When they first learned the news, they were stunned.

But a moment later, the audience reacted.

Those years Xie Yifeng had played more roles than all the fresh stars combined, so seeing him on the screen as a supporting role, they didn’t feel a sense of violation and rejection.

On the contrary, because he hadn’t acted after he won the film award, a lot of closed-eye anti-fans said that his fame was “premeditated”, “the longest premeditated hype case in the entertainment industry”.

But now-

“Brother Xie will never change his heart!!! Crabmeat will always love you!!! [Bishin]”

“A burst of tears! Anti-fans, take a good look! Your father will always be your father! The devil is the eight or nine times? You said my family’s Xie’s ten years of acting was only for the hype, does your face does not hurt!”

His fans were full of joy, and the drama’s fans relaxed, the original fans that worried that a young actor would not act the role of the “Venerable Demon” well, shut up.

Xie Yifeng ah! He was more than enough to play the lead role, yet he chose the Venerable Demon?

His “acting skills” was also fully confirmed in the episode broadcast that night.

Some original fans came to apologize and thanked him for playing the Venerable Demon.

The ratings of “Searching For Heaven”, because of Xie Yifeng’s post, once again broke records, to the day of the finale, the ratings actually reached 7, breaking seven years of television rating record!

Yuan Tian personally killed the Venerable Demon, saved the life of the people, rectified the chaos of the righteous, and lived happily together with the heroine –

Such a perfect ending, but the Internet was a sea of tears.

“So, the villain boss was killed, but I am so sad, did I chase a fake drama? [cry] [cry] [cry] [cry]”

“Yuan Tian, how could you be so heartless, the Venerable Demon could have killed you from the beginning, but he didn’t.

“He gave you the Hesven-shattering bead, to help you see the true nature of those hypocrites in the righteous path, you pretended to make trouble with him but he did not get angry, but instead came to your rescue when you were in danger. He admires you, loves you, treats you like a disciple, like a child, and just wants you to be on the same side as him, to support his ideals. Even if you didn’t agree with his ‘method of salvation’ at the end, he didn’t force you and let you and your master go. Do you know why he was so mad at the end and wanted the three worlds to be buried with him? Anyone can use him, cheat him, hurt him, but you can not, only you can not ah.”

“You’re the one who saved him and gave him life in the first place.”


Zhou Yuhe was instantly attacked, this and the original conveyed different meanings.

He couldn’t help but leave a message at the bottom: “Are you sure he wasn’t bullying and coaxing, 18 kinds of martial arts were exhausted yet he couldn’t catch the rabbit, he became so annoyed that he kicked the pot with the fire?”

After a while, Xie Yifeng actually also returned a sentence: “Well, maybe [smile]”

Zhou Yuhe: “Did I just answer a death-defying question? [Thinking]”

The CP fans were happy, but the drama CP fans left messages to dislike Zhou Yuhe, not leaving a little bit of love: “What words can’t be said nonsense [doge]”, “crooked? Yuan Tian? Here is a bomb sent to you by the Venerable Demon, please sign for it [smile]” ……

–This showed how huge the number of CP fans of the drama “Searching For Heaven” was.


This drama CP fans weren’t all Lin Xue and Yuan Tian?

No, no, no, since the Venerable Demon appeared, a more massive CP organization was born.

The first two groups each had their own cute points, a lot of different positioned fans.

Then the Venerable Demon and Yuan Tian’s CP, was a full range poison, like a hurricane, not leaving an inch of grass left!

Fan-made videos became popular, and the most popular video named “San Shi Qing Yuan” broke a million clicks on the day it was released!

The talented editors intercepted Yuan Tian, the blackened version of Yuan Tian, Shen Yan and Xie Yifeng’s Xu Chang and one other, and composed the three lives of the Demon Tian CP, it was filled with titillation and abuse, coupled with the video after fine processing, it was also very easy to bring in the emotions, this video had become the pit video of countless people, who exclaimed that it was better than the TV series proper!

In addition to the most famous three love affairs, there were countless other “Searching For Heaven” fanfictions widely circulated, and some people even said that “Searching For Heaven” was actually a black attack trying to blacken the white rabbit, the result was it being eaten by the white rabbit.

Xie Yifeng endured for a long time before resisting the urge to give credit to the girl who broke the truth in one sentence.

