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After Zhou Yuhe was introduced, several more guests came in one after another.

The theme of this episode was treasure hunting.

According to the process of the variety show, the guests needed to choose their teammates first, and Zhou Yuhe coincidentally was assigned to a group with Wang Shiqiu, so the other groups suddenly howled.

“Wow, isn’t your team’s face value too high?”

“Come on, come on, let’s stay away from them.” The dark-skinned MC dragged his partner several steps to the side.

“The game can be lost, but Zhou Yuhe’s face value is the real winner.” Funny MC announced very solemnly.

The combination of a handsome man and a beautiful woman immediately became the focus of the entire show.

After the grouping, each team partner drove separately to the next recording location.

“Zhou and Wenwen are weak, and we are going to a live-action underground palace this time, on many levels they should struggle more.” The control MC analysed to his partner while driving.

On the other hand, the funny MC also asked his partner, “Who do you think is most likely to find the ancient treasure inside these groups?”

The partner said, “Zou (dark-skinned MC) is a martial arts star, very good, Cheng (tall MC) is very big, I think they have a high probability of winning.”

The funny MC asked again, “So which team do you think will be the first to be eliminated?”

“Xiao Zhou, he and Qiuqiu do not look particularly strong, especially Qiuqiu, she has always been intellectual and timid, the design of the underground palace is specially for her right? hahahahaha.”

“Hahahahahahaha ……”

At the same time.

A scream rang out from the underground palace.


Wang Shiqiu was startled by the “armored warrior” that suddenly appeared in the underground palace.

Zhou Yuhe kept her behind him for the first time.

This was specially designed to scare their staff, as a horror special, each guest was strapped with a decibel device, if the decibel exceeded the rated size, then the group of guests would be eliminated.

In addition to the theme of the underground palace, each layer of exploration time was only half an hour, if in half an hour they couldn’t find the way to the next layer, the group of guests would also be considered eliminated.

This horror special, which had a time limit and they were not allowed to shout aloud—

For a soft girl like Wang Shiqiu, it was very unfriendly.

She trembled and hid behind Zhou Yuhe.

Zhou Yuhe’s reaction was very calm, neither frightened by the armoured warrior, nor by Wang Shiqiu’s screams, but very calmly shielding his sister behind him, not letting the armoured warrior touch her.

His seemingly thin body, somehow made people feel unexpectedly safe?

Wang Shiqiu also gradually returned to normal after a brief shock.

The five teams began to advance in the dungeon.

This dungeon theme was divided into two types, one was a test of physical strength, if you passed the game level designed by the scriptwriter, then you could successfully enter the next layer.

A test of brain power, this dungeon had ancient treasure clues, cracking these clues, would enable the guests to pass to the end.

In this way, the strengths and weaknesses of the guests came out.

The control MC and the funny MC were both physically unimpressive types, so they chose the brain power route, which was different from the dark-skinned MC and the tall MC.

But in a dungeon like this.

They had to worry about “female ghosts”, “children”, “armoured warriors”, “mummies” that came out of nowhere …… and worry about the screams, but also pay attention to the time!

It was already good that everyone’s brains didn’t become a mess. Who had the energy to reason and solve problems?

After the funny MC exceeded the pass time elimination due to reasoning, the control MC also had to give up the idea of solving the problem and went bacm with his partner instead.

“Wow those clues are just too much, who would notice that much?” The funny MC sat in the “elimination house” for the guests to rest, he took a bottle of the sponsored drinks, and drank two mouthfuls to relieve his tense brain nerves.

“The main thing is that the atmosphere is too scary, that the girls can hold out until now is simply ……”

The partner guest’s words hadn’t yet finished, suddenly a shrill female scream rang out from the room’s large stereo.

Then, a “ding-” sound –

The control MC and his female partner were also eliminated.

The partner guest made a shrugging motion, then curiously turned back to the director team and asked, “Which team is the fastest moving now?”

At this time, on the audience’s TV screen also appeared “So which team is the fastest?” With cute and fancy subtitles.

Then the camera panned around and the teams of the dark-skinned MC and tall MC in the underground palace.

The four were just starting to play funny and help each other in the dungeon.

As a result, they found a sheepskin clue: the first team to reach the last floor can take off the decibel device.
[TN: Scream device]

The two teams immediately, in a change of style, began to run to the last floor desperately.

After a fierce and exciting scramble game, the dark-skinned MC finally arrived at the fourth floor with his partner first, as he had hoped.

“Hahahaha, I’ve put up with it for a long time, finally I can remove this nasty decibel.” The dark-skinned MC smilingly put his hand out to the staff-

only to be rejected.

