Zhou Yuhe received a film script called “Cat”, about a street painter An Xue who was homeless, hungry and cold, he found a kitten when it was hungry and cold, and then his life improved dramatically with the kitten’s help, a man and a cat from then on went to the top of life.

After Zhou Yuhe read his script, his expression was a bit complicated.

For a homeless man, was having a cat a pinnacle of life?

Of course, the book was still very good.

It was warm and healing, but at the same time the life of the underclass was portrayed very realistically.

The theme conveyed was also very clear and rich.

Family, friendship, love, life and self.

In the book, the writer’s intention was obvious, plus the cat was such a natural attraction, if the scale was well grasped, it would make a large number of people cry.

“Strange ……” Confused, Zhou Yuhe laid on the sofa and looked at the ceiling.

How come his memory didn’t seem to have any impression of this film in his previous life?

The previous “Rejuvenation” or “Searching For Heaven”, in addition to these works in his previous life, Zhou Yuhe had also seen many niche films, “Cat” from the script structure, was a standard literary film, but it was unlike many literary films that were boring, the handling of the plot was very smooth and it had a natural connection. Just by reading the script he was already attracted to it, as long as the editing wasn’t too bad, the viewing experience wouldn’t be weak.

Such an excellent script, even if he hadn’t seen it, hr should have at least heard about it ……

Zhou Yuhe picked up the script again and stared at the cover for three seconds, then dialled Yang Yu’s phone.

“How’s it going?”

“I think the script is very good, and the character is challenging. But you know, the most critical thing about this film is not how well An Xue acts, but whether the director and editor are good, and …… the cat, judging from the script, it is the hero of the film.”

“It seems that you had a serious look at the script.” Yang Yu laughed.

“I can’t make a decision easily, I have to know who the director and editor are first, and the other ‘male lead’ has been chosen, is there a photo?”

“The director is Hou, who won the Asian Film Awards the year before, and the editor is his old partner, Hai Yang, who won the Best Editing Award, are you satisfied with this lineup?”

Zhou Yuhe froze and sat up from the sofa.

He frowned and asked, “Director Hou? You mean the Director Hou who made ‘Inviting the Butterfly’?”

“What’s the problem?” Yang Yu also heard the wrong tone in his tone, Director Hou’s “Inviting The Butterfly” won the Golden Dragon Award for best film, it was known as “the last literary film of the last century”. Although he was addicted to women in recent years, there were few works that could be produced, but it took a lot of effort for investors to invite him to direct.

For Zhou Yuhe to act in such a film with a well-known director of literary films, this was already the best choice for them at the moment.

What was the problem ……

Zhou Yuhe held his forehead, “Don’t tell me that the female lead scheduled for this movie is Duan Zihan ……”

Although it was the story of a painter and a stray cat, at least there was still an official female lead.

She had helped An Xue at the very beginning, and then she had been An Xue’s white moonlight, and after An Xue’s life trajectory changed, their love also went smoothly.

“…… What exactly do you want to say?” Yang Yu asked.

Zhou Yuhe took a deep breath, “I want to say, don’t you know that director Hou already has a family, and there is an ulterior relationship between Duan Zihan and him?”

Yang Yu smiled, and his face, which was originally tense, collapsed.

He couldn’t hold back his laugh, “Oh, Yuhe, I forgot you’re still a 20-year-old ‘kid’. Let me tell you, in this circle, anything dirty can happen, you may see a female artist with a dignified and generous look, or even an innocent jade girl persona during the day, and at night they can go to a s*x party, compared to that, isn’t it normal for a famous director and an actress to be together?”

Zhou Yuhe said quietly, “It’s normal for a famous director and an actress to get together, but it’s not normal to take something together, right?”

There was a three-second pause on the other side of the phone.

“…… Are you serious? Where did you hear that from?” Yang Yu’s tone instantly became serious.

In the entertainment industry, it was one thing to play around.

It was another thing to play something you shouldn’t.

“Su Tong and Duan Zihan are college roommates, she mentioned to me that a certain college classmate had a messy private life and would attend some, yes, the kind of parties that are not seen and ……” Zhou Yuhe rolled over and got up, while opening his computer and following his memory to check Director Hou’s Weibo page, while saying, “Check Director Hou’s Weibo page and the post on 14th of January ‘white snow sand streaked on the paper, you never know how ugly some people are under their bright appearance’, I think the ‘white snow sand ‘ and ‘paper’, is already suggestive.”

Yang Yu followed Zhou Yuhe’s instructions and checked Weibo.

