Zhou Yuhe: “You mean my current situation is not suitable to take on A-list commercial films?”

Yang Yu gave him an appreciative look and didn’t answer positively, he just continued calmly, “A big production of hundreds of millions of dollars, is not as enthusiastic as other films, but they still have the intention to use I.S. If you want to act, I am confident I can help you negotiate the right pay, now it depends on your choice.”

Zhou Yuhe was puzzled, “My choice?”

Yang Yu nodded, “If you want to take your popularity to the next level, then we can choose the best of the commercial scripts that approached you, which is a good thing for you, with consideration of the work, both in terms of popularity, and interest.”

Yang Yu paused, then continued: “But for personal reputation, it’s not so much. From your debut until now, almost all of your performances are commercial works, such as idol dramas, IP dramas, only “Rejuvenation” is a youth film. But “Rejuvenation” is too popular, when a work is too widely circulated, everyone knows it, it doesn’t have too much ‘force’, especially when it has been recognized by the professional media and film critics who favour niche works. “Rejuvenation” is more about the plot itself, and the cast includes Xie Yifeng.”

“He almost got most of the ‘acting praise’, although your acting skill isn’t inferior, but the award trophies were too leading, when it comes to acting skills, I believe that almost everyone, will think that Xie Yifeng has overpowered you right?”

To be honest, Zhou Yuhe had never analyzed these things in depth by himself, and when Yang Yu said so, it did show his shortcomings.

From his previous life to the present, Zhou Yuhe’s most remarkable thing should be his acting skills.

But what about now?

Whenever Zhou Yuhe was mentioned on the internet, he would be associated with “face”, “lucky”, “newcomer king”, “first love ” The actual acting skills that he valued were overshadowed by these superficial “praises”.

People were more happy to classify him as a vase than a powerhouse.

If this continued, the popularity would there, but his “idol” image would also be more.

The fans once decided: my idol is the beauty of the world, on the screen he’s always the most handsome and charming. Then when he wants to try some role that he doesn’t look good in, the greater the backlash will be.

— that was to say, it would become more and more difficult to reverse the impression of a pretty vase.

Zhou Yuhe exhaled heavily, “I understand what you mean, you want to say that by continuing to take commercial movies and going the niche route, my popularity will indeed continue to increase, but as an actor who really wants to highlight his acting skills, the label on him should not be ‘popularity’ and ‘flower vase’.”

Yang Yu nodded, “A really good actor, popularity, is just a tool for him to get roles and get scripts, not all that he is after. Because when the popularity is high to a certain extent, an actor will receive less roles. There are many examples of this in the entertainment industry, just think about it, even Xie Yifeng, after he won seven film awards, he carefully selected the films he chose, he can’t be as casual as before when he took unpopular supporting roles.”

Zhou Yuhe understood clearly, he laughed bitterly: “So what you mean is, whether I want to be a star or an actor? We’ve been together for so long, don’t you still have a clear idea about this?”

Yang Yu raised his eyebrows in a relaxed and pleasant manner, as he cut up the steak on his plate, “Well, I’m just confirming your determination again.”

After all, this was in the entertainment industry, people changed by the minute.

Yang Yu watched so many young actors who originally had acting skills, after the fame, their acting skills continued to degenerate, but their popularity continued to rise, they had countless fans, and more influence. Did they not have the original intention? Didn’t they want to be a good actor at the beginning?

But reality was always crueler than the ideal, if he wanted to be a good actor and also wanted to have his current popularity, he need to pay a lot more than his current effort.

Very few people would be willing to do that.

They were already popular.

They already had endless money and endless attention, and everywhere they went, people were looking for their autograph.

Why should they try to improve their acting skills?

While they spent a lot of time improving their acting skills, would their rivals steal their resources and endorsements that originally belonged to me? Would their fans accept the role that they had acted with all their heart?

There were too many worries.

That was why they didn’t want to do something so risky and effortless.

In contrast, posting on Weibo, participating in a variety show or two to maintain exposure, without spending too much effort to finish a drama and then immediately shooting the next – such a life would be much more pleasant.

This kind of thing, how could Zhou Yuhe not know?

How could anyone know better than him?

In his previous life, he was so popular, so popular that all the good scripts in the industry were at his disposal, so popular that he dominated the headlines for three days every year on his birthday.

How could anyone know better than him –

The pitfalls hidden under this life.

Now it looked like he was unbeatable.

But in fact, it was in advance of his dreams, his acting career.

He climbed up the clouds with his face.

When the looks were no longer there, the higher he climbed at first, the worse he fell later.

Living a new life.

Zhou Yuhe certainly didn’t want to repeat the same mistake.

More importantly, he truly loved acting.

He really wanted to be a good actor.

He was willing to sacrifice some seemingly beautiful, but in reality, fragile popularity.

Thinking about these things, Zhou Yuhe’s heart became much calmer.

He asked without a moment’s hesitation, “So, what do you have in store for me next?”

After working together for so long, he probably figured out Yang Yu’s temperament.

Obviously all things were clearly considered. But he also pretended to ask his opinion, to help him analyse the bad situation was the way, when he said enough, then he would slowly reveal his own solutions –

He had to say, this character was really bad.

Couldn’t he just tell him the results?

This feeling was like a TV series when he saw the most critical scene pop up on the next episode’s preview –

He wanted to send razor blades to the scriptwriter.

Zhou Yuhe secretly rolled his eyes in his heart.

But he could also understand Yang Yu’s approach.

If he didn’t go through this way, other artists would argue with him because of resources.

He didn’t know if it was because he used to manage idol groups, the boys and girls got overconfident when they became popular, too many things going wrong, had trained him to be like this.

After all, not all artists were as mature as Zhou Yuhe.

Yang Yu didn’t look up, “I will send you the information later, in a couple of days, director Zhao will also take you to a wine bureau, remember to perform well.”

Zhou Yuhe: “Director Zhao?”

Zhao Hua, the director of I.S acting department.

Why was it with him?

Yang Yu glanced at him, “The movie is not in my ability, do you have any doubt?”

Zhou Yuhe had the sense to shut his mouth and he lowered his head and ate his dinner silently.

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