“Sorry, you’re not the first team to reach the last floor.” The poker-faced staff member said with a straight face.

“What?!” Not only the dark-skinned mc and his partner were shocked-

The viewers in front of the TV were also doubly surprised.

The scene cut back to Zhou Yuhe’s side.

Zhou Yuhe and Wang Shiqiu were trapped together by the puzzle on the stone slab.

Wang Shiqiu was the recognised intellectual leader of the fixed MC team.

But at this time she had been frightened by the eerie underground palace, what IQ, her reasoning ability was completely left behind.

When she asked: “Why don’t we just stop solving the problem ……”

At this time, a divine twist appeared –

Zhou Yuhe remembered a movie poster he saw around the corner, and the answer to the tablet puzzle was hidden in the letters at the bottom of the poster!

In a burning “Detective Conan” moment, Zhou Yuhe entered the correct answer into it, and then the door to the next level opened.

And then…

Wang Shiqiu officially started a journey of her intelligence being crushed.

Zhou Yuhe’s reasoning ability was almost demonic, the programme team had designed it a long time, even the funny MC and control MC spent a full twenty minutes yet they couldn’t solve the puzzle and couldn’t open the treasure chest, the clues that weren’t found, all were cracked by him one by one.

Zhou Yuhe, with his own power, went ahead of everyone to enter the last layer.

The viewers in front of the TV set, watched how Zhou Yuhe brainstormed to crack the puzzle and methodically found the clues …… their goose bumps were rising!

Gosh!!! How could there be such a smart person!

Although in order to avoid being attacked by Anti-fans saying “there is a stage script”, “reality shows are fake”, “the results have long been told to him”, Zhou Yuhe made a slight trick, and finally lost to the dark skinned MC, but his high intelligence performance had become the biggest highlight of the whole horror special, that night, #More fascinating than the face is the brain” this hot search strongly dominated the headlines!

“I actually fell in love with an idol one day because of his brain [show hand]”

“Oh my god, Zhou Yuhe’s reality show is simply too good! How can he be so good looking and so smart! [Crying]”

“I dodged national first love, dodged Yuan Tian, dodged the black rabbit, but couldn’t avoid Zhou Yuhe, this person is really so popular, my God [goodbye]”

“begging for him to appear on more episodes,, high intelligence and highly cute little brother!!!”

Although Zhou Yuhe lost the game, but with character and strength, he grabbed a large wave of fans, at the end of the programme, he also became the object of care of all guests.

The control MC concluded, “Although Yuhe didn’t win, his performance is still the brightest today, this is okay with everyone, right?”

“No, no, no” and “It’s really great to play like this on your first reality show.”

The control MC: “Recently the outside world is also very concerned about Yuhe, you have received very few dramas in the past two years, a total of two, but each one is the male lead, but also each one has become the king of the drama, have you ever thought that the next drama will be very stressful?”

Zhou Yuhe modestly smiled lightly and said, “Every work, no matter TV or movie, is the result of the whole team working together. I feel very honoured to have the opportunity to participate in these excellent works, and I am also very grateful to each and every staff member who silently works behind the scenes, they are the ones we should respect.”

After removing the high hat worn by the control MC, Zhou Yuhe said, “As for my next work, it is currently in the planning process, and this time it will bring a big breakthrough, including a very challenging work for myself, which you will definitely not expect.”

The fans in front of the TV set were screaming, not even watching the credits of the variety show, but running directly to Zhou Yuhe’s Weibo account to express their fancy confessions and expectations.

The media also became highly nervous and attentive, staring at Zhou Yuhe’s Weibk every day, afraid that they had missed something.

Everyone thought that Zhou Yuhe’s next production would be officially released soon and then start shooting.

But God knew he hadn’t even gotten a director yet.

“Meng Chuan is now in Tokyo for the film festival, he said if you really want to talk about it, wait until he returns home.” Meng Chuan’s assistant, Alexander, wiped the cold sweat on his forehead, as he bravely said over the phone.

“In that case …… then please make sure you book a meeting time for us at the first opportunity, thank you.”

“That’s of course, you’re too polite, Brother Yang.”

Yang Yu hung up the phone with no expression.

“How? Are you dead in the water? Still want to gnaw on this hard bone?” Yang Yu’s face was reflected faintly on the glass of the gym, it simply looked awful.

“Chew! Of course I’ll chew!” Zhou Yuhe hooked his lips on the treadmill and smiled.

He really wanted to know why Meng Chuan would reject him.

Such a firm and unwavering rejection.

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