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In the room, the director was holding a cup of tea and the producer was fighting to catch his breath, he puffed out his chest and tried to drink a mouthful of water, when he looked up and saw the assistant director walking to the door with a young man.

He was unprepared to meet the pair of eyes filled with a smile, his hand squeezing the lid of the cup suddenly stalled.

At this time, the curtain of rain was still hanging outside the eaves, and even the greenery in the courtyard was floating with layers of gray.

However, in such a monochromatic background, the person’s figure was like a light spot shaking over, the distance was shortened, his face became clear, the messy rain muted most of the conversations.

Instead of saying that the director was frozen, it waa better to say that he was stunned, he had been in the industry for at least a decade, he had seen a lot of handsome faces and became numb to appearances.

It was just that these stars today, regardless of whether they were male or female, the face they were born with was like a secret, and in public, they had to top it off with the perfect makeup that was comparable to a rebuild, which looked good, but didn’t look real, and at a glance, it was obvious it was fake.

The person opposite, his face was clean, but his facial features made people stunned, plus his sudden appearance, was always surprising.

He sized up the youth once, and turned his head to find that the few people who had just been fighting around the side were gazing at the door, and after withdrawing their gaze, they looked at each other a few times, with a similar subtle expression that was a bit elusive.

When Li Zhiqing walked up to the assistant director, he finally just asked for his name and gestured for him to go with him to the room behind him.

He hadn’t fully walked through the door before he was stared at hard by a room full of people. When Li Zhiqing saw the gazes of the people, he understood the reason he was called and quickly smiled and greeted them.

The assistant director introduced him to the others and said, “This is the one who came to the set today to deliver the box lunch, called Li Zhiqing, I saw the right body type and called him over, but you see …….”

The director smiled and the producer exchanged a look, showing hesitation.

Li Zhiqing was wearing a white shirt with a double-pocket design, showing a slight retro style, with his cuffs stretched to his forearm, showing his slim muscles, and his lower body was paired with a pair of dark gray linen summer pants, with slender and straight legs, which looked very beautiful.

That long hair was neatly tied behind by a hair rope, which not only didn’t modify the excessively dazzling facial features to be weak and feminine, but instead set off a cool temperament. He looked delicate but not weak, making it comfortable to watch.

Apart from other things, this face alone in the drama would easily attract the attention of the audience.

But because his appearance was too good, this was really ……

“Let him try.” The assistant director made a gesture to the director.

The producer retracted his eyes that were fixed on Li Zhiqing’s face and also looked over, with the same meaning in his eyes.

The audition scene before the start of filming had its share of people waiting in line, but today, with such smiling eyes, he felt a barrier sticking to his throat, making him unable to say no easily.

He looked around, and finally the director slammed the bottom of his cup into his palm: “Have you ever acted before?”

“No,” Li Zhiqing paused for a second, his eyes softened and the curve of his mouth deepened, “I only read lines with my family for fun when I was a kid.”

The director took a deep breath and exhaled hard, rubbing his fingers repeatedly on the wall of the cup: “This is the case, we are now short of a supporting role, the role is very small, we can finish shooting today, the salary is paid daily, are you willing to try?”

Li Zhiqing’s eyes flashed, he clenched his fingertips and nodded with a smile: “It’s an honour.”

When the deputy director saw that the director had even taken the script to Li Zhiqing to select clips for him to audition, he knew that he was too embarrassed to reject him directly, and wanted to send him away under the pretext that his acting skills were not good, so he couldn’t help sighing and felt guilty towards the youth inexplicably

This was a work with an immortal theme, the hero was the first grandson of a family of demon hunters, the world was in turmoil, his family was slaughtered, only he was saved from death, he wandered around and met a benefactor, then he not only solved the mystery of many years ago, and revived the family business, but he also incidentally got love and friendship.

It didn’t have many episodes, it was small production, it was a popular theme, so it wouldn’t be rejected or liked, it probably wouldn’t be popular.

The character Li Zhiqing was supposed to act was the father of the hero, although he was the eldest son, unfortunately he was weak, and it was difficult for him to continue the family business, but he was fortunate to marry a world-renowned powerful wife. The hero had always despised this useless father, even later, his heart only missed his mother who died to help him escape.

However, when the hero was trapped in the old house, his life was hanging by a thread, but he was able to escape with the help of the remnants of his father’s soul. After that, the hero gradually realized that his father wasn’t a loser, but a powerful person who was dragged down by his physical body, and his strength was inherited from him.

Poor short-lived father, despite the contempt of his own son, he foresaw the death of the hero in the future and tore his soul and destroyed his chance of reincarnation to leave a chance of life for his son.

This character played a very little role, his name wasn’t mentioned, but the protection of his father and the tragic death of his mother put together, handled properly would definitely be enough for the male lead to earn enough sympathy tears.

For Li Zhiqing, the deputy director selected the part where the characters got up in the morning. Because it was only an audition, the bed was replaced by a cane chair, which saved the part of getting up.

