The treacherous masked man on the electronic screen was the MC, or judge, of the entire variety show.

He said in an inaudible electronic voice: “I believe you have all received your invitations, right?”

The invitation referred to a card with the show’s introduction and general rules, “The Liar” program team sent it to them at the beginning of the preparation, although the contract would also mentioned these things, the show’s ritual still needed to be done.

At that moment, a person in the crowd put up his hand.

“I don’t have an invitation.” Zhou Yuhe said, he didn’t receive an invitation, he heard about it from Xie Yifeng, he thought the program team made a mistake, so Yang Yu called, but the team assured them that it was the program’s arrangements.

When he spoke, everyone looked at him with surprised eyes.

Zhou Yuhe also felt that something was wrong.

“And didn’t you say that there would only be eight people in each episode? Why are there nine people now?” Zhou Yuhe asked, as the contract he received for the show only stated that the confirmed guests were Zhang Sheng and Xie Yifeng, while the other six were still under negotiation.

The others also began to count the number of players, and then their faces changed.

The BGM was changed to nerve-wracking music at this moment.
[TN: BGM– Background Music]

The mysterious ancient castle, the treacherous masked man, the inexplicable extra player.

All of this revealed a bizarre aura.

“That’s right, I believe you have already noticed, the invitation didn’t have your names written on it, so now there is a guy mixed in among the nine of you. TA took Mr. Zhou Yuhe’s invitation and inherited his chips – a coin worth one million. ” The masked man explained in an electronic voice.

The crowd was in an uproar.

“Wow, the show is so deep, the first episode is already like this?” Female player A said.

“I told you how our names weren’t written in the invitation ……,” female player B replied.

Zhou Yuhe, who had his invitation and the chips taken away, was very big-hearted, and retorted, “No, no, isn’t the point that a chip is worth a million? Then don’t we have–”

“Eight million, and that’s just the beginning.” A male player wearing glasses had a gleam in his eye.

The nine people surrounding the poker table looked at each other and all saw the ambition for money in each other’s eyes.

Wu Kun, a third-tier actor who had been on many variety shows threw the money bag with only one coin in his hand to the ground, “Then why am I still filming!”

Lulu: “Brother Kun, you have to win this 8 million to get it.”

“Oh.” Wu Kun abashedly picked up the money bag again, the atmosphere was suddenly a lot more relaxed.

The MC went on to say, “Zhou Yuhe, who has no chips, will be eliminated outright if he becomes last in the regular season. Likewise, ‘The Infiltrator’ will be eliminated outright if he doesn’t win the regular season, while the rest of you eight won’t have to enter the elimination rounds.”

Each edition of “The Liar” was divided into two parts: the regular round and the elimination round, in which the elimination alternate, the last place, could choose one of the other players for a death match, and the one who lost the death match would be eliminated –

The so-called elimination tournament was actually a “loser’s re-election”.

It may seem cool to eliminate someone in the regular tournament, but this would also offend the elimination alternate, who could be elected back.

Losing was winning, winning was losing.

Such a tournament system undoubtedly added a lot of points to the show.

After learning that elimination may not be necessary, the rest of the players couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.

And Zhou Yuhe’s next words –
hung their hearts up again:.

“I’m completely out if I lose in the first round, no chance of soloing, but there’s no reward for winning?”

MC: “Of course there is, if you don’t finish last in the first round of the regular season, then you will receive death immunity.”

Death immunity, as the name implied, players who got immunity would be exempted from the elimination round and directly enter the next round.

And the immunity belonged to the winner only.

When there waa only one winner, he could exempt another player (except for the elimination alternate) in addition to moving directly to the next round himself.

When there was more than one winner, then he could only exercise his immunity himself.

Zhang Sheng, the big man of the hosting world, nodded, “Yes, that’s fair.”

Zhou Yuhe, however, said with a tearful smile, “But why do I feel it’s hard.”

Anyone would like to go straight to the next round.

