I.S Building.

There was a pile of documents in front of Yang Yu’s desk, and he looked a little serious as he folded his fingers over it.

“A little anti-fans are perfectly normal, don’t worry about it.” Zhou Yuhe said.

Yang Yu laughed dumbly, “Am I that obvious? Is it your turn to comfort me as a client?”

Zhou Yuhe also laughed, “Your eyebrows are so furrowed that you could kill a mosquito.”

The atmosphere in the office eased a bit.

Yang Yu changed his posture, and said to Zhou Yuhe, “But you have to admit that the public’s love for a character can last a long time, maybe ten years, twenty years, and whenever a character of the same type comes along, the first thing that comes to their mind is Shen Yan. But when it comes to Shen Yan’s character, they may not have that much patience.”

Zhou Yuhe lowered his eyes, how could he not know?

The actor and the character were one and the same, but at the same time, they were two separate entities.

It was true that they could fulfill each other, but if they didn’t realize their independence, sooner or later they would become consumed by each other.

Zhou Yuhe relied on Shen Yan to leave a deep mark on the public, but if he stayed with Shen Yan for a long time, the public’s love for him would diminish, and as the anti-fans said, it’s amazing when you first see it, but not so amazing when everyone around you thinks it’s amazing.

The same went for the actor, if he only had the classic role of Shen Yan, then people would be more inclined to think that he could only play that one role well, and this perception would tighten his acting path considerably, which would limit his future development.

That was why Zhou Yuhe is in desperate need of new works to prove himself, and it had to be roles that were clearly different from Shen Yan!

“Take a look at these scripts.” Yang Yu pushed the pile of materials on his desk toward Zhou Yuhe, leaving only one script in his hand.

Zhou Yuhe looked at the script in his hand, then looked up the scripts on the table, his lips gradually pursed.

Most of them were youth dramas, and most of them were the same type of characters as Shen Yan’s. ……

“That’s the way the market is now, once something is hugely popular, then similar alternatives will soon spring up like a rainbow. The success of “Rejuvenation” was so great that not only during this period of time, but I believe that until next year, the youth genre will be very popular, taking the surplus value created by “Rejuvenation”. And your role as Shen Yan is a classic among classics, and many distributors who are unwilling to use their brains and take risks will be happy to continue to adopt you or expend you in such ‘imitations’.”

Zhou Yuhe looked up at Yang Yu and found that the other party’s expression was grim, but his eyes were calm, and remembering how he had just treated him, Zhou Yuhe blessedly seemed to understand something.

He was hammering him.

Tell him that his popularity was very unstable right now, and if he wasn’t careful, he’d probably bore the audience and won’t get any good scripts.

Zhou Yuhe felt like laughing and crying.

This was completely treating him like a new kid on the block.

But from Yang Yu’s point of view, he could understand what he was thinking.

Even though Zhou Yuhe had made tremendous progress during this period of time due to his “love injury”, and his entire body had been transformed, reflecting a maturity and calmness that he had never shown before, he was only a 19-year-old boy in the end.

When sudden fame and great success fell from the sky, few people at his age would have remained true to themselves, not puffed up, not proud, and down-to-earth on their acting path.

For the long-term development of the young “Zhou Yuhe”, a proper beating was necessary.

Zhou Yuhe put away his inner laughter and lowered his eyes, his eyelashes fluttering slightly, seemingly at a loss for words.

“Then what should we do?”

He said so, but his heart was not nervous, and since Yang Yu was knocking him down, he must have a good one, if he really couldn’t get a good script, he wouldn’t be so nonchalant.

As expected.

Yang Yu stared at Zhou Yuhe for a long time and saw that the other party’s expression, which had been very calm since he entered the office, finally showed some “anxiety”, so he felt that he had achieved his goal, so his face relaxed. He took away the above scripts and exposed the marked scripts below. “Look at these again.”

According to Yang Yu’s instructions, Zhou Yuhe flipped through the marked scripts and had a “relieved” expression on his face.

The following scripts were obviously very different from the ones above. Not only had the subject matter been broadened from youth drama to historical drama and criminal investigation drama ……, but the characters had also been diversified from the fixed first love type, but the overall theme was still similar to that of “Ru Ya” and “God”. The label “elite” was relevant.

Zhou Yuhe flipped it over, and his interest wasn’t raised much.

It was already in the second half of the year, many intended to start shooting this year, big investment, big production of the script, most of them had already decided on the male lead.

And those whose capital investment scale was not so large, with more emphasis on the quality of the script, more demanding of the main acting team, but also basically had their own intentions. In cases like this, auditions were generally rare because it was no longer the actor who needed to impress the crew, but the crew who impress the actor.

Zhou Yuhe had never shown his acting ability other than in youth dramas, so it was naturally difficult to attract the attention of these high-quality drama crews.

