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fter recording the variety show, Wen Run’s role also came to an end.

In late March, Wen Run’s character was officially killed, the crew gave him a farewell party, after the lively meal, Wen Run returned to B city.

This time, he would have to officially move. The dormitory Lu Zhan and Shen Muxun weren’t in, Wen Run rested for two days, then began to pack his luggage. After packing them in cardboard boxes, he asked his assistant to help move them.

After living in the dormitory for so long, Wen Run added a lot of small things, now it was all packed up in two or three boxes. His clothes and accessories was packed in seven large boxes.

He and Zheng Xuan plus his two assistants moved the things with two cars, it took a total of three trips to move all the things over. After the things were arranged, Wen Run started cleaning the house, he didn’t bother Zheng Xuan and his assistants, Wen Run cleaned up for three days before the house was finally tidied up.

The house was already decorated, Wen Run just added a few small things. For example, the sofa had a few soft and comfortable pillows, a bottle of fresh flower arrangements on the coffee table. The spacious balcony was also covered with a round plush carpet, a rocking chair on the floor, the other had a bookshelf and a few lush green plants.

Originally it was a little empty and cold, but after it was filled with the knickknacks he added, the coldness disappeared and the house became warm.

Wen Run was very satisfied with his new home, he called and asked for the schedule of his friends, then he invited them for dinner in his house in three days.

Zheng Xuan and three assistants were sure to come, Lu Zhan and Shen Muxun would also come. Xie Yupan and Chu Yu’s scenes weren’t finished, they couldn’t make it but congratulated him and sent housewarming gifts …… Wen Run counted the number of guests who would come that day, but his mind couldn’t stop drifting to Ye Hansheng.

The house was given to him temporarily by Mr. Ye, and now he was his neighbour. Wen Run lowered his eyes and thought for a while, he decided to personally go to the door to him.

But he didn’t know when Ye Hansheng would be home, so he kept an eye on the movement next door. When the balcony next door lit up at night, he went out and went next door.

Ye Hansheng knew that that Wen Run had moved in. He used to live far away, and he would only think of him when he heard news about him. But now he lived close by. He always involuntarily began to think about him, thinking about what he was doing next door now, whether he had eaten or slept …

Wen Run moved over two or three days ago, even if he didn’t see him, his mood had been very good. It wasn’t until Zheng Xuan told him that Wen Run invited everyone to his house in three days that his rare good mood sank – he hadn’t received an invitation.

Wen Run had invited everyone, yet he didn’t invite him.

Ye Hansheng’s face was gloomy as he sat in front of the floor-to-ceiling window of the balcony, which only had a small warm yellow light on. The two balconies were facing different directions, he sat there, but he couldn’t see a silhouette, he could only vaguely see the bright lights.

Wen Run was at home these days, but he hadn’t come to his side even once, the day he deliberately put the wrapped coin dumplings in his plate, felt like his imagination.

As he was immersed in his irritated thoughts, the doorbell suddenly rang.

Ye Hansheng wrinkled his eyebrows and went to the door, his depressing thoughts suddenly vanished as he looked at Wen Run’s face.

Wen Run was actually a little nervous, although he and Ye Hansheng had interacted a lot, he didn’t know whether the other party liked those kind of occasion. His house would be crowded, and he was afraid that Ye Hansheng wouldn’t like the noise and he would reject him.

But he still mustered up the courage to come.

Ye Hansheng’s frown gradually relaxed and he asked in a low voice: “Is there something?”

Wen Run pursed his lips, his fingers unconsciously clutched the corner of his coat and twisted it, he always did that when he was nervous.

“Mr. Ye, I just moved in, and I’m going to invite my friends over for a meal the afternoon after tomorrow …… I wonder if you have time to come over for a meal that day?”

After saying that, he slightly opened his eyes wide and looked at Ye Hansheng expectantly.

Ye Hansheng’s eyes were glued to his crystal bright black eyes. The word “yes” was pushed out subconsciously.

The already large eyes suddenly became even wider, and Wen Run smiled and said happily: “Then the day after tomorrow at six o’clock in the afternoon, I will call you when the meal is ready!”

“Mm.” Looking at his smile, a smile also appeared on the corners of Ye Hansheng’s lips.