It was obvious that Zhou Yuhe, the known unlucky one, was a better target than the infiltrator who was unknown –

As long as he was eliminated, everyone could advance, so why not?

The rest of the people spoke up to comfort their little brother. Only Xie Yifeng stood on the other side of the poker table, his dark eyes were fixed on him, and he had an intriguing expression.

The MC then began to introduce the rules of this round.

Simply put, it was a card game, and then ……

There was no then.

In front of the TV, whether it was Zhou Yuhe, or Xie Yifeng’s fan girl, they were all staring at the screen with confused faces.

And there were several players inside the TV set in a state of mental disengagement.

“It’s too complicated, isn’t it? ……” said female player A.

“I’m really not good at math at all.” Another female player, B, said.

Wu Kun, who had more experience, walked up to Zhou Yuhe, “Zhou Zhou, do you understand?”

Zhou Yuhe smiled, “Uh …… this, is that you play a card, I play a card, and then duel directly right?”

Wu Kun held his forehead, like he was defeated by him, then he explained good-naturedly: “Everyone has 123 cards in their hands 3 for each number, that is, a total of 9 playing cards, and then find other players for a two-on-two duel …… for example, I am with you, if you show a card larger than the card I show, If you show a 3 and I show a 2, then you win and accumulate 1 point; if we are the same …… if we both show a 2, it’s a draw. The player who doesn’t finish the cards in his hand at the end, the score in his hand will be cleared to zero, the lowest total score is the elimination candidate, the highest is the winner -”


Zhou Yuhe: “I can find any of the other eight players to play against each other, right? It’s okay to find a different person for each game?”

Wu Kun silently walked away, “I give up, this kid is hopeless. He has no sense of crisis at all.”

He walked to the side, saw Lulu, and couldn’t help but pull her aside to complain, “Didn’t the internet say that Zhou Zhou’s IQ is very high? Why does he look like he’s out of shape now? He can be counted as half of the elimination candidate!”

Wu Kun had an expression of hatred and dismay.

Lulu, used to seeing big waves, waved her hand and said, “Someone else said I’m the best dancer, just listen, Zhou Zhou is only 21 years old this year.”

So was Zhou Yuhe really unaware-

Not only did such subtitles appear on the screen, but the fan girls sitting in front of the TV were also curious.

Others hadn’t really come into contact with Zhou Yuhe, but some of their old fans who had been following the star since two years ago knew that whether it was the Cao Qiyue crisis PR event or the previous XX Variety’s underground palace special, Zhou Yuhe definitely showed more than just this level of intelligence.

But what was this about?

Just when they were also confused –

The screen shifted and it was a live feed of Zhou Yuhe being interviewed by the camera alone on the stairs of the ancient castle.

“I’m still sensitive to math, so I read the rules of the game as soon as they came out, but …… now I’m not the most dangerous, if I’m too strong then I may be targeted by everyone together, Brother Wu Kun looks very enthusiastic, but I feel that he is testing me, so he isn’t trustworthy. ” Zhou Yuhe calmly analyzed, and just now the screen showed completely the two different scenes.

“And then Sister Lulu has a very powerful look, if she wants to duel with me I have to be careful.” Zhou Yuhe continued, his serious analysis looked like an elementary school student listening to lectures in class, the fans who were originally worried about him felt relieved for him.

At this time the reporter outside the field asked, “So do you have any winning method?”

Zhou Yuhe smiled, looked around quickly to see if there was anyone around and then said to the camera, “It’s a secret.”

The reporter pressed, “A little reveal Zhou Zhou, just think of it as telling your fans.”

Zhou Yuhe’s face showed a hint of difficulty –

A smile of understanding appeared on Zhang Sheng’s face in the hall, and he called Lulu to the corner.

Lulu asked curiously, “What’s wrong, Mr. Zhang?”

Zhang Sheng showed a profound smile, “I understand this game, this is definitely not a game that can be won by luck, but a method has to be used!”

Lulu was stunned: “Really?”