With the addition of CP fans and the burst of popularity of the TV series, the seventh day of the end of “Searching For Heaven”, a week later, Zhou Yuhe’s Weibo fans also rocketed past 20 million.

In 2014.

The television industry was called “Zhou Yuhe year.”

One year.

He starred in two dramas, both of which were drama kings.

One became a landmark work of youth film.

One broke a seven-year ratings record.

How lucky did that have to be?

How strong must this be?

They couldn’t imagine!

And for him personally, less than two years after his debut, up 20 million fans, advertising value was speculated to be nearly 10 million –

With such a strong posture in the entertainment industry for fifteen years, Zhou Yuhe joined Xie Yifeng in reaching such heights!

But Xie Yifeng had debuted ten years ago, he wasn’t popular before he had won many awards. The thick accumulation made him get seven film awards after the crazy rise.

But Zhou Yuhe?

No roots.

No experience.

He was like a sudden eruption of the volcano, a suddenly thrown nuclear bomb into the sea, the sound was huge!

The most frightening, and the most scary for other artists was –

He was only 20 years old!

If the previous explosion of “Rejuvenation” still make people skeptical of Zhou Yuhe, then this time the success of “Searching For Heaven” had dispelled everyone’s doubts about him.

There was no doubt that he would be the most promising super star in the entertainment industry in the future!

Countless advertisers and film dealers sent offers to Yang Yu’s office like snowflakes.

Everyone was looking forward to the next “lucky winner” who would be chosen by this “God-favored boy”.

A TV drama? Or a movie?

Whatever it was, it would get a lot of attention when it aired!


In a very private and exclusive restaurant.

While elegantly cutting his steak, Yang Yu said to Zhou Yuhe across the table as if nothing had happened, “The success of ‘Searching For Heaven’ has made many commercial IPs approach us, and there is no lack of some big productions in it.”

Completely different from last year’s dilemma, when picking films this year, those A-list productions that were originally high up in the world threw olive branches at them.

This was originally a very happy thing, and Yang Yu was indeed very excited when he received the offers.

But this was how his character was.

There would be a period when things were worth being happy about, and when that period had passed, they had to do their own thing.

He didn’t become arrogant or flattering because Zhou Yuhe’s value rose. The current him was not too different from the previous idol agent who was relegated to the actor’s department, the only change to be said was that he was no longer as desperate as before.

He could maintain such a mentality, Zhou Yuhe was certainly very satisfied.

He took a sip of red wine and asked, “So what do you think?”

Yang Yu put down his knife and fork, folded his fingers on the table, and solemnly said: “Honestly, I do not recommend you to take the A-class production of the film.”

Zhou Yuhe raised his eyebrows and looked at him with interest, “Oh? I remember you were racking your brains to get on an A-list movie last year.”

Of course, he was talking about the movie version of “Searching For Heaven”.

Yang Yu knew that Zhou Yuhe was being sarcastic, so he didn’t care, “Last year is last year, last year you desperately needed a production to prove your box office appeal or popularity to help you open the entrance to the film industry. But now you have done it, although said popularity can not be equated with box office appeal.”

Yang Yu smiled, “But now more than popularity, you have a kind of ‘topic degree’, a topic degree called ‘point of stone into gold’. The traffic from this ultra-high topic degree can make people aware.”

“What we need to worry about now is whether or not your topicality is good for you personally.”

Both “Rejuvenation” and “Searching For Heaven” were underappreciated productions before they started.

But after Zhou Yuhe starred in them, they turned around one after another, becoming two phenomenal drama kings.

This unexplainable “luck”, after the “national first love” formed a new super topic.

No matter what he did next, this drama/movie would get a lot of attention.

If it was popular, then it was the “God-favored youth” who had brought this work to life.

For Zhou Yu and himself, it was just the icing on the cake.

What if it wasn’t?

Then Zhou Yuhe, who got the most traffic and controversy, would become the target of all.

The negative reports would immediately spread all over the Internet.

And the work itself? Because Zhou Yuhe had attracted most of the fire, so it wouldn’t suffer any loss.

It was no wonder that these commercial films were sending him offers like a moth to a flame.

But for Zhou Yuhe and him, it was a trap that they had to be careful of.

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