Having successfully invited him, Wen Run was satisfied. It was already evening. It wouldn’t be good to continue disturbing, so he smilingly said goodbye and left. Ye Hansheng waited for him to enter his apartment, before he closed the door and entering the house.

On the day of the house-warming, Wen Run asked Zheng Xuan and his assistants to bring the ingredients over, and cooked a big meal himself.

At 5:30, not waiting for Wen Run to call him, Ye Hansheng came by himself with a gift, Zheng Xuan raised his eyebrows as he welcomed him in, he looked at the busy figure in the kitchen and deliberately said: “I thought I didn’t invite you.”

Ye Hansheng coldly glanced at him, he turned the wheelchair and carefully surveyed the apartment, it had become a bit strange.

Wen Run had decorated the place very warmly, looking at some knick-knacks placed around, it was clear that he thought about it a lot. Before he didn’t notice anything, but after visiting Wen Run’s apartment, Ye Hansheng finally had to admit that his place was indeed too cold.

This place made him feel a long-lost sense of home.

As Ye Hansheng arrived, Lu Zhan and Shen Muxun also arrived with gifts. The two entered with a smile and greeted Wen Run, when they saw Ye Hansheng, Lu Zhan suddenly choked with wide-eyed and lost his voice.

Shen Muxun was also flabbergasted, but he quickly reacted and went forward, “Mr. Ye.”

Ye Hansheng nodded slightly, he saw the two’s formal appearance and frowned, “We’re not in the company, everyone should feel free.” His intention wasn’t to spoil the atmosphere because of his arrival, but in the ears of Lu Zhan and Shen Muxun, there was a strange feeling, as if he was the owner of the house.

Lu Zhan was big-hearted and didn’t think much about it. But Shen Muxun secretly caught a glimpse of him, and remembered how weird the house was, he felt that he was up to something.

Shen Muxun decided to observe again. If he was really up to no good, he had to give Wen Run a reminder.

When Wen Run prepared the meal, it was nearly seven o’clock. The assistant helped to bring out the dishes, and Wen Run opened the two bottles of red wine he bought in advance, eight people filled a table, but because of the presence of Ye Hansheng, the atmosphere was a little formal at first. But after a few glasses of wine, they became emboldened, and slowly let go.

Now they were increasingly busy, especially Wen Run and Lu Zhan and Shen Muxun, they rarely got together. After a long seperation, they finally got together. Combined with a few other people, the atmosphere on the table became more and more high, they unknowingly drank more wine. After they finished eating, it was already more than 10:00 p.m, eveeyone drank a lot of wine except Ye Hansheng.

Wen Run was also drunk. He was an average drinker and got drunk very easily. But he had self-awareness, he didn’t drink a lot, so although he was a little dizzy, he was still conscious. Everyone else got drunk and collapsed. He barely got up and pulled the few drunks up and dragged them to the guest rooms.

Fortunately, there were many rooms in the apartment. When Wen Run got Lu Zhan and Shen Muxun into the room and settled them in, the two assistants also sobered up a bit, they refused to stay and helped Wen Run carry Zheng Xuan back to the room, and each took a taxi back.

Wen Run came out from Zheng Xuan’s guest room and saw Ye Hansheng still sitting at the dining table, his eyes were closed and he didn’t speak, Wen Run thought he was also drunk. He propped up his increasingly dizzy head and stuttered, “I’ll …… go get some, hangover soup ……”

He said that but he couldn’t find the direction, he stumbled for while before reaching the kitchen. Ye Hansheng lowered his eyes and didn’t dare to look at him. A drunk Wen Run emitted a ‘come and bully me’ aura, like a confused lamb, attracting his appetite unknowingly.

Ye Hansheng listened to his movement, at first there was a subtle rattling, and after a while, it became quiet. His eyelids jumped, in the end, he felt uneasy and turned the wheelchair over. The scene made him want to laugh.

Wen Run was really drunk, the water in the pot was still boiling, he was on the floor and leaned against the cupboard as he slept.

Ye Hansheng went in and turned off the gas, leaned over and picked him up with some difficulty. He was sitting in a wheelchair and the position wasn’t very good. The drunken person was also heavy, it took some effort to pick him up and put him on his lap, the sleeping Wen Run still moved around unhappily.