The scene cut back to –

Zhou Yuhe was interviewed and he said.

“This game, it’s said to be called ‘Showdown,’ but it’s actually ……”

“Drop single elimination.”


In the corner, Zhang Sheng was glowing, “You see we each have 9 cards right? So 9 people is 81 cards, if it’s a two-on-two duel, how many cards will be left at the end?”

“Finally ……” Lulu’s eyes also lit up, “There will definitely be one card left at the end!”

Zhang Sheng added, “The one who can’t finish his cards will definitely have zero points and become an elimination candidate!”

And the others who finished the cards in their hands, even if they only had 1 point, woud be able to be spared!

Lulu: “Wow! That’s exciting! The others don’t know yet, right?”

Just as she finished saying this, Zhou Yuhe came down the stairs, and Lulu hurriedly silenced herself.

Zhou Yuhe gave the two a thoughtful look, and Lulu immediately showed an awkward but polite smile, but the expression on her face changed after Zhou Yuhe turned his back, as if she was worried that their conversation had been overheard by Zhou Yuhe.

The photographer who followed Zhou Yuhe laughed disdainfully, these two guys wanted to prevent Zhou Zhou from knowing? They said things that he already knew, OK.

After Zhou Yuhe and the photographer passed, Lulu realized how unsafe it was for them to talk at the corner of the stairs, and proposed that Zhang Sheng go with her to the small room on the first floor of the ancient castle to discuss.

After entering the small room with Chinese decorations, Lulu couldn’t wait to ask, “So what’s next? So this card game, alliance is very important, right?”

Zhang Sheng nodded as he explained while taking out his cards, “Right, if you and I were together, you would start with three 2’s and I would play three 1’s, so you would have 3 points.”

Lulu also hurriedly took out three 2’s and then gave herself 3 points on the paper.

“Then I’ll play three 2’s and you’ll play three 1’s, so we’ll both have 3 points!” The more Zhang Sheng said, the more excited he was, “The remaining three cards can be used against other people, even if no one else is willing to go against you, we can still consume internally, anyway, as long as there are no cards left, even if there is only 1 point, we can still survive!”

Lulu nodded furiously, then paused for a moment, “Huh? Wait, why is it a 2? Isn’t it the same to win with a 3?”

“Are you stupid? You finished the 3s’, leaving three 2’s out to win the duel, it’s much less ah!”

“Oh oh oh, yes yes, I forgot for a moment.” The rules of the game were too many, and she hadn’t sorted them out clearly.

After the two of them had finished their calculations –

Lulu let out a long sigh of relief: “Wow, now we can at least guarantee not to lose in the elimination rounds …… Right! Do the others know that this is an alliance game?”

Zhang Sheng just wanted to say that they shouldn’t know, who knew at this time –

Behind the screen of the small Chinese room, three people walked out.

Female player A, eye glasses man and Xie Yifeng!

Xie Yifeng said with a smile, “I didn’t know, but now I know, thank you both.”

Cr*p ????

Zhang Sheng and Lulu were suddenly dumbfounded.

Lulu: “When did you three hide behind the screen?!”

Xie Yifeng cheekily replied: “We didn’t hide ah, there is a table behind.”

Lulu stood up in disbelief and went behind the screen to take a look – there was indeed a small table!

“No way ……” she said dumbfounded.

Female player A and the man with glasses looked at each other.

In their hearts, they both thought: it’s a good thing that when they came in just now, Xie Yifeng asked them to keep quiet.

The old foxes were here!

The sudden appearance of Xie Yifeng and the others made the plot take a steep turn.

Lulu and Zhang Sheng both showed a deflated expression.

Come on, after working for so long, now they all knew.


Before the official start of the card showdown, the team gave the nine of them half an hour to prepare.

Now they understood that the so-called “preparation time” was actually to give them the time to find their alliance partners.

Zhou Yuhe was wandering around in the corridor.

He ran into Xie Yifeng who came out of the room.