The post he mentioned was there, with a photo of countless small pieces of paper being thrown in the snow, if you didn’t think about it carefully, you would think it was a common complaint of an artist.

At this point in time, Yang Yu also had to pay attention to it.

“Okay, I will send someone to check, if he and Duan Zihan really have this ‘fetish’, then we do not need to take this risk,” crackling keyboard tapping sounds came from the other side of the phone, it sounded like Yang Yu was getting in touch with some channels, he began dealing with the film, while his mouth was concerned about another matter, “By the way, are you ready for tomorrow?”

“If by ‘ready’ you mean have I read the three sheets of paper that was placed inside the script file bag …… then I am ready.” Zhou Yuhe shrugged his shoulders and said.

Those three A4 sheets of paper were filled with information about the current film industry, the big directors with considerable influence.

There were shooting style introductions as well as portfolios.

He read it once and threw it aside.

The ones written on it, he knew all of them.

He had worked with one or two of them.

He even knew what breed of cat the other party had, this official collection of information, may not know as much as he did.

And the event that Yang Yu mentioned should be the company’s intention to officially market him to some bigwigs in the film industry.

Today’s Zhou Yuhe was no longer the same, two days ago in the I.S penthouse for a regular meeting, even Ji Yuan was a lot more pleasant.

This was popularity, or the power of money ah.

Yang Yu nodded, “Okay, then I’ll hang up.”

After saying that, he hung up the phone and went to deal with the movie.

Zhou Yuhe threw the phone to the computer desk, leaned back on the swivel chair, lazily looking at the computer screen.

No wonder.

No wonder he didn’t remember it.

So it was this movie..

He cut the page back to Director Hou’s home page, the latest tweet posted above was yesterday.

Now director Hou was still lively, he obviously didn’t think that he had few days to live.

In his previous life at this time, the two biggest scandals in the entertainment industry occurred.

In addition to last year’s Han Kun drug use, this year was –

Director Hou and Duan Zihan had a late night date, both died due to drunk driving.

When this news first came out, a lot of people clapped their hands and applauded.

Because Director Hou and Duan Zihan were not only cheaters, but they were also drunk driving, they didn’t abide by the law, so ending up in such a situation was also self-inflicted.

The only thing sad was the driver of the car that was hit.

But this was only a shameful piece of cloth floating on the surface.

Underneath the shroud there was a more chilling, unreported truth –

the bodies of Director Hou and Duan Zihan were examined and drugs were found in addition to alcohol.

It was also discovered that the driver of the car that was run over wasn’t actually the victim, but that he hit Director Hou’s car of his own accord, and that his only sister left the country after his death.

The only person who didn’t appear in the whole story, was Director Hou’s wife, who actually had a mob background, but it was hidden very deeply, even Director Hou himself didn’t know ……

The game behind this matter aSs very complex, and not something an average person could imagine.

The public could only see the surface of the “cheating pair” and, “drunk driving”.

But that was enough for them –

It had been a long time, so no one continued to look deeper into the truth.

That was how people were.

If you kept a secret tightly hidden.

Then it would certainly arouse their curiosity.

Even if they had to dig the ground to expose your secrets.

However, if you were willing to sacrifice the surface layer of dirt.

They would think they had got the “truth” and were convinced of it.

They wouldn’t look deeper into the dirt wrapped in the more sordid truth.

The Internet didn’t know these things.

But it was a great shock in the industry.

Director Hou and Duan Zihan, took drugs, and were having an affair, and also died in a car accident! Compared to last year, Han Kun’s arrest wasn’t worth mentioning.

But no one had anything to say outside.

As the saying went, all the glory, all the loss.

If such a big thing was exposed.

If the top really made a big effort to rectify the entertainment industry-
Limited comprehensive entertainment, not allowed to buy a hot search m, activities were not allowed, it wouldn’t be good for anyone.

So everyone tacitly shut up about it.

Because the incident was too big, Zhou Yuhe and others, like the two main characters at the center of the incident attracted all the attention, but not too much attention to the film they were shooting.
He never thought it would be this “Cat”.

No wonder he didn’t see “Cat” being brought to the big screen after this incident.

Although it was now the twenty-first century, the entertainment industry ws still a little taboo about ghosts and gods.

Almost every crew had to worship the gods before they started shooting in order to shoot smoothly.

The crew, in general, was also the source of the most paranormal events occurring in the industry.

The director and the lead actress both died not long after the shooting of “Cat” started.

Such an obscure script, and  it wasn’t a super IP [Intellectual Property] naturally no one was willing to touch it.

Zhou Yuhe never thought that in this life, it would actually fall in his hands.

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