Yun Zhiye often paid collective attention to some celebrity singers when he had nothing to do, which was equivalent to giving them some support.

One of them included Zhu Qing’an.

Zhu Qing’an sent another message.

Zhu Qing’an V: [I’m going to participate in a singing talent show soon. I want to sing this song, but I don’t know how well I can sing it. Can you help rate me? It’s okay if you don’t have time.]

Yun Zhiye: “……”

He was very old and his ideas couldn’t keep up with the trend, causing him to be gradually buried in the singing world. This was also the reason why no one had looked for him as a master, even if his merit was really good.

But …… he was a little surprised this time that this young star, whom he had never met before, would choose to let himself be judged.

Yun Zhiye clicked on the music package sent by the other party.


An extremely young and soft juvenile voice sang leisurely, with ancient and mysterious lyrics, like a light breeze blowing from a distant valley, floating in Yun Zhiye’s ears.

After the song.

Yun Zhiye couldn’t resist clicking on it again.

The young man’s voice not only sounded good, but also the lyrics made Yun Zhiye’s heart slightly pause.

The lyrics was very familiar.

Songs from ancient Earth were long lost in the human interstellar migration and nowadays, songs composed in the language of ancient Earth were even fewer to none.

Most of the young people nowadays wouldn’t recognise such songs.

The only one who could recognize it was probably an old man in his twilight years like Yun Zhiye.

Yun Zhiye closed his eyes and listened carefully to the teenager’s song. The teenager’s soft humming like a small feather, swept across his heart, leaving a touch of frost.

–The teenager’s youthful and clean voice was enough for the talent show.

He didn’t know what the reaction of those young people, who heard the song sung in this language, would be. But his heart, which had been silent for a long time, suddenly throbbed the moment the teenager opened his mouth.

He seemed to have returned to the ancient Earth that his parents had spoken of, the heaven and earth where the leaves flourished and the flowers bloomed in spring.

Yun Zhiye was so excited that he forgot to reply to Zhu Qing’an. He downloaded the music package and jumped to the communication software.

He had a group of very close, old friends in various fields, as old as he was, who had also heard the story of the ancient earth.

He uploaded the music package to the group.
[Yun Zhiye: I met a kid on Weibo that sang a song that was actually in the language of Ancient Earth …… I didn’t think there would be young people willing to sing this kind of song now, it’s great.]

–two minutes later.

The communication group blew up.

[Old Yun, thanks for recommending this song, it’s so good!]
[ I want to cry a little, it reminds me of my mother who died on ancient Earth.]

[A little touched that there are still people singing such songs, support!]
[What is the name of the young man who sang this song?]

Yun Zhiye suddenly remembered that he was so focused on the song that he forgot that the singer was still waiting for him –

He was also still not sure what the talent show the teenager was going to participate in was all about.

He frowned and clicked into Zhu Qing’an’s Weibo.

Zhu Qing’an was going to participate in a talent show called Starlight Singing.

The show had officially started a popularity vote.

Zhu Qing’an’s name, poorly laid in the bottom of the list ……

Yun Zhiye returned to the group with a link to the voting page.

Yun Zhiye: [The kid’s name is Zhu Qing’an, he’s going to use this song to participate in a singing talent show, but because he’s a newcomer, the popularity value voting isn’t very good. Anyone who likes it can go and support using the #voting link]

No one in this group didn’t like this song by Zhu Qing’an. The majority of the group members were big names in various fields and had a wide range of contacts.

They promoted it a little in their own small circles –


Zhu Qing’an’s popularity value suddenly rose several places, to the front row.

The “anti-fans” who previously sarcastically accused Zhu Qing’an of having no popularity and no fans were completely shocked and confused.

“How is it possible ……”

A youth with dyed red hair looked at the light brain, his face pale.

The red-haired young man was a new artist in Dream Boat Entertainment, he was on the rise, but an unknown Zhu Qing’an appeared on the way, shifting the company’s attention to Zhu Qing’an ……

The resources that belonged to him would probably fall to Zhu Qing’an as well.

