight-step hurdle technique, he needs to start by the right foot power stirrup, at the same time in each step before the hurdle, the starting leg need to play the role of stirrup power. In the state of the right foot injury, this will be a major test for Su Zhe.”

After watching Su Zhe for two days, Zhang Jing and Wang Miaochuan couldn’t help but add a lot of details in order to let the live audience deepen their understanding of Su Zhe.

The preparation time before the race was soon over, and the scene was instantly quieted by the sound of the judges’ preparation.

On the eight tracks, the runners had each prepared, with both hands braced on the ground, two feet one in front of the other on the starter, hindquarters raised, they waited for the starting gun to go off.

Soon, a gunshot pierced the sky!


“The race is on!” On the commentary stand, Zhang Jing started the race commentary as calm as possible: “After listening to the gun reaction, all 8 runners have started quickly, and during the start phase, we can see that Su Zhe is slightly slower ……”

On the field, Su Zhe squeezed his eyebrows the moment he stomped on the ground, after yesterday’s 100-meter start, although the contusion in his right foot had rested, but in the moment of power outburst, there was still pain, although he had done his best to control his endurance, it still affected the speed of his start.

He was a step behind in the pre-bar stage, after starting to accelerate, Su She was still only in the fifth position, when he arrived at the first bar, the first position was occupied by Zhou Tianjue, Ye Jun had crossed the first bar and was attacking the second bar.

There was no need to look at them.

He had to be calm!

Su Zhe warned himself in his heart, hurdlers needed to have rhythm of the sport, once influenced by other players, it was likely to disrupt his own rhythm of attacking the hurdles, directly breaking his rhythm and ultimately ruining his result.

All the thoughts that could interfere with his rhythm excluded, Su Zhe’s eyes remained fixed on the eighth track that only belonged to him!

Eight steps to the fence!

In a tense state, Su Zhe once again numbed himself from the pain from the injury, but the physical pain made him sweat.

In the eighth step, Su Zhe’s starting leg stirrup, his swing leg quickly swung forward, pushing his body forward, he jumped across the bar frame, at the same time, after the swing leg crossed the bar frame, his left leg shifted, then his right leg actively completed lifting over the bar action.

Since his speed was affected at the start, his speed would recover in the later part of the race!

Su Zhe’s mind began to replay every detail of the system coach’s initial teaching of his hurdling technique.

His left foot didn’t even need to land on the full foot, his strong ankle strength and amazing stability allowed him to quickly stabilize his body and drive his straddle leg forward with only the forefoot on the ground!

This was the pace between the bars he practiced in the training space according to the system coach’s narrative, but even in the training space, he hadn’t fully mastered this pace.

At this moment, under the adjustment completely out of instinct, this kind of pace naturally appeared in his mind and he successfully performed it!

His swing leg actively swung over the bar quickly, his back pedal was accurate.

The three steps between the hurdles began to enter a near-perfect cycle under Su Zhe’s calm control – except for the right foot’s affliction that still left his explosive power lacking compared to usual.

On the commentary stage, Zhang Jing and Wang Miaochuan noticed Su Zhe’s change at the same time.

“All players have started to enter the attacking bar stage, currently located in the first place is the young junior Zhou Tianjue, his rhythm between the bar stretching is smooth, he is skilled in attacking the bar, the overall can be described as pleasing to the eye. Following closely behind while attacking the hurdles forward is our veteran Ye Jun!”

“Ye Jun’s technical characteristics is a rapid response to the start, but in the attack bar, his swing leg is slower, watch carefully, you can see that Ye Jun’s attack bar lag time is longer, which relatively speaking affects the overall rhythm of Ye Jun in between the bar.”

In the interval, Wang Miaochuan quickly picked up, he noticed Su Zhe who was quickly catching up with other players.

“On the eighth track, Su Zhe is catching up fast!”

“Su Zhe was only in fifth place at the start to the front stage of the hurdles, and now he has successfully attacked to the sixth hurdle, successfully overtaking two runners, and is now in the third position! The injury on his right foot has brought him some impact, but his overall rhythm between hurdles is still amazingly stable!”

“The gap between Su Zhe and Zhou Tianjue and Ye Jun is still closing! Terrific speed between the hurdles!”

