The next day, the news that Zhou Sitian and the Governor’s wife attended the opening ceremony of the Li Zheng laboratory of Hong Kong University, dominated the headlines of major entertainment sections.

After a while, the people saying that Zhou Sitian had a sugar daddy disappeared completely, as if it had never happened.

Li Wenhui clarified Zhou Sitian’s resource grabbing in public, and praised Zhou Sitian’s unlimited potential and a very dedicated junior.

The trend of the entertainment industry changed rapidly, and Zhou Sitian suddenly became a hot new star.

On the other side, Li Zheng left the hotel room and officially moved into the laboratory.

On the day he moved into the laboratory, he sent a summary of the rationale for the drug “Palmatine” to the English Journal of Medicine.

The English Journal of Medicine was one of the classic journals in the field of clinical medicine and basic medicine. In fact, a review of the principle of an original drug could completely try to submit an article to “Microbe”, but Li Zheng finally chose the “English Journal of Medicine” not only because of its authority in clinical medicine, but more importantly, the “English Journal of Medicine” was a cooperative journal of MHRA.

If this paper was successfully published in the “English Journal of Medicine”, then the approval for the marketing of the drug “Palmatine” would be half done.

“Li Zheng, a letter for you.” Zheng Lingling trotted all the way over, holding a thick envelope in her hand.

When Li Zheng saw this familiar envelope, a smile flashed across his eyes.

“The English Journal of Medicine!!” Zhang Yuejun stared unblinkingly at the thick yellow leather envelope. He had been in Xu Mingsheng’s lab for three years, and had naturally received a lot of letters for him, and the reply letter from English Journal of Medicine was so thick! It must be a sample issue!

Yes, Li Zheng’s drug catalyst article was scheduled for publication in January, so counting this time, the sample issue should also be sent here.

Li Zheng took the envelope from Zheng Lingling’s hand and looked at the two people’s excited expressions, so he was a bit distracted. He remembered that his first SCI paper published in his previous life was also in “The English Journal of Medicine”. At that time, he seemed to be in the same situation, both expectant and apprehensive, and he read his article clearly word by word, in order to feel at ease.

“As long as you do it with care, an SCI paper is nothing.” Li Zheng looked at the two, whose eyes were almost glued to the journal’s appearance, and he couldn’t help but speak.

If other people had said such words, Zheng Lingling and Zhang Yuejun would have given them a blank stare, but when Li Zheng said this, the effect was completely different. Zheng Lingling and Zhang Yuejun looked at each other and both saw the expectation in each other’s eyes, a SCI paper of their own ……

The two people’s enthusiasm for work went up to a high level at once.

Li Zheng smiled and shook his head, he rubbed his temples, his eyebrows wrinkled. The laboratory was available, the equipment was available, even the project was ready, but the vital people were missing!

Talent was hard to find ah.

Qing Garden had a total of five laboratories, for laboratory No. 1 and laboratory No. 2, Li Zheng intended to use it himself. In his previous life, Li Zheng majored in the two directions of molecular biology of vaccines and cells, because active vaccines often carried toxicity, so an independent environment was needed for experiments. And Li Zheng didn’t intend to do another after a subject was over, having experienced a sudden death, he knows that life and time was valuable, God let him be reborn this time, he naturally wanted to pull out all the things in his head within the limited time.

And he felt that if he just repeated the trajectory of his last life in this life, then he would be living too sadly. Living his life over again, he wanted to do a lot more.
So lab 1, he intended it to be exclusively for vaccine research, while lab 2 served as his resident lab, and he even converted the entire second floor of lab 2 into his room.

There were still three labs left, No. 3, No. 4 and No. 5, which Li Zheng didn’t intend to leave empty, but the other two existing in the lab, whether it was Zhang Yuejun or Zheng Lingling, were not likely to complete a project independently.

What could he do?

Li Zheng was worrying when the phone in the lab rang.

“Li Zheng, Professor Xu has been hospitalised after a car accident.” The person who called was Professor Zhao.
Xu Mingsheng was hit by a car on his way to school this morning, the front bumper of the car fell off and an iron bar of two centimeters in diameter was inserted into Xu Mingsheng’s thigh muscle, causing a muscle penetration injury, while the CT showed bleeding in his lungs, he had been taken to the hospital by ambulance.

Li Zheng’s face changed dramatically when he heard that, he stood up violently, “Professor Zhao, which hospital? I’ll go there immediately!”

Xu Mingsheng was the first person other than David who gave him help after Li Zheng arrived in Hong Kong. If David’s help to Li Zheng was inevitably based on the suspicion of profit, then Xu Mingsheng’s help to Li Zheng was completely out of love for talent.

After hearing that Xu Mingsheng was at Mary’s Hospital, Li Zheng couldn’t care less and drove straight to the hospital.

Yes, Li Zheng bought a car, this van was intended to be used as a laboratory bus, but he didn’t expect that the first to drive it would actually be him.