When Xie Yifeng saw Zhou Yuhe, the corners of his eyes curved and he walked over with a smile, “Yuhe have you found the alliance?”

Because of those two, now all nine players knew that this was a game to find an alliance.

Zhou Yuhe also smiled and said vaguely, “Who knows. How come you don’t have one?”

The editor painted fox tails on the backs of both men.

The big fox Xie proposed, “Then how about an alliance of just the two of us?”

Little Fox Zhou: “Can I trust you?”

Big Fox Xie frowned slightly, his expression aggrieved, “You say we’re very solid, I saw you in danger and wanted to give you a hand, yet you’re actually suspecting me? When has brother ever lied to you?”

When have you never lied to me?

Zhou Yuhe glanced at Xie Yifeng with watery eyes, and the latter’s heartbeat immediately began to go out of rhythm.

He licked his lips, approached Zhou Yuhe, softened his tone, and said with a magnetic low voice with compelling meaning, “Let’s join together, okay?”

Zhou Yuhe shrank back, then remembered he was in a variety show, and his charming mind suddenly recovered, He hugged his arm and said, “Yes, if you can answer a question first.”

He lowered his voice and smiled: “Are you an ‘infiltrator?’ Did you take my chips?”

The infiltrator was actually a setting arranged by the program team, so he had seen Xie Yifeng and Zhang Sheng’s names in the contract, so he could remove them from the infiltrator list.

Xie Yifeng: “Of course not, do I look like a bad guy? Rather, you, are you worthy of trust?”

His face also carried a wary expression.

Zhou Yuhe’s small tail wagged, “Of course, when have I ever lied to you?”

Xie Yifeng said quietly: “The last time you cheated me, I died in your hands, a very tragic death.”

Zhou Yuhe made a “pfft” sound –

The whole scene collapsed.

The “last time” that Xie Yifeng mentioned was the end of “Searching For Heaven”, Yuan Tian pitted the Venerable Demon.

The viewers in front of the TV also laughed along with Zhou Yuhe.

The alliance – ended in failure.

Zhou Yuhe walked to the side and whispered to the camera.

“I clearly saw Brother Xie and Wu Kun brother go into the room to conspire, but he said that he only wanted one person, and immediately asked me if I want to form an alliance, I don’t believe, he must be lying to me.”

The CP fans sitting in front of the television set felt pain.

Zhou Zhou ah, when has your brother Xie ever cheated you, how can you think of him in this way?

Then in the next second, the punch in the face came –

Camera replay.

Inside the small room, Wu Kun pulled Xie Yifeng to discuss: “Brother, the three win strategy they said is too negative, I think since we are here for this game, we must do our best and take the superior win right?”

Wu Kun was Xie Yifeng’s former classmate, and Xie Yifeng’s fan.

Compared to those other players that he wasn’t even very familiar with, he was certainly willing to join Xie Yifeng’s alliance.

Xie Yifeng didn’t answer immediately, but smiled and looked at Wu Kun with slight suspicion, “Wanting to win so much, Ah Kun you are not an infiltrator, right?”

You know, in the tournament, Zhou Yuhe wasn’t the most disadvantaged.

Failure to get the superior score, they would be directly eliminated-

For infiltrators, such conditions were equally harsh.

So with the desire to survive, the infiltrator’s desire to win was definitely the strongest of all players.

“No, I ……” Wu Kun instantly panicked, his variety instincts made him immediately understand, “Wow, I’m not digging a hole for myself to jump into!”

Xie Yifeng laughed and held his shoulders, “Don’t be nervous, brother is joking with you, first tell me how you intend to do it.”

Wu Kun settled down, he pulled Xie Yifeng to the desk and sat down, using a pen to demonstrate on paper while he explained, “I asked the people at the table – that is, the staff – and they said that actually the nine cards in our hands can be exchanged, or given directly to each other! That means I can give you all my 3’s and you give me your 1’s, in which case we could theoretically reach 9 wins!”

Wu Kun’s book read.