So the rest, which was what he has in his hands, was the best resource that Yang Yu could get.

However, it was not the resources that Zhou Yuhe needed the most at the moment.

After pondering for a moment, Zhou Yuhe said, “These scripts are all lacking male leads, and the range of options is relatively small, perhaps we can try to take on some supporting roles?”

As long as the script was good and the role was good, whether it was the main role or not, he didn’t really care. If he was reborn once and he couldn’t even choose the script and role according to his own will, but considered whether to star as the main role or not, or whether it would drop the number of his fans and so on, then what was the difference between him and his previous life?

But apparently, Yang Yu was more far-reaching than he thought.

“Can’t, Yuhe you have to understand, you’re not an unknown little entertainer now, you’re popular, and a big hit! The starting line is right there. If you surrender yourself to a supporting role, the outside world will question your worth, or rather, your ‘altar’ status.

“Have you ever heard of a man who was born in Rome, who went to a remote mountainous area to prove himself, and then walked to Rome? Now that you’re in Rome, all we have to do is get you on a flight to Paris! It’s best to have transportation, but if you don’t, it’s okay to walk, but you also have to move forward instead of turning around and going backward. You’re already the lead in a big hit drama, and if you don’t play the lead role all the time, if you don’t give the investors the impression that you’re the male lead, then a big investment, a big production will ignore you, making the likelihood of you wanting to receive a role like ‘Emperor Puyi’ is very low.”

Not everyone was Xie Yifeng, and not every actor could withstand the accumulation of ten years of acting; he was a miracle in show business and a gamble that required great courage, and his success couldn’t be duplicated.

For more male actors, what Yang Yu said was the orthodox model of star-making.

Zhou Yuhe was silent.

“I know you want to be a good actor, but patience is also necessary in due time, and it will lead you to a bigger stage ……” Yang Yu saw Zhou Yuhe’s expression soften, and paused to continue, “Unless you can receive Watanabe A supporting role like Ichiro, but how many of the year-round works like “Intelligence” are there? Or maybe a supporting role in a movie, that’s even more out of reach, isn’t it?”

Zhou Yuhe looked at him and suddenly said, “Yes, why don’t I act in a movie?”

“The film industry and the television industry are completely different fields, and the rules of the game are much more complicated,” Yang Yu said with a “you’re so young” look on his face as he picked up the script he’d originally put in his hand and placed it in front of Zhou Yuhe. “Take the book I’m holding, “Searching For Heaven”, for example, a super IP[intellectual property], A-grade production, hundreds of millions of dollars of investment, the investors paid so much money, they definitely want to find a male lead who has box office appeal and also convincing acting skills. However, there are almost no male artists who are young, look good, act well, and have a fan base with strong purchasing power ……, so it took them two months to find a leading man. What happened next, however, is something I’m sure you’ve heard a lot about recently ……”

Zhou Yuhe nodded.

This matter was not only a sensational event in the past two days.

It was also a very far-reaching and egregious event in his previous life…

It took two months for the producer of “Searching for Heaven” to find him, and the hero Han Kun, was reported by the people in Chaoyang District and put into prison for taking drugs.

It wa not uncommon for people to use drugs in the entertainment industry, but it was the first time that such a popular youngster had done so, and the social impact was very bad.

It was not just a matter of the public’s verbal condemnation, it was an unmitigated disaster for the cast of “Searching For Heaven”.

The casting had been delayed for a long time, and after Han Kun entered the group, he acted his scenes for more than two months. Now, to change the casting was to find a young actor with the same popularity and higher performance requirements in a very short time, and take out all his scenes and remake them again. The consumption of the crew would not be mentioned. The key was where could they find such an actor?

“I was trying to get you an audition because I.S. is also invested in this movie and has some say …… but it’s still too hard,” Yang Yu said, shaking his head, “You’re thinking the lead actor in Searching For Heaven’, Why is it so hard to find? Is it true that there are no actors with acting ability and good looks? That’s too naive. What investors need is popularity and box office appeal as good as Han Kun’s. Your popularity is up to standard, but it is doubtful whether your popularity can be transformed because you come from a TV drama. That’s one of the things.”

“Secondly, the original book of the movie was a popular, hall-of-fame fairy chivalry novel that swept the Internet. The original author, Zhang An, is a leading figure in the industry and has a very high status, and his casting of the male lead can be said to be very strict. ”

Yang Yu finished in one breath, his emotion becoming calm again, he gazed across the desk at Zhou Yuhe.

“Do you understand, Yuhe? The movie is not something you can act in just because you want to.”

Zhou Yuhe didn’t say anything, but he thought for a moment and looked as if he was shocked by Yang Yu’s “education”.

Yang Yu wanted to continue to persuade him to accept the unsatisfactory script, but then he took his cell phone out of his pocket.

“Audition opportunity? Is that what you mean?” The young man had an obvious question on his face.

