Tokyo Film Festival.

As one of the world’s 15 A-list film festivals, this year’s Tokyo Film Festival was as star-studded as ever.

Among the nominated film teams, there was a team from China that was attracting a lot of attention from the domestic media.

As they all knew, international film festivals always preferred literary films to commercial ones. This time, one commercial work stood out from the crowd of literary films and was qualified for the competition.

On the red carpet, Meng Chuan, who was walking behind the male and female leads, looked only about thirty-five years old, with his long hair tied together up to his neck, and he had an ordinary appearance, less than one meter seven-three, but with a special melancholy aura, that people couldn”t help looking at him a second time.

“What do you think of Director Meng’s first participation in an international film festival?”

“As the only 30th generation director nominated for A-list international film festivals this year, what are your expectations for this trip to Tokyo?”

After the red carpet, Meng Chuan was interviewed by the domestic media at the back.

Although it hadn’t been a few years since the assistant director became the main director, Meng Chuan, who had been in Hollywood for many years, was already familiar with the questions asked by the media, and his humorous and polite answers made the journalists in the audience feel much better about him.

Only after all of them were satisfied with the answers, did Meng Chuan walk towards the venue with a sigh of relief.

As soon as he turned his head, a glass of champagne was brought to him.

“Hey, long time no see!” As soon as he saw who was coming, Meng Chuan’s spirits were lifted, as if the exhaustion of being pestered by reporters had all been swept away.

“Director Meng isn’t normal anymore, even I have to ‘queue’ to talk to you.” Xie Yifeng said with a smile.

“Don’t be sarcastic, God knows how annoyed I am with this.”

Meng Chuan and Xie Yifeng, were the same, rather than the extravagant showbiz life, they preferred to dive headfirst into work, into film and art, if not for the seriousness of this industry and fame, it was estimated that they would become the kind of workaholics who wanted to be on set 365 days a year.

“How about going for a drink afterwards? I know a good Japanese pub near the venue.” Xie Yifeng winked and whispered to Meng Chuan.

“Okay, okay, then let’s go together later.” Meng Chuan begged.


After the first day of the trip, the two of them went to the bar.

“By the way, I forgot to tell you, my friend happens to be there, do you mind?” Xie Yifeng laughed.

“Don’t mind, your friend is my ……” Meng Chuan was saying, suddenly he saw a young man dressed casually and low-key, wearing a duck-tongue cap, sitting next to a low table in the centre of the bistro.

Meng Chuan’s smile suddenly stiffened.

“Hello, Director Meng.” Zhou Yuhe smiled, his face under the duck-tongued hat was still so handsome that it was hard to breathe.

If he was watching TV at this moment, then the sense of distance across the screen would have kept him awake for three minutes.

But in reality, seeing such a smile, was really a little hard to resist.

Meng Chuan wasn’t embarrassed, he looked at Xie Yifeng, and Zhou Yuhe, with a generous smile: “Is this a Hongmen Banquet?”

[TN: a feast or meeting set up as a trap for the invited]

Zhou Yuhe elegantly made a gesture of “please”, ” Director Meng is too much, there is no ‘Hongmen Banquet’, it’s just a drink between friends, please sit down.”

Meng Chuan sat down, looked at Zhou Yuhe, and said meaningfully, “It’s just a ‘drink between friends’, how can you fly from China to Tokyo overnight?”

“I really can’t hide anything from you, I really came here to talk to you in detail about the movie ‘Cats’.” Zhou Yuhe said sincerely, he didn’t mention how he was contacted by various channels before but was mercilessly rejected by Meng Chuan, nor did he mention that the appointment time to meet was also muddled by various assistants, it seemed as if he knew nothing about those things, but simply wanted to meet him.

Such an attitude and opening, indeed, was to avoid a lot of embarrassment.

Meng Chuan’s expression slowed down and he sighed: “What do you want to talk about? I thought I had expressed my meaning accurately enough.”

Zhou Yuhe pushed the script on the low table in Meng Chuan’s direction, “Please give me half an hour, allow me to properly introduce this script to you ……”

Meng Chuan interrupted, “All right, I have read the script of Cats, and I know it is a rare good script, but still, I am not interested in literary films.”

“Is it because there is no interest, or is it because of the Ghost Demon Biography?”

Meng Chuan’s face changed.

“How do you know about The Ghost Demon Biography?”

Zhou Yuhe smiled.

He decided to come here before thinking carefully, in his previous life at this time, Meng Chuan in the Tokyo Film Festival won five nominations but returned empty-handed, the domestic media were ready to blow him up as the “light of domestic business”, no one expected such a big oops.

Who would have thought that a rare commercial film would be selected for five nominations but not get a single award?

Meng Chuan immediately became the object of ridicule on the whole network.

Meng Chuan waa also an arrogant person, after returning from Tokyo in defeat, he immediately plunged into the production of the even bigger super IP “The Ghost Demon Biography”, in order to make a clean break.

Zhou Yuhe thought about it, most likely because Meng Chuan at this time had been talking to the “The Ghost Demon Biography” creative team to co-operate, and the two sides had reached a preliminary common opinion –

That was why Meng Chuan decided to put off their invitation.

But because of Cai Yuan’s face, he couldn’t say that he wouldn’t accept his drama because of a better commercial movie script, so he could only find a pretext like “I don’t take literary films”.

Compared to offending Cai Yuan, a giant in the business world, he’d rather offend Zhou Yuhe.

“Searching For Heaven” was a drama everyone knew, Cai Yuan treated Zhou Yuhe like a son.

A fledgling director and a superstar, Meng Chuan estimated that no matter what, it wasn’t possible for them to give up Zhou Yuhe and choose him, so he was bold enough to say that unless Zhou Yuhe was replaced, he wouldn’t direct –

Director Meng’s desire to survive could be said to be very strong.

“Because, the investors of ‘The Ghost Demon Biography’ approached me some time ago, hoping that I could play the male lead, but ……” Zhou Yuhe smiled, with a hint of cunning in his eyes, “I pushed it off –This A-class production is no less than ‘Searching For Heaven’ and I decided to star in ‘Cats’ instead, don’t you want to hear my reasons?”

Meng Chuan stared at Zhou Yuhe with a fixed expression of hesitation and entanglement, as if he was struggling with something inwardly, and the short three seconds felt like a century.

Finally just when Zhou Yuhe felt that he couldn’t hold back, Meng Chuan smiled.

“You’re very good, I am now really curious.” Meng Chuan picked up the script on the low table, carelessly and casually flipped it twice, “Now you have fifteen minutes to prove to me that it is a wise choice to put off the ‘The Ghost Demon Biography’ and take on ‘Cats’ instead. ”

Zhou Yuhe looked at the script in his hand and took a deep breath.

At this time Xie Yifeng, who was sitting next to him, held his palm, and the heat coming from his palm settled him instantly.

He spoke confidently, “Then, I’ll start.”

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