Li Zheng didn’t have a driver’s license, at least not a Hong Kong driver’s license in the 1980s, but now, he couldn’t care less.
The car sped along, but apparently, his luck wasn’t really good. A car with no license plate was already striking, not to mention that he was going extremely fast.
Soon, at a traffic light intersection, he was stopped by a traffic police.

The traffic policeman had dark skin and thick lips, and appeared to be of mixed Asian and African descent. Li Zheng helplessly lowered his window, “Sorry, I have an emergency.”

He was ready to be detained ……

He knew it was wrong to drive without a license. Li Zheng had a bitter smile, “If you want to punish me, can you wait until I come back from the hospital first, I promise I won’t escape.” He wasn’t sure of the strength of the punishment for driving without a license in Hong Kong, but with reference to the West, he would probably be punished by going to do compulsory labor ……

“Li Zheng?” The traffic police officer stared closely at Li Zheng’s face and suddenly called out Li Zheng’s name.

Li Zheng froze for a moment, looked up and asked, “You know me?”

Hearing this answer from Li Zheng, the traffic police officer’s face showed an excited expression, “My son suffers from frozen blood, and he is now on medication to keep him alive. He is only a little bit old, and we were already desperate. You brought us hope! I have read every one of your reports word by word, and I hope your drug will be available soon!”

The traffic police officer’s Cantonese was not standard, but this didn’t prevent Li Zheng from hearing his excitement.

Li Zheng frowned slightly, “How old is your child? When did he have his attack?”

“Yesterday was his second birthday.” The traffic police officer sighed, his mood apparently sagging, “He had an attack eight months after he was born, and the poor child had to lie in bed every day, relying on medication to keep him alive. He can’t even run in the sunlight.”

Li Zheng couldn’t help but think of the desperate eyes of those frozen blood children lying on the hospital bed in that information, he hesitated and took out a pen and paper from the car and wrote down a phone number, “If the child can’t hold on, call this number.”

What Li Zheng gave him was the phone number of the Indian pharmaceutical party. Li Zheng’s drug patent has been sold to Roche, out of respect for intellectual property and life, he wouldn’t provide the laboratory’s semi-finished drugs to this father. And Roche, a pharmaceutical company with a regulated and strict system, could not possibly shed a drug that had not received marketing approval.

But the Indian pharmaceutical department was different, the Indian generic version of palmatine had eighty-five percent of the effect of the original palmatine, and in the Indian pharmaceutical plant management chaos, if one sincerely wanted to take some drugs out, the possibility was still very high.

Li Zheng had been in contact with the Indian side because of the clinical information. The Indian pharmaceutical company knew it was in the wrong, so it was very polite to Li Zheng, the inventor of the original drug, and a delicate balance had been formed between the two.

The traffic police officer was overjoyed at his words, and he kept saying “Thank you, thank you” in his not-so-standard Cantonese.

Li Zheng coughed dryly and rubbed his right hand on the top of the steering wheel.

The traffic police officer was stunned, then immediately reacted, “Mr. Li Zheng, you go first.” He said and gave way.
Li Zheng took a long breath and wiped the cold sweat from his forehead, to be honest he really felt nervous, he had never been to jail in two lifetimes.

From the rear-view mirror, Li Zheng saw the mixed-race traffic police man perform a salute unique to African tribes to his car.

The kind of devotion and gratitude that emanated from the bottom of his heart made Li Zheng’s whole body feel warm.
He had to do better to deserve their respect.

The road was relatively smooth, Li Zheng parked the car in the hospital parking lot and ran all the way to the entrance of Xu Mingsheng’s room.

Xu Mingsheng’s emergency surgery had just been completed, and several professors from the medical school were there, with a grateful look on their faces, so Li Zheng’s heart was relieved.
“How is teacher doing?”

Professor Zhao patted Li Zheng’s shoulder, “Originally I didn’t intend to let you come over, but old Xu’s son is abroad, when he’s okay, if the first person he sees when he wakes up is you, he will be very happy.”

The concept of teacher-student in the eighties was very heavy, students were like half a child. Although Li Zheng, was a student, the fact that he called Xu Mingsheng a teacher instead of a professor was enough to show his attitude.

“Don’t worry, it’s not life-threatening. Old Chen personally operated, the bleeding point was found, he didn’t suffer anything more. It is just the muscle penetration injury, he has to recuperate for six months.” Professor Zhao shook his head and sighed.

Old Chen was Professor Chen Sufen, also Xu Mingsheng’s wife. They were originally afraid of Professor Chen being emotional, the hospital was not in favor of her doing the surgery, but Chen Sufen insisted on doing the surgery for her husband, the hospital had no choice but to turn a blind eye to it.

“Mary’s Hospital disinfection measures are so good, the cleaning lady has been cleaningback and forth.”

“No, now the weather is cold, this time the flu is raging ah, I heard that the antibiotics are out of stock in Hong Kong.”


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