He was upset and clueless when he learned that Zhu Qing’an was going to participate in the Empire’s most famous singing talent show.

But when he saw Zhu Qing’an’s talent show popularity value ranked at the bottom, he was actually a bit happy …… and gloating.

He took this opportunity to post all kinds of sarcastic comments about him anonymously –

He hadn’t sung a song, and his popularity couldn’t compare with others’ . He was sure he would be embarrassed by these posts.

He was very pleased with himself before he went to sleep last night.

But when he woke up this morning.

Everything had changed.

Zhu Qing’an’s popularity value skyrocketed, bucking the trend to the front row.

This also meant that Zhu Qing’an would be seen by more people and have more exposure. When he participated in the talent show, there would definitely be a lot of people supporting ……

When the time came Zhu Qing’an would take his place in the company ……

The redhead’s hands were trembling and his thoughts were blank.

Under the confusion, he called his friend.

“Brother. I can’t stand it anymore, help me out, any amount of money, don’t let Zhu Qing’an take my place ……”

Zhu Qing’an sent an invitation to the little fan he had picked out at random, but the little fan didn’t respond.

He frowned, subconsciously thinking that the other party did not want to listen. He sighed lightly, turned on the recorder again, practiced the song a few more times then took a shower and went to sleep.

The next day he woke up, Zhu Qing’an unexpectedly received a response.

Yun Zhiye: [Song listened to, very good! #picture#]

The picture was a simple emoticon that only the elderly would use, a lotus flower, with a few golden “long live friendship”.

Zhu Qing’an: “……”

But at least the other party complimented him.

He smiled lightly, showing a pair of small tiger teeth.

Zhu Qing’an V: [Thank you! I will do well!]

Yun Zhiye: [Grandpa is cheering you on #Applause#]

Zhu Qing’an: “…………”

Grandpa ……

Zhu Qing’an V: [Well ~ thank you.]

The other party used “grandpa” as a self-proclaimed name, and Zhu Qing’an subconsciously took it as a kind of joke.

He did not click into the other party’s Weibo page, and didn”t expect the other party to be a real grandfather, or a singing industry big shot.

The weather was good today, the sun was shining, the little cubs came to the grass early to roll around and rest, allowing the sun to warm their fur.

He went into the kitchen and made a breakfast for the cubs with the ingredients that had just arrived.

At the same time, he also made himself something to eat.

Milk and honey bean cake, with a bowl of light rice porridge.

He loved to eat these sweet little things, he felt that sweet things, could bring a sweet mood and luck.

Zhu Qing’an ate his breakfast and suddenly thought of his teacher ……

He didn’t know if the teacher had breakfast, he had to ask the other if he wanted strawberry puffs ……

Zhu Qing’an. hastily opened the communication.

[Strawberry Shortcake: Teacher, good morning!]

[Anonymous: Good morning.]

[Strawberry Cake: Teacher, you teach very well. I sang to someone, and they praised me. Happy. 】

[Anonymous: Good.]

[Strawberry cupcake: teacher teacher, do you want to eat strawberry puffs? The kind that melts in your mouth.]

[Anonymous: …… Thanks. I don’t really like to eat sweet.]

[Strawberry cupcake: I can also do sour desserts. You can try yogurt sugar-free cake.]

[Anonymous: You know how to make a lot of things.]

The corners of Zhu Qing’ans lips rose.

The other party was silent for a long time then sent a new message.

[Anonymous: In reality, what kind of friends do you have?]

This was the question Qin Hengyi was most curious about, and also the purpose of his anonymous conversations with Zhu Qing’an.

The fact that Zhu Qing’an was confessed to by someone made him feel much less secure.

This time, Zhu Qing’an unintentionally mentioned “singing to someone”, which made him even more sensitive.

Zhu Qing’an froze as he looked at this question.

He didn’t have many friends.

The only people who could be considered friends were the small fans who were eager to support him.

[ Strawberry cupcake: Well, I have a group of small fans who love me very much, and they are my friends.]

[Anonymous: Little fans? What do you mean by ‘they love you a lot’?]

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