Li Zhiqing tilted his head and pondered for a while, untied the rope on his hair and sat on the rattan chair, his temperament suddenly turned introspective and quiet.

His hands were over his knees, his posture waa casual and upright, his eyes were lowered, the corners of his lips contained a faint smile, but his eyes didn’t show the slightest weakness of the sick.

The audition for the small role had been handled by the assistant director, he had seen many people’s interpretation of this section, most of them frowned with sadness, it took a glance to know that it was a patient, but Li Zhiqing smiled purely and lightly, his long hair rested on his shoulders, at first glance he looked sleepy.

He was just about to shake his head, when Li Zhiqing suddenly lifted his eyes, his smile became more warm. He looked to the side, his body didn’t move, but his eyes slightly changed.

It was obvious that he was stopping the movement of the person beside him.

This thought naturally crashed into their minds, this time, the director really froze a bit.

He was only responsible for the production of small episodes, his contacts were mostly shallow and uninvolved actors, with just a simple glance, onlookers could easily see their intention, he really didn’t have the opportunity to see good actors.

This young man named Li something had no acting experience, yet even his eyes were involved.

“Who is this rejection for?” Someone behind him muttered and asked.

The director closed the lid of his cup and focused: “The slave.”

Sure enough, after taking back that glance, Li Zhiqing raised his hand with an undiminished smile, and instead of the house slave, he tied up his hair with a hair rope, the tying method was complicated and rare, and it took him a long time to tie the knot.

The soul knot!

The director was really amazed.

The soul knot in the drama was set to fix the soul, to prevent the soul from leaving the body, created by the male lead’s clan, the male lead father’s illness was that his physical body couldn’t bear the weight of his soul, everyone in the clan bundled their hair and wore a crown, only he, low-tied his hair every day using the soul knot.

The director’s team hadn’t noticed the connection between the two before, because the role was too small, the script wasn’t much, no one spent any thought on this, now seeing Li Zhiqing’s action made them a little shocked.

Just now he happened to flip over the summary draft with all kinds of settings in front of Li Zhiqing, and he probably glanced at it.

The director was silent for a few seconds, and softly lamented: “Really has a careful mind.”

After finishing the knot, Li Zhiqing didn’t rush to stand up, still maintaining an upright sitting posture, his thin chest slightly increased its movements as he slowly inhaled and exhaled. After several rounds, he gradually calmed down, and if he didn’t pay attention to this process, it was difficult to see the difference.

There was no frowning and coughing, he always had a smile, and then he propped himself up and stepped closer to the window, a little distance, but his grip on the window frame made people aware of the difficulty.

He lifted his posture, handsome and elegant, a man of the world, but every step seemed to be stepping on the clouds, not once landed did it land on the ground, his back was straight again, but he looked like he might break and fall at any time.

The director held his cup of tea, his eyebrows slowly wrinkled.

In this group of people in the room, the crew scene notes is the youngest, only brought into the group by the master at the beginning of the year, knowledge and other people compared to a lot of short, now look at a heart are raised, and so Lai Zhiqing in front of the window stand, directly a long breath of relief.

Outside, the sound of rain was in full swing, the sky was dark and depressing, a banana in front of the window was smashed by the trembling, it wasn’t what was worth appreciating the light.

Inside, in addition to the sound of rain and no other sound, just to quiet to depressing scene, standing at the window, the youth suddenly let out a light laugh.

The soft, low voice was like a sweet spring gushing out from the mountain rocks, slowly and irresistibly washing through all the limbs and bones, the dull feeling in the air suddenly dissipated like smoke and mist, his body and mind was only filled with a faint sense of relaxation and pleasure.

The director didn’t have time to remember why he suddenly laughef out loud at this point, Li Zhiqing quickly turned around, the light from the window cut the side of his face, showing his flawed silhouette, and then he gazed behind the director’s team, with substantial affection wrapped in a cloying warmth, and the deep smile that fell showed in his eyes gradually blossomed.

–His sweetheart was here.

All of them had this thought in unison.

However, when they turned their eyes, there was nothing behind them but an old wall with a whiteboard for recording.

The director read the date on the board in his head twice before he suddenly came back to his senses.

He jerked his head back, Li Zhiqing had retracted all the strong emotions between his eyebrows, tied his hair back to its original appearance, met his gaze politely bowed and stood in front.

The director secretly gripped his teacup tightly, although he was shocked by the other party’s acting skills, but the fact that an ordinary small role could be performed like this really made him feel stunned.

Yes, the main character’s father was definitely not just coughing and walking with help, It was precisely because his life would soon end that he did everything within his ability. He knew how to live in the present better than others, and how could he still feel sad when he saw the scene?


The director was still recalling the details of Li Zhiqing’s demeanour when a surprised shout suddenly rang out from outside the door.

Everyone followed the sound and looked over, except for Li Zhiqing who steeply tensed his muscles.

He vaguely perceived a faint chill running from his feet to his scalp, giving him a strong discomfort of being probed thoroughly.

That moment, he was cold to the bones.

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