In the stands, the crowd was also in the midst of boiling emotions!

Everyone was still sitting in their seats, but their hands were waving banners or waving their hands in support of their favorite runners.

Among the squad of the track and field kingdom, there were many people who were attracted by Su Zhe’s running. They watched him gradually catch up from behind the start to between the hurdles, and many of them were so excited that their fists were clenched and their faces were flushed.

“Cr*p, Su Zhe, go !!!!”

“This rhythm control is really f*cking great! This is still with injuries ah, Su Zhe is a young bully!!!”

On the field, the players competed with each other, on the stands, the audience’s cheering sounded like a wave of sounds, each supporter hoped that the players they supported could hear the sound of their support.

Zhang Jing: “Friends of the audience, Su Zhe has crossed the eighth hurdle! The gap between the top three is narrowing further!”

Once again, Zhang Jing and Wang Miaochuan on the commentary stage looked at Su Zhe incredulously, this was really a young man full of miraculous energy, combined with excellent technology and amazing talent, he would definitely become a rising new generation of legends in athletics!

On the field, Zhou Tianjue and Ye Jun both sensed that someone was approaching, but they were still shocked when the corner of their eyes swept to what appeared to be movement on track eight.

But both of their mental qualities were excellent, after a moment of shock, they no longer focused on Su Zhe’s speed, but focused on their own rhythm control.

In a race like the 110m hurdles, where the overall course was only ten seconds, there was no room for error!

“Catch up!” Wang Miaochuan exclaimed with suppressed excitement: “Su Zhe and Ye Jun crossed the tenth hurdle almost simultaneously, and the two have entered the final sprint stage!”

Zhou Tianjue played his best form in today’s final, maintaining an excellent rhythm of attacking the hurdles all the way, from the acceleration of the start to his final sprint were flawless.

When he crossed the last hurdle, Ye Jun and Su Zhe crossed the hurdle one after another, at this time Ye Jun was already only half a position ahead of Su Zhe, at any time Su Zhe could overtake!

At this moment, even seeing that Zhou Tianjue was already in the lead, there was no one who gave up the fight for the championship.

Ye Jun’s movement was slightly delayed when he crossed the bar, but he wasn’t willing to show his weakness, and after hitting the ground, he articulated his sprint stance extremely quickly and started to impact the final stage, and the advantage he formed in the pre-bar stage helped him to still be half a length ahead of Su Zhe.

When Su Zhe crossed the last hurdle, his swing leg quickly pressed down to the ground, and his forefoot gripped the ground instantly when his starting leg had been lifted and pulled forward, his body pressed forward to quickly form a sprint stance and started to raise the pace to the finish.

The field finally formed a three-person leading echelon headed by Zhou Tianjue, and in the sprint stage, everyone started to exert all their strength to sprint forward!

The champion!

They all aimed for this supreme position!

“Zhou Tianjue is still in the leading position, Ye Jun is also very strong in the sprint, but Su Zhe’s back-end acceleration is extremely superior, and seems to have the tendency to overtake Ye Jun!” Wang Miaochuan stared closely at the final stormy battle on the field.

The sprint leg of the 110m hurdles was only a short 14 meters, which was only about 7-8 steps for the athletes, and in the blink of an eye, Zhou Tianjue and the others were already approaching the finish line!

“Zhou Tianjue! The first to finally press the line was Zhou Tianjue from B city!!! Ye Jun and Su Zhe then crossed the line. The difference between the three was only a hair’s breadth, and Ye Jun and Su Zhe were almost side by side, so it was hard to distinguish their order from the naked eye.

Wang Miaochuan reported the final results, a slight hint of regret in his tone, but Su Zhe’s performance had been good enough, he still praised: “This is an exciting duel, just a few seconds, made people’s hearts surge, the competition between athletes on the field, are worthy of our most heartfelt applause for them! ”

The stands have long become a sea of cheering, the “philosopher” girls shouted hoarsely “Su Zhe, you are the best! The “Philosopher” fans were shouting “You’re the best!”, and many of the surrounding athletic kingdom’s netizens and ordinary sports fans were also cheering for Su Zhe together.

“Get well, Mr. Zhe! Let’s win next time!!!”

