The “The Ghost Demon’s Biography” was a super IP no less than the “Searching For Heaven”, to convince Meng Chuan to give up such A-class production, and turn to a literary film, which he wasn’t good at, this sounded impossible.

Zhou Yuhe knew this very well.

But what he knew even better waa that the previous life’s “The Ghost Demon’s Biography” wasn’t a success.

It was a box office flop, which led to Meng Chuan’s nearly two-year silence, and finally “Thin Cherry” broke the cocoon into a butterfly, and he went back to the film industry.

He searched in his head for a the analysis of film critics for “The Ghost Demon’s Biography”, and then –

He looked firmly at Meng Chuan, and revealed a contagious, confident smile.

“First of all, it is undeniable that “The Ghost Demon’s Biography” is a hall of fame work of modern fiction, its fans are all over the North and South, and even more trendy and universal than “Searching For Heaven” that sealed the deal more than a decade ago. But likewise, the fans of “The Ghost Demon’s Biography” are not like the fans of “Searching For Heaven” – they are mostly young people in their thirties to forties- They are the main voices of the Internet, and they are also the most critical group of people in the Internet age, and if you want to make “The Ghost Demon’s Biography”, it means that you have to take on twice as much work as the director of “Searching For Heaven”. You’ll have to take on twice as much pressure as the director of “Searching For Heaven”, or even twice as much pressure. Have you ever thought, in case you fail, you will be overwhelmed by terrible force?”

Zhou Yuhe didn’t come up with a wholesale rejection of the “The Ghost Demon’s Biography”, but affirmed its status, which made Meng Chuan, who was originally a fan of the book, involuntarily have a sense of identity.

With the foreshadowing, it wouod naturally be easier to accept what he said later.

But accept, was one thing, to agree, was another.

Meng Chuan said: “Similarly, if I direct it well, then I will also be pushed to an unpredictable position by this force.”

Zhou Yuhe didn’t rush to refute him, but smiled and said, “With the strength of director Meng, I certainly believe you have such capital, but a movie, can never just rely on the director alone can say. If there is really anyone who can decide the life and death of a movie with one word, it is only – the General Administration of Radio, Film and Television.”

Zhou Yuhe’s face showed a smiling expression, his narrow and beautiful eyes looked straight at Meng Chuan, as if a glance could see through some of the things he tried to hide, “The original is a good book, the script is a good script, the director is a good director …… but are you sure that the final release will be “The Ghost Demon’s Biography” and not some “Heavenly Demon’s Biography” or “Great Demon’s Biography?”

Meng Chuan’s face finally changed at this moment.

His hand flipping through the script froze for a moment, and the script in his hand stopped at a certain page.

Zhou Yuhe was right, according to the existing rules of the Chinese film and television industry, you couldn’t shoot something with “ghosts” in it, and the main character of “The Ghost Demon’s Biography” was a big ghost that had lived for thousands of years! In order to make this movie, they not only modified the plot a lot, but also made all the things involving “ghosts” to “demons” as much as possible, even the identity of the main character became a thousand-year-old demon in the “Mountain and Sea Sutra”.

Meng Chuan somewhat vainly retorted: “Our current script has been sent for review, I asked some internal personnel to read it, they said the problem is not big.”

Zhou Yuhe seized the moment of Meng Chuan’s weakness and intensified his attack, leaning forward slightly, his right hand swayed slightly as he spoke, a very leading and persuasive gesture, “They say there’s not a big problem, they say there’s not a big problem every time! But what about the fact? How many movies went through more than a dozen reviews before they were put on the movie screen? As long as the people above gives the order. If you don’t pass the audit, you won’t pass them! Aren’t there still few movies that have been postponed, missed the release date and suffered heavy losses? What’s more, “The Ghost Demon’s Biography” is so popular, so many people are staring at it, and the subject matter is so sensitive. Are you so sure that no one will stab you in the back? ”

“By then, there will be another script change, another make-up shoot, and another release date, do you really believe that the Ghost Demon’s Biography that moves to the screen will still be the most original, your ideal Ghost Demon’s Biography?”

This series of questions made Meng Chuan’s face darker and darker, and finally…

With a snap–

Meng Chuan threw the script heavily on the table, his expression somewhat shaken by Zhou Yuhe’s forcefulness, and he said, “There is no script that doesn’t need to be changed! There are unpredictable things that happen when every crew starts shooting, does it mean that because of these nebulous ‘accidents’, there is no need to shoot the movie!”

Meng Chuan’s voice was so loud that all the people in the entire pub could hear it clearly.

The atmosphere was so tense that it seemed to freeze.

The owner of the pub clutched his menu, as if he was thinking whether to go up now to ease the atmosphere.