“Little drunkard.”

Ye Hansheng’s gaze was gentle as he gently poked the tip of his nose, he held him steady as he moved the wheelchair to the bedroom. He didn’t know if the person in his arms was uncomfortable, he wrinkled his eyebrows and twisted around, and his mouth was still mumbling something vaguely. Ye Hansheng listened for a while, only to realise that he was chanting the soup’s recipe.

He helplessly smiled. He wanted to put the person to bed, but when it was time to let go, he was reluctant. He had fallen into his arms, no matter what he did he wouldn’t know, a fire rose in Ye Hansheng’s heart and his eyes greedily swept over every part of his face, but he finally closed his eyes and placed the person on the bed.

As soon as he was on the bed, the drunken man rolled up his quilt and rolled inside. He laid on his back in the bed, his pink lips were slightly open, revealing a little pink tip of his tongue.

Ye Hansheng’s eyes sunk, he stared for a while, he couldn’t help but reach out and press on the wet lips.

It was a soft, moist and fascinating touch, and his fingers lingered and pressed gently on his lips. The little sheep might have gotten upset, he frowned and closed his lips at once. With the teasing fingertip in it

Ye Hansheng’s eyes went dark, he hesitated for two seconds and finally withdrew his hand.

His fingertip remained wet, but he could only slowly exit the bedroom and close the door.

It wasn’t the right time yet, whether for him or for Wen Run, it wasn’t a good time.

Ye Hansheng went back to the empty and cold house next door alone, after the New Year, Ye Jia was sent back to the nursing home, at this time in this large house, he was alone. Ye Hansheng was restless, he couldn’t sleep. He did not turn on the lights, and moved his wheelchair to the floor-to-ceiling window.

He tried to calm down, but the drunken look of Wen Run lingered in his mind, he pinched his brow and exhaled, the he simply sent a message to his uncle Gu Sinian, asking when he would return to B City.

Near the Qingming Festival, every year at this time, his uncle and his three nephews, would go with him to sweep the tomb.

Gu Sinian wasn’t actually the biological son of Ye Hansheng’s grandparents. His grandparents had good feelings for each other, and only in their middle age did they give birth to a daughter named Gu Siyu. However, Gu Siyu was in poor health when she was a child. She often fell ill before the age of ten, and almost died twice. Grandma Gu invited a master to see her. The master said Gu Siyu was too young to support he family, so he advised Grandma Gu to bring a boy back and raise him. The Master’s words might have been false, but Gu Siyu really stopped getting sick frequently after her grandmother adopted a little boy from the orphanage.

Grandma Gu felt for her daughter and appreciated the little boy, so she named the boy Gu Sinian and raised him as her own son.

Gu Sinian was only two years younger than Gu Siyu, and the two siblings were very close as children.

But then Gu Siyu grew older, and married with Ye Maokai, the siblings gradually met less frequently, and then Gu Sinian wanted to go abroad to develop, he went abroad and never returned. Until after Grandma Gu and Grandpa Gu died one after another, he only came back twice.

At that time, Ye Maokai didn’t reveal his true nature, the Ye family was still a harmonious. Gu Sinian only hurriedly met the mother and son, and then left the country again.

At that time, although Ye Hansheng was small, he vaguely felt that his uncle didn’t like him.

Because one at home and one abroad, they gradually grew out of touch, Ye Hansheng graduated from college and entered the Ye Corporation, almost all contact was dropped with Uncle Gu Sinian. He still remembered his mother once lamented, saying that the older her brother gor, the more alienated he became.

At that time, he didn’t think much, he just concluded it was because they weren’t biological siblings. It was normal to grow up and stop being close.

Then his mother died in a car accident and he was hit. Then he received a long period of psychological treatment. When he finally got up and wanted to take revenge, this uncle, who had almost broken contact with him, appeared in front of him and said he would help him.

Ye Hansheng didn’t believe him, until he went to his mother’s grave, and saw the repressed pain in his eyes, then he understood.

The past was gone, he had no intention of exploring his elders’ past, as long as they had the same purpose at the moment, it was enough.

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