“Su Zhe is awesome! We are proud of you!”

The sound of these roars almost broke the stadium, the volume of its sound echoed through the stands, overpowering the fans of Zhou Tianjue, Ye Jun, the “philosopher” fans also couldn’t help but be shocked by this sound as the male fans shouted cheers for Su Zhe.

Mr. Tao was also sitting in the middle of this pile of male fans, but he was now stretching his neck to look at the end of the track, his eyes blinked at Su Zhe being held by Zhou Tianjue and Ye Jun, his worry was all over his face.

On the field, Su Zhe just ran through the finish line shortly after the end of the race, because the relaxation of his originally tense mental state, the pain of the injury on the back of his right foot was aggravated. In just two days, the original small contusion was aggravated for the second time, and the analgesic effect of the chloroethane spray gradually faded away.

Just when Su Zhe was ready to leave the field with pain, Zhou Tianjue and Ye Jun held his arm from one left and one right respectively.

On the left side, Zhou Tianjue held him while saying with a disgusted face, “I said it would be good to watch this master’s performance today, you’re injured and still on the field? Don’t you want your right foot?”

Su Zhe laughed and didn’t tease the sinewy Zhou Tianjue, but properly apologized to him: “Thanks, and, sorry, I was just joking with you at that moment before the match, I know you meant to care about me.”

Hearing Su Zhe’s apology, Zhou Tianjue was embarrassed instead, he skewed his face and grunted twice: “What’s the big deal? I’ve known for a long time, you guys have a bad heart, that time I heard you say that young people’s mental quality isn’t …… how many years are you older than me? I told you earlier, at that time it was only because of the coach’s strategy that I didn’t exert full force ……”

This string of complaints made Su Zhe embarrassed, it turned out that Zhou Tianjue still deadly remembered the preliminaries, but even so, Su Zhe still once again seriously and properly said: “Zhou Tianjue, that time, even today, I will still say that – if because you withheld your strength made you lose, then the only problem is that you are not strong enough. I may have been the one who lost today because I was injured, but the fundamental reason for losing because of that injury is also because I wasn’t strong enough.”

“The victory in this match belongs to you, but in the next one, the winner is yet to be decided.”

Hearing Su Zhe’s war-like oath, Zhou Tianjue also set his face straight: “Hmph, next time when you’ve recovered from your injury, we’ll fight it out!”

The two of them thus put up a mutual declaration of war, and Ye Jun, who was holding Su Zhe on his right, didn’t know whether to laugh or cry: “Hey, you two, aren’t you putting me out of your mind too much? Just booking the championship in front of me like this? At least my personal BP is still in front of you guys, right? Shouldn’t you two surpass me first?”

At the moment when the three were chatting, the broadcast in the arena and the commentary box simultaneously began to announce the final ranking of the match and the individual results of the players.

“First place, B city, Zhou Tianjue, 13 seconds 47; second place, Bayi team, Ye Jun, 13 seconds 49; third place, S province sports team, Su Zhe, 13 seconds 50 ……”

On the commentary stand, Wang Miaochuan made a brief commentary on the results: “First of all, congratulations to Zhou Tianjue and Su Zhe, both refreshing their personal best in this National Championships, Ye Jun’s state in this field is also more stable, also congratulate him for winning this National Championships 110 meters hurdles runner-up throne.”

Zhang Jing: “Yes, although compared with Zhou Tianjue and Su Zhe who came out of nowhere, Ye Jun’s performance looks slightly tame, but his performance still proves his strength. At the same time, Ye Jun and his coach had said right after the Asian Championships that they were making adjustments on his technical flaws, and they expect that after the technical adjustments, Ye Jun’s performance can be further improved.”

At the commentary stand, the live broadcast was nearing its end, and at that moment, Wang Miaochuan’s headset came with a signal from the guide, prompting him that the signal was about to cut to the interview area, and that a simple interview with the champion and the runner-up of the championship would follow.

When Wang Miaochuan announced that he would enter the interview stage next, there was suddenly another small burst of boiling in the broadcast room.

[ah …… live interview! Sisters is anyone there …… Anyone else remember? Little Mengmeng once said ……]

[I I I! I remember! Xiaomengmeng said at first, if the cub has a good game, sports reporters will interview him, if there are live games,sports reporters will take pictures of ……!]