And a few girls eating at the neighbouring table also looked at Zhou Yuhe across from Meng Chuan with a worried expression.

Although they didn’t know what they were talking about, this little brother’s situation seemed to be very bad, the long-haired man looked as if he would rush up and hit him in the next second ……

Just when everyone was sweating for Zhou Yuhe –

Zhou Yuhe, however, was completely relieved.

He looked at Meng Chuan’s strong expression, the corners of his mouth curved into a meaningful smile.

Such an expression looked so calm, at ease, so hateful.

Zhou Yuhe’s voice wasn’t loud, but it carried the force of a thousand pounds, causing a stir.

Then he replied carelessly: “OK, then shoot it, Han Kun is still staying in the bureau; Fan Junxi’s ‘Searching For Heaven’ has just reached the halfway point; Bai An has just taken over a whole season of a reality show as a fixed MC; Ji Chen is busy with his business ventures; Xie Yifeng ……”

He and Meng Chuan simultaneously turned their eyes to Xie Yifeng who had not spoken at all.

Xie Yifeng understood and replied very tacitly, “I also have a lot of international activities to attend in the first half of the year.”

Zhou Yuhe turned his eyes back to Meng Chuan’s face and continued, “And I, right now, am persuading you to give up the Ghost Demon’s Biography. If you think you can still find a more suitable male lead …… then you should shoot it.”

Hook, line, sinker.

He said a lot before, and they all looked so pale and powerless in front of the reason that “You can’t find the best leading actor.”

The sharpest knife should be used at the most critical time-

Zhou Yuhe has undoubtedly done this.

Meng Chuan’s originally straight back, suddenly collapsed, he used his right hand to support his forehead, and sighed.

“…… you win.”

Zhou Yuhe looked at Xie Yifeng with joy as he said, “You’re willing to work with me, Director Meng?”

Who knew that Meng Chuan would say, “No, I was just convinced by you to give up The Ghost Demon’s Biography, it doesn’t mean I’m going to take on Cat, and in fact what I said is true.”

Meng Chuan looked at Zhou Yuhe: “You analyzed The Ghost Demon’s Biography to the letter, but have you ever thought that Cat actually has the same fatal flaw as The Ghost Demon’s Biography.”

“That is you.”

Zhou Yuhe was surprised: “Me?”

Meng Chuan: “Yes, you.”

“When I said ‘I won’t direct unless I replace you’, it’s not a pretext, it’s true. The biggest reason that made me reject ‘Cat’ was not ‘The Ghost Demon’s Biography’, but you – Zhou Yuhe.”

Such an answer was obviously something that both Zhou Yuhe and Xie Yifeng were not expecting.

Looking at the duo’s dumbfounded expressions, Meng Chuan sighed, then stood up and walked outside the pub.

“Follow me.”

The two looked at each other inexplicably, then they got up and followed Meng Chuan out of the pub.

It was the middle of summer, and the Tokyo night still carried a subtle fragrance of flowers. The soft and moving guitar melody rode on the cool evening breeze, which made the pedestrians on the street feel happy and calm.

Meng Chuan walked to the street and looked around, then walked towards a foreign street singer in the middle of the long street. After Meng Chuan discussed with the foreign singer English.

A heavy object was thrown at Zhou Yuhe.

Zhou Yuhe looked down –

A guitar.

Meng Chuan pointed to the small bench that the foreign singer gave up and said, “Sit here and play.”

Zhou Yuhe: “But I don’t know much about this.”

Meng Chuan: “It’s okay if you don’t know how to play, just play for ten minutes and you’ll know why I rejected you.”

Zhou Yuhe had no choice but to follow Meng Chuan’s request, pick up the guitar and sit on the foreign singer’s small bench.

He wasn’t familiar with the guitar, he played it a long, long time ago when he studied it for a while, now he had almost forgotten it.

He followed his memory and played a very simple pop song, fragmented guitar sounds flowed out from his fingertips.

A summer night with the sound of a melody.

Such a pairing made some passing pedestrians, notice the guitar-playing Zhou Yuhe.

Then, they couldn’t help stopping to turn around.

At first, Zhou Yuhe didn’t understand the intention of Meng Chuan’s move.

Until more and more people stopped, and even a number of Japanese girls covered their faces, cheeks flushed and began to take pictures with their cell phones; one after another, people took out change from their pockets and threw it into the foreign singer’s case -.

He only vaguely felt bad.

Sure enough.

He finished playing.

Only then did he hear Meng Chuan’s voice coming slowly and leisurely.

“See? Even if you play so badly, there are people who are willing to pay for it, why?”


“Don’t you understand at all-”

“This face of yours is not the least bit convincing to make people believe you’re a bum-”

“This movie, fundamentally, is at odds with reality, with logic-”

“You’re so f*cking good looking.”

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