Yang Yu leaned forward to take a look.

Only on the WeChat interface, a person nicknamed Zhang An sent a message two minutes ago.

“Xiao Zhou, you have to come to the audition on Wednesday at 2pm, don’t forget! [Laughter] [Laughter] [Laughter] [Laughter]”

Yang Yu: “……”

Was this the same Zhang An who threw Zhou Yuhe’s profile in his face and told him to f*ck off without even looking at it?

Yang Yu was dumbfounded.


Zhou Yuhe refused to let Yang Yu see him off and walked out of the office by himself.

Seeing Yang Yu’s doubtful look, it was better to let him be quiet for a while.


The elevator door opened.

Zhou Yuhe was stunned.

There was only one person inside.

Ji Chen was wearing a new DHID shirt this summer and black blazer pants that showed off a pair of long legs to the fullest, a strong testosterone filled the small elevator room, making Zhou Yuhe frown in discomfort.

When Ji Chen saw Zhou Yuhe, the corner of his lips curved, revealing an elegant and perfect smile.

“Yuhe, are you going down too?”

“Yes, Mr. Ji.” Zhou Yuhe had to walk into the elevator room.

“Mr. Ji? You’re too polite. Although we’ve had some online disagreements before, they were minor fan fights that didn’t affect our relationship, right? You can still call me Brother Ji as you did before.” The smile on Ji Chen’s face was absolutely flawless, decent and affable, and one couldn’t find any reason to refuse.

Zhou Yuhe nodded his head in a nonchalant manner, “Brother Ji.”

Ji Chen looked down at the side of Zhou Yuhe’s face from an angle that couldn’t help but remind him of the photos he and Xie Yifeng had online, and an inexplicable displeasure spread from his chest.

Why could he smile so happily at Xie Yifeng, but be so cold to him?

Zhou Yuhe ……

Ji Chen’s eyes darkened, and the fire of winning flashed across his eyes as he stared at the changing floor numbers and spoke carelessly, “Do you have time for dinner tonight?”

Zhou Yuhe tilted his head to look at him, his beautiful eyes filled with questions and caution.

Ji Chen smiled carelessly, “I’ve heard some news about Searching For Heaven recently, congratulations on getting into the audition. I.S. has an investment in this movie, so I know a little about the crew, if you don’t mind, I’d like to give you a little help …… Of course, it’s also good for the company to have an I.S. artist as the leading actor in an I.S.-funded movie, right? I.S being invested in the lead actor of the movie, it’s also good for the company, isn’t it?”

Perfectly justified, courteous, and with the company’s interests as a shield –

It was completely impossible to refuse.

The other man’s identity as a prince, Zhou Yuhe, even if he wanted to refuse, would have to weigh whether it was wise to offend him at this time.

And Ji Chen was not in a hurry, didn’t say anything to urge him, just looked at him with a smile on his face.


Just at that moment, help arrived-…

The elevator door opened.

Standing outside the door was Ning Qin’er who happened to be coming up to look for Ji Chen.

Ning Qin’er was stunned.

She quickly looked at the delicate atmosphere between the two in the elevator and immediately pulled out a sweet smile, coming over to take Ji Chen’s arm, “Brother Chen, I was just going to look for you, didn’t you promise me to go to Diamond for dinner? Let’s go, I’m hungry. ……? Mr. Zhou is also here?”

Zhou Yuhe instantly breathed a sigh of relief.

Before Ji Chen spoke, he greeted Ning Qin’er with a smile, “Hello, Miss Ning. Since you have a beautiful lady to meet, I won’t bother you, please go ahead.”

After saying that, he quickly walked out of the elevator and left without looking back.

Ji Chen looked at the young man’s upright back, and his face was gloomy and frightening.

The elevator door closed.

Ning Qin’er unconsciously let go of his hand as she realized how inappropriate her behavior had been.

There was silence in the small space.

Only after a long while did Ji Chen’s sneering voice ring out.

“Qin’er, originally I thought you were smart enough for me to let you stay on my side for so long.”

Ning Qin’er panicked, a trace of nervousness flashed across her beautiful face, she begrudgingly pulled Ji Chen’s arm and pitifully said: “Brother Chen I’m just too hungry, don’t be angry with me, next time, it absolutely won’t happen.”

Maybe it was just like what Ji Chen said, she had been around him for too long, and has occupied the position of girlfriend for too long before she forgot that she and the man in front of her were actually more like a master and a pet than boyfriend and girlfriend.

Ji Chen glanced at her without a word, pressed the button, and left. The disgust in his eyes seemed to have pushed the beautiful woman into the snowy sky, making her body cold.

Ning Qin’er looked at Ji Chen’s back, her white slender hand gradually clenched into a fist.

She pronounced the words “Zhou Yuhe ……” one by one, her expression was unexplainably cold.

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