[xswl, Mengmeng is a prophet, rounded up, our son is now on the court live, and is being interviewed by the court reporter!]

[Crying with laughter, our cub is great …… after quitting the entertainment industry, he successfully got the resources of the court station!]

[Cry with laughter +1, we can make a new resume for the cub!]

This string of comments made other people in the live room look confused, and only the “philosopher” girls could get the slightly sour point.

In the interview area, Zhou Tianjue, Su Zhe, and Ye Jun were caught by the reporters of the court sports channel waiting in the interview area.

As a perennial reporter running track and field news, Yang Mengxi and Zhou Tianjue and Ye Jun were considered old acquaintances, and although today was only her first time seeing Su Zhe, he came from a sports family, his aunt was also an old reporter in the Industry, since Su Zhe turned to the sports industry, she knew things about Su Zhe.

After routinely asking the players about their thoughts on this achievement, Yang Mengxi turned the microphone on Su Zhe, whom she had never contacted before.

“Su Zhe, the process of your participation in the 110m hurdles competition this time is quite legendary, now you have proved your talent in the 110m hurdles event, but your main event is still the men’s 100m, may I ask if you will continue to compete in the 110m hurdles event next?”

Many sports fans who were following the live broadcast shuddered after hearing this question, they then remembered that Su Zhe wasn’t really an athlete in both the men’s 100m and 110m hurdles, he was only a special athlete in the men’s 100m event because of the mistake of the staff of the S provincial sports team, and only then he went on to compete hard.

Cr*p ah?!

His coach was still the notoriously stubborn Tiger Su!

It was just that it was okay for this one race, if they really wanted Su Zhe to train for both the 100m and 110m hurdles for a long time, would he really let his son with excellent 100m talent practice hurdling?

All the people who thought of this possibility were shocked out of a cold sweat, even Tao Sheng, who was watching the interview live on his cell phone in the stands, also had a change of face …… He really couldn’t say, on the character of Su Yinsheng, he wouldn’t let Su Zhe continue to practice 110m hurdles.

To be honest, even Su Zhe himself also forgot about this one, although he knew his father wouldn’t stop him from continuing to practice 110m hurdles, but he hadn’t discussed with his father, it would be bad to say something more.

Su Zhe thought about it, but still explained: “For the next training plan and training program, I still need to communicate with the coaching team and then agree, then I will certainly announce the relevant news.”

Zhou Tianjue on the side glared when he heard this answer, but taking into account that the interview was in progress, he didn’t say much. Only when the three people left the interview area, did Zhou Tianjue say with a sullen face: “Do you really plan not to continue to practice 110m hurdles?”

Zhou Tianjue’s questioning made Su Zhe look tearful: “I’m still nominally a 100m specialist, the team never considered the possibility that I could also run 110m hurdles, even if I’ve run a little bit now, but the official decision can only be confirmed after the team has agreed, right?”

Hearing this explanation, Zhou Tianjue still bristled with displeasure: “What is there to practice in the 100 meters, you might as well come with me to our team and even hurdles with me.”

Towards Zhou Tianjue’s purely venting brainless speech, Su Zhe smiled and didn’t say anything back.

Ye Jun who had been on the side couldn’t help but add: “Su Zhe, your hurdling talent is very strong, don’t give up easily.”

Shortly after the 110m hurdles event ended, a hot search crept up to the end of the Weibo hot search list –

#Please ask Su Zhe to continue to participate in the 110m hurdles event

The Weibo page of the S-province sports team rose once again, and sports fans who saw the interview on the live stream almost swarmed to the S-province sports team’s Weibo page in unison, hoping to get a positive answer immediately.

At the same time, in the conference room of the B City Athletics Management Center, the center’s director Sun Zhihai, deputy director Chen Guangping, Zheng Wensheng and others were gathered together.

In this meeting, they needed to confirm and understand the latest results of each athlete that the center was currently focusing on observing, they would select key attackers, and also recheck the list of people who would be submitted to the General Administration for the World Championships.

On the ppt display page, the first page was “100m project talent sorting”, and Su Zhe’s name was clearly listed.

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