333: 222

This was the result after Xie Yifeng’s 1 and Wu Kun’s 3 were swapped, so the left side won all!

This was a simple and clear formula that Xie Yifeng immediately understood, but he didn’t move.

He just stared at the book for a while.

Wu Kun’s heart was anxious, see that the game was about to officially start, at this time he didn’t care, he was anxious to prove himself: “9 wins is an absolutely sure win, as long as one of us become the winner, you can exempt another person, I am willing to help brother win, I myself have 0 wins, so I can prove that I am not an infiltrator, right? ”

Surprised, Xie Yifeng replied: “Ah Kun your idea is very good, but have you ever thought that this method, if you can think of it, can you guarantee that others have not thought of this idea? In case several people have 9 wins, you’ll be in danger.”

Wu Kun: “Uh …… seems to be.”

Xie Yifeng closed the book and gave it to Wu Kun and suggested, “Let’s do it this way, let’s not rush first, we’ll see what happens on the field then, if a 9 win appears, then I will take a 2 and your 1 for it, at least make sure you have a 1 win and not immediately fall into the elimination waiting list, if no one gets a 9 win, we will adopt a 9 win strategy, there is an hour of game time anyway, it’s enough. ”

Wu Kun nodded, that was all that could be done first.

There was still some time before the official start of the game, Xie Yifeng decided to go out first to explore.

Wu Kun looked at Xie Yifeng’s back, many ideas flashed through his mind.

In fact, he came to find Xie Yifeng alliance and proposed such a strategy.

In case Xie Yifeng was an infiltrator –

Then he would really call himself “cool”.

But now he felt that this wasn’t very likely.


They weren’t the same as an ordinary player.

They had to get the victory of this game to avoid being eliminated outright.

And the rest were ordinary players.

There were only one or two elimination candidates in the regular season, but there were as many as nine players, nine to choose one or nine to choose two, the odds themselves weren’t very good.

Not to mention that there was also Zhou Yuhe and the infiltrator, the two players who were likely to be eliminated directly, the possibility of becoming eliminated alternates was even lower.

Even if they were unlucky enough to be eliminated, they still had a chance in the elimination round.

So relatively speaking, the infiltrator’s survival pressure wasn’t generally big, but he should be very eager to win.

Other than that, at least he would show a more proactive attitude than Wu Kun.

But Xie Yifeng –

Had such a relaxed look?

And told him that there was no hurry?

Was this what an infiltrator could say?

Well, it still wasn’t bad to work with senior brother!

Wu Kun silently gave a compliment to his own vision and resourcefulness in his heart.


On the other hand, just out of the room, Xie Yifeng and Zhou Yuhe met up.

The two people tried it out explicitly and implicitly.

The result was that both of them were very good, neither of them got half-valuable information from the other.

After they separated, Zhou Yuhe met up with Lulu, the man with glasses, Zhang Sheng and others.

They were interested in Zhou Yuhe joining them, but Zhou Yuhe thought they weren’t trustworthy.

He analysed to the photographer’s camera, “My original worst plan was that no one would face off against me, leaving me with all my cards in my hand, and then I would definitely be eliminated outright. But now it seems the situation is a little more complicated than I thought again.”

“The reason why they all want me to join them is because there are just too many people participating in this game, and all I have to do is find one person and convince him to ally with me, and I’ll be out of the woods. No one can guarantee that I will not find such a good person, especially Brother Xie, they may feel that he has a high probability of fishing me out, so instead of waiting for me to find a companion to take the initiative to get out of the trap, it is better for me to join them, at least I am within their control, and they may have already thought of how to cheat me, so I can’t choose any of them.”

After saying that, Zhou Yu couldn’t help but sigh.

“I am distressed ah.”

Just then, he saw the innocent-looking and also always relatively quiet female player B in the corner of the stairs wandering around.

He went up to her and asked tentatively, “Do you have an ally?”

The girl immediately gave a wary look.

“What’s wrong?”


Looks like he got an ally.


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